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  1. All right friends, let's get this thread started so we can stay in touch about progress as it comes. I'm a USC petitioner, living with my husband (New Zealand/British citizen) in Ireland. Here's what's happened with my case so far: 1/6/2023: Filed I-130 online. Got NOA1 and active review right away. NOA1 was from Nebraska. 1/7/2023: Got one of those generic "we have taken action on your case" emails. No change in the online tool, so I asked Emma to see if my case had been transferred. Agent said it was in Texas. 1/10/2023: Another of the same email. Asked Emma again out of curiosity. Case still in Texas, so perhaps the action taken was to assign it to an officer 🤷‍♀️ I'm sure we are many months out from any action, but my engineer brain wants to understand how the operations of all this works. It's awful but sort of fascinating. Best of luck to you all.
  2. Anyone who filed form i-130 for parents in February of 2023 should leave a message here or feel free to ask any questions. Also, please update the forum on the progress of your petition with USCIS and the NVC.
  3. Hi everybody, my fiance and I applied for k1 2 years and a half ago were approved and interviewed. Everything went well but was put on administrative processing for months with no apparent reason (Canada). We have been ready to get married for over a year now not knowing that this was gonna take forever… i am currently on a visit in the US to see him and we just found out we are pregnant. We both want to marry asap not knowing how long this administrative black hole is gonna take, can we marry spontaneously right now, abandon the k1 and adjust status instead? I had no intent of marrying on this visit i’m simply here to watch his sports season just like every fall, as he’s a professional athlete. I’m aware it will take months but atleast we will be together during these times. Please share your experience or knowledge on the subject! Thank you!
  4. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing this very unusual delay with the Department of State? So i read thoroughly before applying for the J1 waiver based on hardship (US Government Funding involved). My time line below; At USCIS; 1. Filled November 16, 2017 2. Request for more evidence and responded same month in July 2018 3. Prima facie case was established and hence docket forwarded to DOS for non-uscis advisory opinion. At DOS: Item Action Date Sponsor Views Received January, 28 2019 Request for Sponsor Views Sent October, 16 2018 Form I-612 Received September, 23 2018 Form I-613 Received September, 23 2018 Change of Address Received April, 12 2018 Fee Received February, 14 2018 Form DS-3035 Received February, 14 2018 Form DS-2019 Received February, 14 2018 Statement Of Reason Received February, 14 2018 so from my timeline and the new processing time for Hardship waivers (16weeks to 24 weeks after 612/613 is received), i am outside the normal processing time at DOS. My last 3 emails to DoS has gone unanswered. My sponsor views was received almost 2 months ago. I want to know if anyone has or have had such stupid prolonging after 613/612 and sponsor views have been received?
  5. Hi everyone! My husband is set to enter the US next week on his CR-1 visa. Will the government shut down affect him entering the US? I know CBP is essential and USCIS is funded by fees so they will still be working. But will they not properly process his visa entry at the airport due to the government shut down or deny him entry because of the shut down? Did anyone enter on a IR-1/CR-1 during the last shut down and can provide some insight? Thank you!
  6. So I would like to know how I can tell which processing center the case went to . I found online that the three letters before your receipt number usually indicate the office or service center where your case is being processed. I got IOE which stands for USCIS Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) . How can I check their processing time since I couldn't find it online ? I found 5 different processing centers but none of them mentions the one I got . I would really appreciate your help with this .
  7. What is to be done next if uscis approve form I-130? Is my husband going to send them his current account balance while doing the affidavit of support? Or is he only going to send them his annual salary 🤔
  8. Hello All please help me out, filling out i130 form online for my spouse and I am stuck at Part 5 Question is "Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien? Should I Say "YES"? since I applied for my both parents back in 2021 and they are approved. my second question is if I choose here YES then the online application allowing me to put the information for only one parent. means, I only can put the information about my Mother either my father not for the both parents. so what should I do in this situation for better understand my question I uploaded the snapshot s of the screen where i am having a hard time. any help is appreciated. Thank a lot.
  9. Case is far outside normal processing times. MSC Processing Center. June 2020----- Filed I-751 May 2021-----BIOmetrics May 2021----- Ready to schedule interview Feb 2023---- Second I-551 Extension letter received. Expires September 2024. April 2023---- I spoke with a USCIS agent who acknowledged my case was outside processing times and instructed me to send an email to have the case reviewed. Sent email, was supposed to receive reply withing 30days, still no reply. May 2023--- After waiting for 30 days without reply, I contacted senators office to request help. sent them necessary info. They said uscis is working on it, nothing more they can do. ----Case Last updated 780 days ago What gives? USCIS won't communicate, I understand there are delays, but I'm seeing people who've filed in 2021 and 2022 that already have their approvals.
