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Found 10 results

  1. Anyone here scheduled an interview appointment at the consulate in Frankfurt? All the requested documentation have been submitted and accepted in October but I haven't heard anything since. Currently I am stuck in Germany because of the travel ban and I can't travel. Are any of you guys having similar experiences?
  2. Just read this and just want to give you guys a head-up: https://www.reuters.com/world/us/exclusive-biden-set-ban-most-travel-us-india-limit-covid-19-spread-2021-04-30/
  3. I have a military boyfriend in USA, he is asking me to visit him in new jersey as soon as posaible. I would like to know what are the requirements i needed to submit and needs to be process for a visit visa?
  4. Hello! My fiancé lives in the UK, and we are waiting for him to get an appointment for his visa interview. We would like to meet in Mexico, but the UK has international travel restrictions for their citizens. They aren’t supposed to travel internationally unless they have a legal reason to do so. I’m wondering if anyone out there from the UK has traveled internationally since the most recently imposed lockdown. Please let me know if you have heard anything. Thanks in advance!
  5. Trump revoke the travel ban from Europe but not China Donald Trump will revoke the travel restrictions from Europe (Schengen Area, Republic of Ireland and UK as specified in the white house release) and from Brasil starting from January 26, one week after his last day as president. It is not clear if Joe Biden, once in power, will revoke the decision. **** Trump revoca bando viaggi dall’Europa ma non dalla Cina Donald Trump revocherà le restrizioni di viaggio da gran parte dell'Europa (paesi dell’area Schengen, Repubblica di Irlanda e Regno Unito è specificato nel comunicato della Casa Bianca) e dal Brasile a partire dal 26 gennaio, una settimana dopo la fine del suo mandato. Il bando sussiste invece per i voli dalla Cina che pure hanno un tasso epidemiologico di lunga inferiore ai paesi europei. Non è chiaro se Joe Biden, una volta insediatosi, manterrà o revocherà la possibile mossa. I
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a post where we could talk about the K1 visa process within the Schengen area and the travel ban that is currently affecting us. So any information, updates, personal progress or frustrations in your own visa cases are welcome here as long as you keep a good tone. This is meant to be a place where we can "gather" and support each other, help out if possible or just be among other people in a similar situation. One day this waiting will be over, but for right now lets share the process together and celebrate together later on once we finally get our visas and can be reunited with the person we love without having to say goodbye again. 💕 If you want to be a part of this thread feel free to introduce yourself and let us know where in the process you and your fiancé/e are currently at. I'm a Swedish K1 that met a wonderful man on a Christian dating app early last year. We got engaged in August and sent in the I-129F in late September longing to start sharing the rest of our lives together. Everything went smoothly up until the travel ban on Schengen came along... We literally heard about the travel ban the same morning as I had my visa interview on March 12th. We had preliminary plans to get married in April. We were so close and it felt like we literally stumbled on the finish line. It was heart breaking. But at least the interview went well. The consular officer said congratulations, but that they had to wait for my medical results to come in and that she didn't know what the guidelines would be yet with the travel ban. A week later we got an email from the embassy saying that the medical results had come in, but that I was currently ineligible for a visa due to the Presidential Proclamation (travel ban) and that the application will be reviewed again once the proclamation is lifted. So that's where we're at. Still waiting 260 days after the visa interview. We haven't seen each other in 15 months and there's not even enough words to describe how much we miss each other and wish that this was over. When I left Chicago in August last year my fiancé didn't have anymore vacation days for that year, and then the NOA2 came early January so we decided to save his vacation for our wedding and honeymoon. In the beginning of the fall we heard about Americans having made it to Sweden successfully as a partner to a Swedish citizen and we wanted him to come and visit me, but he wasn't allowed to change any vacation days. So now our hope is that he will be able to come for a week in January when he gets new vacation days... So what about you? What's your story? How are you holding up?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm an American citizen and my husband's interview was on Feb 20th 2018. He had all of his documents but had to go under administrative processing because of the travel ban on Syria. He's been under administrative processing since then and the CEAC site states that his case was last updated on Feb 22nd. Does anyone know how long the AP could take and is there anyone that is/was in a similar situation? Thank you.
  8. Hey guys, I have a K1 visa that will expire in mid August, so I'm currently in Zagreb, Croatia, doing the famous 14 days out the Schengen states to be able to enter the USA. When I entered Croatia, I've asked the officer to stamp my passport and he did with no problem. If all goes well, I'll be leaving from Zagreb to Miami on July the 22nd via Istambul. So who's in Zagreb too in these days?? Would love to meet someone in my same situation..
  9. First, a little background. Or if you just want to skip to the details of my main question, jump down to the third paragraph My wife came here on a K1 in September 2019. We got married in October 2019. She's homesick and sick and tired of being under the American lockdown (our county has had the longest lockdown anywhere in the United States...we are still locked down today), wants to go back to China to see her friends and family, eat her favorite foods, and enjoy the freedom of not being under American lockdown. We know that the price of this trip won't be cheap. Plane tickets are expensive and hard to come by. She will have to quarantine in a dingy hotel in Guangzhou for 14 days and eat hotel meals. We know all that, but still she wants to go. Now we know that the Trump administration put a travel ban on Chinese citizens entering the US back in February. But our understanding is that spouses of US citizens are exempt from this ban. So theoretically, my wife should be allowed back into the US. All I'm trying to do here is see if anyone else has actually done this, so I can confirm that it actually works. That is, a Chinese citizen, already married to a US citizen and begun the AOS process in the US, who travels back to China for whatever reason, and then back to the US, during the pandemic. I'm just a little nervous that if something goes wrong at the POE, I won't be there to help her translate like I did when we flew to the US together on her K1 (since China currently has a ban on all US citizens entering China, I can't go with her).
  10. My fiancé has his K1 visa, but can’t come from France due to travel ban. Has anyone tried going to another country first that is not under the ban then going to US? I’m wondering if Mexico City would be a good option and how this would work
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