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  • Canada US Family & Marriage Visa Approvals by Month

    Each month, VisaJourney dives into the official US State Department data and captures the latest Family & US visa approval trends for K1, CR1, IR1 and IR5 visas. This page is updated monthly.


    • K1 Visa processing is down.  In fact it's down by more than 2x from pre-Covid levels.  There is likely to be a significant backlog after the Consulate stopped processing K1s for 6 months.
    • IR1 Visa processing had a huge surge but is back to pre-Covid levels now.  It appears the Consulate is trying to clear the IR1 backlog, at the expense of not processing K1s.
    • CR1 Visa processing (couples married less than 2 years) followed IR1 trends.


    What do you think of the data (below)?  Do you think the US consulate in Montreal is artificially slowing don K1 Visa processing to prioritize other work or for other reasons?




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