  10. i got NOA2 at MAR 15th and i send to mail at MAY 9 to NVC to want to know my NVC case nnumber and they replied at MAY 13th they said The National Visa Center (NVC) recently received your immigrant visa petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your petition is now waiting for data entry into our systems. and i send mail again i got reply at MAY 18 they said The National Visa Center (NVC) is unable to assist you with your inquiry. Please redirect your inquiry to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).The National Visa Center (NVC) is unable to assist you with your inquiry. Please redirect your inquiry to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). is that returned to USCIS? im so confusing i cant understand whats going on
  11. May 11: I received a mail saying USCIS recalled my green card due to the error of the alien number on my green card. ( I checked my case # on the website. It said USCIS recalled your green card. ) May 12: I sent back my green card along with the notice to the PO Box listed in the letter. May 13: Mail was delivered May 25: My case status changed to “card was destroyed” : On May 25, 2021, we destroyed your card for your Form OS155A, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, Receipt Number IOE....., because the Post Office returned it and we did not hear from you. You must file a Form OS155A, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, with the correct fee to obtain a new card. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Does it mean they received my old card and destroyed my old card? But why does it also say “we did not hear from you. You must file a form OS155A” ? Does anyone also have the similar experience of green card being recalled? Thank you! Btw my green card was issued in Feb, 2019.
  12. Ok so we got our I-797 USCIS approval letter on 1-23-2023.. After about 2 months of nothing from NVC I finally sent them an inquiry for information as to what our next steps are, in the first response they sent me the case number starting with BGT. I had to send them another inquiry for the invoice number as well to be able to log into the CEAC portal. Once I had both of those I was finally able to login but I cannot pay any fees or see basically anything at all. The only message that pops up is this one : “Summary Information K visas are nonimmigrant visas that assist spouses or future spouses of American citizens in entering the United States. As with all nonimmigrant visa applicants, a DS-160 must be filled out in order for a consular section to process the case.” 77 days after the mailed I-797 was sent to us, we still have not received any kind of welcome letter or anything with information on how to pay for fees and submit the affidavit of support. It is not on the portal. We have since filled out DS160 (about 2 weeks ago) are we waiting for DS160 to be reviewed for us to be sent more instructions? Is there something else we should be doing? Or anything we can do ? Does priority date apply to K1 visas? Any further inquiries sent to NVC was responded with this : “To Whom it Concerns: You will be notified once this case is forwarded to the assigned US Embassy/Consulate General.” Any experience or information would be greatly appreciated! We are waiting to go to the embassy in Bogota so we can be together forever . I-129f was completed in November of 2021.
  13. Hey everyone! Quick question, does the case status always update to show that your I-129f has been sent to the NVC on the USCIS page or can the case sometimes be sent to the NVC without the case updating as, "case was sent to the Department of State" ?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm writing a post for anyone that encounters this issue in the future. I was trying to submit my application (N-400) online using Google Chrome (also tried Int. Explorer and Firefox) I was able to upload all my files with absolutely no issues: however, when I got to the review: I got a notice stating: "Encountered an unexpected error retrieving draft evidence" this is what I saw, all my files were gone. It was so frustrating; I repeated the same thing probably 30 times in the next ten days and got the same results; (no files attached to my application). I was getting tired of the online filing system; I tried calling them, and it didn't work, and in the end, I was even thinking about filing by mail, but in my last effort to hopefully submit this form, I started researching this issue online; it took some time, but then I found a user by the name (J/G from Indonesia) that went through the same problem online a year ago but was able to figure it out. He suggested downloading (Opera Browser) from their official website (https://www.opera.com/download); I was so happy that I had found a potential solution to this issue, but after all that excitement, guess what? It did not work for me either. after another unsuccessful attend to submit my application; honestly, I was about to give up, and that was when my clever Wife literality begged me to try one more time. She had the incredible idea of deleting the whole draft and starting again; I didn't like the idea since I have already done that like 15 times, so this is what I did. Downloaded (Opera Browser) Download a copy of my application pdf (with answers to all the questions) to save the answers and to copy-paste I deleted my whole draft Organized the evidence for quick upload Switched from a Windows computer to Mac computer Created a new draft and started all over again. (If you start a new draft, DO NOT GO BACK; start from question one to the end without going back; I know it could be unpleasant, but trust me, it is worth it.) And guess what, it worked!!! and It felt fantastic!!! Oh yeah!! So I then proceeded with the Review, Signature and Payment, completed and submitted my N-400 application and received a receipt number beginning with "IOE." Note: do not go crazy about not submitting a ton of evidence at first; any additional documents you forgot or that you would like to upload, it can be done later or once your application has been submitted to USCIS. This is what you will see once your application has been paid and submitted. I hope this helps anyone that is going through the same issue! Good Luck!! Best, Eljsa27
