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  1. I recently submitted an expedite request and just got an email receipt. I only requested on the phone. So in reference to my K1 expedite.. the officer will submit an email and give you the directions to submit documents and proof to then conclude the approval or denial of your request... This was the email I received.. It said they are unable to process my request.. but then gave me an option to submit documents? so what does that mean? and my waiver is only 212.. NOT 601.. so I'm not sure why it is referenced..
  2. Hi, my fiancé has her K-1 visa interview next week. When we started this process, she was here visiting when we decided we wanted to see what we could do so she could eventually be here with me. We hired a lawyer. Long story short, he lied to us, took advantage of us knowing we were young and uneducated on immigration and such. He told us she could stay in the U.S with me while we filed. She overstayed 120 days, but she left as soon as we talked to another lawyer and found out she’s WASNT allowed to be here. The lawyer stopped contacting us, and wouldn’t admit his lies and manipulation. Has anyone dealt with overstaying and still been approved and do you think she will be approved or denied? Her interview is in Montreal, Canada and she was here in the U.S. just with her passport.
  3. Hi, Here is my time line for J1 2 years rule waiver ! My case was based on No Objection Statement. 12/28/2017 : sent my document to DOS and Consulate. 01/02/2018 : Consulate received my document (USPS Tracking check) 01/03/2018 : DOS received my document (USPS Tracking check) 01/16/2018 : 'All document was received' Updated on DOS website 01/23/2018 : Consulate sent my No Objection Statement to Embassy 01/30/2018 : Embassy sent my No Objection Statement to DOS 02/06/2018 : 'No Objection Statement was received' Updated on DOS website 02/15/2018 : DOS sent Recommendation to USCIS 02/20/2018 : My lawyer received Recommendation letter from DOS 02/20/2018 : USCIS received my document 03/05/2018 : My lawyer received I-797C (Notice date : 02/23/2018) 03/08/2018 : J-1 WAIVER WAS APPROVED 03/12/2018 : My lawyer received I-797 (Notice date : 03/08/2018) USCIS website is still showing that my case status is 'Case was received At Another USCIS Office'
  4. Hello everyone! I am J1 physician, finishing medical residency in June 2019, after that J1 status via ECFMG expires (+30 day grace period) I am transitioning to Fellowship, so should get J1 extension for another year. Currently applying for J1 Hardship Waiver through US citizen spouse, Sent in my waiver packed around September/October 2018 USCIS received documents on November 9 and sent me the receipt with receipt number DOS received documents on November 23. No updates since then. California Service center states processing time 12-18 months for applications received in August 2017. When I go to USCIS website to check the case status, they say that receipt number does not exist. Calling USCIS - they assure me that the case is pending, but it takes a long time to even update their website. You, veterans of VJ, please untangle my confusion and shed some light on the situation, where am I currently at and how long till I hear anything else from USCIS/DOS Thank you so much!
