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Found 29 results

  1. Hi everyone, With the Ukraine/Russia crisis happening right now, has anyone seen any updates from the U.S. government on expediting K1 visas, or any Ukraine visas in general? I reached out to my immigration lawyer and I'm waiting to hear back. Right now I'm stuck in the NOA1 > NOA2 process. We received our NOA1 in July 2021 but are still waiting for our NOA2. Right now it appears they are wrapping up March filers and moving to April 2021 filers soon, so this means we will still have at least a few months until receiving our NOA2 which makes me nervous given the last few weeks of escalation. I appreciate any thoughts/comments you may have!
  2. Hello everyone. I see a lot topics about delays at Warsaw Embassy. I would like to ask if there are any people who decided to transfer their case from Frankfurt to Warsaw and what are current waiting times for processing K1 visa application at Warsaw Embassy so as waiting times for interview. They received our documents from NVC on May 12th and we are still waiting on instructions letter/email
  3. Can anyone clarify whether a Ukrainian domestic ID/passport is acceptable, or is USCIS only approving forms that list an international passport? Like many others in Ukraine, my intended beneficiary has limited physical access to Ukrainian government resources right now and has only traveled to other countries which didn't require an international passport before the war started. Many European countries have since relaxed this requirement, but I can't find anything about US policy on this in general, or specifically relating to U4U. Secondarily, if the domestic ID/passport is sufficient, how did you handle the expiration date? If not, can anyone offer advice on how she should go about obtaining an international passport under the current circumstances?
  4. I'm copy/pasting this from the Warsaw Embassy and will highlight the important points so it's easier to read: https://pl.usembassy.gov/visas/humanitarian-assistance-and-visa-information-for-ukrainians/ HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE If you are seeking information about immediate humanitarian assistance in Poland: There are no visas for refugees for travel to the United States. Almost all refugee cases in countries abroad are first processed by local authorities, in this case the government of Poland. Please visit the government of Poland webpage for information about resources: https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina-en. This website provides the locations of official reception points along Poland’s border with Ukraine. Additional information is available from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR): https://help.unhcr.org/poland/, including information about non-governmental organizations that may be able to provide additional assistance. In Warsaw, those seeking information on support from the Polish government can direct inquires to the Office for Foreigners (Urząd do Spraw Cudzoziemców). Phone: +48 47 721 75 75, Web: https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina Email: ukraina@udsc.gov.pl VISA SERVICES IN POLAND IMMIGRANT VISAS If you are a  U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident with a Ukrainian relative  seeking to travel to the United States on an immigrant visa: If you have an I-130 petition approved by USCIS pending processing at the National Visa Center (NVC) and want to transfer it to another Embassy, the designated processing post for Ukrainian Immigrant Visas is now United States Consulate General Frankfurt, Germany. You may request expedition and transfer from the National Visa Center: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/national-visa-center/nvc-contact-information.html If you have not yet filed a petition but wish to do so, you may contact U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt to inquire regarding possible local filing (this applies only to U.S. citizens filing petitions for their spouses, unmarried children under 21 and parents). Both the petitioner and the applicant must be present in Germany. If you have an immigrant visa case that has already been transferred from NVC to Kyiv for the appointment and processing and you would like it to be processed in Frankfurt, please send an email request with your case number (KEV+10 digits) to U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt. If you a question about an immigrant visa case that is already in process at U.S. Embassy Warsaw, please email support-Poland@ustraveldocs.com. If you are a U.S. citizen with a Ukrainian fiancée/fiancé seeking to travel to the United States on a K1 visa: If you have already filed a petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that was not yet approved, U.S. law prohibits U.S. embassies from accepting K visa petitions (I-129F) for local filing abroad. USCIS must first approve K visa petitions. However, you can request an expedite for USCIS processing at https://www.uscis.gov/forms/filing-guidance/how-to-make-an-expedite-request NONIMMIGRANT VISAS Before applying for a nonimmigrant visa, consider carefully whether you are qualified for the visa you intend to apply for. Nonimmigrant visas are for temporary stays in the United States and are not for refugees. There are no nonimmigrant visas for refugees. If you apply for a nonimmigrant visa but do not intend to leave the United States, your application will be refused. If you are not qualified for a nonimmigrant visa, you may wish to refer to the humanitarian assistance information above. If you are a Ukrainian who wants to travel to the United States or a U.S. citizen who has friends, business associates, or NON-IMMEDIATE family who want to travel to the United States on a nonimmigrant visa: Demand is extremely high, availability is low, and wait times and processing times are likely to be very lengthy. You may wish to refer to the humanitarian relief information above. If you already have an appointment at U.S. Embassy Warsaw but wish to expedite it, you may request expedition via https://www.ustraveldocs.com/pl/en/expedited-appointment. If you already began a nonimmigrant visa application process in Ukraine, you may send a request to Support-Poland@ustraveldocs.com to ask for transfer of your “profile” to Warsaw, after which you should be able to continue the process for a Warsaw appointment. If you are seeking but do not already have an appointment visit https://www.ustraveldocs.com/pl/en/step-4 and sign up for the first available appointment of the type you are eligible for. If you are a  U.S. citizen with a Ukrainian spouse or child  seeking to travel to the United States on a  nonimmigrant visa If you are unable to schedule an appointment via methods described above, you may instead request a “group appointment” via https://ustraveldocs.com/pl/en/group-appointments and suggest a date convenient for you. Once you have submitted your request, please wait for a response from the Embassy, which will come via email and should permit you to schedule an appointment. The group appointment option is only available for a  U.S. citizen with a Ukrainian spouse or child. Other applicants who apply for the group method will be refused.
