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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am a Syrian applicant, my case has been under AP for 8 months now. I contact the embassy on monthly basis and all I get is a automatic response with the same words every time. I am thinking of filing a lawsuit but I am scared from the outcome, I have heard of some cases getting approved after filing a lawsuit (Iranian citizens). Does anyone have a background about this?? Thank you
  2. Hello everyone, I'm an American citizen and my husband's interview was on Feb 20th 2018. He had all of his documents but had to go under administrative processing because of the travel ban on Syria. He's been under administrative processing since then and the CEAC site states that his case was last updated on Feb 22nd. Does anyone know how long the AP could take and is there anyone that is/was in a similar situation? Thank you.
  3. Hi! I need some advice here. I'm a US citizen and my fiance is a Libyan citizen! We are applying for K-1 Visa which is specifically stated to not be part of the current Libyan Travel Ban, so we shouldn't have any problems regarding that. However... We specifically requested that the NVC would send our packet to the Tunisian embassy because he does not need a VISA to visit Tunisia. Instead, they sent it to Morocco, which not only does he need a VISA to visit, but also travel bans citizens from Libya! Why would they do that? Is this going to cause any severe problems? Is it common to be able to transfer the packet to a different embassy in time for the USCIS approval notice to still be within it's validity period?
  4. Starting this forum to try and collect more information on Administrative Processing at the US Embassy in Ankara. I have been in AP for 2 months now. I am Syrian, and my wife is a US citizen. We are applying for my spouse visa. We started in March 2017. My wife is now in the US. We don't know if she should move back to Turkey to be with me. We want to know if anyone has been issued a visa waiver from Ankara under the travel ban. I noticed today that the Ankara Embassy website status check page is updated automatically (https://tr.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/iv-status-check/)... meaning that my case updates are pretty meaningless. But ceac.state.gov seems to be more accurate. Does anyone know if case updates mean anything at all? Thanks all. Kat and Bashar
  5. Hello, My fiance is a Syrian national and she is included in the travel ban, Presidential Proclamation 9645. The Supreme Court allowed/approved this Order to go into effect on December 6, 2017, it has been 90 days since then. My understanding that the Court approved the Order for 90 days. Is this ban still in effect? is it still active? or has it been renewed by the president? Or does the ban keep on until a court deem it invalid, and then the ban get stopped? I searched, Googled, and did what I could to find any information, but without any luck. any one knows? PS: our I129f application is still at the USCIS review stage, did not yet go to Homeland Security, or the visa issuing agency; But shortly it should. Thansk
  6. Hello everyone, I come from one of the countries affected by the travel ban. My case had been put under AP for 5 months now, but I just remembered that in 2016 I contacted DHS for another issue and got a letter from them clarifying that they have done an integrated security check up (with all required agencies) on my case and everything went out well. should I sent this email to the embassy ? will it help speeding up my case? Thank you
  7. Details: Myself, American born and raised. Moved to UAE in 2012 to get married, stayed here for 6 years without going back home (husband denied B2 visa for no ties to UAE). No work history here, no tax records, virtually no maintenance of traditional U.S domicile but I didn't have UAE domicile either, temporary residence visa. 1 child born in 2015 in Dubai and given American citizenship at birth and received American Passport. Husband, Palestinian Refugee born and raised in Syria Damascus. Living and working in UAE for 10 years, has not visited Syria since 2011 (before the war). Palestinian Passport Issues: Lack of Domicile Travel Ban Resolves: I ended up gathering a decent amount of domicile worthy evidence but they didn't look at most of our paperwork for the interview. Travel Ban didn't apply to Palestinians born and raised in Syria after all. Questions asked at interview: Who is petitioning you? : My Wife Does your wife work? : No What do you do for work? What is that? : Group Management (goes into detail... * they're impressed) When was the last time you went to Syria? : 2011 How long were you in the Army and what did you do there? : 1 year 8 months, I was an accountant How many years have you been here? : 10 years Have you lived in another country? : Syria Have you gone to Israel? : No Has your wife gone home? : No Where did your wife live before she moved to UAE? : Los Angeles What do you have for domicile? : Child's School enrollment Rent contract and Plane Tickets for wife, child ,and myself hopefully CO then proceeds to ask for my husband's passport and tells him he will receive it in 2-3 days and my husband had to ask 3 times to make sure of what she said, he was handed a white slip and left. CEAC website changed from Processing to ISSUED today. * I think a huge factor in our case was that both of us lived away from our friends and families and didn't establish domicile in each other's county. Our main concern was my lack of domicile and they ended up not looking at 1 form or my declaration of intent to re establish domicile. Documents they looked at: Army Certificate Police Certificate Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Duration of arrivial to departure: 2 hours 30 minutes November 29, 2017 - Hired a lawyer and started Petition. January 24, 2018 - Petition mailed to USCIS. January 26, 2018 - I-130 Received by USCIS. February 15, 2018 - Homeland Security check cashed. May 22, 2018 - Petition Approved by USCIS. June 26, 2018 - NVC - Request for documentation (needed different form of id) and payment. July 18, 2018 - NVC - Payment made. August 2, 2018 - NVC - Submit Documentation (website down 2 weeks). August 27, 2018 - NVC - Accepts all fees & forms, interview date pending. September 14, 2018 - NVC - Interview scheduled for October 28, 2018 October 28, 2018 - Abu Dhabi Embassy Immigration interview, CR-1 VISA APPROVED!