  5. Hey there, So after having filed my I751 waiver with the help of a rather expensive lawyer, I received an interview notice. Overall, the marriage was very short, due to my wife being mentally unstable and abusive. I'm not going into details, unless there's specific interest for it - but let's just say she threw me in a world of turmoil and pain. So I didn't' have the average laundry list of evidence, but with the advise of my lawyer I wrote a lengthy statement outlining the entirety of the relationship. A bit more to that later. No to the interview. I got there without my lawyer (I had in the meantime to another city and having him travel would have caused astronomical costs), but was fairly confident. This changed very quickly. The officer conducted the interview in a manner that couldn't have been further from what I expected, there was pretty much no opportunity for me to establish the narrative of how the relationship developed. The few times I brought it up, one specific example of emotional abuse I brought up in my statement, it was pretty much doubted and almost ridiculed ("so you are saying she reprimanded you like a little child and gave you silent treatment. How does that work? Did she reprimand you or was she silent? That doesn't make any sense to me." It was these situations that completely shocked me and turned me into pretty much a bumbling mess. There was no possibility to give an insight into the nature of the relationship, it was mostly just money etc he was interested in... which don't give a good understanding of the situation - especially in cases such as mine. My father had sent us money to support us in the beginning (I didn't have an EAD yet, so many often was tight). When I went back to Europe for a while to visit my family, my father was severely ill, he had two questions about the timeframe. First he seemed to doubt that I would go visit my gravely ill father, while I had someone that I called "the woman of my dreams" on a different continent. WHile I was visiting my family, my wife became increasingly cruel over the phone. I wasn't earning for days etc and one night had a nervous breakdown. I attached a letter from the hospital stating that my state was due to a very stressful and potentially abusive relationship I was in. His comment was that this breakdown could have well been due to my father's illness and not my wife. I was just speechless. I'm unsure if he didn't read the letter or if he did this on purpose. Another point he brought up was that I had sent several thousand dollars to my wife via our shared bank account (that I could barely remember). He was asking me how it was possible for me to have savings like that, yet my father was still sending us smaller, regular amounts previously. He said that didn't make any sense to him. At some point he went to the very back of the application and asked if I was in the military, which I confirmed. No follow up questions to that. The interview went really bad. He was pretty much telling all the time that all this wasn't convincing, "what would you say if you looked at this" etc. I was just terrified. At the very end he asked me if there was anything I'd like to add, to which I resaponded If it could be something on a more personal note. He said yes. At this point I got a bit emotional, pretty much told him that yes, I made a lot of mistakes. And that I know that all my submissions look like a mess, because they are the result of a very messy relationship. And that I had a stable life in Germany. To this he asked "so why don't or didn't you go back". I answered that I honestly thought about this quite a few times, but that I have found a person i deeply love and want to fix this mess on my own so we could have a good start. I told him that I had moved down here for her, after she had moved for her job. Mentioning this seemed to really interest him, as he took a note of her name and her job. What was weird was that in the very end he seemed to have softened just a tad bit, almost unnoticeably. And he then said: "Listen, I will review your file later today and will then either approve it or not, in which case you will have the opportunity to go in front of a judge." I didn't expect this, as he was VERY negative and stand-offish. How long should it take for me to know the result (online and mail), assuming he made a decision yesterday? What do you guys think overall? Am I catastrophizing, is there still a chance that it might get approved? Thank you, any discussion would be appreciated, as I am very stressed about it.
  6. Hello, I want to share my timeline for my J1 waiver process under No objection statement Timeline: May 11 ---- All documents sent May 20 ---- Package was delivered May 24 ---- J1 Waiver cashed the cashier check for the process fee May 27 ---- No Objection letter sent from Mexico's consulate June 20 --- E-maill from J1- Waiver "THERE IS NO RECORD OF HAVING RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION" July 12 ---- No status on webpage July 13 ---- J1 Waiver respond "PLEASE REDO OR RESEND APPLICATION PACKAGE. REMEMBER TO CANCEL CHECK FROM THE FIRST PACKAGE AND SEND A NEW PAYMENT FOR THE PROCESSING FEE" July 14 ---- Resent package July 15 ---- Package was delivered July 19 ---J1 Waiver visa specialist sent an e-mail: "WE HAVE NOT LOCATED YOUR WAIVER PACKAGE AS OF YET. YOUR PACKAGE MUST FIRST GO THROUGH PROCESSING AT THE WAVIER DEPARTMENT IN ST. LOUIS, BEFORE BEING SENT TO WASHINGTON, DC. FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE PROCESS. ONCE IN WASHINGTON, DC, THE INFORMATION WILL BE ENTER ONTO THE SYSTEM SO YOU CAN CHECK THE STATUS. . PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY CHECK YOUR CASE STATUS ONLINE BY VISITING WRD’S WEBSITE AT " July 25 --- Web page update Fee Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-3035 Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-2019 Received July 25, 2016 Statement Of Reason Received July 25, 2016 No Objection Statement Received July 25, 2016 Passport Data Page Received July 25, 2016 September 9 --- Web status: Favorable Recommendation September 19 --- Form I-797C Received. Form I-612 is filed and waiting for approval Current status --- Waiting for I-612
