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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all! My UK partner and I are planning to get married in a few months and then start the CR-1 process (decided against the K1 because we didn't want to deal with the AoS wait where he could not work or leave the country!). I am currently in the US after living abroad with him for a number of years; he is still in the UK. The trouble is...we aren't sure where we can even get married! We were planning on doing it in the UK but it turns out we would both need to be resident there for 7 days, and then give 28 days notice to the registrar before we could even get married-- I can't be away from work for that long! It looks like it is legal for him to come over as a tourist under his ESTA, get married in the US, and then head back home so I can get the visa process started (I know AoS from a tourist visa is a big no-no, and we wouldn't be interested in that anyway as we'd be in the same boat as the K1). my question is--- does anyone have any suggestions for slightly more interesting places to get married that don't have residency requirements? I have been googling around but it looks like a lot of places have restrictions on getting legally married within their borders. Another issue will be receiving the various affidavits/apostilles from our home countries stating that we are legally able to wed; it is very complicated! We are basically eloping-- no family or friends and just a civil ceremony, so we thought it would be nice to combine it with our "honeymoon" and make a bit of an adventure of it before being apart while waiting for the CR1. Open to any interesting suggestions! Especially places easily accessible from the US or Europe and where we'd be able to get by in English!! Where did you get married to your international spouse? Especially when you were engaged in two different countries? thanks all! Happy almost holidays!
  2. I've always understood that a K-1 Fiance Visa is processed/approved much faster than marrying abroad and bringing her to the U. S. on a K-3 Spousal Visa; Is this still the case? Is it possible to marry abroad but NOT file the marriage there in her home country (The Philippines) and even though are married there so her friends and family can attend, or will that complicate/delay things?
  3. My girlfriend and I are thinking of having our friends officiate our wedding. I know you can be easily ordained in MA and you need to apply for a one day designation certificate, which is also easy to get. My question is would the immigration authorities allow this and recognise it as a legal marriage ceremony? Or do we have to marry in city hall for it to be a legally binding marriage?
  4. When my husband and I got married in Morocco back in April, it was a very small thing at his house. Just me and him, his parents and his best friend. We took lots of nice photos of me in different dresses, with dates and milk, etc but I'm concerned that because it wasn't a huge celebration, the embassy will think its not genuine. His sisters really wanted to be there but one of them was still home recovering from a c-section and the other one lived too far away. We plan to have a big party here with my friends and family and some of his friends that live here once he (hopefully) gets the visa. Does anyone think this will be seen as a problem? Thank you
  5. Hello guys, I am in a situation and I need some clarity about it. I am from India and was engaged (arrange marriage-matrimony) and got my K1 visa approved this year and flew to US and due to personal issues I walked out of the relationship just after spending a week with him. So post that I was staying with my brother and through family I got another proposal and the guy is again a US citizen. I met him and his family and they liked me very much and my family too liked him. So since then we are looking at how do we proceed with this. We have thought of applying for k1 visa again as it is a shorter process and wwe will get time to know each other more. We have hired a attorney we are not yet engaged but will soon be, I have come back to India and he will be traveling soon with his family to get engaged.  So, I am still anxious to know if I will get an approval again?? will I have to do the medical again?? Is there any advice you guys want to give me because we are still deciding. PLEASE HELP!!!
  6. I'm just thinking out loud here.... My fiancee (US) and I (UK) are currently awaiting my K1 visa (filed back in April 2018) and are hoping to have a US wedding sometime around Easter (that's late April) 2019. If the worst comes to the worst and we don't have the visa by Easter, could I theoretically travel out there on an ESTA visitor visa (as per usual) and have a wedding ceremony (but not get legally married) and then return to the UK to continue waiting for the visa to be processed? I know it's unlikely that it won't be received by Easter, but we're quite keen to have it at that specific holiday time (so that teacher friends can come/friends attending from the UK can bring their children etc) and we're also conscious that we need to start planning/booking things early so as to give international guests enough time to save/plan their visit themselves. But if we plan all this stuff and then the visa isn't ready by then, we don't want to have to postpone....so could we theoretically go through with the wedding whenever we want but just not get officially married by US law until the visa is ready??
