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Found 2 results

  1. Old thread info cleaned up. Copy/paste to a new post. Add your own info alphbetically. Keep it short. ALABAMA Birmingham - He give us a hard time. Successful. ARIZONA Phoenix- Gave no reason, no questions asked, Successful. Tucson - 12/28/15, I-751, gave no reason, no questions asked, successful. Tucson- 01/03/17, N-400. Successful. CALIFORNIA Buena Park - No reason, just gave security guard my appt letter. YES Chula Vista - 2 Walk-ins, Successful. Chula Vista - 06/27/16 No reason asked. Successful! El Monte - 13 days early. Work conflict. Sup wasn't nice about it, but biometrics got done! Fresno - 07/14/14 - Successful, no questions asked. After 2 pm walk-ins allowed. Fresno - 06/28/2016 - UNSUCCESSFUL. Guard advised to come back on actual appointment Gardena - 5/24/12 Los Angeles - (USCIS Fairfax on W. Pico). Successful with no questions asked. 01/11/2015 Los Angeles - (downtown) July 2012. NO Los Angeles - San Fernando valley (Chatsworth) Successful. 6/11/13. Modesto - SuccessfulWent in to try our luck and no questions asked. Oakland - Oct 2013 successful Oxnard - July 21st 2016 - Successful. Went first thing in the morning. Pomona - long wait. Successful Riverside - Nov 10, 2014 - Unsuccessful. Guard was firm and unfriendly. San Francisco - Feb 2014 - Successful, no questions asked. San Francisco - 05/19/2014 - No question asked for three weeks early walk-in. Santa Ana - Walked in 2 times in June 2012. No questions asked. Santa Ana - early walk-in successful, the day after I recieved the biometrics letter Santa Ana - 7/30/2014 Early walk-in successful (Original appt date is August 14, 2014). Santa Ana - 7/28/2014 Early walk-in successful. Really nice staff. Santa Rosa - Not happy, but didn't send us away. San Marcos - Walked in 2pm and we're 2nd in line. Successful San Marcos - Went 20 min before closing.Successful San Jose - 4/29/14 - Successful. West Sacramento - 4/28/14 - Unsuccessful Chula Vista, San Diego - Successful. 3 pm. COLORADO Aurora - Went 10 days early. Successful. 9:15. Denver - went in 2 days early. Had no issues FLORIDA Jacksonville - May 2013- Gave no reason, 2 weeks before appointment, successful in 25 minutes. Miami - June 2012 - Gave no reason. Showed up 2 weeks before - was in and out in 5 minutes. Oakland Park - Feb 2013 - Gave no reason, 2 weeks before appointment, succsessful in 10 minutes. Tampa - May 2014 - Said I would be out of town, 2.5 weeks before appointment, successful in under 30 minutes Tampa - 8/12/2014 - Appointment for 8/21/14 - Gave no reason, successful Tampa - 9/18/2015 - Appointment for 9/22/15 - Not successful, was told they were understaffed and there were no walk-ins allowed all day West Palm Beach 6/14/2016 Appointment for 6/24/2016. Successful, wasn't asked why. GEORGIA Atlanta - No reason Officer had us wait outside until the earliest appts went in (about 15 minutes). Yes. Atlanta - Successful with no questions. The office just wrote on our form Walk-in. Atlanta - Did a walk-in at 3PM 04/17/13 successfully. No question of reason. Atlanta -Did a walk-in at 3PM 10/01/13 as we are on vacation on appointment day. No problems. ILLINOIS Naperville -Went on 8/30 at 2pm but was unsuccessful - only one technician on duty. INDIANA Michigan City - January 2012 - No reason needed - Yes to successful walk-in(asked about it, I was there the same day as appointment) IOWA Des Moines - April 2010 - Successful Des Moines - March 2011 - To get it over with - Successful LOUISIANA Metairie - Unsuccessful. Must arrive on the correct day/exact time of your appointment.Two friends have also been refused. New Orleans - August 2018 - Successful. They gave me a hard time. MAINE Portland - Sept. 2, 2016 - Successful, early and at a different location. MARYLAND Baltimore - April/2013. Denied walk in. Wheaton - told Security guard I was not going to be in State on the day. Yes Wheaton - July 2012, asked why could not make appointment. Successful Wheaton - Dec 27, 2013 - Guard said he would allow it this time. MASSACHUSETTS Boston - I took my wife for her scheduled biometrics appointment on 1/14/14. Need reason. Boston - Tried to do early walk in for my appointment in Lawrence. - Not successful. Boston - I missed my 01/08/2016. Showed up a 01/12/2016 with letter and ID. No problem. Boston - 08/01/2016. Success! Stopped by at 2:30pm - 30 mins before closing, Lawrence - did an early walk in 3 weeks before my appointment. Lawrence - 05/08/14 - Went one day early. Successful. Should've tried there first instead of Boston. MICHIGAN Detroit 07/29/14 SUCESSFUL-We arrived about 245pm MINNESOTA Duluth - successful Minneapolis - May 2012- NO because one of the computers was down St Paul - No reason asked or given. Successful St Paul - April 14th, 2014. Guard noted we were kind of early. Successful St. Paul - No reason asked or given. Successful. They will let you in if it is a slow day at the office. MISSOURI St. Louis - No problems, no questions asked, Successful MONTANA Helena - family had appts on different days. Did all the same day. Friendly office. NEBRASKA Omaha - 3/22/2012- appointment was for Apr 5. No questions. Successful Omaha - 4/08/2014 - Appointment was for 4/18. No questions asked. Successful NEVADA Las Vegas- 9/30/2016- Successful. 