  7. Hi! I wonder whether one can apply for a F1 visa (to study in the US) while being subject of the 2 year rule due to J1 visa? My 2 year rule will end next year (in March) however I wanted to apply for university in the US for the fall coming semester, which would mean I have still around 7-8 months left on the 2-YEAR home residence requirement. I am confused because I have called the embassy and they do not seem to know neither, a student organization I spoke to said it should be no problem as long as I'm not applying for another J1 visa or work in the states during this time. However, they were not sure, seems like no one really knows. Has anyone applied for a student visa while being subject of the 2 year rule? Did it go through? I would love to know before I spend the money on application and visa process.. NOTE: The reason I became subject of the 2 year rule is due to my J1 visa I received last year due to an internship that lasted for 3 months. The two-year rule in my case is based on : Government financing (since I was a student at the moment) Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all, I'm applying for a j1 waiver on basis of No-Objection Certificate and sent all documents last December. The package has received on 20/DEC/2018 by DoS according to UPS tracking. Today is 16/JAN/2019 and my case number is not yet in their system (case number not found on https://j1visawaiverstatus.state.gov). The embassy of my country already sent the NOC and nothing changed in the system as well. Any of you know if govt shutdown is having any influence on waiver processing? Thanks
  9. Hello Everyone, I think I'm facing major problem dealing with AOS based on Approved Vawa. and just looking to see if anyone have had such similar experience. March 2006: I was attending school third year with 2 more semesters to graduate. I Applied for J1 to the US (Summer Work and Travel). June 2006: I did interview at the consular and got approved Aug 2006: Received the stamp on the passport to Travel (It was weird to take 2 months to print stamp on it) and I left to my destination. I arrived in NY, my Job offer was at a different state, asked the officer if I could work here, he assured it alright and proceeded to admit me (10 mins max to enter the state with no issues at the airport or secondary). They issued my visa for a month and half only. Sep 2006: I found a job in CA and went to it, started there and as of today, still at the same job!, I got my social, drivers license... and practically lived there, Paying my Due Taxes, Opened my own business on the side and all good. Time passed by, I met my ex wife and got married in 2009 May 2009: Got married shortly after started having problems and so on, she refused to Petition me for immigration. Nov 2009: Separated, We found out she was pregnant, tried to work it out but no luck Jan 2010: Ex Wife Filed Divorce, Restraining order claiming she is scared, judge granted it 1 year knowing it was not right. July 2010: My Son Was born (i was present on her request even through there RO), filed request for custody Oct 2010: Custody hearing, I Got custody of my son. 50/50 Dec 2010: we started dating again Jan 2010: moved in back together, 3 months after started having issued again, i found out she was on anxiety pills..etc that causing here to be so angry mostly if she don't keep up the medication which she didnt. April 2010: we had major issue, and big fights, I filed for R.O and I was granted 1 year. Proceeded with Divorce. she moved out, back to regular custody plan 50/50 May 2011: filed for Vawa. I485, EAD - Received EAD Aug 2011: Divorced finalized Jan 2013: Vawa was denied May 2013: I was placed in removal proceedings Aug 2013: I filed another VAWA with More Evidence. Jan 2014: Vawa Approved, I-485 Sent to Local Office Feb 2014: Removal Proceedings Terminated to Adjust Status. April 2014: AOS Interview Notice for June June 2014: Attended the Interview with my Lawyer. The IO was so focused on denying based on any reason,he didn't even ask for the medical which i had on hand, didnt ask for any documents. He asked about Divorce even though my lawyer said he have no right to ask because already out of his authority or something, i still answered. he kept going back and fourth about me knowing that I will come to have that job and I just used J1 as method to come to the US. Even though I never knew the company but he alleged that i must have arranged it before i come. I explained to him i was living and finishing school, i made a mistake when i was young that I overstayed and my attention was not to just come and stay. however, he repeated same question like 18 times in different ways which made me feel like he was trying to trick me to say that I did, and eventually my lawyer told him this is interrogation not an interview you keep repeating same