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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I am an Irish citizen presently in the US with my wife who is a US citizen. We are awaiting my travel document as part of my green card application and as such am unable to leave the country. The problem is I have a 10 year old son back in Ireland who I haven’t seen since early December due to the green card process. I am wondering if he, as stepson to my wife, would be exempt from the proclamation and be able to travel over to me? I’ve been reading conflicting information online so I said I’d come here to see if someone could set the record straight. Thanks in advance! Tony
  2. Hello! Came here to gather some information of Grace Donovan and the working procedure i am about to take. I was contacted by the agency Grace is working for and they have found the employer who will hire me with my qualifications. I am highly grateful, but, since the process of my movement to Ireland is now a little bit delayed, due to pandemic, i would like to know if people still can apply for a work visa, although it's pandemic time. It has been a little bit prolonged but i am hoping for the best.
  3. Hello everybody, I am a European citizen affected by the travel ban via presidential proclamation barring anyone who has been in the UK, Ireland or EU within the past 14 days, from entering the US. Acording to the proclamation, spouses of US citizens are exempt from the ban. I currently do not have a greencard or other residence permit (permanent or otherwise). From what I understand, I will be able to enter the States with my European passport and evidence of marriage, correct ? Has anyone with a valid ESTA registration travelled under this exception since the ban has come into effect ? If so, would you mind sharing if you experienced any issues ? What else do I have to watch out for ? What proof did you have to present at the point of entry ? Were there any issues with the airline ? I look forward to your answers. Thanks and best regards.
  4. Hey, apologies if someone already asked this, but I am trying to plan my travels home for the holidays in December and can’t find information about traveling from the US to Bulgaria and back through London? (I wanted to visit friends in London for a few days on my way). I saw somewhere that spouses of US citizens are exempt from the COVID travel ban but I was wondering if someone could confirm before I buy my tickets. I am currently waiting on the adjustment of status interview but have ead/ap card on hand. Thanks very much in advance
  5. Hi guys, I'm in a bit of pickle right now...I have a return flight booked to visit my LPR husband from 4th Aug - 6th Oct, i will be travelling under ESTA. I'm currently out of work and we filed for I-130 back in end of April. And my last visit lasted 2.5 months ending in Mid April. I understand that i will have to bring marriage certificate and copy of husband's passport and green card scan with me, I have no plan to overstay or apply for AOS, we are doing everything by the books and hopefully one day we will be able to live together in the US. But I have some concerns regarding whether i will be granted entry: - Will CBP cancel my ESTA prior to departure? - How likely will I be turned away at POE? Please help, thank you all.
  6. Hey guys! I am relatively new to this website. I have been using it for quite a while and it has helped to answer so many of my questions but I am in a predicament and I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with me. I (UK citizen) married my spouse (US citizen) in 2018. We filed our I130 March of this year. I last saw my husband in December as I went to go and spend time with him and his family for Christmas, it was a 2 week trip (last week of December and first week of January). I have not been to visit him since, due to the restrictions and travel bans placed on both the UK and the USA as a result of COVID-19. I miss my husband terribly and want to see him again as soon as I can. I intended to visit him during June but my flights were cancelled. I have now contacted the CBP twice who have told me that despite flying from the UK (we are part of the Schengen area ban), I can visit the USA providing I have copies of my marriage certificate and my husbands passport however the decision at the POE is made entirely by the CBP officers. I was also told that flying to the USA on an ESTA whilst I have an i130 processing is not a good idea as it indicates that I am trying to move to the USA illegally. I just want to point out that, obviously, I would not jeopardize the I130 process and I would NOT move illegally. I am also due to start a Masters course in the UK in clinical psychology this coming September. I would like to see my husband for a 2-week trip in September. So I have a few questions, (a) My husband does not have a passport so would a birth certificate be a good alternative? (b) Has anyone travelled directly from the UK and could you please share your experiences? (c) Is it a good idea to travel on an ETSA? (d) What type of proof should I take to show the CBP officers that I will be returning back to the UK besides my round trip tickets? Any other advice would be massively appreciated! Thank you!