  8. Hi all - My fiance is Syrian. It's taken us almost a year to get to this point. We have our interview coming up in just a few weeks and I'm just wondering what happens now that the travel ban is in place. 1) He's affected by the travel ban - so what happens if they deny him a k1-visa? 2) Will they automatically deny his k1-visa since he's from Syria? 3) Can he get a waiver? Any ideas on how we can get a waiver?? 4) If we get denied - what should we do?
  9. Hello everyone. This is mostly my own fault, but here's the story: I went to an 8am B2 visa interview on August 22nd at the US Embassy in London. I am a Swedish-Iranian dual national, I went to a university in the US and lived there for three years on an F1 visa. I thought even though I'm an Iranian national and Trump's travel ban it should be fine since I'm a dual national. The interview was OK, the officer did ask a lot of questions about what I do when I'm in Iran (sightseeing, see family), have I ever worked there (no) etc. He also didn't seem to think I had enough money for the trip, but I pointed out I am staying with friends and family and I'm not planning to do anything extravagant (£1,500). He did end up saying something along the lines of "I'm approving your visa, you can expect it to be with you in a week." I was ecstatic, and I bought my flight tickets that day for September 17 - October 1st. Huge mistake clearly, and I have learnt my lesson. It's been 16 days, 12 working days since my interview and my visa is still in "Administrative Processing" and it says it can take several weeks. My flight is in 10 days, but if we include the weekends, I only have five days until my passport is sent back before my flight. I emailed them and they said my visa was in the "final processing stages" but obviously they did not give a timeframe so they can drag it out for however long they want. I'm now thinking I should have applied for ESTA first, but I was led to believe that there was no point since I travelled to Iran in 2016 and 2017. So maybe they were right? No idea, but I'm feeling really anxious now because I spent £600 (yes quite cheap, check out Norwegian Airlines, but I'm only an NHS admin employee and we don't make much), and it's non-refundable. Thankfully Norwegian's rescheduling policy isn't terrible, I'm just horrified at reading some of the AP stories online. People waiting months and even years. All I wanted to do was hang out with my friends and go to the beach, jeez. If it doesn't arrive in time, I'm going to have to consider heading off for a last minute trip to Scotland instead since I have time off work. But what do you think the probabilities are that I'll get it next week? Honestly, I'm regretting even thinking about going now. Sorry for my long rant.
  10. Hi there ! i would like to know where I can find a statement where it explains a minor brought to the US does not face a ban if the minor leaves the US within 3 months after their 18th birthday
  11. Hi guys, just wanted to update you all.. I got my interview date and its on the 24th of September, and I got a letter that supports my case from the US General Consul in Istanbul. My wife is moving back to the states to establish domicile (we're trying to avoid anything that might cause us any unnecessary delays). I also recently got accepted to Columbia University in New York. Now I'm wondering if there's anything extra we should prepare for the interview, any tips or advice will be much appreciated. Specifically I'm wondering exactly what original documents we need to bring (apart from my civil documents) and what extra information will be helpful for qualifying for the waiver. Thank you all, bashar and kat
  12. Hi, can I contact the DOS of Washington about my spousal visa case for travel ban reasons, or do I have to contact my congressman to contact them?. Will they reply to my inquiry ?
  13. I filed for my spouse on a k1 visa jan 2017, he got approved june 2017, he arrived sept 2017, we got married oct 2017, and on march 2018 we filed for adjustment of status.. We got an approval and also filed for ead card.. He did his fingerprints and now the travel ban is active, what affect do it have on him since he carries a passport of one of these countries, will they decline him even though hes already in the US
  14. Hi is US embassy still issuing K1 visa for iranian citizens after travel ban ? specially in 2018?
  15. So the State Department released a report indicating a 98% denial rate on Travel Ban Waiver applications. Three days ago 3/16/2018, a lawsuit was filed in California asking for a federal court to cease visa denials and stop the travel ban from taking effect. Anyone have any info on this? Anyone successfully get a visa through waiver application??
  16. I am just curious to know if anyone was issued an IR-1 or CR-1 visa after 8 December 2017 from the travel ban countries? Kindly share with us your timeline and experience as there seems to be a huge confusion from many members in the forum
  17. My uncle has an interview scheduled in Ankara, Turkey on March 20 for an F4 category visa. He is from Iran and thus barred under the travel ban to enter the US. He may be able to get a visa with a waiver. My question is that if he does not gain a waiver and is denied a visa, what happens to the application? Will it remain on hold until the law changes? Or will it be terminated entirely. Thanks.
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