thing for like 1 hour straight, and asked to have things in writing (it was not recorded) which we did , he asks a question in writing and I answer in writing in the immigration office which i never heard an officer doing that . (according to my lawyer he just didnt like me, and anyone could see that very clear ) July 2014: received RFE to file waiver for Fraud/Misrepresentation based on not attending the original job that i was supposed to go to. or it will be denied on Sep 2014. My question is the officer assumed something that is not correct and made his decision, my lawyer said filing waiver is admitting fraud which i never attend because it was not the case, accordingly to immigration rules having a child that i Raised and cant take with me (I pay child support on time, and my taxes all good and paid since i stepped in this country) , child is NOT considered immediate relative for extreme hardship waiver,on the other hand, not filing waiver will place me in court system for removal, and I can see a judge and fight the point that the offices made his decision according to his thoughts not a single fact, he didn't ask for any proof or any paper or anything, when i went into the interview he was not interviewing he was finding a way to deny it. anyone had such an experience? and if you did how did it go?
  10. Hi everyone, I'm completing my I-751 form (Divorce Waiver) and in Part 1. question 10 it asks if I'm Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed - my divorce is not final yet and is awaiting judgment - what do I put here? Married? Also in question 13 it asks me to provide the date the marriage ended - it hasn't ended yet - do I leave this blank? or do I put the date that it will end on (six months from filing)? Finally should I submit the court paperwork showing that I've started divorce proceedings? Or should I wait for an RFE requesting the divorce decree? Thanks for your help, just want to make sure I get it right.
  11. Going through the process of expedited removal.. is it normal to not have has any stamps or writing issued in your passport? Also, no paperwork that states/lists your ban? The only paperwork ever given through the whole process was the I-860. Only thing included in that paper was a written paragraph stating inadmissible under section 212 (a)(7)(a)(I)(I) and what that meant.. is it normal to have such a lack of documentation from an expedited removal?
  12. Hello I was just wondering if anyone is going thru the same situation as I am my husband was arrested some years back for possession and assault the charges and was sent to ice were now we report to “probation” every 6 months the charges were dismissed and after that we had started the i130 petition, now it has been approved and have to start out waiver. On September is his court for the deportation? We were told that are best option would be to voluntary leave US, if he he does that and we end up going to Juarez can he still be approved for residency .. Anyone who has gone thru this same thing or similar i would really appreciate it.
  13. Hi all, wanted to know if anyone here was able to share there experiences about requesting a waiver when filing for a I-129f for the second time. we are both considering it ourselves (doing the K1 for the second time). it would be the same petitioner filing for me though, because we still wish to marry. I do have some worries though. i abandoned my K-1 visa before the 90 days were up (went to America, but we didn't marry), and even though i do have a legitimate reason (which I don't want to share on here... it's quite personal) i'm concerned that our waiver/explanation/I-129f will not be accepted. it has nothing to do with a death or any health reasons so we don't know what our chances are at succeeding with this and being accepted. i am willing to explain why i left though as i'm sure they'll ask. does anyone here have any experiences, good or bad? about filing for a 2nd K-1, in less then 2 years? but with the same person? we both have clean records too. Will a lawyer be needed? Thanx!
  14. Hello guys, I entered the United States last year in November to do a volunteer year. I was admitted as a b2 nonimmigrant visitor which expired 6 months later in May. I filled out form I-539 late March/early April and sent it to my organization who said they would file the form for me and pay whatever fees where necessary. I stayed in the United States till the beginning of December. It resulted in an overstay of approximately 187 days because I thought that I was given an extension of stay since I did not hear back from on whether my application was approved or denied. When I tried to re-enter the United States in the beginning of January to fulfill my volunteer year with another 6 months my visa has been refused to enter the United States and withdrawn my application. So I was being sent home and told that I have to apply for a new visa and I would need a waiver to overcome my Inadmissibility of overstaying. So I filled out my new visa application and went to my nearest consulate in Germany. They accepted my case and said they’ll file a waiver for me. My question now would be is it possible that I will get an fast answer? I saw on every website that a waiver application takes usually 4-6 months maybe even longer to get approved cause if this process takes so long it wouldn’t be worth for me to lose 6 months to come back to the United States. I know that the waiver is a complex and tough thing to get but what are my chances to get fast approved?
