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Found 17 results

  1. My husband is in Venezuela and we have not yet submitted my I-130 petition for him to apply for his CR-1 visa. The US Embassy in Caracas I understand has now closed and all personnel ordered to depart the country. I am now worried that this will gravely affect the process. Is he stuck there? Do we have any recoourse? I read somewhere that he might be able to process through another embassy like the one in Bogota, Colombia. Anyone have any additional information to share that is privy to the current situation in Venezuela? We would like to proceed within the next couple of months with the I-130 but not sure if this will just sit somewhere in limbo. Thanks for your advice. It is a difficult time for us right now not knowing when this process will be over for us.
  2. Good evening VJ community, I am looking at the requirements for filing for citizenship for my husband. He has an almost 15 year old daughter from a previous relationship who lives with her mother in his home country (Venezuela). While she doesn't have his last name and he isn't on her birth certificate due to a conflict-prone relationship with her mom when she was small, everyone knows that he is her father and they are currently in fairly regular contact. We have included her information on every immigration form we have filed. He has sent money on a regular basis to her mother for her support pretty much since he has been here (4+ years) and has also taken clothing items and other necessities for her when he has visited Venezuela, or more recently sent them back with another family member who was visiting the US. Because of the currency problems that Venezuela has had for many years, he isn't able to send money through regular channels like Moneygram, rather it is done through a third party arrangement: We deposit checks into that person's US bank account, and they deposit Bolivares into the accounts of the people in Venezuela to whom we are sending money. Does anyone have any ideas of how to demonstrate this payment of support? I think the mom would be willing to write a letter saying that she has been receiving the payments, but would that be enough? Perhaps the woman with the US bank account could also write something explaining that she has been facilitating those payments for us. All the checks we have are written to her (the money transfer woman) not the mother or the daughter. I suppose he might also have Whatsapp messages talking about money and other things he has sent, but I don't know how useful those would be?
  3. Hello i need some help and guidance, my girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now and i want to bring her here to the US through the Cr-1 or K1 visa process. heres the story i met my girlfriend online and i have talked to her over video and direct message message for the past year, she lives in Venezuela and i am a US citizen, it took us a long time to get the passport but after a lot of money and time it finally arrived. we are now working on getting her personal documents and criminal records so that she can travel out of the country legally (we don't want anything holding us up in the future). we are doing everything we can to be together but the current situation in Venezuela is very bad and not making it easy. that being said we have been trying to get her out of the country to Peru, so that i can visit her and actually start the visa process. she does not want to return to Venezuela for any reason! i have a couple questions to help me decide my best course of action. 1. which spousal visa would be the best in my situation the cr-1 or the K1? 2. with either of these routs would she have to travel back to the country of origin to start the visa process, or would it be her current country of residence? 3. what are my options moving forward with this? 4. what is the expected wait time for this? 5. will her not wanting to return to Venezuela be a problem? thank you so much for the responses!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm Mirella from Venezuela and just read from an old document of the Caracas embassy that birth certificates of k1 beneficiaries should be legalized (Hague apostille). Since is an old document, I'd like to confirm this. It's very hard to get the Hague apostille in Venezuela, so I want to be sure that it is needed.
  5. So, it says that to be eligible for a K-1 visa, you must have met with your fiancé within the last two years and the only exception is if it would bring "extreme hardship" to the u.s. citizen. I want to know if my situation would a valid exemption... My fiancé lives in venezuela, one of the most dangerous countries in the world. If that's not enough, I also have an anxiety disorder and have panic attacks anytime I'm unordinarily uncomfortable. That being said, I would obviously be very uncomfortable getting on a plane for the first time in my life to visit a very dangerous place where the odds of me getting murdered are not low. Thoughts?
  6. Hello everyone! Im trying to find out an estimate from anyone else who is also going through a K1 visa process (or recently did) regarding how long it took you to have your interview at the US consulate in Caracas, Venezuela? I have read here and there that the embassy is pretty backed up and I'd like to have a better idea on how long you may have had to wait. I checked the country portal here on Visa Journey but was unable to locate any information on this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you! 😀
  7. Hi everyone! I did not find a previous topic on this so I created one. I think it will be great to help each other giving Venezuela current situation. Information as: *Problems with SAIME *Doctors examination *Embassy Process in CCS *etc i'm the petitioner currently living in the USA in new jersey to be more specific.I grow up in Venezuela so I kind of know how to move around there.
