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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, I'm hoping someone will be able to offer some advice, I've see a few posts on various forums about this particular matter but have yet to see an answer or definitive outcome to this situation. Some context about my case - For nearly two years I have been working on my O1 visa case with my lawyers; Kate Raynor & Associates. I have two job offers in Los Angeles waiting for me as a musician; one to join a band and the other to be an on call session guitarist to one of LA's top song writer/producers. We submitted my case with USCIS in June 2017 to which I was asked for more evidence. I was annoyed but did as requested and gathered more evidence then re-submitted at the end of October 2017. I then received a positive outcome mid December 2017 stating my O1 visa had been approved. I booked an appointment for my interview and to send off my passport to get stamped at the US embassy in London on January 3rd 2018. The interview didn't go as expected as I was told they would need to review my case further, the next day I received an email from the embassy with a 'notification of revocation'. The decision will now go back to USCIS who will either agree with the London embassy's recommendation to revoke my visa, or they might still think I deserve the O1 (I would think they would side with the embassy though). The average response time from USCIS seems to be about 6-12 months, possibly longer. As anyone can understand this is pretty ridiculous as no job offer will realistically wait indefinitely for an answer, even if it is positive, especially in the music industry. I have been given no specific reason as to why they are trying to revoke my visa other than one short line in the email saying 'The request for revocation is based on further administrative review of the applicant’s qualifications conducted subsequent to your visa interview at Embassy London.' This seems incredibly unreasonable as the interview only lasted about 5 minutes, I was asked about 5--10 questions which were somewhat vague, so I was unable to talk about 90% of the evidence that granted me the initial approval. It also appeared the consular officer who interviewed me had no previous knowledge of my case, so was basing the entirety of his decision on my answers in that moment. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience on how to resolve this matter quickly, ideally with the visa ultimately being approved? (as it has been approved in principal in the US). This decision will have massive long term ramifications on my life as, from now on, if I travel to any other country and they ask if I have ever been denied a visa, I will have to say yes and explain why. This will obviously count against me and will potentially impact my ability to work as, being a musician, I'm often required to travel all over the world for gigs. So the embassy's decision to refuse a visa to work in the US will now risk my ability to work anywhere else. It will also affect the band and producer who have offered me jobs as they will now have to start looking for other guitarists to fill my spot until this matter can be resolved, which again will affect their ability to work and progress. Thanks for reading, I can give more info if needed, I didn't want to post too much straight away as that'll probably scare people off! Jake
  2. bigred6ft4

    HELP PLEASE Visa denied

    hello all I filed my I-129f back in Dec of 1017 and just got a denial letter. But there is still hope the issue is my Fiance is from the Philippines she was married twice and has 3 older kids. the first Marriage was in the Philippines to and American guy and about three months after the marriage she did move to the US but only stayed with him for two months and moved back to the Philippines (she was not happy with the relationship) she also was pregnant with his daughter when she left the USA. After a few mouths back home he stopped calling and they lost touch he never even saw his daughter in person. Flash forward 5 years later she (my fiance) meet her second husband and after a few years dating they wanted to get married but she could not get in touch with her first husband in the US. So after talking to a Lawyer in the Philippines they were told the fastest way to end the marriage was to have the Philippine courts give a order of Declaration of Presumptive death. Witch the court did grant (after a short trial and she had to put adds in the local newspaper) the court did grant the order and this allowed my Faience to Merry her second husband, This second marriage lasted 18 years until his death in 2015 should I be worried about all this husband death? LOLOL Just kidding anyway I filed the I129f and the reason it was denied was because the first husband Is still alive in the US very old now but the denial says I did not prove the first husbands presumed death by the Philippine courts would allow her to marry me here in the USA I am contacting a lawyer this time and want some thoughts on should I appeal or file a motion to reconsider witch will be faster. Thanks so much for any help with this roller coaster ride for love. I did get a fre about the first husband and sent the full court file of the presumptive death court order and a copy of the Philippine law but was still denied. Thank you for your responses.
  3. NEED HELP... I have my interview yesterday visa officer Denied my IR1 visa n give me a white paper sheet n ask for a New Joint Sponsor. My wife has continuous job at wal-mart from June 2016 till today. Its her first job n she submit AOS i-864 in May 2017, on her tax returns their annual income was 10k USD. So we use a joint sponsor from our family friend his income was 100k$. At my Interview yesterday visa officer denied my joint sponsor n ask for a new joint sponsor. I told him that my wife income is sufficient know on her pay stubs that's about 23k$ he said dot show me that and he said do u have her new i-864? i said no then he gave me a refusal letter n mark on that manually the box that mentioned Submit a NEW Joint Sponsor. Problem is that i hv no joint sponsor at that time Should my wife wait for the new tax year started i think in January n file a new tax returns n fill AOS i-864 with her latest income. or we must have to send a New Joint Sponsor?????? Please Help US
  4. So, my father was refused of a us visa because he was convicted of crime involving moral torpitude. Can we still apply for a waiver? We are very confused, we need help.