  15. Has anyone had expedite processing for their waiver. Our attorney said that he will request expedite processing for my waiver. My father (USC- my qualifying relative) needs to have surgery this winter, and the lawyer said that this meets the criteria for expedite processing. He said that is up USCIS to approve the request,and that it is discretionary and no extra fee is required. Has anyone had expedite processing for their waiver?
  16. My wife was refused entry to U.S on Aug-2004 for the first time. and they put this stamp on her passport : REFUSED Per 8 CFR 217.4(b) charges: 212a7AI Then she tried to enter second time in Dec-2004 but she was refused again and they wrote in her passport like this with pen: Refused 8 CFR 217.4(a)(1) and made her sign a written statement in which stated that she lied that she was never been refused entry into the US before. This time they didn't specify any charges except this clause 8 CFR 217.4(a)(1) The biggest mistake i have ever made is haven't applied I-130 for my wife till today's date. As earlier I was a permanent resident and was told there are no waivers for your wife as she has lied/miss represented herself and she has been barred for 10 years.... and was told the only way she can be eligible for a waiver is if I became a U.S citizen. So i just became a U.S citizen and wondering if I can bring my wife and two kids ages 8 and 12 by applying to DCF (Direct consular filing) ... i read about this option at the following location "https://www.visajourney.com/content/compare/" instead of going through I-130 process..... as its been over 14 years since she was refused.... so even if she was barred for 10 years the bar should have been over now .... correct me if i am wrong…. or dose she still needs a waiver?. If I have to apply for I-130 for my wife can I include my 2 kids in the same petition or do I have to file separate I-130 for my kids…. My kids were never been refused or came to U.S. Can someone give any suggestions or help to this matter ..... thanks in advance.
  17. Hello everyone, So I am a natural born US citizen. I married my husband 12/2006 he is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. We have 2 daughters together and I have 2 sons from a previous relationship whom he treats as his own. So I'm basically wondering if anyone can relate to our situation has done the papers and how thier process went? 2004: He crossed the border illegally to US 2005: he went home on a plane to mexico on his own for funeral 2005: he attempted cross, was caught and released - no deportation 2005: made it across border 2006: we married 2007 had daughter #1 2014: daughter #2 We never filled out papers because we were told to wait for a reform, and here we are almost 12 years later no reform. I'm not sure if he can qualify for a waiver? I work, have a good job so supporting him is not a problem. He also works, pays his taxes so that helps. He boss is willing to help if he can. Hardship: my 2 son's father will not let me take them to Mexico. Our 1st daughter has been medically diagnosed with anxiety, and sees counseling for that. My job won't allow me to move to Mexico. I obviously will be under extreme stress and have to apply for daycare assistance, food assistance, have to move if he would have to go as I'll be out his income (he does construction). Not sure what else they'd look for for a hardship waiver and if he can really apply for it? Any advice, experiences anything will help just frustrated with all this stuff.
  18. Starting this forum to try and collect more information on Administrative Processing at the US Embassy in Ankara. I have been in AP for 2 months now. I am Syrian, and my wife is a US citizen. We are applying for my spouse visa. We started in March 2017. My wife is now in the US. We don't know if she should move back to Turkey to be with me. We want to know if anyone has been issued a visa waiver from Ankara under the travel ban. I noticed today that the Ankara Embassy website status check page is updated automatically (https://tr.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/iv-status-check/)... meaning that my case updates are pretty meaningless. But ceac.state.gov seems to be more accurate. Does anyone know if case updates mean anything at all? Thanks all. Kat and Bashar
  19. Sara2018

    J1 waiver

    Has anyone applied for J1 visa waiver ( you had government funding and been approved? What did you use NO-OBJECTION LETTER? or Hardship waiver. I have an American spouse and child here, I looking for a good lawyer that can help my family stay together. Would I be able to change the visa to study visa without a waiver or visitors visa? Anyone had my experiences.