  7. Hi! I came here in the US through K1 visa, we had civil marriage here. We are planning on having a church wedding in Cebu City. Has anyone did it? Can you give me an advice of what are the things we need to prepare? And any advice which church is not so strict? Will it be considered as RENEWAL OF VOWS? I do not really know where to start. Thanks.
  8. Journey4Two

    Going to Philippines to get married

    I'm glad I found this site. I'm planning on getting married next month in the Philippines. My fiancee, Gina and I have been friends for ten years and in a relationship for 3 1/2 years. I know that I need to go to the US Embassy and show that I can get married (i.e., divorce papers for first marriage, and second wife's death certificate). Should I bring Gina with me through this process? I'm getting conflicting info on this. After that is the Philippine court to submit the paper I just received from the embassy. I then submit this to get our marriage license. This can take up to 7-10 days. My question is is there anything that I'm missing in this process. I'll be in The Philippines for a month, so I think this should be enough time to get everything done.
  9. Hi all, My fiancee and I are both Irish but one of us is an American Citizen. We are going to get married in a civil ceremony over here for purposes of security and legality etc. Although we are not incredibly religious we were raised in catholic homes , I do have some faith and my fiancees' friend is actually a priest back home (so would like him to bless us). We would have liked a "traditional" ceremony but hey, you gotta deal with what life throws at you. So, my point is I would like some recognition by the catholic church back home. We are getting married here and would like to return to Ireland in a year or so for a Convalidation (I think that is different to a blessing, forgive me if I am wrong). I suppose I am looking for some help and feedback. Also, to generate discussion with people who have been in my shoes and to see what you guys did. I am going to be open with the fact that we will be married. I know a lot of people of here get married, pretend they are not, and then have the whole huge ceremony again. I can't do that, I do however want a convalidation as I mentioned but I won't be walking down any aisle in a gown. I personally would feel stupid doing that knowing that we are married already, I will wear white of some sorts though! So, I would like to hear how you did it?, where you did it?, how long after your civil ceremony? How many people did you invite? Did you regret doing it that way? Is it different to getting married the traditional way (with regard to paperwork etc). I'm looking forward to hearing from you all :-)
  10. Hi all, first of all, sorry if this is posted on the wrong forum - it seemed the most sensible place to ask this question. i’m in England and my fiancé is in Pennsylvania. We are 142 days in to the K1 Application and waiting for our NOA2. I have ideas in my mind of what I want for the wedding and I have seen so many perfect things in charity shops here which would save so much money and are exactly what I want such as vintage china eg teacups, teapots, saucers etc. Now my initial thought was to buy these things, package them up and ship them to my fiancé however before I do that I wanted to find out what other people have done? I don’t know if the US has the same kind of charity shops as we do in England. I’m worried I’ll get there and not be able to find any of the things I want for the wedding. What did other people do? Did you buy wedding bits and pieces over here or wait and do everything when you got there? xx
  11. My then fiance came over to the states on her tourist visa just like any other time to visit me but this time I popped the question and we spontaneously married at the courthouse and got our official marriage license. We just mailed in our Application for the I130 and we are now freaking out because we can't file the I485 yet because she needs to get her medical exam still. Her exit date is Jan 28th and we are worried about her overstaying the esta/visa and getting in trouble even though we plan on filing the I485 as soon as possible. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this before? Also what happened if either the I130 or I485 gets rejected because of a bad form would she have to go back home then come back so we can refile?