  15. Hopefully my question is straightforward—a family member is keeping me up to date on her husband's case, who just received EAD approval (the card should be arriving in a week or so, I suppose) and Advance Parole approval. This is my first time seeing an I-512L Advance Parole form, and when I search the forum a lot of the posts are over ten years old. Am I wrong in thinking that a lot of approved I-131 cases are simply rolled into the "combo card" where the recipient doesn't get a separate Advance Parole document? For what it's worth, checking his cases, the EAD was approved on February 22nd, and the tracking said the card was produced today on February 28th. On the AP side, it says it was approved on February 23rd and produced on the 24th. Is this a case of strange timing where they were considered separately? If the AP had been approved before the EAD, does that mean it would have resulted in a combo card? He is still waiting for the EAD in the mail, but seeing that the AP paper arrived in the mail it seems like there would be no point in USCIS issuing that if they know they were about to issue the EAD a few days later. Also, he has a single copy of the I-512L Advance Parole form and I see old forum posts referencing that there should be two originals. Is there a problem or should there be a single? Finally, if the EAD that arrives in a few days says "Not valid for re-entry to the U.S." at the bottom but he has the just-received AP document, he can take those two items along with his foreign passport to leave the U.S. and then re-enter, right? Does it have to be an emergency or can it be for any reason? Thank you! Edit: Adding here that after googling around I have come to understand that in or around 2022, USCIS started decoupling the work permit and advance parole applications to speed along processing and therefore no longer issue combo cards, which answers all of my questions except if there are supposed to be one or two originals of the Advance Parole document. Leaving this up for reference and hoping someone can let me know if there is indeed only supposed to be one I-512L included in the mailing.
  16. Hello! These groups have been really helpful throughout our K1 process so I want you thank you all advance! We're almost ready to submit our DS-160 but I have a bunch of questions that came up during the process. Some may be silly but we just want to be diligent. I understand it's a lot but any answers are appreciated!🙂 1.) First off, our NOA2 has just expired about a week ago - we were busy gathering documents and waiting for the NVC welcome packet that never came (which we just realized not everyone gets). Our case is "Ready" according to the NVC site. I reached out to the embassy but haven't heard back - do you know if it'll automatically be reinstated/extended? 2.) I just want to clarify that when the DS-160 asks for Petition number, it's the USCIS receipt number starting with WAC and NOT the NVC case number starting with LDN. 3.) When they ask if I used any other email addresses in the last 5 years, should I include my work one or no? 4.) The question regarding any other relatives (aside from immediate family) in the US - should I answer yes if they're my 2nd cousins? 5.) Employment information - I put my current job but I've been there for over 5 years (12 years in total) so when they asked for previous employment over the last 5 years, I filled out my current job information however they would like an end date - there is not "current" or "until present" option to choose. Does anyone know if there's a workaround for this? Should I just put the employment I was in before my current employer, i.e in 2011? 6) They worded the next questions in a way that tripped us up a bit - they said if we answer yes to any of the following questions we may risk additional screening but the last question was "do you have documentation that proves your vaccinations in accordance with the US law?" to which I've said YES. Just want to make sure this is okay and that I haven't misunderstood the question? 7) Am I supposed to register with a courier service on a separate website when I book my appointment? I read this somewhere a while back but haven't come across anything recently. Or will I just be redirected to the payment page once I click submit on my DS160 and book my appointment? 8.) Also on that note, for payment of the actual application fees, I'm assuming (as above) we pay once we submit the form/schedule the interview, is that correct? Or should I be paying the application fees elsewhere separately? And are there any other fees I need to be aware of (aside from the medical costs)? 10.) My last dose of the Hep B shot will be April 6th. If I show proof of that at the medical, would I still be able to go ahead with the medical before I receive that last dose? 9) for documents required for the medical: If I never had TB, do I still need to provide documentation saying I haven't? 10) How can I leave the country before my permanent residency is granted? My brother is due to get married in Egypt towards the end of this year and I'm already super worried and stressing about missing it as he's my best friend. Has anyone left the country after getting married but while still waiting for adjustment of status, and if so, would you mind sharing your experience? For example, is there a form I have to submit every time I want to leave? How long is it valid for? How likely is it to get approved? Etc. Thanks again so much and sorry about the length of this! Good luck everyone!