  20. I am going to apologize now, before anyone reads this. Why? Because it will be long. I am going to describe everything that has happened over the last two years of futility. Maybe it will help someone avoid what me and the woman I love has had to endure. I've posted here in the past, but I've been a little secretive for reasons you will understand as you read. Finding someone in this world that loves you is an incredible thing, and one wouldn't think that it would be so excruciatingly difficult just to be together. But it can be just that. Maybe it's even impossible, and I use that word very begrudgingly because I hate giving up. I met this wonderful woman online, at Internationalcupid.com. We immediately hit it off and soon began talking via email. That soon became Skype, then WhatsApp, and recently to FaceTime. After getting to know one another for a few months, it became obvious that we needed to meet. I had no problem with the idea of flying to the opposite side of the Earth to meet this fascinating woman. Except.... and here's the reason for my secrecy... I am what most would call a "registered sex offender." So to get it all out in the open, just as I did with her, here's the deal. In 2003, I was convicted of Lewd and Lascivious Behavior. This was a non-person, no contact, no victim misdemeanor. The it was the result of an internet sting and so there never really was a "victim". Nevertheless, I was behaving in a way that I should not have done, and the result was the requirement to register. I have not re-offended or been arrested in those last 14 years, and my fiance is completely aware of every minute detail. With that being said, I flew to Indonesia not being sure that I would be allowed entry because of the International Megan's Law. This is a law that makes all offenders give notice when they intend to travel. The US Marshall's contact the destination country to alert them that the offender is on the way and advise them to send the traveler back home. It doesn't matter the reason, or how long ago, or what the conditions were. Some countries comply (most do), and some don't. When I left to go see this woman, it was all for "hope" that I would get to see her. As luck would have it, I was allowed to enter. Our suspicions were right and we got along fabulously. It was like I'd found the missing piece to my puzzle... who knew it was in Indonesia??? After a few days there, I came back home. It was 3 months before I decided to go back again. It was getting difficult not having her by my side. We would speak each morning, both her morning and mine, and usually on Skype in her mornings. We would spend hours talking, numerous emails and chats on WhatsApp. This time, I had decided I was going to ask her to marry me. I took a ring and proposed. Praise God, she accepted and we became engaged. I was so freaking nervous!!! Soon after my return, we began discussing the fiance visa, and here's where it gets even more difficult. She asked me if there was any reason that I would not be able to sponsor her, and to my knowledge there was none. I couldn't imagine what the reason would be. But, because she had asked, I told her I would check to see. What I found made my heart sink. Because of my sex offense, I was not allowed to petition (sponsor) anyone into the United States. Why, I wondered would this have anything to do with it? Turns out, the Adam Walsh Act of 2005 (which interestingly enough became law after my conviction) stated that in order to protect children, registrants would not be allowed to sponsor people from other countries. What the....???? In our case, there were no children involved and we were both in our 40's and 50's. Nevertheless, that was the law whether it made sense to either of us or not. The only way to sponsor her was to get a waiver that states that I had proven that I was of NO danger to her. It didn't say that I should prove beyond a reasonable doubt, but that I was of NO danger to her. Still, she stood by me and decided we would move forward. But remember how I said this gets more difficult? Complicated is probably more accurate. Well, I couldn't apply for her to be my fiance because of one thing... she was still married. Before you let your imagination run wild, here's the deal. Her husband left her and has been with another woman for 6 years now. She has been separated that long. After knowing her for 2 years now, speaking every day at all times of the day, being at her house, seeing her around the world, I can tell you for a fact that this is the case. Her estranged husband, however, doesn't want the divorce because it will tarnish his image in Indonesian society. (But living with his mistress does not.) She could push for the divorce, but she will then become the evil person and be judged by his family and her church for the divorce, even when it isn't her fault. To make things more complicated, she lives in the family house that he continues to pay for, since the kids still have friends in the neighborhood