  12. Hi, I will go to the US in March 2018, and until now I didn't think I was going to get married in this visit to my American fiancee. I can visit the US with an ESTA, and I was wondering whether it is possible to get married, then come back to Europe, and start the procedure to obtain a green card while I am in my home country. I am not planning to move permanently to the USA until at least October 2018. If I knew earlier we were getting married, I would have applied for a K-1 Visa, but now I don't have enough time. I know it can be a problem to obtain the adjustment of status if I go with an ESTA and I get married without declaring it at the custom, but that's in case I permanently stay in the US? What if I don't plan to permanently stay in that occasion? Will I have problem in obtaining the green card later? I believe in this case it is not considered an adjustment. Should I say I want to get married at the custom? Thanks a lot in advance
  13. In order to apply for marriage-based AOS, I am aware that I need a picture of the wedding ceremony. What does this "a picture of the wedding" really mean? I got married to a US citizen, and we had a small wedding at a country court in my town. We invited a few of our friends, and we took a few photos from this day. Can I use a picture from this day? Does it have to be just two of us? Or can it include our friends in the photo? Also, when they say "Wedding ceremony", I think a lot of people think about a wedding ceremony where people get dressed in a wedding dress, and have luxurious dinners, have a speech, and dance and drink for hours. However, we only had a simple small court wedding that ended in 30 minutes or so. Is the photo from a simple court wedding not enough??? I am confused.
  14. Hello My boyfriend and I are thinking about getting married and I've got a B2 tourist visa for 5 years and we're not sure if we should go with a K1 fiance visa since we don;t have time for that since Christmas is coming and he is heading here for 3 weeks and then we want to head to the States in January. I was wondering if we can get married on my B2 visa and then apply for adjustment of status? You can;t possibly plan a wedding in 60 days as per the fiance visa- well you can, but it's really hard but coordinating that is nearly impossible since I would like my parents to attend and they need US tourist visas to come..and that takes time.. Also, another question I've got that no one really asked in this forum is about the I864P form. Does the spouse have to show proof of $20.300 earned up until that point of filing the documents even if it;s the first few months of the year? My boyfriend just started his own business so can't make that amount in the first 3-4 months of the year. Do we need proof of the IRS docs of previous year to proof his financial stability? If you can please give me some advice I would be so grateful! Thank you!
  15. Hello everyone, My fiancé and I have decided to go with the CR-1. He is coming back to the USA in 57 days and we plan to get married right after he gets here. We are doing a courthouse civil ceremony and keeping it very simple. I just wanted to make sure that a simple civil service, that will only be attended by us and my parents, will be valid for a wedding ceremony, in they eyes of USCIS. I assume they can't put guidelines on how big or small the wedding is, as long as it is a legitimate and legal wedding ceremony. After the wedding, we are going to add his name to my bank account (that is already a "joint" account for us right now) and get checks and a joint debit card. Do these seem like good steps and would anyone recommend for us to do something else, like a notarized letter from my mother who will attend the wedding? I will also be submitting plenty of pictures, phone call history, Skype history, personal letters, etc. as extra foundation for our petition. Thank you to all who help so much!
  16. Help! My husband and I are planning to have a church wedding in the Philippines on March - one year after our wedding here in the USA. I assume this will count as renewal of vows, right? My parents from Manila was told that my husband and I are required to be there in person (in Archdiocese Intramuros) because they will be the one to tell us which church we can get married to because he's a foreigner. Is this true? We are going to Manila only 2 weeks before the wedding so I want to get everything set up and ready ahead of time. Can anyone help/walk me through this? Thank you..
  17. Thanks in advance for your reply. I've done some research already but still am unclear on whether or not it is advisable to have a traditional Wedding ceremony. I'm applying for K1 Fiance Visa and I understand you must marry in the US within 90 days. My question is can I have a wedding ceremony in Vietnam and not register to be married before the interview? Meaning not be officially recognized as married in Vietnam. Will it affect the interview? Will I be at risk for denial? I've read in some support groups (facebook group K1visa.vn) saying it's fine as long as you don't "dang ky ket hon" or have it formally recognize. What is your opinion on this? If you have successfully been issued a K1 visa, did you have a Wedding ceremony or only an Engagement ceremony? Thank you