  5. Does anyone know how long it takes for the passport to be available for pick up after the interview in Frankfurt? Does anyone have an experience of the interview (Ukrainians seeking an immigrant visa) to share?
  6. I just consulted with a lawyer via justanswer.com on this question and he said the United for Ukraine entry would not have any effect on the I-130 CR-1 and CR-2 that are due to be evaluated by the NVC on June 15th. I did not expect it to cause a problem but I am nearing the end of the I-130 and I'd prefer to be certain. The lawyer did wonder about the effect the I-130 might have on the approval under the United for Ukraine (UFU) program. My goal is to bring my wife and daughter to the USA and to flu them to Frankfurt for the medical and the interview once they are scheduled. We have medicals scheduled for July 5 but I would probably delay both the medical and interview so the entry (on the I-130s) will occur after Nov 20 2022 so they will be IR-1 & IR-2 rather than CR-1 & CR-2. Does anyone here have any thoughts about this plan? 1. Will an application under United for Ukraine have an impact on the I-130? 2. Will a pending I-130 have any impact on the CBP entry with the UFU travel authorization? I don't think there would be a presumption of remaining in the USA since this is a two year stay entry. 3. Will a pending I-130 prevent me from getting the UFU approved? This is the one I worry least about since there is no cost in applying for it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Due to the war in Ukraine, I was able to help my fiancé escape to Mexico while we were waiting for her embassy appointment. We have been in Mexico for almost two monthsk and have to leave after six months. i got notice from USCIS that her petition was approved, but the original embassy was in Kyiv. We want to switch to Mexico because it is not possible to return to Ukraine. I have tried contacting NVC, but the phone number is just a recording that doesn’t accept calls. There is a web form to contact them, but they say it takes at least two months for them to respond. How can I talk yo someone to change the embassy? Also, she left in a hurry and was not able to obtain a police report (the offices were closed due to war). Her birth certificate was at her parents house in a city that is currently under Russian control, so she can’t get that either. Will she be able to get approved without these documents? I read somewhere that she needs an official government document stating why these documents are not available, but it is not possible to get any official documents from Ukraine at this time. Can anyone help?
  8. Hi everyone. I recently left Ukraine through Romania and I'm back in my home country (Nigeria). Unfortunately, due to Russian invasion, our Cr1 case was moved from Kyiv to Frankfurt, Germany. Our case is currently complete and waiting to receive a response concerning interview from the US Embassy in Frankfurt. • Getting a Visa to Germany from Nigeria is currently difficult as there are no available dates for interview. • Transferring the case to Nigeria is not a good choice as there aren't available dates until 2024 • I'm enquiring if it is possible I transfer the case to Ghana where I can travel to Visa-free. My only doubt is if I can attend an interview there or any other Visa-free country in Africa without being a resident. • I'm confused as to what to do and I need your advice here. Thank you!
  9. Some background: I live in USA, and I have one year of college left. My girlfriend lives in Ukraine and is done with university. She speaks English too if that matters. We had planned on getting engaged this summer in Germany and then I would start the normal process for her to come here by filling i-129F for her to get a K-1 fiancé visa. Now given the situation that seems impossible. I'd like to get her out of there as soon as possible, and she wants to also. Is there an easier and faster way to get her here? I am pretty new to this and it's a bit overwhelming so I was hoping someone on here could give a bit of guidance. Thanks
  10. Sharing for those who may not be aware. Getting police certificates for Ukrainian citizens has been a challenge, but the service is now working again! My fam were able to get theirs. Here is the link: https://vytiah.mvs.gov.ua/app/landing
  11. https://id.gov.ua/diiaid-auth This is where Ukrainians can get a police certificate using the diia app. My wife just get her police certificate.