and his mistress doesn't want to live in the house where his wife lived. Essentially, because of the guilt, she gets free housing. If she were to push for the divorce "against his will", it is quite likely that she will lose the house. In addition, she works for the company that he owns. She would then also risk losing her income. Not a good situation. Complicated, right? So we have several things to address. I cannot sponsor her without getting a waiver for the fiance visa, but she cannot be my fiance until she is divorced. The only thing we have been able to come up with so far is to have her leave the country and then get the divorce. We tried to get a visitor visa twice and both times she was denied even when she was able to prove in every way that she had strong ties to her country. Her family is there, her job is there, she is very active in church, she owns a home there (in a different city).. heck, her HUSBAND is there. Still, they said she didn't have enough proof. Twice. Truth be told, all we really wanted at this point was for her to simply come and visit where I live and meet my family. She insisted that I have my father's approval before I marry her. I love that respect for tradition that she shows. In between the two times she applied, I contacted several attorneys to get their input. Some said keep trying, others said "give up." I contacted my legislator and he offered to write a "letter of support" for her. Some people said this was a good option, others said it was bad. I spoke to a co-worker from Nigeria who, after trying EIGHT TIMES to come to the US, contacted our legislator and they were able to help him bring his mother. Other people said it would only make the embassy angry. I decided to go ahead and have them send the letter and unfortunately, it seemed to either have no effect, or made them angry. They basically replied that they have already given it their full attention and would again do so if she were to apply again. At this point, at the advice of an attorney, we decided to have her become a student in the US. She took a TEFL course to improve her English and applied to several colleges and universities. She was accepted by each one for which she applied. Surprisingly, her "ex" was willing to be her financial sponsor because he felt like the course would make her more valuable as an employee. She wanted to take a 4yr course, not ESL, and was excited about the potential. After doing all of the paperwork and going to the embassy, here's how it basically went down: 1. Why are you attending college? Answer: To get an education to start my own business in Indonesia. (For the record, this was true.) 2. Where are you going to college? She gave the name of the college and city 3. Does your family support you leaving? Yes. (In fact, her son and daughter were very happy for her.) Then, they looked at the computer, read a little and then asked the following: 4. Do you have any family in the US? No. 5. Do you have any friends in the US? Yes, I have several across the US. 6. What about your friend in Oklahoma? Do you still talk to him? She said "Yes, we still talk." They then immediately responded, "You are being denied." She was devastated. After all of the work, after being accepted by 4 different universities, it all came down to who her friends were. As you can imagine, this was a very strong hit to our relationship. I mean, what's the point if there is no hope of being together? A few weeks went by and after talking with a few more attorneys, I was advised to have her be a student in a different country. She could then get the divorce and we could begin the fiance visa process. This, by the way, involves applying, being denied, and then applying for the waiver. We decided that Canada would be the place so she would at least be in North America, far away from Indonesia. She applied at another college, was accepted, and even had a family member sponsor in Canada sponsor her. Again, we went through all of the paperwork and forms together as much as possible. It was quite frustrating, but eventually we got it complete. She filed the paperwork and waited. Denied. Intending Immigrant. At least Canada stated what the reasons were for their ruling, so she gathered additional documentation even though she had given documentation to begin with to address their concerns. She re-submitted the application with more documentation and basically got the same response. It was as if they did not even read any of the documents that she sent. I later found that the US and Canada share immigration information, so I assume this was the reason. They basically denied her because the US denied her. This was even more difficult on our relationship and she didn't want to talk for several days. Then, we put together our new plan. If she cannot come here, and I cannot go there, then we will meet somewhere else. She was willing to leave everything she knew behind to be with me, so I must be willing to do the same. Words have to have meaning