  5. Ok, my name is Larry Dishman II, I am 27 years old, from San Antonio, Texas. In my younger years I made some bad decisions in life that cost me my freedom, a clean record, trust from loved ones, and so much more. However now that I am 27 years old with my first child and fiance, Ive turned everything around(with the help my from my family). I now am living life the life intended for me to live, abiding by the laws of the land, working, and handling my business as a man(supporting my child and fiance). The only thing I am missing, is my child and fiance! My fiance is from the Netherlands, born and raised. I met her while she was here visiting her family on the ESTA visa waiver program. During her stay we both fell in love and that's just that. I could give you the whole run down on how it happened but then I'd be writing a whole book and not just a brief summary. Any who, my fiance, Gabriela, had to return to her country because of the visa waiver only enables a person to stay 90 days at a time. So she went back to the Netherlands and I waited for her return. By this time i was very acquainted with her family, and we were all excited that she was coming back Stateside. In a way her mom loved me so much because I was the reason her daughter was considering on moving the States, and she always wanted her daughter here. So finally, on December 1st 2014 there i was at JFK International Airport picking up my European girlfriend, butterflies filled my stomach as i waited. We reunited and started off right back where we had left off: being young, and in love. I know it sounds like something from a movie, and it felt like it too. That's what made it even more intense. So now a month goes by and it is now my 24th birthday and Gabriela is feeling sick, feeling symptoms of being with child. I figured, no way, she's just being young and dramatic.." Boy was i wrong, turns out Gabriela was indeed pregnant! I didn't know how to take the news. I always wanted a child, I mean, what man doesn't want a boy to teach and raise up. But at the same time, I didn't believe it, even after seeing 2 pregnancy test. Then I realized, oh sh**, she's really pregnant. So i called my father back home for advice. At this time I had outstanding warrants back home in Texas, and my father convinced me that I should get those taken care of so i can be a good, supporting father, and husband to Gabriela. Because how i was raised, if you start a family with a woman, you stay with that woman, you love that woman, and you demonstrate your appreciation for that woman, simply because she is the one who carries your seed into this world. So it wasn't a hard thing for me to grasp mentally once i accepted the fact she's really pregnant. Now, here's the twist. February approached and Gabriela is coming to her 90 day visitation limit. I had a decision to make, A. keep my pregnant girlfriend here illegally, or B. send her back to the Netherlands and have faith in the system. My father, being the retired US Army Veteran he is, has faith in the system, not just because he is American, but because he was on the front line in the war zone, fighting for the system. So he gave me sound advice and i chose to do things the right way. Gabriela departed again to the Netherlands, and it was such a hard thing to do, let my pregnant girlfriend go across the Atlantic Ocean. Now, I go straight back to Texas. As soon as i arrive my father lines me up with a job making $10 an hour washing dishes. I saved every penny. Eventually the time came to turn myself in and I had money saved for my attorney. I become an inmate in May 2015 and was released on bond(with an ankle monitor) in July. Now, during my first week in jail, Gabriela was supposed to return on the ESTA visa waiver however, she was turned around by customs because they seen she was pregnant, and they determined that she was coming with the intentions on living in America. So everyday im stressing in jail about my pregnant girlfriend who was so far away. We corresponded through my family's email. She would email them a letter for me, they'd print it out, then send it to me in jail. Talk about using your resources! So July comes, I get released, go back to work, knowing that I will still have to go back in to do my time. The whole reason for bonding out was because we had to start the K1 visa process, something that i'd never heard of a day in my life. So we hired an immigration lawyer with the help from my father and we got everything in motion. Time goes by, and Gabriela is now as big as a house, carrying my extremely healthy son. Before we all knew it, the boy was ready to make his depute on Earth. On September 25 2015 my son Larry Edward Mojica(his last name isn't Dishman yet because the laws in the Netherlands require the child to get mothers name if the father isn't present to sign birth certificate). He was 8lbs 14oz came out active as ever. 100% perfect, healthy kid. His mother did a great job. So here i am, a father for the first time, and cant even hold my child because of mistakes i made in my past, which prevented me from getting a passport and traveling internationally. Talk about life lessons.. So i video chat with Gabby and Larry daily and bond as best as i can. All this time im working and saving money, knowing that my day was coming. Then sure enough, I was sentenced and ended up doing 14 months being "rehabilitated" by TDCJ. During my incarceration, we got horrible news, Gabriela's visa got denied because of some petty theft she did when she was a teenage girl, shoplifting.. Im like, are you kidding me?? We bringing