  7. We all know that non US citizens can’t fly directly from the U.K. to the US. Has anyone travelled to a non travel banned country to remain for at least 14 days before entering the US from the said country? I can’t see anything in the proclamation that prevents this. The proclamation says nothing about U.K. citizens being barred. It simply says anyone who has been present in the U.K. 14 days prior to entry.
  8. Considering the hardship family members, fiancés included, have been enduring during the last months due to COVID-19, we have decided to start a petition to provide equality and solidarity to family members that haven't been considered and therefore excluded from the Coronavirus related bans. Please, sign so we can make the difference! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/process-k1-visas-immediate-family-visas-are-exempt-covid-related-travel-bans
  9. Hey there! as the travel ban for whoever has been to any of the 26 Schengen states continue, I'm starting to think about the possibility to go in another state like Croatia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Romania, Montenegro, ecc.. and then proceed to the USA. I was wondering if any of you know the answers to these questions: 1) How can I prove officially my stay in one of the not affected states to the United States? 2) Would I have problems if the flight from Croatia to Miami, for example, made stopovers in countries affected by Trump's ban, but without exiting the airport? (like Croatia-Spain-Miami) 3) Has anyone done this already? Thank you in advance! https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/map-and-travel-notices.html
  10. Hello, Can anyone please bring some light into my situation? I am confused by the travel ban on immediate family members-parent- of US citizens. My mother’s immigrant visa was approved in Dec. 2019 and is about to expire on June 12. I am flying to London tomorrow to accompany her to the US ( she is in a wheelchair and not speaking the language). According to the travel ban existing issued visas are exempt from the ban. Is that still true today? Anyone in a similar situation has traveled without any issues? I would greatly appreciate your inputs. Thank you so much.
  11. Hello. I’m an american citizen. My wife and I were married last year in Spain, so our marriage is completely legal in Spain, but not processed in the US. She is currently living and working in London. She is planning to come visit me here in the US for one month during this pandemic with an ESTA. Is she able to board an airplane and cross the US border smoothly since she is the spouse of an American citizen? We are planning to put together all info such as, marriage certificate (in spanish from Spain), proof of one month round trip flight, work contract proving she’s not trying to stay, also, some extensive proof just in case. Has anyone experienced something similar to this? By traveling with an ESTA, is she going to be able to cross the border as a spouse of a US citizen?
  12. I have been married to my Nigerian husband for 2 months and we are now trying to get documents together to have him join me. I have seen many people submit the documents to immigration on their own and I have also seen people use an immigration lawyer to file. Is it better to do the immigration process on my own or get a lawyer? P.s...this travel ban sucks. Hopefully it's over soon. My timeline will be updated soon.
  13. Hi all, Looking for some advice. I’ve been successfully granted a CR-1 Visa which has been been placed into my passport which is with me. My wife who is a US citizen is currently in the states who is waiting for me to arrive. Obviously this whole thing has prevented me from entering due to the travel restrictions. Does anyone have an idea of whether as an immediate relative of a US citizen, plus that the CR1 visa has already been approved that I will be exempt from the exec order trump is trying to push through? Thanks, B.
  14. Morning all, I have recently been approved for my CR-1 visa via DCF in London, and was intended to travel to the USA where my wife has been living for the past 2 months at the end of March. Obviously COVID-19 has delayed things however, whilst there has been a travel ban placed on the UK from entering the USA, I did read in the communication that permeant residents and relatives of US citizens will be not impacted by these restrictions. Can anyone confirm if my CR-1 status would allow me to travel to the US? Obviously I am waiting for formal confirmation from the Embassy here in London however, just looking to see if anyone has any more information they could share. Wishing everyone all the best in these trying times! B.
  15. so i got my CR1 visa, and it also says serves as temporary I-551 for a year. with this covid-19 epidemic they canceled flights from Canada to US.. so after POE in Toronto can continue by land to get to US soil? TIA
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