and action behind them, otherwise, they are simply sound. So, I am now working to meet her in another country. This, however, is not easy either. First I have to deal with the IML (International Megans Law) and find out which countries I can even enter. Then, I have to find out which countries will allow me to stay. Then, I have to find a job. This is a difficult process. I am applying for positions around the world at various places now, and I'm also looking at starting a business in one other country. Throughout this time I have written to embassies, Ambassadors, Presidents (both Obama and Trump) Governors, Senators, representatives, attorneys, tv and radio talk show hosts, human rights organizations, made USCIS connections on Linkedin, The United Nations, various churches and other organizations and immigration departments in other countries. Most often, I get no reply at all. Still, love knows no bounds and believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails. She is really discouraged at this point. What is the use of loving, but loving in vain? We have seen each other several times over the past few years, usually somewhere in Asia, and we are hoping to see each other again next month. But we are both openly and honestly questioning the worth of being in love with someone we can rarely ever see? She is a vibrant, funny, tender and attractive woman... with a degree, no less. She has a right to be with the one she loves. Nevertheless, US law is punishing her for having done nothing wrong other than to fall in love. As for me, the same law continues to punish me even after I've paid my debt. In the end, all we want is to be together. I don't have any evil intention when I travel as I only travel to see this precious one that I love. She means everything to me. Still, after two years, we are really no closer than we were before. Our love is deeper and stronger, which is both good and bad. At this point, we are sad if we let go, and we are sad if we hold on. Now you've read the whole story. If you have any input that will help bring a solution, I would welcome your words. If you want to hate on me for being a registrant, go ahead. I'm used to that already. Nothing you can say would surpass the things I read on Twitter or the Yahoo comments section. Maybe there is something that I haven't tried, or haven't seen. If you have a positive suggestion, I'd willingly listen. If your suggestion is to quit, give up or walk away... you can save the energy and give your fingers a rest. After honestly discussing it, all we really want is to be together. My fortune cookie the other day said this: "A man only fails when he fails to keep trying." Word! Thanks for reading.
  21. If you are inadmissible under a certain section.. is there a way to know for certain which waivers will be needed to application for readmission? I have had multiple people give different answers.. Is there any way to know specifically from the government, prior to applying for any waiver ( visa application ) I find this information is very hard to find online, its not black and white. There are so many gray areas that it is very challenging to figure it out. I do not need the "ask a lawyer".. because I have done so and each one has a different say for which waiver will be needed. If its said, "you will need a 212.. but you MAY need a 601 also"... why is there no definite answer?
  22. Hi all - My fiance is Syrian. It's taken us almost a year to get to this point. We have our interview coming up in just a few weeks and I'm just wondering what happens now that the travel ban is in place. 1) He's affected by the travel ban - so what happens if they deny him a k1-visa? 2) Will they automatically deny his k1-visa since he's from Syria? 3) Can he get a waiver? Any ideas on how we can get a waiver?? 4) If we get denied - what should we do?
  23. Hello everyone. I was curious if anyone has any experience to share regarding an expedite request for I-601 I recently found out I’m pregnany, and I have a doctors letter stating that it’s a high risk pregnancy. I’m also being laid off of my job in September. And I have a letter from HR confirming that. I submitted an expedite request on Friday July 27. On Monday July 30, I got an email stating: we are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time. Does anyone have anything to share regarding this email? Does it mean it’s actually being reviewed or is likely a denial? how long do they usually take to respond? also, has anyone had any luck getting a case expedited due to a high risk pregnancy? thank you
  24. I have a quick question and was wondering if anybody else had the same situations I’m in. I recently sent in my husband I601A waiver . I’m aware of the fact that even if his waiver is approved his visa is not guaranteed once he goes to his home country. I want to make a packet just in case his visa gets denied in Honduras to apply for the i601 waiver. My question is can I use the same packet I sent for my first waiver?