  12. Hello fellow US Citizens. With the war in our home country of Ukraine many of our parents fled to the nearby European countries, and my mom was one of them. I contacted the embassy in Bucharest to see what can be done to bring her safely to the US. She has not been here before and had one b1/b2 denial while I was a green card holder. (for understandable reasons, but at the same time I'm like how can I ask someone to commit to move here through family reunion if they never got a chance to come check it out. anyway. so now it's exactly what's gonna be happening - going back to Ukraine is not an option and luckily I'm a USC so here we go.) I called to the US Embassy in Romania to see how I can take her in. The consulate stated I have to fly in person to Romania and petition in person with their office. So here I am at 1 am filling out I-130 and I-864. I have a flight booked for next week so this is the time to get all the ducks in a row. So far these are the questions I have: I-130 questions: For beneficiary's PHYSICAL address - I understand it as where she is physically located in Romania with a host family. ADDRESS ABROAD - that is the home address in Ukraine... if anything is left of it.. do you fill that out still in English or in native letters? Some forms used to ask to fill this out in native letters, I do not see anything like this so I assume in English is ok. For the physical registration address in Ukraine we have a certificate from the national registry stating that is her address and did have this paper certified translated. Where it will ask about beneficiary's employment - she is disabled and has a little "disability passport book" idk what to call it - in America it's like a veteran's card they carry. I am thinking to have that certified translated just in case, what do you think? For parent #2 - my biological father is deceased but he passed away after that got divorced (I have a divorce decree certified translated), not sure if I still list the name and just say "deceased" where it is asking about country of residence... I-864 questions: For taxes we filed "married filing jointly" - so I would list the joint total income, correct? Since this counts as my income as well and there is also a line that is asking for the name of any other person whose income is being used. Should my husband write a little cover page that we will add as an attachment that he is fully on board with using his income? These are all the questions I can think of so far, please let me know if you have any other input and if someone is flying to file in person let's stay in touch. Thank you.
  13. Hello everyone, Today I have a complicated case and I need your advice in what should I do. I'm Iraqi citizen, I left Iraq years ago to Ukraine because my family worked with the U.S and allies in Iraq and we got threatened because of that. I have an immigration case on USRAP p2 program since 2017 and still waiting for interviews. I used to live in Ukraine on a student temporary resident permit. After the war I evacuated from Ukraine to Germany but my P2 case is on IOM Eurasia which is based in Kyiv Ukraine, I tried to contact them many many times by phone and email but nothing happened. I contacted the German office but they said they cannot help me. A congressman contacted them and they responded about my case that they put all Iraqis P2 cases on hold and they're processing only Ukrainians at this time. (I don't expect much from the USRAP anymore, I mean I'm waiting since 2017!) I'm really lost right now and Germany immigration office told me I have until May 23 . I need your help what should I do, which visa can I apply for? I cannot go back to Iraq, and I cannot go back to Ukraine. I'm Iraqi passport holder and I have Ukrainian temporary student resident permit. Thanks
  14. Hello! I have been approved for expedited processing for my k1 fiance visa for my Ukrainian fiance on March 8th(still waiting for decision) and am looking towards the NVC process and later. I have been reading the the designated embassy abroad is Frankfurt, but the wait times just for the medical exam have ballooned to over 2 months. I am desperately looking for an alternative embassy in the Schengen Zone which i could forward our application to with a smaller wait time. I am currently in Poland with her and have a limited time i can stay without a visa. Thank you!
  15. The US Embassy in Kyiv is closed. We have not received any instructions on what our next steps are. NVC could not provide us any additional information. Would cases from Kyiv be transferred somewhere? Does anyone have any information?
  16. Is anyone else here still waiting on results of expedite request? I was asked to provide evidence for expedite request, and submitted evidence on March 2nd, and was told it was sent to an officer for review. I don't know what exactly they are reviewing, as it's pretty obvious to the entire world what is going on. I have recently reached out to my state senators office to inquire on my behalf which was done on Monday March 21st. I understand USCIS tends to take there time with things, but I honestly don't understand why it's taking so long for them to say either yes or no to expedite request. I don't want to sound entitled or impatient but it's been increasingly difficult as each day passes with no response. Anyways, sorry for the rant, just wanted to hear from any others if they are still waiting for results from their expedite requests, and if so how long.