  17. Hello everyone, am a 32 year old looking to get my green card soon. Anyways I’ve been married to my wife who is a US citizen for over 12 years and I was once getting ready to file paperwork but stop in the transition. I entered illegally when I was 4-5 years old and when I was juvenile I made some mistakes including a juvenile felony for burglary(young and dumb) anyways my last ticket for driving without a license was when I was 18 years old. It’s been a long time since I’ve had contact with law enforcement. I pay taxes every year and bought my house last year. Anyways have any of you had an experience or know someone that was able to adjust without issues?
  18. Hi everyone! I would like some advice, my envelope for the 693 has some scratches because my dog the envelope has two parts that is broke/open, but these are no more than 3 centimeters for one and 1 cm for the other one. Is this going to be a problem? USCIS can reject our form for this reason? We don't know if sending in that way o put it some tape, since the scratch is not too obvious but enough to be notice. Thanks in advance
  19. I have interview for Eb3 (AOS). I was on dependents of the worker’s visa! 3 years ago my spouse renewed his visa on the border and then his lawyer wanted to renew my visa also! My visa at that time was valid for at least 2 years! So she made a mistake and sent his old visa so because that my extension was not approved and then we filed again with his current visa! So I got my visa extension approval after that . When I filled the 485 I put answered no for the question “ Have you ever been rejected visa?”, because on that time the lawyer told me your visa extension was not approved not rejected and my original visa was valid,so I don’t know on interview when the officer asks me about this question what should I answer him?
  20. I searched on the topic and saw several people already posted about this topic. I want to know if recently someone experienced USCIS home visit? I married a US citizen and currently my 130 , 485 is on process. AOS from Tourist visa to green card marriaged based visa. Does the USCIS visit after the interview? My husband works far from our home so hes renting a room near his work. he only comes every thurs to sunday at our home. So what if the USCIS agent look for him , what should i do? Shall i give his number so they can call him and validate hes working right?
  21. Hey I just received an email from NVC that there has been a change to my account. When I log in there is nothing that has changed, no new messages or anything. All my documents are accepted except the 2 that I submitted from my rfe in September. I have already given it about 3 days and there is still nothing new. Is this good news or should I be worried? Is there anything I can do?
  22. Hey everyone, I'm currently filling out forms I-130 & I-130a for my wife and there's a bit of a situation with her mother's name. On her birth certificate and on our marriage certificate, her mother's last name isn't included there, while on other official documents (her mother's passport for example) the last name is there. For example her name is Mary Ann John Michaels, while her name on my wife's birth certificate & our marriage certificate is Mary Ann John. I'm not sure which name I should use while filling out our documents.. Theoretically we could change my wife's birth certificate & our marriage certificate to have her mother's full name, but it'll take some time and she'll have to go through alot of red tape.. What should be done in this situation? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hey folks. I have a question regarding the USCIS website services and I'm hoping someone can help me out here. So here's my situatuion: I recently just paid my immigrant visa fee (ELIS) on the USCIS website after my interview and after that I wanted to connect my case to my USCIS account but then I was asked about an online access code but I'm unaware as to where I'll find it. I checked the payment confirmation email I got but it did not contain any access codes. Hoping anyone who has had any experience with this kind of thing can help me out. Thank you and God bless!
  24. Good day I desperate for legal help and advice for my niece.. hear me closely.. she is over 21 years old with approved F2B visa petitions.. she is person with disabilities (cerebral palsy ) since birth with seizures occasionally.. she is only child dependent of my sister and brother in law who live in US. 3 years ago, My sister who took care of her since birth is already in US. (Spouse visa of LPR) recently, last April 2022 to July 2022 her parents had a vacation her in Philippines. We need a big help from consular and senate office to take a look to her petition case to expedite to a ground of SPECIAL DISABILITY PERSON. Or could it be possible can granted her a B2 visa ? her case is took so long and her both parent is not with her in everyday of her life since April 2019. ( the day my sister travel to US). Her companion in her household is her 78 years old grand mother.😞 sometimes if had seizures attack her grand mother had high blood pressure because of nervousness and lock of things knowledge to her seizures problem. I’m 3 blocks away from her house.. we lucky when he have attack I’m available to attend her and help her to regain herself. But I’m also under petition with my husband.. I keep thinking about her? Soon I will travel too. Her parents and I keep on thinking how we can help her to live with her parents in the US with out giving up their work and spend the whole time with her? Please help me to get through with this errand.. and hope those who in government office can help her to reunite with her parents.
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