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  1. Hello I'm currently in the process of submitting my I -130. last time I checked the affidavit of support requirements for me my son and wife was 33,300 in the state of Alaska I just check today march 8 2020 and it jumped up to 33,939. I'm a little concerned cause on my 2019 w2 form box number 1 is different from box number 5 and I googled why the difference it was because I had money that was pre tax will I still meet the required income ? Please help.
  2. Hi everyone, I’m so confused and angry on what documents to bring for the interview. I just passed my medical today and is up for interview on March 5—one week from now. Ever since the past month, my fiance has submitted me his tax documents: his 2018 and 2019 1040 (Individual Income Tax Return) and his 2019 w2s. I told him not to bother with earlier years since they only ask for the most recent documents. I told him (actually nagged) him about getting a Tax Transcript from the IRS. He tried getting it online but the damn IRS wont even allow him to create an account on their website after putting all the correct information about him. We also tried calling their hotline as to why this is happening, but only an automated assistance is available. He also tried requesting through the phone, but once it arrived, it says no tax is available for this year. IT IS TRULY AND UTTERLY FRUSTRATING. Now when I asked other people who are already in the USA; they said that the COs only ask for the Tax Transcript when you dont have a 1040 and w2 with you. And btw, my fiance made 21,424$ this 2019 based on his 1040 which is within the required income needed for 2 people. When I asked people in the facebook group, they insistently said that I should get the Tax Transcript nonetheless. It doesnt matter if you have 1040 or w2. It all comes down to the blasted Tax Transcript. Now it’s too late to get it. In 7 days I’ll be having my interview. I’m at my wit’s end and thinking about rescheduling the damn thing just to wait for the Tax Transcript. What should I do?!?!
  3. Hello, My situation is: I'm a US citizen, never employed, and I'm dependent on my parent. they have been maintaining me my whole life. So I never filed taxes in my whole life. and I do not make any type of income ! nor I have any assets. The Case: I got married and my wife is filing AOS. For the affidavit, I had a joint sponsor filing separate i864. For my i864 I believe I'm required to attach a letter stating why I never filed taxes. what should be the reason to write, since I want it to look formal. I had this sample but I think it might need to be edited To Whom It May Concern I, ABCD, XXX's spouse and petitioning sponsor. I did not file any income tax return yet because I was and still dependent and maintained by my parents upon their income. Since I never had job or made any income of any type, I was not required to file an income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service. I, ABCD, certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the information I have provided in this statement are true and correct. Sincerely, ABCD help please or edit the sample Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, When it's time and you have to attend your interview, they say you should bring all original copies of your documents. My question would be is, do we have to bring an actual tax transcript that was mailed in from the IRS or can we request online and just print it out. Thanks for your advice!
  5. Hi everyone! Can you advise me if the below are correct documents when submitting financial evidence? We are submitting a W2 as proof of employment (Which was received Jan 30th 2020) We will also submit the most recent Tax Transcript that will be filed next week (Based on the W2 above) which would be 2019's Tax Transcript. I read the below on their website and I wanted to make sure we were interrupting it correctly and I also read somewhere that we need the most recent 3 year Transcripts. Is that correct? How to Show Proof of Income Petitioners must submit a federal tax transcript from the most recent tax year as proof of income. Alternatively, they may submit a copy of a tax return from the most recent tax year. They must do this even if there is a joint sponsor or household member income being used to meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The only exception is if the petitioner was legally exempt from filing federal income taxes, in which case he or she must submit a statement indicating why they were exempt from filing. Please submit an IRS tax transcript; you can find information on getting a tax transcript on the IRS’s website. Do all Financial Sponsors Have to Submit a Form W2 A Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement is provided to employees each tax year by employers in the United States, and shows the amount of money earned by an employee. Sponsors who submit an IRS tax transcript must submit a Form W-2 only if they filed taxes under the "married filing jointly" category – and if they were issued a W-2. Sponsors who claim to meet the Poverty Guidelines based solely on income earned at work and who submit a tax return (Form-1040) – not an IRS tax transcript – as proof of income must also submit that year’s Form W-2, if he or she was issued one. We are just making sure we get this correct thats all. Thank you for your help!