  17. We are in the process of filing the I-130 for our daughter and grandson. We understand USCIS is expediting cases for Ukrainians. Does any one have experience or information on whether this also true for applications filed since the war started? Thanx - Kineo #standwithukraine
  18. The U.S. State Department has provided guidance to U.S. citizens who are eligible to locally file Form I-130 petitions for Afghan, Ethiopian and Ukrainian immediate relatives. Key Points: U.S. citizens who are physically present overseas with their Afghan, Ethiopian or Ukrainian immediate family members and have not filed an immigrant visa petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can request to file a Form I-130 petition locally at the closest U.S. embassy or consulate that is currently processing immigrant visas. Read more here: https://www.bal.com/bal-news/united-states-state-department-provides-guidance-to-u-s-citizens-locally-filing-form-i-130-petitions-for-certain-immediate-relatives/
  19. Hello, As the subject suggests, we're in a bit of a conundrum. I am a US citizen currently living in Ukraine with my wife, who has never left the country (although, has a valid passport). We have the means to cross the border via a bus and get into Poland - no issues there. However, the issues arrive once we get into Poland. Basically, we've contacted and e-mailed every source available saying that I want my wife to come back to the US with me via a spouse immigrant visa. The most information we received was that we had to cross the border and request an "expedited I-130 visa". A redditor also suggested that we seek "Direct Consular Filing" which supposedly would make the process faster? I digress. Our #1 concern is how long it would take and what steps are necessary for my wife to get a visa to come to the United States. We're currently working on finding a place to stay. But, obviously, if this will take her more than 3 months, I cannot stay in Poland because a US passport only allows me a 90-day visit and we *cannot* be separated. Once again, she has never left Ukraine in her life and she has never been on her own. It is adamant that I remain by her side at all times. This will be a very scary journey for the both of us. Does anyone have a general idea as to how long it would take her to get an expedited visa? We've looked at the calculator on the website for non-expedited, tourist visa waits - but that doesn't apply to our situation. Once again, we're trying to get an expedited spouse visa and no one has been able to even give us a hint at if it will take less than 90 days. I imagine there are other people going through what we're going through and we really would love to know what the current situation is like in Warsaw and what steps people have taken across this journey to get into the United States. We really need to leave Ukraine as soon as possible (obviously). I just do not want her stranded in Poland. If anyone has any idea, we would be so grateful a response. Thank you!!!
  20. Hello, our i130 was recently approved and we are in the NVC stage now. We know that Frankfurt is currently handling IVs for those who were originally assigned to the Kyiv embassy. Does anyone have any information about how/where we will be able to get the medical done? Will it be here in Ukraine or in Frankfurt?
  21. In a nutshell timing could not have been worse. Just as I became a US Citizen the celebration bells changed to war in my home country.... I am a naturalized citizen and wanted to "eventually" petition for my mom as we were planning to have a baby and have her help. But the war has started in Ukraine and now I'm getting my mom to safety in Europe first and my "eventually" turns into a lot more urgent situation. Just because I am scared that she is alone in a foreign country. I'd naturally try to get her here asap. She has never been to US and has no tourist visa. It would be family reunion I'd request for. Main questions are whether these requests are being expedited in light of the situation. And also in regard to adress, when my husband filed for me as an "alien relative" it was easy because we lived under the same roof. But for me to file for my mom do I list her home address in Ukraine or wherever she lands in Europe? Cause how would she get biometric notice letter etc. I'm trying to start researching now because it is a unique situation and it might help someone else, as I'm sure a lot of Ukrainian Americans like myself find themselves asking these questions. So I suggest to keep this thread for anything related to bringing USC's Ukrainian parents from Europe. That way we can bounce ideas off each other and stay up to date with any updates and suggestions.
  22. Is it possible to expedite the petition for my sister (F4) due to situation in Ukraine (impending war)? She's still at the USCIS stage, I applied in 2020. My father will be able to come into the country and apply for her soon, would that be an option? What about for my parent (IR-5), who's at the NVC currently? Also, is it possible to switch the interview to another country when we were auto-assigned to Kyiv for IR-5? What is the best way to go about it to get them out of the country and safe? Really appreciate your advice!!
  23. Hi! I am trying to find out how to schedule the interview in Kyiv for CR1/IR1 visa, but I do not see that option. Could you please advise what visa category should be selected:
  24. Any recent input of how long it takes to get a visa issued after 221G administrative processing for the medical exam (or anything else) in Kiev, Ukraine?
  25. Hello. My wife and I are finally heading back to Ukraine after nearly 3 years from entry. And the great news is we get to bring our 20 month old daughter to meet with my wife's family. My question is my wife has her 2 year GC, Ukrainian International Passport but her Domestic UA Passport has expired. I don't think it should be a issue but last minute nerves are getting the best of me. We will be bringing both of her passports, Green Card, Marriage Cert, Daughters Birth Cert and my wife's NY Drivers permit. Going through Newark, Warsaw and Lviv airports. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with this? Thanks, Gary
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