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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have been searching through this forum and did not find any topics that discussed EAD Expedite cases where USCIS has requested Proof. Share your experience and timeline here so we can get a better idea about how long it takes and what is the success rate. You can track mine in my signature. I requested EAD expedite review under Severe Financial Loss and I provided a letter from my employer to prove it. It has been 9 days since I faxed my letter and no change so far...
  2. Filed for i751 in Dec2018. The case status is stuck in "case ready to be scheduled for interview" since 04 Apr, 2019. They have sent me i797 extending my conditional residence for 18 months. The problem is it is up for expiration next month. What can I do for identification after 18 months? Am I eligible to work? Will the employers hire me? I know I am eligible to work while I was on this extension. The document says so. But what happens now? I also need to show an unexpired ID for DMV and other stuff. What are my options?
  3. Hello, I am currently in the Philippines with my fiancée. I am wondering if I can apply for Alien Work Permit while we wait for our NOA2? Will I need to go to DOLE in BGC? Has anyone done this process before? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone! Does anyone know what should I pick on number 14? I already got my SSN so should I choose "No" or leave it blank?
  5. Hi, me and my husband just got married yesterday so we are about to apply for AOS, SSN and EAD and all that fun stuff. He met up with a potential employer who might be interested in hiring me, they have a 4 star lodge up in the woods and apparently have had people from Canada and from other countries work for them before and they told him they can hire me as soon as I apply for my work permit, I just need to have a proof I applied for it. I have never heard about that before and I'm wondering if this is legit? Because obviously I don't want to start working and get into trouble if this is not the case. But the sooner I can start to work the better. I know about the 90 day temporary work permit. How long does it take to issue that? Because waiting maybe 4-6 months for the permanent EAD is gonna be very hard for me, never been unemployed before.
  6. Hello, I met my girlfriend travelling and we plan to marry. She is a guidance counsellor in new york and i live in germany. I just finnished my appreniceship as industrial mechanic and i would like to move to the usa to build up a future with my soon to be wife. The problem is that i have a criminal record with 2 offenses with drugs and i was sentenced to 2 years 8 months of jail. I am still on probation. Is there any chance for me to get a work permit in the usa when i marry her? There is no reason for me to go to the usa any other than her because i have a great job here. Thanks for the informations!
  7. Background: AOS adjustment through marriage from F1 status | Currently residing in California Hi guys, I haven't received my EAD card yet and I'm starting to worry. It's been almost 4 months now. Here's my timeline so far: 05/09/2019: USCIS RECEIVED MY FILE 05/18/2019: NOTICES IN MAIL 05/24/2019: BIOMETRICS LETTERS 06/07/2019: BIOMETRICS DONE My USCIS status for FORM I-765 says: "...we completed our review of your fingerprints and are working on your form I-765... We will let you know if we make any decision or need anything from you..." Is it normal? Thanks.
  8. Would like to know if this is the case, as some sources of info I've come across have had contradicting answers to my questions.
  9. If a Canadian (now dual citizen of Can-US) living and working in US permanently (non resident declared in Canada when moved to US), has to goto Canada for a short work related trip. Does he need to inform CBP officer that he is coming for work? Or as a citizen he can enter without any reason? He has a family members (siblings and relatives) that he yearly visits in summer. So part of the short work trip is to meet them naturally. The reason for this question is, he wants to know if a work permit is required or he need to have a letter for his employer for the reason for his work related trip.
  10. I petitioned to get a work permit expedited via my congressman as I have an impending job offer, which was successful, but due to a USCIS error (they thought I hadn't paid my fees) my i-131 application is about a month behind my i-765. I finally received my EAD card today but it says "not valid for reentry to U.S." on the bottom. I'm guessing that getting the work permit expedited doesn't also expedite the Advance Parole application, even though they seem to come together on a 'combo card' nowadays... From the brief reading I've done it looks like I might get the 'advance parole' on a separate paper letter, which is kind of annoying to have to carry around every time I travel abroad (which will be quite often for work reasons), but is there any point me contacting USCIS to ask if this is a mistake or if they can cancel my current EAD card and re-issue a 'combo card' once the AP is granted??
  11. Hello, I am adjusting status from F1 Student to Green Card through marriage (filed in May 2019) and would like to get health insurance while I wait for my green card (fingerprints approved - waiting on work permit). I would like to get health insurance but unfortunately open enrollment closed and I do not qualify for any of the special events so I would have to wait until November 2019. My husband has private insurance but adding me is not an option. 1. Is there a way to get health insurance now? 2. If so, where? Thank you!
  12. Hi, I am J2 dependent and I arrived with my spouse July 1st. I am now applying for an EAD. We got temporary 30-day SIM cards to help us get around and contact leasing agents and such for the first month here. In my i-765 form I need to supply a Daytime Telephone Number, I can do this but I know my SIM will run out at the end of the month and I will lose my number. Will the authorities use that number to call me? or is this just for records? What the best thing I can do here? Should I just enter my current number (knowing it will change?) Many thanks!
  13. Hello everyone! My husband and I submitted Form I-485 (Green Card) in November of 2018 and then submitted the applications for work and travel authorization I-131 & I-765 (we would have submitted those with the original green card paperwork but didn't know this was an option!) Our work/travel documents were received at the NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER in December of 2018! It has now been 5 months waiting for these documents and there seems to be no end in sight, the waiting times just keep going up! Has anyone received their work authorization card after submitting paperwork to the National Benefits Center in December 2018??
  14. Hello everyone, i already received my greencard interview date which would be next month, however up to this, i have not received my EAD or work permit. Will i still receieved it? What happens if i don't get my work permit while my greencard interview is on? Please help, it worries me..thank you.
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