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Found 12 results

  1. Just sharing a silly photo of my man and I! We are in the process of putting together our I-129f and it's making me miss him going through memory lane😍
  2. Let’s everyone write their NOA1 & NOA2 date for CR1, CR2 applications at TEXAS SERVICE CENTER. So we know who are waiting - Mine 1.CR1 - NOA1 - Nov 19th 2018 NOA2 - waiting! 2.CR2 - NOA1 - Nov 18th 2018 NOA2 - June 28th 2019 NVC DONE, WAITING FOR INTERVIEW DATE.
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. After applying for the K1 Visa last December I finally have my consulate interview in November.... so we're going on about 11 months. I've started packing already just to get a jump start on things, and I think i'm doing a good job of documenting, but I thought i'd ask to be sure. I'll be going from Canada to Texas, so the plan is to rent a U-Haul here then drive. I've been numbering boxes then writing the corresponding number down on a paper with what's inside. Not details of every single thing but more generalized like: books, kitchen stuff, decor, pictures, etc. Can anyone who has done the drive across the border let me know how it went for them, and give any pointers? It would be appreciated! ALso, my fiance's sister might come up to help me pack/drive back together. Any idea if we'll have any hassles at the border if she is with me? I can't see why there would be, but figured I'd ask since i'm posting anyway. Thanks everyone!
  4. Good time of day or night, everyone! I have yet another driving license question, probably a millionth, but I can't seem to find the information I'm searching for just by googling. I keep hearing there is an option of passing a written test for a learner's permit online in the state of Texas, but all I can find is that you can pass the test after attending the driver's school as a part of their school program. I've searched the DPS site, but all that came up was scheduling an appointment online, with you having to come in person to take the written test. Is it possible to schedule an online written test through DPS without attending the school or am I missing something? ( I am over 25 years old, therefore, as I understand, there is no such requirement as to attend driver's ed, I am currently studying the handbook, as for the practice - my husband is going to teach me to drive).
  5. Hello... I am new here.... Currently on F-1 OPT. OPT expires October 13, 2017. On March, I married my U.S. citizen boyfriend. We filed AOS and Travel documents on June 30, 2017. A month ago, I have been notified by my HR to present a new unexpired work permit to keep my employment. I am anxiously waiting for news from USCIS regarding my EAD…..In 20 days I need to get my EAD card in hand. Otherwise, I might be jobless :(( Also, I have made flight reservation and plan to go back to my county to have a wedding at the end of December!! I am super worried if I do not get my combo card soon. My job…my wedding… ARGHH Does anyone here have the same job situation as mine? What should I do/ my employer does in this situation? Can I still be working WITHOUT PAY (more like a volunteer job) after my OPT expires if my employer let me does that until I get my EAD? What’s y’all recommendation? I just feel bad to my employer because I have not worked for a year yet, and will be taking leave for wedding.. and plus I might need to take unpaid leaves for indefinite time until I get my EAD… Here’s my timeline 30-Jun-2017 Filed AOS package 5-Jul-2017 USCIS received fingerprint fee for I-485 6-Jul-2017 Received I-797 Receipt Notices 15-Jul-2017 Received Appointment for Biometrics Notice 26-Jul-2017 Received RFE Notice (I-131A. Somehow lawyer forgot to send it together with I-485). Sent the I-131A on Sept 28. 3-Aug-2017 Did Biometrics 8-Aug-2017 RFE was received by USCIS 11-Sep-2017 Called USICS to expedite EAD/AP 12-Sep-2017 USCIS: Expedite request was assigned to an officer. Referral ID: T1*****. We sent a response to your request to have your case expedited. Another update: your request to have your case expedited was completed 18-Sep-2017 Called USCIS regarding the expedited case status. Told me they sent an email requesting proof of severe financial loss on September 13. But I did not get the email. So turned out there was a misunderstanding in communication. Officer whom I spoke with on Sept 11 misspelled my email address. 20-Sep-2017 Sent a fax to congressman regarding EAD case
  6. Hello everyone my visa was finally issued! Wohoo!! My fiancé and I are trying to be prepared for eveything that will come after my arrival (July). One of the biggest issue is my driving license. I understand that in Texas I can only drive on my international driving license up to 90 days. Also to get the Texas DL I need EAD, but we were thinking...as my fiancé is military - could I use my military ID to get the Texas DL? Has anyone done that? It might not work but I thought it was worth asking. Thank you for any reply! ❤️
  7. Good day everyone. just wanna ask how long does it take to approved AOS, EAD and Advance Parole in Texas? as what i saw in uscis website it's taking year or more than. but still hoping it will not take that long. any latest experienced will help a lot. can you refer me a website where i can look for the requirements and stuff for filing those three. thank you so much and have a good day.
  8. My wife (AUS) just got her visa approved this month, and we're moving from Australia to the US in May. We're planning to go to Dallas to set up, and we want to ship our belongings, but finding out general costs to just ship things isn't working very well without a well defined manifest. We're looking to send general household goods, and we might send some flat pack furniture (only about 1500 new) but we'd like to just pack some stuff up in like a 2x2x1 meter crate if we're going to do that. Has anyone done anything similar, or should we just sell off furniture for whatever we can get for it and buy new in the US and send our smaller goods by smaller package sea chests? Any companies people have had good experiences with? Thanks!
  9. Good Day! I just wanna ask if anyone have an idea if i can hand carry the kareoke machine im going to buy here in manila? or it will be better if i will check in? also do they allow me to bring kareoke machine? thank you in advance for your response picture below is the sample kareoke machine i will bring to USA.
  10. Hi guys, I’m a permanent resident who got married abroad to a U.S. citizen. We moved to the U.S. and got separated after a little over 4 years, and are now divorced. I’ve been together with my new girlfriend for almost 2 years now and want to ask her to marry me. My question is: what paperwork do I need to submit? We live in Texas, and I can’t find any good resources as to what this state requires from ME, as a permanent resident. Does anyone here know? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Happy living
  11. ‎ألسّلامُ عليكمُ و رحمةُ اللّهِ و بركاتهُ Starting in the Name of ALLAH( GOD), The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful I'm creating this Specific TOPIC on this Forum to help all those Pakistani people who are in middle of transition for applying K-1, K-3 I-29F visa or Spouse Visa and willing to help other Pakistani from their Experience. Please share your experience from Start to End. Filling Form NOA1 NOA2 NVC RFE Embassy/Consulate Medical Interview POE Experience Note : Please keep your post related to TOPIC .
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