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Found 11 results

  1. My fiancé has his K1 visa, but can’t come from France due to travel ban. Has anyone tried going to another country first that is not under the ban then going to US? I’m wondering if Mexico City would be a good option and how this would work
  2. Hello. What if I'm unable to leave before my Visa expires due to possible NCoV 19 travel restrictions?" I've already emailed the USCIS about my concern and they replied that they cannot extend the visa validity but they can renew it. All i have to do is to file a request letter and surrender my expired visa. And by renewing, I have to pay the Consular Fees again and might require to undergo medical, and resubmit expired documents. my questions are, 1. Does it mean i have to go through the whole process again? (but i doubt it) 2. How long does it takes for this kind of procedure? Another 12 years? or just months? My petitioner is panicking about the situation actually. I am a F11 Visa Holder with an expiry date of July 3, 2020. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm an American citizen and my husband's interview was on Feb 20th 2018. He had all of his documents but had to go under administrative processing because of the travel ban on Syria. He's been under administrative processing since then and the CEAC site states that his case was last updated on Feb 22nd. Does anyone know how long the AP could take and is there anyone that is/was in a similar situation? Thank you.
  4. Nigerian husband's visa was issued February 14. Am I understanding correctly that he can travel to America after February 21 from this I obtained from US Government website? (I can read but anxiety has me second guessing everything 😳) "Proclamations provide specifically that no visas issued before the effective date of the Proclamations will be revoked pursuant to the Proclamations, and it does not apply to nationals of affected countries who have valid visas on the date it becomes effective for that country." Thank you in Advance!
  5. US State Department Issues Level 4 Alert: Do Not Travel to China Per, https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/china-travel-advisory.html "Do not travel to China due to novel coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, China. On January 30, the World Health Organization has determined the rapidly spreading outbreak constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Travelers should be prepared for travel restrictions to be put into effect with little or no advance notice. Commercial carriers have reduced or suspended routes to and from China. Those currently in China should consider departing using commercial means. The Department of State has requested that all non-essential U.S. government personnel defer travel to China in light of the novel coronavirus. In an effort to contain the novel coronavirus, the Chinese authorities have suspended air, road, and rail travel in the area around Wuhan and placed restrictions on travel and other activities throughout the country. On January 23, 2020, the Department of State ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S. personnel and their family members from Wuhan. The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Hubei province. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Warning for all of China."
  6. Hello everyone, I am a Syrian applicant, my case has been under AP for 8 months now. I contact the embassy on monthly basis and all I get is a automatic response with the same words every time. I am thinking of filing a lawsuit but I am scared from the outcome, I have heard of some cases getting approved after filing a lawsuit (Iranian citizens). Does anyone have a background about this?? Thank you
  7. Hello good morning I wanted to ask a question My fiancée is from Venezuela but lives in Colombia with a two year permission only. I want to submit the k1 paperwork with a lawyer but a bunch of lawyers keep telling me that there is a travel ban from President Trumps law. One lawyer even told me that there is a 5% chance she can get accepted as a k1. Some lawyers don't even call me back. My question is do you know anyone that has had a recent case after President Trump's law that have either been rejected or approved with a k1 visa? Thank you and God Bless!! I really need help. My fiancée and I are really depressed because everything seems so difficult and almost impossible. PLEASE HELP!!!! Hola Buenos dias. Queria preguntarle algo. Mi comprometida es de Venezuela pero vive en Colombia solo con permiso. Yo quiero meter los papeles igual a ustedes del k1 visa. Varios abogados me dicen que pueda que la niegen por el travel ban osea Venezuela esta en una lista negra de Estados Unidos. Han escuchados otros casos recientes de que los acepten a los Venezolanos o los niegan?
  8. Hello, I'm a US permanent resident since 2015. I have Italian citizenship while my wife is Iranian, currently residing in Canada. We applied for the I-130 petition for my wife last year, and we have a priority date of August 2018 at California Service Center. Since my wife is an Iranian citizen I'm unclear whether she would be issued a visa post approval of I-130 or not due to the current Travel Ban in place? Does anyone have direct experience? Also what is the average time post I-130 approval before Green Card granted? Thanks, A*
  9. Hi! I need some advice here. I'm a US citizen and my fiance is a Libyan citizen! We are applying for K-1 Visa which is specifically stated to not be part of the current Libyan Travel Ban, so we shouldn't have any problems regarding that. However... We specifically requested that the NVC would send our packet to the Tunisian embassy because he does not need a VISA to visit Tunisia. Instead, they sent it to Morocco, which not only does he need a VISA to visit, but also travel bans citizens from Libya! Why would they do that? Is this going to cause any severe problems? Is it common to be able to transfer the packet to a different embassy in time for the USCIS approval notice to still be within it's validity period?
  10. Starting this forum to try and collect more information on Administrative Processing at the US Embassy in Ankara. I have been in AP for 2 months now. I am Syrian, and my wife is a US citizen. We are applying for my spouse visa. We started in March 2017. My wife is now in the US. We don't know if she should move back to Turkey to be with me. We want to know if anyone has been issued a visa waiver from Ankara under the travel ban. I noticed today that the Ankara Embassy website status check page is updated automatically (https://tr.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/iv-status-check/)... meaning that my case updates are pretty meaningless. But ceac.state.gov seems to be more accurate. Does anyone know if case updates mean anything at all? Thanks all. Kat and Bashar
  11. Hello, My fiance is a Syrian national and she is included in the travel ban, Presidential Proclamation 9645. The Supreme Court allowed/approved this Order to go into effect on December 6, 2017, it has been 90 days since then. My understanding that the Court approved the Order for 90 days. Is this ban still in effect? is it still active? or has it been renewed by the president? Or does the ban keep on until a court deem it invalid, and then the ban get stopped? I searched, Googled, and did what I could to find any information, but without any luck. any one knows? PS: our I129f application is still at the USCIS review stage, did not yet go to Homeland Security, or the visa issuing agency; But shortly it should. Thansk
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