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  1. For my fiancee to get her K-1 visa the last item we are waiting on is for the Embassy in Kyiv to open and schedule her K-1 interview. Her and her daughter have valid US Tourist Visas and has been to the US twice already. I plan on having them fly round trip from Odesa to Istanbul to Chicago on Turkish Airlines, July 5th and return August 9th. I have been told by Homeland Security the planned trip is OK but as with all travel the passport control officer at the airport has the final say on entry to the US. Does anyone see any issues they may have making this trip and getting thru passport control? June 19 at 5:32 AM · If you have a valid U.S. visa and have been in Ukraine, or in another country not covered by COVID-19 related restrictions as described below, for at least 14 days prior to departure for the United States, you may travel to the United States. If you wish to transit through another country to the United States, you need to plan carefully and review COVID-19-related restrictions. Transiting through certain areas en route to the United States -- including the Schengen Area, the UK, Ireland, China, Iran, or Brazil -- is not currently permitted for most visa holders. Learn more about current restrictions and exceptions at: https://travel.state.gov/…/presidential-proclamation-corona… This guidance does not apply to U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents ("green card" holders) who wish to travel home from Ukraine. U.S. Citizens should review the latest alerts available at https://ua.usembassy.gov/u…/security-and-travel-information/.
  2. Hey there! My fiance is currently in Ukraine studying and will be done by June of this year and returning to his home country of Uganda by September. My question is would it make more sense to wait to file my 129f or send it off when I want to at the beginning of May? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi: I have a few questions about name changes specifically for female fiance from the Ukraine. 1) Did you change your last name to your now husband? 2) How difficult is it get your international and national passport from Ukraine changed to your current name? 3) I hear the national passport needs to be changed first and then the international one, but it takes about 20 working days for the national and then another month for the international one. 4) What happens when you travel to the Ukraine back the first time? Do you get stopped at the border because of the name change? Can you leave the Ukraine? 5) and lastly...is keeping you name as it was while in Ukraine an inconvenience in the US? Has anybody kept their last name after being married to a US citizen? my concern is because my fiance says she will return to Ukraine and will have to be at least 2 month to fix that when she goes back the first time. the ukranian consulate apperantly does not change your passport while outside the country. What would happen to her property there? thanks for any help
  4. Hello, I am new here and have done some research to find out if Kyiv will process the I-130/CR-1 via DCF. I have emailed the embassy, and this is the response. So forgive me if this is somewhere within the site. This was received yesterday June 19, 2019 Take note of they have listed on the link for exceptions. I have contacted a person within the embassy to ask if already living in Ukraine with my wife is an exception and was told yes. Dear Robert, Thank you for your inquiry. You are welcome to start the immigration process on behalf of your spouse. Under exceptional circumstances you may ask for permission to file the I-130 at the U.S. Embassy, Kyiv providing your justification. If approved, the U.S. citizen petitioner needs to be present at the time of petition filing. Each request for an exception will be evaluated individually. A petitioner seeking to file a Form I-130 at an Embassy or Consulate where USCIS does not have a presence should contact the Consular Section to request consideration of the request for exception and explain the circumstances in detail by sending an email to kyiviv@state.gov. The Consular Section will then relay the request for an exception to the USCIS field office with jurisdiction over the Embassy or Consulate. The determination of whether the case presents exceptional circumstances that warrant an exception to the general filing process will be made by USCIS. USCIS has guidance on the circumstances that may qualify as exceptional on their website at: http://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/AFM/HTML/AFM/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-3481/0-0-0-6254.html Even if approved for filing, this process is going to take up to two months. Below are major steps in the process and approximate timing for their reference. The U.S. citizen petitioner sends the request to file an I-130 petition with his justification to kyiviv@state.gov (The U.S. Embassy Kyiv) The U.S. Embassy Kyiv forwards such request to USCIS Athens for review and decision. USCIS Athens normally replies within 3 business days. The U.S. Embassy Kyiv communicates the decision to the petitioner by email. The following steps apply only if the USCIS approved local I-130 filing. The U.S. Embassy Kyiv sends I-130 filing instructions to the petitioner (the same day we