in all types of terrorist related people in through this "great refugee" program and my fiance gets denied over some pants that cost not even 30 euros. wow! just my luck, luck of the Irish as my old man says. So now, next step, applying for the I601 waiver which i realized is just another way for the government to get your hard earned money. So we went through the whole waiver journey, stayed in compliance, did everything that they asked of us. Crossed all of our T's and dotted all of our I's, just knowing that the waiver would be approved. Sure enough, it got approved! We were ecstatic at this moment! All this patience and loyalty finally was paying off. My family will be with me soon where they belong! So then, back to waiting on her interview with the consulate in the Netherlands. During this time I was bless with a job that i didn't deserve(according to my criminal background) making 50k a year with benefits. I am doing superb at my job, not taking anything for granted. Sending Gabriela money every week. When I got paid, she got paid, just how it should be. So we are thinking that things were falling into a place and the end of this journey was among us. NOPE. January 30 came around and the immigration officer decides to not only deny my fiances visa, but also disrespect her in the process. He said things like, "why would you want to be in a relationship with a criminal," and "how could yall possibly still be in a relatonshp after 3 years." WOW! Really? Hmm, being that he is a diplomatic worker i'd figured he'd seen people separated from their families and still making it work. You just dont give up because your loved one is temporarily gone. I seen it my entire childhood with my father being deployed, first Desert Storm(was in my mothers womb), then Korea in 1994, then small deployments here and there. Then 9/11 happened and he was in Iraq more then he was at home! So believe me, i seen first hand how to keep a grasp on you woman and household from across the Atlantic Ocean. But this character, whom some how got the title of immigration officer has the audacity to say these things to my fiance. She had all evidence present. Pictures, money transfer recepts, screenshots of 3 years worth of messages between me, her, her family, and mine as well. She had my son's American Passport, CRBA, avidvt stating I am taking care of them and so on and son. You name it, we had it, with extra copies to go with it. Talk about a smack in the face. The one time i decide to put my trust in the system and this is the outcome.. But i don't stuck there like the simple minded would. I keep pressing. My immigration attorneys filed formal complaints, I have sent several emails, my father, and Gabby has as well. We are staying proactive because we all know that this character had no legitimate reason to deny it. And then he didn't give her instructions to follow up on(which is customary when you get a denial). He was unprofessional, and out of line. Denied my fiance based off of my criminal history.. I'm an American! My past shouldn't have been used against me in this situation. Literally. The laws are made to keep people away from their loved ones. So now this poor excuse of an American diplomat and his poor judgement has inflicted pain, struggle, and heartache upon 3 Americans. Myself, but I'll accept that, Im just a criminal right. 2nd, my son, but ok, I guess he has to deal with the sins of his father, right? 3rd, my father, SFC Larry Dishman who retired after 26 years of serving this country that this character poorly represents. Retired with a Bronze Star too by the way. Wow, what a award he got for serving and staying solid during times of war. But he didnt do it for an award, he did it because he was a solider. Period. But damn, let the man get to see his son(whom everyone counted out) raise and his grandson and carry on the Dishman name proudly. Well, we shall contunue our wait, and I put my trust in JESUS CHRIST MY LORD that this will all work together for our good. Gabriela and I are srong. Head up, chest out, fully focused. That's all i have for now. God Bless.
  6. I married my husband 10/12/13 in sudan, received approval of I-130 10/2014, my husband interview was july 2015, but his visa was denied Nov 2016 because they said his birth certificate was fake. My husband was born in a refugge camp in sudan but returned to our country Eritrea after the war ended. His nationality is Eritrean. When he went to get birth certificate from Sudan government, they denied him because he is not a sudan citizen. They someone in the office told him they would help him if he paid them. So with no other choice he did. The Us embassy said the birth certificate is not real and asked him to get another one. My husband got his birth certificate from eritrea which stated he was born in Sudan, and got the cetificate authenticate, but Nov 2016 the US embassy denied my husbands visa because they said he committed fraud and needs to get birth certificate from Sudan because he was born in Sudan. My case was sent to USCIS 4/31/17 for review. I file a 1-601 waiver accepted 9/17. And yesterday I received a update i will receive a letter of intent to revoke my I-130. My husband and I are so sad and tired over all of this. My lawyer said they will fight it but does anyone have any similar experiences or ideas of what me and my husband can do. I just want him here with me so we can start our family, as soon as possible. I am at an age were my window for child bearing is get late. And i want to have a baby asap with my husband. But I want us to be together when it happens.