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Found 12 results

  1. Yesterday i got my approval notice for I131 in the mail - says it was approved on February 4th! Just wondering how long it normally takes to recieve the actual card at the moment. I have tried to track it on the website but nothing is updated - still just says my case was received and is pending. Appreciate any help on this question!
  2. Hello every body, I applied for a re-entry permit (form I-131) last July. I did the biometrics in August. Today, I received a notice from USCIS saying that they updated my name on October 22nd !! . I did not ask for a name change !! I read in other places that it could mean they started looking at my application to make a decision. Does anyone has a similar experience and can tell what does this mean and what may happen next ? Thank you.
  3. Hello every body, I applied for a re-entry permit (form I-131) last July. I did the biometrics in August. Today, I received a notice from USCIS saying that they updated my name on October 22nd !! . I did not ask for a name change !! I read in other places that it could mean they started looking at my application to make a decision. Today, I received my re-entry permit . but my father's name on it is different from my green card and my passport. on my green card and passport, it's written NABIL while on the re-entry permit, they wrote NAABEL. Will that cause a problem ? should I ask for name correction?
  4. Hi everyone, I received my EAD at the beginning of the year. I filed for a I-131, Travel document a while ago an. Yesterday, my case was updated and according to the uscis Hotline approved. According to the service employee, the physical approval letter was sent out yesterday as well. My problem is my flight to London leaves tomorrow and I'm afraid that I won't get the physical letter on time. Do you think I can leave without the physical letter and have my wife forward it to me? Thank you!
  5. Hello Guys, I adjust my status from k1 visa holder. So I will have green card interview soon. When I filed for aos, I also filed for advance parole (i131), but so far I still haven't received the advance parole. Whenever I check online, it always says they mailed me the receipt notice that describes how they will process my case....I only received the receipt notice so far. The green card interview requires me to bring all the immigration related documents ever issued to me like Advance Parole. So when I go to the interview, I should just tell them I filed for advance parole but I haven't received it yet? And there is another problem. When I input the receipt number of my aos, it shows validation errors so I can't check my status. Do you guys know anything about this?
  6. Hello Everyone, I wanted to open this topic up for discussion and see if the VisaJourney community has had experience traveling with the Advanced Parole and Work Authorization combo card. My wife immigrated to the United States on a K1 visa. We have since gotten married and have filed the Adjustment of Status (AOS) documentation. Using the USCIS processing times as well as the VisaJourney processing time frame data it seems that my wife's green card could take a while before it gets processed and issued. At this point, my question is specifically regarding the Advance Parole. My wife and I love to travel and would like to be able to travel this coming winter to Canada. From what I understand, the Advanced Parole simply allows the applicant to leave the country without officially Abandoning the AOS application as well as allowing reentry in to the United States, however based on my research the the TSA officer at the port of entry has final say whether you are allowed to reenter the United States or not. Has anyone here traveled using the Advanced Parole prior to receiving their Green Card? What is the likelihood of someone not being admitted back in to the U.S and what are the main reasons why this happens? Do you believe my wife and I will be relatively safe Flying to Canada for about 4 to 5 days and then returning to the U.S?
  7. Hi, Can you please help on following details ? While applying for travel document with adjustment of status we have following questions. 1) Part 3 tentative date and days to visit is mandatory to mention ? We are not sure on the visit dates. 2) Visitor visa is valid till April, so can we can travel after april if we receive the travel document ? 3) We never applied before for travel document, so I believe part 4.a should be as No ? 4) Part 7 do we need to mention how many trips ? Is it mandatory ? Thanks !!
  8. Good day all, Im creating this for the people that have filed for there EAD, AP in June 2017 would like to see everyone elses timeline.. Mine is below. waiting for my biometrics notice now... Case Number: MSC17913733XX Visa Status at Filing : L1A Executive Visa Petition Type : New Center : Texas Service Center Mailed Date : 5th June 2017 Received date : 8th June 2017 Check cashed by USICS date: : 9th June 2017 NOA Paper Receipt : 13th June 2017 Pleased to hear
  9. Aloha from Hawaii, my form I-131 Advanced Parole/Application for Travel Document was approved 2 weeks ago. I received a notice that stated "we will send you the document separately". I called USCIS and was told that they will update my status again once they print my travel document. My question: How long does it take until I get my travel document? Does anybody have experience with that? Thank you and good luck for all your pending visa/statuses
  10. I received my re-entry permit today. I will be abroad for another year. My document expires in 2019. I was curious what people's experiences were returning to the United States using a re-entry permit. I can't find anything about it other than that I "might" be interrogated or I "might" be denied re-entry. Does anyone have any actual stories, good, bad or indifferent?
  11. Hi guys, 3 questions 1) my fiancee and I plan to wed in Hawaii in September then she will return to Manila and we will file a CR-1. She needs her passport and VISA (B1) for work and to visit me while we wait. So it seems that it would be easier to hold off on the name change until after she arrives in the U.S. with an immigrant VISA as she would have to change names on both documents and nothing happens quickly or easily in Manila. Are we wrong about this? (to fend off questions about K-1 in advance, she can't afford the wait for an EAD to work as her job requires frequent travel, but we want to be together in the U.S. as soon as we can.) 2) question 47 asks for passport number and 48 for travel document number. Are these the same or should we put her B1 VISA number down as a the travel document? 3) We are buying a house about 3 weeks after we marry - she is flying to the U.S. to sign closing documents with me. For the mailing address should we use my current address or the address of the house we are buying as I will be living there by the time the CR-1 is complete unless everything goes FUBAR at closing. Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. My husband and I got married in Sweden a few weeks ago. He lives in Sweden and has been there for a few years. He currently has a travel document (originally from Syria) and will be applying for his Swedish citizenship summer of 2018. If we apply for the spouse visa (CR-1) now and hopefully get the application approved by next summer, he will be in the process of getting a new Swedish passport. My question is, how will this affect his visa because he will no longer have his travel document and will have a new passport?