get response from USCIS Athens). The petitioner needs to email kyiviv@state.gov with the request to schedule I-130 filing appointment when they have all the documents ready to file an I-130. The petitioner needs to be present in person. We normally grant requested appointment for the same date the petitioner is asking unless we are closed or have no appointments on that date. On the date of I-130 appointment the officer reviews the case and, if intends to approve I-130 petition, sends Adam Walsh Check (AWA) for the Petitioner. At the moment these checks are returned within 7 business days. The officer will only be able to approve the petition when AWA check comes back negative. When the officer approves the petition, we send the instructions on how to apply for the immigrant visa (Information Packet). The instructions contain the list of documents required for the immigrant visa and guidance on how to schedule the immigrant visa interview through the Call Center. When you have collected all required documents, you may schedule the visa interview. Please note, that they will need to undergo medical examination prior to the interview. This examination cannot be waived or completed at a clinic different from the one we instruct you to use. If, in the course of medical examination pre-screening it is required to complete additional testing for TB (this is based on the doctor’s review of the X-ray results), such tests take 2 months to complete. We are normally able to print the visa within 5 business days of the interview. Please let us know if you need more information. Sincerely, Public Liaison Unit Consular Section U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine
  5. A couple of questions for those with Ukraine interests! 1. Tell me a little more about the places where one can check their phones, etc. near the US Embassy. Is this a good idea? Is it safe? 2. I read several months ago about the best way to ship clothing, items etc. from Ukraine to the US. The article recommended using basic Ukraine mail but when I discussed this with my fiance, she was unsure as to how or where one might do this. I take it that the Ukrainian post office may be very different than what we in the US are familiar with. Has anyone found a "best way" to ship things using either Ukrainian mail or another service? My fiance lives in Bila Tserkva, about 45 minutes South of Kyiv. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, everyone. I'm wondering about k1 visa timelines. IT's very important for me right now, coz i'm at a crossroads, we just filed for i129f. And attorney says it's gonna be a year or more! If it's year i can finish master degree here, if it's less like 6-8months , then i won't. soon i have governmental exams and i don't know what to do! he filled the form in Florida. And another one, me and my family want to visit him and his family in us, should we apply for tourist visa or just wait and don't rush? (if you had any experience like that please let me know) my family has good income to show. And i was in us before on j1 visa, actually we met in us.
  7. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few years now. She' has attempted numerous times for a B1 Visitors visa with no avail. We both knew it was a long shot but made 5 attempts. She has a child from a previous relationship whom will be 6 years old soon. I want to apply for both her and her son. But the situation is this. His father is from UAE, he has not been a part of his son's life since his son was only a few months old. She has talked with him about attaining letter so that she can apply for the K1 and he refuses. I've read this letter can be asked for my immigration. Is this something i need to be concerned about? And if so, what can we do to ensure a smooth journey. How can she leave with her child?
  8. Hello community! On January we married with my boyfriend from USA in Ukraine. We are together already one and half year. He come many times to Ukraine to me but I never was in USA. Now I'm pregnant 5 months and we decided to apply for I-130 and start immigration process for me to move to him. He will apply for petition in USA. I really have trouble with documents I need to send him from me. What support documents we need to give together with petition? How it suppose to look? (only electronically or also papers by post office) Should I translate to English and notarize certificate of marriage and my birthd certificate or do apostles in Ukraine on original certificates? Should I do certificate that I'm pregnant? And also translate and notarize? Sorry for maybe not so smart questions, but I want to be sure and don't make mistakes when I will send everything for first step to him. If you guys know, please write me. Thank you, Katya
  9. Hey everyone, So I'm helping my fiance (beneficiary) fill out his DS-160 and its asking for the national identification number. For everyone who filled this out from Ukraine, did you use your identification code (ідентифікаційний код) ? Or is this something different? Thank you !
  10. Hi: I am asking this on behalf of a friend of my wife. Is there anyone doing K-1, specifically in Ukraine? Her PD is as stated in the title. Is anybody near that date that has not gotten their NOA-2 still? Or from August or June? Thanks
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