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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, Not sure, if have tagged this to correct section on this forum. Me and my spouse are non-immigrant here in USA and holds Nepalese Passport. Our child was born here in USA and holds US Passport. What is the procedure/documents needed if our child wants to travel to Nepal for Vacation with us. He is still a minor. Any pointers will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone!! I am a US Citizen and I changed my surname to my husband’s after we got married in last March. But I did not get a new passport for the new surname cause my passport expires in 2025. So we thought of amending it at the renewal. Will that invite a problem during the i 130 processing or maybe at the final interview??
  3. 1.After becoming US citizen - I understand Indian passport holder need to get renunciation certificate. I also read that it has to be done in 90 days. What is the penalty/consequence if he/she can not do it in 90 days? 2. Further to visit India after becoming US citizen ..one needs to have US passport before they can get evisa? or Indian passport can still be used to get evisa? 3. How long does it take to get evisa...do u need proof of travel (ticket purchased) before applying for evisa? 4. What is quickest way to get US passport ?
  4. Does anyone know if the oath ceremony happens on the same day of the interview at Newark, NJ office? My interview is in three weeks. Also, what is the process of getting a US passport? Will they give it to us on the day of the oath ceremony or do we have to file for it after we get the certificate of naturalization?
  5. Hello! I am currently waiting for my fiance visa and was not clear if they're gonna issue me a fiance visa already or if I need to go to another interview Our story goes like this. I went to my fiance visa interview last December 6 at the US Embasssy in Manila, I was already having my interview then I mentioned that my fiance and I have a baby together, so the consul said that I should get a CRBA and passport for my child before we continue on with my interview. So the consul directed me to the releasing window and the staff there directed me on what to do, after directing me on what to do, he mentioned that if my child gets approved for a CRBA and passport, they will issue me a visa right away but if not then I would have to show them the notice that I got denied and we will continue on with the visa interview. January 7, 2019 we had our CRBA and passport interview and was asked to send additional documents that my fiance has been living in the US for at least 5 years (they did not state that it has to be 5 years on the list of requirements they gave me), so after like a month of giving evidences and my fiance talking to the embassy to prove that he has lived for more than 5 years, we finally got approved on February. A few days after the CRBA and passport got approved, a representative of the US Embassy (or visa center, I'm not really sure because I forgot to ask) said that I should send my passport to the Embassy for visa issuance. I know the representative said issuance because I asked how many days it would take to have my passport returned back to me after I send it, she just said as soon as I send them my passport, the sooner it will get returned. I sent my passport to them the next day and got a call the next day after that to confirm if I have sent them the passport already and they also asked for the tracking number so they can forward it to the consul, but the caller also said that it will be forwarded so that the consul can review my papers for the fiance visa. So I'm really confused because I know they said that they'll issue me a visa right after my child gets approved for a CRBA and passport but then the last call I had said the consul will still review my papers. Has anyone had this same situation? Did they still require you to have another fiance interview or did they issue a fiance visa without interview after approval of the CRBA and passport (like one of the staff and the first call I had said). Please inform me because the waiting is killing me and my fiance
  6. Hi! We plan to file for CRBA and passport for our baby soon. When scheduling an appointment for CRBA, we need to mail in the required documents, along with DS-11 passport application form, since we would like to apply at the same time too. My question is, do I also need to mail different set of required documents for the passport application? Or do I just submit the DS-11 form along with the crba requirements? And during the actual CRBA appointment, do I need to bring two sets of requirements for crba and passport? Based from what I read from people's experiences, they dont mention bringing another set of requirements for the passport, aside from the ds-11 form. I'm confused. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi! I am a us citizen and just migrated here last month with my husband and 2 children ages 13 and 5. All of them were given an immigrant visa. My question is regarding the status of my 2 minor children. Aren’t they automatically US citizen because of INA 320? Thus, upon entry, I can already apply for a US passport for them and no longer need to get a green card for them? Is anyone in the same situation? Hope someone can help me. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I just want to ask if having a US passport is enough proof to be a US Citizen. I filed for K1 visa and the US passport was my only proof of citizenship. I came here in the US when I was 16 years old, my dad was already a US Citizen. I didn't get my US passport right away because I didn't have enough knowledge about it and my dad didn't know about it either that I can get my passport already. Until my friend pushed me to get it and have it processed (since we had the same case and she got hers right away), so I finally got my US passport last year 2017. I just want to make sure that I'll be good with the petition that I've filed and that I don't need to worry about on anything. Thanks in advance!
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