  6. Hello everyone, so unfortunately, I just realized, that in order to file: Married, filing separately, you must submit your tax returns by mail and you cannot submit them electronically. Which normally would be no problem except I needed to submit them electronically so that I only have to wait 2-3 weeks to request my tax transcripts as opposed to waiting 6-8 weeks to request my tax transcripts if my tax returns were by mail. That would add probably another month onto this already long and tiring process! The reason why I want to file taxes for 2019 now and submit them with my AOS of support package is because I was a student before becoming employed full time in as an RN in November 2018, but I don't have the taxes to prove it yet. My 2018 tax transcript from when I was a student shows barely anything and was less than $10,000. Is there any solutions to speeding this process up!? My husband and I couldn't find a joint sponsor and we wanted to play it on the safe side and just wait to file 2019 taxes so that I could complete and submit the AOS without needing any joint sponsor. My questions I guess now is, can I just submit a copy of my tax return along with W2 and provide the tax transcript when my husband goes to his interview? I know the website technically says I can but many places/people say tax transcripts are the preferred document and I'm concerned they still may request further evidence for a tax transcript and thus, delay the process. Also, on the I-864, would I be able to just write my total income that I will have on my 1040 tax return instead of waiting for my tax transcript to fill in this information on the I-864? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Hi all I am a K1 Visa recipient and my husband and I are filing our AOS soon. I have a question regarding the required tax documentation on the I-864, Affidavit of Support. I understand that if we file AOS before the end of 2019 our most recent tax year would have been 2018, and we've got that. But if we file in January 2020, would our most recent tax year be 2019 already, thus requiring the proper documentation for 2019 instead? I ask because the company my husband works for doesn't send out W2s until February, but we REALLY don't want to wait any longer to file our AOS because my I-94 had been expired since October 22nd. We've planned to file this December 16th but something came up, and we might have to reroute the budget for that one onto something else.... sigh (I know, I know, we're filing late, but life happens and so here we are...) 😅 So I'm thinking: 1) Perhaps USCIS would allow the submission of 2018 records due to the fact that tax season for 2019 won't be over until April 2020 anyways? 2) Perhaps we could include an explanation on our cover letter as to why we're submitting 2018 records despite 2019 ending? So yeah, I would appreciate any input from anyone who can help. Thank you all
  8. Hello! I am so confused about what to send to nvc regarding tax return. Aside from w2, each tax return for each year has a lot of pages. My question is, should I send all of those pages or just one page, the 1040 one? Please help. I appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. Hello all 👋🏽 My fiancé just underwent the interview in Bogota, Colombia on Friday. He said the interview was great. The CO was laughing and smiling at all the stories he would tell about us. He said she was giggling like a school girl. The interview lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. He for sure thought we were approved, yet she came back with a 221g white slip stating we needed to submit an I-864 and a W2 for my mom since she’s the co-sponsor. The CO told him it’s just for extra verification. They kept his passport and all documents and told him to send the info directly to the embassy email. I sent the proper documents within an hour of him leaving the interview. We are currently in the dreaded administrative processing. I fell like it’s a good sign they kept his passport seeing as I’ve read online for hours that if Colombia keeps the passport, it’ll be issued soon after. But as with every step in this process, I don’t want to get my hopes up. What do you guys think? Anyone else been through this or something similar? Any info will help. TIA ☺️
  10. I have received an email from the NVC to submit W2/1099 form of the joint Sponsor. He is self employed and did not receive or file for any W2 and 1099. What can we do to fulfill this request? We have been waiting for almost 2 months for this same request but don't know what to do. We've asked this question on NVC inquiry as well but I hear they can take up to a month or more to reply according to the wait time listed on their website. I had my accountant write a statement stating the above, would that be good enough for the NVC?
  11. Hi! We got an message from NVC teeling us about our tax transcripts how they are in one document (so we need to split them up). We sent the scanned paper transcripts from our preparer and just found out about the IRS site. I'm wondering which ones to upload? There are 4 documents per year: 1. Account Transcript 2. Record of Account 3. Tax Return Transcript 4. Wage and Income Which ones do I upload? Do I upload all of them? Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, I have been interviewed by US embassy, the interview went well and they hold my passport, however US embassy is asking for further documents to proof my fiance financial situation. He's self-employed and his client is outside the US, making slightly above the minimum but we also have a joint sponsor (his parents). Since there's no employment, we do not have W2, which means we also don't have 1099. We have provided tax transcript of him and his parents, but apparently it wasn't enough. Is there anything we can do to provide extra information to the US embassy? Bank statement, support letter from the client, etc? Please advise, thank you.
  13. Hi all, We filed the tax return for 2018 jointly. We requested the IRS to treat me as a resident alien, since I did not meet the requirements to automatically be treated as one. One of the requirements in that case is that I filed my foreign income here, which I did. Since all that is on the tax return, do I also have to translate the "W2" from my country (Netherlands) or do we just need my husbands W2 etc, since he's the sponsor? I'm going to try to get an IRS transcript, but in case we can't get it for whatever reason I want to make sure I have everything (interview is this upcoming week) Thanks!
  14. Hi, We received a message today from the NVC on the FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN OR TRANSCRIPT section for both the Petitioner and the Joint Sponsor. We each uploaded a W2 PDF of the most recent tax year but both were rejected. This is the message we received: "We are unable to accept these documents as uploaded. Please delete these documents and submit them under the correct document type." I'm not sure how to correct this. We followed the upload directions correctly but still got rejected. Maybe resubmit them in a JPEG format? Everything else we uploaded has been accepted. We would appreciate any help with this!
  15. hey guys! hoping somebody can help me with current 2019 tax requirements. I submitted my 1040 and my fathers 1040 ( as the household member) to prove financial support. The documents were refused and they requested a 2017 IRS issued tax transcript.. I have obtained these documents and are working on uploading them. what I am trying to figure out is after I submit the current 1040 with the IRS transcript are they going to come back and request a w2 as well? they didn't ask for it the 1st time, just requested the transcript but I am trying to avoid yet another delay. I personally do not have a w2 because I lived abroad in Australia, so my income is foreign and reported for my transcript. will my household member need to submit a w2 or is the tax transcript going to make it so its not necessary? Help please! Also would love help from people who have done this in the late 2018 to early 2019, as I have heard they have changed the requirements for taxes. thank you.
  16. So my husband is the petitioner for the i-130. His father will be my sponsor, so does this mean he would fill out the i-864 My husband does not have all the w2 for the past 3 years and will be unable to get them because the business shut down. Will this be a problem if he is not the main sponsor? If my husbands father makes enough money and we live with him do we even have to use my husband as a joint sponsor? Or can we just use his father alone. My husband has been working at a new job for 5 months so does not have a w2 for his current work. I'm really confused and would get a attorney but we can not afford one.
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