1:30 pm. Original appointment Oct 13. NEW HAMPSHIRE Manchester - Lady gave me lecture on how to change appt. NEW JERSEY Hackensack - The guard asked me what I was doing. The walk-in attempt was SUCCESSFUL. Elizabeth - Early walk-in only in case of emergency and with proof in hand. NEW YORK Brooklyn (60th St) - 5/7/14 (9am Wednesday morning) - no reason asked or given - successful, but an hour or so wait Holtsville (Long Island) - 5/22/12 No reason asked. YES Holtsville (Long Island) - 4/11/16 Successful. Officer asked for a reason. No wait. We were the only ones there at 12:30PM. Long Island City, Queens 07/26/16 - Successful, though asked for reasons. Manhattan - Oct 2010 - Successful. I did a walk-in at Varick Street went at 8am, Manhattan - 11/22/2010 - Successful. Went at 7:45am this morning. Manhattan - 09/15/2011 - Successful. I arrived at 7:50 with 3 people ahead of me in line. Manhattan - 02/21/2012 - Successful. I Arrived at 8, 10 people in line before me. Manhattan - 08/08/2012 - Successful. I arrived at 7:50 and got into a long line to go through security which opened at 8 am. Manhattan - 01/15/2013, Couldn't get to Philadelphia, Walk in Successful Manhattan - 02/01/2013 - Successful. Walked into Varick ACS 2:00 PM Manhattan - 05/31/2013 - Successful. I walked into Varick offie at 10:10 am. Manhattan - 02/08/2016 - Successful. around 8.10. No questions. Manhattan - 03/04/2016 - Successful, no questions asked. Went at 08.00, Manhattan - 04/01/2016 - Successful. Friday afternoon at 3pm. Super fast and excellent service! Manhattan - 05/11/2016 - Successful. Manhattan - 06/13/2016 - Successful. No questions asked. Arrived at 9:00am. It was a busy Monday morning, Port Chester - 02/21/2013, No reasons asked, very friendly, successful. . Port Chester - 03/01/2016 - Successful. No questions asked, friendly guard smiled. NORTH CAROLINA Morrisville- 09/27/2016 - 3pm. Successful. Charlotte - 11/08/2016 - 1.45pm successful. No questions asked. OHIO Cincinnati - 01/27/2017 - Successful Cincinnati - 07/23/2014 - Successful. Cleveland - no questions. Successful. OREGON Portland- 07/2012 Unsuccessful, no walk-ins allowed. PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia - Drummond Road -Successful. No questions asked. YES Philadelphia - Oct 2013 successful Philadelphia (May 12, 2014) - Drummond Road. SUCCESS. Pittsburgh - did this twice and no questions asked! YES York - Successful. Place was basically empty. Pittsburgh - 7/7/14: No issues, place was empty and they were happy to do it. TENNESSEE Nashville - 06/13/2016 - Success Nashville - 06/24/2016 - Success Nashville - Feb./2016 - Successful. Nashville - 10/03/2016 - Successful. Accepted only after noon, but ok at 10:45 because they were not busy. TEXAS Austin - We were in the area that day (we live an hour away) - Yes Austin - Feb 2014. Was initially told to come back after 12noon but then success. Dallas (Whitehurst) - Yes, had to give a reason, come early and they will take you Fort Worth (Landmark Lake) - Successful, but they were not happy about doing it early. Houston (Hwy 290 office) - Jan 2012 - gave no reason, only appt letter. Yes (3 times-AOS, ROC, Citizenship) Houston (Hwy 290 office) - June 2016 - Went first thing Monday. Told to come back in the afternoon Houston SW (Sugarland) - No questions. YES Houston SW (Sugarland) - Successful, but they were not happy about doing it early. VIRGINIA Alexandria - Successful Alexandria- 01/07/2014- A week early. No questions asked about date on letter. Successful. Alexandria- 02/27/2014- A week early. Gave no reason. Successful Alexandria- 05/16/2014- 3 weeks early.Gave no reason. SUCCESSFUL. Alexandria- 09/15/2015- A week early, work conflict. No questions asked. Successful. Alexandria- 06/13/2016- no questions asked. Crowded at 10 AM. Successful. Alexandria- 07/18/2016- Gave no reason. Took 45 minutes. 9:30 a.m. Successful. Alexandria - 5/30/18 - no questions asked. Successful. Noon Alexandria - 6/5/18- Walked in 1:45 pm, took 20 min. Successful. WASHINGTON Tukwila - 06/19/2014 - No reason necessary. In and out in 20 minutes. Successful. Tukwila - 06/21/2014 - No reason necesssary. In and out in 10 minutes. Successful. Tukwila - 10/12/2018 - In and out in 20 minutes. Successful.
  2. Basically the title. My wife's appointment is scheduled for Jan 7th, but for reasons related to my work, it would be so much more convenient if we could get it done earlier - sometime this week or next, ideally. I have heard of people who just show up to the appointment, even weeks earlier, and walk-in and get it done. Is this common/ acceptable? Should I call the office and confirm with them first if it's okay? I would much rather wait until the designated date than go through USCIS's formal rescheduling process. Thanks in advance!
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