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Found 6 results

  1. I have compiled a list of DC filers going back to October, Feel free to add/update/correct accordingly. Note, DC Field office comprises of all the counties listed here. UserName.........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int Ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office.....|NBC/IOE Uwe..............|11/16/96|10/03|--/--|10/10|11/03/16|11/08/16.|02/22/17.|03/17/17.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...| jc84.............|01/12/12|10/15|10/27|10/25|11/14/16|01/26/17.|03/20/17.|04/24/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC CGu13............|--/--/--|10/17|10/21|10/24|11/17/16|11/21/16.|03/19/17.|04/18/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC Mehmet&Elena.....|10/20/11|11/30|12/05|12/01|12/28/16|01/04/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Alexandria, VA...|NBC Bubblybee........|05/30/13|12/02|12/06|12/07|01/03/17|01/30/17.|04/20/17.|05/22/17.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC Lavoparents......|02/23/12|12/12|12/15|12/22|01/11/17|01/30/17.|04/22/17.|05/24/17.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC Blazers..........|02/22/09|12/13|12/20|??/??|01/10/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC SC333............|06/13/05|12/15|12/23|12/22|01/17/17|01/19/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......|NBC SimpaticoJT......|04/04/13|12/16|12/21|12/21|01/18/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Alexandria, VA...|NBC Cybermax.........|03/27/12|12/27|12/29|01/14|01/30/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Annandale,VA.....| vik376...........|02/27/14|12/28|01/11|01/12|01/31/17|04/19/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington,DC....| LJVA.............|01/--/13|01/17|01/25|01/30|02/14/17|03/06/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fairfax, VA......| ToRo.............|05/02/14|02/02|02/08|02/08|02/28/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC Reda.............|05/02/14|02/11|02/15|02/13|03/01/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC nmic7............|05/05/14|02/15|02/16|02/17|02/28/17|03/23/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|LIN DGTB.............|07/23/94|02/27|03/06|03/06|03/20/17|03/29/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC KSWSKY94.........|01/25/12|02/28|03/07|03/07|03/27/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC VAMAS............|09/23/13|03/06|03/08|03/13|04/13/17|04/17/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC SHAIZ............|--/--/--|03/08|03/14|03/14|04/04/17|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC...|NBC
  2. Hello! I filed an I-751 over a year ago without approval yet. I am looking to book an InfoPass appointment to get the extension stamp at my local office (Washington DC) however it is impossible to get an appointment there right now and I have been trying for a while. My question is, do I need to go to my local office or can I go to another? There are always appointments at the Norfolk, VA office around 4 hours south of DC. Can I just go there? Thanks in advance! Jason
  3. hello. any other AOS filers at the Washington, DC / Fairfax field office like me around?
  4. We were approved at the interview in Lagos on December 12, 2017. The next day my husband received a call from the consulate saying they forgot to ask for divorce verification. He went to the High Court the same day and sent in the receipt for divorce. Starting the first day of administrative processing. We received an email end of January asking for verification of business. We sent the same day. After that we received email stating they had everything they needed and if we didn't hear anything from them by March 30th then send email for update. We didn't so we sent email to get update. The update said they are consulting with Washington DC on the case and would update us after Washington respond. Has anyone ever been through the "consulting with Washington DC" phase of the immigration process? What is the consultation for? How long does it take? Thanks for any answers
  5. Hi all, I received a notice by email last Thursday that my interview was scheduled for February 20th at the Washington DC USCIS Field Office. How long should I expect to wait before receiving the actual invitation letter by mail? Today is 7 days since the online update and obviously the interview letter contains more details about what to bring and what time to arrive. Previously (receiving EAD) it's taken less than a week for mail from USCIS to reach me. Any insight appreciated!
  6. Hey all, We finally received an interview date and trying to figure out what exactly we need to bring with us. So far we have, Joint apartment lease Joint bank accounts Auto insurance with both our names Auto loan with my name (the immigrant) and father-in-law (purely credit score reasons, we wanted to put me and my husband (USC) but we needed my father-in-law) Original passports for both of us Original birth certificates for both of us Marriage certificate I'm not sure about what to add to this... We've known each other for almost 4 years, been married for 11 months. We are not the photo-loving type, mostly because we don't think we're very photogenic I suppose. So we almost don't have any photos together. The only ones I can submit are from my graduation party when my mom flew over here from Belgium and we have photos of me, my mom, my husband, my uncle and aunt, and my in-laws together. We had a very small court ceremony for our marriage, no witnesses, no guests, just the two of us went to the court house, got married and got brunch later with my in-laws. We always wanted something small and casual, we're not the big wedding kind of people. I'm just concerned if this is going to be an issue. We saw no point in staging a big old wedding just so we can have pictures to submit to USCIS. We did things just as we would do if I was a USC too. (Also, this being a gay marriage, inviting extended family was never an option - that being said both of our parents are very supportive) We also went on many trips together, mostly road trips, one of which was to Canada. We also flew once to Canada but I can't seem to find our plane tickets or hotel reservations from those trips. They were a couple years ago. Do I need copies of the forms I've already submitted? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.