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Found 11 results

  1. Hi.... Today my husband got a job transfer with promotion to Ohio...he is currently working in Florida...His employer is the same... My concern is that will this affect my interview by any means? I have my CR1 interview scheduled for the 2nd of May. Please advise
  2. My fiance is citizen of the Philippines. When we filed K1 (July 2017) she was living and working in Taiwan. In October 2017, she moves back to the Philippines. In October 2017, I called and sent letter to USCIS about her now living in the Philippines. We finally got NOA2 February 2018. I contacted NVC to check on this, but they already sent packet to Taipei. I have seen that I can contact US Embassy in Manila and request a transfer. Obviously we would prefer to do the remaining process in Manila, instead of me flying her to Taipei, but we also want to get her to US as soon as possible. Does anyone know how long a transfer can take? I read an old post from a few years ago with Embassies in the Middle East, it can take 6 weeks to transfer to Manila. Wondering if it is quicker now. Also, does anyone know if she can do medical exam in Manila with a TAI case number? Thank you for any response.
  3. ashcashbananas


    Hey everyone, I received the NOA2 January 10, 2018. I just looked on www.uscis.gov to see my case status today, it says "Case was sent to The Department of State." One month later. My question is how long does it take for the case to reach the visa center from Texas Service Center? Online, it says the case was sent on February 1, 2018.
  4. Andy davies

    London contact

    Hi, hoping someone can make some light or any info they might have on my issue . So Nvc sent the k1 petition to the wrong embassy after we sent an official request to USCIS in August 3 months before the k1 was approved by them. Nvc didn’t notice any changes obviously and sent the letter to my fiancé olds home in the USA with a case number etc on it and they issued me a paris case number . I have emailed Paris embassy who replied super quick saying to ask London for the transfer and they will send it. I emailed London the 12th Jan they replied the 23rd Jan saying “we have received your email and will respond more fully once we have looked into your request , etc” does anyone know how long this process takes as our noa2 expires March 22 and London seem to be impossible at replying or even doing anything for some reason
  5. Has anyone actually gone to Colombia for their interview yet??? I am hearing they have been cancelling appointments with no explanation. I do not want to pay for a Colombian visa and buy flights if this is a pattern. Has anyone requested to transfer their case to another country and interview there? Did you have to have a qualifying reason or do they allow anyone to do this?Any feedback is appreciated.
  6. Hello! I am currently in the Middle East for work. We have submitted our Petition last August and we received the NOA1 on August 21. A part of me wants to go back to the Philippines and have the interview there. I would like to know if it's a smart move to resign and move back to the Philippines and file for a "Change Of Address". Will this delay our petition? Should I just wait til we get the NOA2? Or should I just stay here in the Middle East and have the interview here.
  7. Hi everyone...I really need some your opinion, facts and experience.i studied Material engineering in Philippines for 2 years (4 semester)iv'e accumulated not less than 108 of units in this major. So my question is what are the requirements for transferring my credential here in us?Do i need my high school papers(diploma, form 132 etc)?. im going to transfer to nursing so im not expecting most of my units to be credited and lastly we dint have k to 2 (junior high and senior high) or college was only 4 years back then so do i need to repeat it again ? .... I would love to hear anyone experience or suggestion and i would be grateful for your help
  8. Hello, I am a US citizen who filed the I130 in April 2017 for my alien relative (husband from Spain). We currently live and work in Barcelona while we are waiting out the process. Given the political/economic situation at the moment, his company is considering transferring him to another location. Our contact address is my parent's address in the US for logistical reasons. What I want to know is if the process would be affected if he gets transferred? Who(if anyone) would I have to notify? Thanks in advance, Lindsay
  9. Hello Everyone, hope you are having a good weekend. I usually send $150 to $200 a week to my fiancee using Remitlly. I know it is a nice chunk, but I am ok with it. I trust her and it helps the family live a better life. I know how hard her mother and father work and receive such little pay and price for food/products are similar to the states. Now, I want to send a large chunk, $6000, for house that I am helping her parents buy. They are being kicked out of their home and looking for a new home nearby. Her father tell me for house they have to pay for it one payment ($10,000) and that is all. No monthly payments. This is a village in Taguig/Manila. It seems to be the common theme in the area, because all other houses they are looking at is one payment too. Is anyone familial with this concept of one payment? My concerns are security: Should I send over remitly? We have had no problems yet in smaller amounts. I am worried about sending a large amount that they will have to travel with, I don't want them to become targets, but I will have her cousin, father, and maybe uncle present for security purposes. Also, I may be able to get 54p to $1 rate. Should I send to her father's bank account? I have not made international wire transfers yet and don't know much about the expense of it or security of it. Also, he wants to pay in person by cash with attorney present, I was hoping more like a check or something. I don't like the idea of carrying that much cash around. Any advice or prior experience is much appreciated.
  10. Hey guys. Newbie here. Just wanted some opinions on this. I am a venezuelan, and recently got married to a us citizen. I'm kinda young, I'm 24 and he is 28. After we got married, which was about almost a month ago, we decided to create a savings account for us and for our future. It is not meant to be used much since it's savings. But we are planning on putting money in it slowly and save a lot so that when we decide to buy a car or a house in a few years we have some money. Anyways, we dont really have a joint checkings account, but we have been dating for about 6 years and pretty much ever since we met we have been paying for almost everything 50/50. As in, meals and dinners, and clothes and stuff. We also lived together for about 2 years and still everything was 50/50. (When we realized that our rent was becoming too expensive, we moved to his parents' house and that's where we are now) Anyways, for six years I've been always transferring money to him and he's been always transferring money to me. I was thinking that although we dont have a joint CHECKINGS, 6 years of statements showing us transferring money to each other literally every couple of days could be enough evidence along with our savings account that we are not a fraud lol. Just wondering what you guys may think, we of course have other evidence to support our relationship but in terms of finances, we pretty much just have our savings and these potential statements showing our interactions for six years. Could this be enough? We are also college students, so it's not like we have a car or a house or anything like that. My parents pretty much support me for now (since I am an F1 visa and I can't work) and his parents support him while we go to school together. Basically we are not a traditional couple but we love each other very much and have loved each other for years now, and that's why we got married Just looking for some opinions on this Thank you!
  11. My girlfriend is from Colombia. She is currently in the U.S as a Au Pair. She has a J-1 visa. We are trying to figure out if it possible to switch her J-1 visa into a tourist visa while she is here. If anyone can help shed some light on this I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Keith