  8. I have so many questions my head is spinning. I'll try to keep this as summarized as possible. My fiancé and I met on Instagram through mutual connections about 3 years ago, she's from Caracas, Venezuela and I'm from the United States, despite her inability to speak conversational English, and the little Spanish that I know, in combination with translation, we've somehow been able to develop an incredible relationship. We recently met in Bogota, Colombia and spent a very romantic week together in which I asked her to marry me. Now we're beginning the visa process and I'm having so many concerns and considering using a visa service like Rapid Visa (although I hear they mostly have experience handling Filipino Visas). The actual application... The addresses for simple things like her previous residence, employment, and schools... it's nothing like we use here in the United States. For example, her university (Universidad Santa María) doesn't even have an address on Google Maps, the information she is able to give me is just which campus she went to, and in doing some research on Google I found this address, Dirección: Final Autopista Francisco Fajardo, Vía Petare - Santa Lucía, Km. 4, Universidad Santa María, Petare, Caracas Literally all the addresses she's given me are nothing like the United States, so I really have concerns filling out the I-129F in regards to this. Do you think I should use Rapid Visa to have someone with a better set of eyes looking over everything? Do the dates of employment and residences have to be exact or can be estimated? For me, I had periods of unemployment, do I need to list those periods or only my previous employers? Regarding the evidence of a relationship, do I submit this (photos, scanned passport stamps, itineraries, chat/call logs, etc..) with my I-129F or is this evidence only needed for the interview at the embassy? Will our language and communication come into question? It truly is unique, but we seriously make it work. She's taking English classes and I've been in intensive Spanish studies since we first began talking so I imagine by the time it comes for her embassy interview and if approved, eventually the adjustment of status interview, I'll be more than conversational in Spanish and her in English. But could this be a problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. For those that have had experience petitioning fiancés from Venezuela, is it advantageous to frontload the I-129F or is this not necessary for this country? I am curious on people's past experiences, thanks!!!
  10. Hi guys! I'm filling the DS-160 for the interview at the embassy. My form is already done, but I'm wondering if i need to fill one for my child that's coming with me as K2? I don't see the option on the form when filling the info. There's no K2 option, only K1 as fiancée. Thank you so much for your help!
  11. Hi, I am new to the K-1 visa process. My fiance lives in Venezuela and I am a US citizen. I am not sure if I need to get a Visa to go to Caracas or how difficult that would be given the current political climate. She has traveled here on a tourist visa, multiple times, and we have many pictures and a picture of the ring I gave her. Obviously it would help her case to have me there, in addition to showing her support. But, is it a deal breaker? thanks for any and all replies!
  12. Hi, I am a US citizen and would like to get the green card for my dad. He is 80 years old and widowed, and lives in Venezuela but has a US tourist visa. My questions are: 1. Is it better to submit all the forms for the green card while he’s still on Venezuela?, or 2. Is it better while he’s in the US as a tourist and submit the adjustment of status? Somebody told me that it takes longer if I submit the docs while he is in Vzla because of the issues with the embassy in Caracas. Thanks in advanced for all the help and replies.
  13. Hi, my K1 visa got approved 2 weeks ago (Venezuela, Caracas US Embassy) they told me to check my Zoom account for updates on when my visa would be delivered. So I kept on checking everyday and it said in red Passport with US Embassy/Consulate. Then when I checked last Friday it said Visa Delivery information in black. Does that mean my Visa is delivered? Any information about this could help. Thank you!
  14. Hi everyone! Many thanks in advance for your help here! My Venezuelan fiancée and I have recently filed a Petition for Alien Fiancée (USCIS Form I-129F) wherein we indicated Venezuela as our location for Consular Processing. Venezuela is in the midst of a fiscal and socioeconomic crisis, and therefore we are considering leaving. My questions are: Is it possible to apply as for a K-1 visa in another country? If so, where can I find good documentation on this process? We'd like to apply for a K-1 visa in Ecuador (if not Venezuela). Is that possible, and if so how does the process vary? Does one need to be a resident of the third country (Ecuador) in order to apply for the K-1 visa, or are there any other applicable restrictions? Thanks again, and we're excited to be part of this community! Bryce and Rebeca
  15. Hi! I'm completely new to this process and I wanna make sure we do this right! So next month I'm going to be meeting with my fiancé in Mexico for 2 weeks (due to circumstances, we could not meet in each other's countries). I've been in a relationship with this amazing Venezuelan for almost 2 years and known each other 8+ and we want to live the rest of our lives together here in the states (and he's willing to tolerate brutal northern Wisconsin winters for it!). What should we be prepared for? We intend to start the process late December to sometime in January, but I know Trump is not too fond of Venezuela right now. What all steps can we take to help avoid a denied visa? And besides pictures, should we be preparing anything else? I have done some general research but I don't know anyone who's done this recently under these circumstances.
  16. Hello everyone! As many of you may know the situation in Venezuela is getting worse every day. The relations with the Trump administration and Venezuela are also deteriorating quickly. I was wondering what would happen if the embassy in Caracas ( Venezuela ) would close for some reason? Is there still a way to complete the K1 process? I have a feeling Venezuela could go down the same path Cuba is going in terms or relations with the United States. I'm not sure if the embassy in Cuba is processing immigrants visas, and I don't want Venezuela to get to that point. Does anyone have thoughts or opinions on this subject? We will plan to file for the K1 early next year after she visits in December. Thank you everyone!
  17. Anyone could help! I am the petitioner, US Citizen and Active Army soldier. My fiancé currently lives in Ecuador (for shortly over a year now) holds Ecuadorian naturalization and citizenship. But she was born in Venezuela. Late July I submitted the K1 visa packet along with copies of both her birth certificates, background checks, and letters of single. All the documents from Ecuador were stamped and legalized, but due to the issues and processing times in Venezuela - it has become a true headache to get the documents legalized. My question is, when they send the letter with documents that are necessary, would she need original/legalized Venezuelan documents? i.e. Venezuelan birth certificate, if she has one from Ecuador? Thank you! Rosanna Cedano