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Found 17 results

  1. hello , i want to ask how i will recive Social Security Number ? need any apply or to go anywhere or it will come in my house address? officier in airport new york kenedy ask me : do you want to confirm this addres or change : i told him to confirm it , address is michigan where im now , what i have to do to wait for it to come in post house also greencard or i need to go anywhere?
  2. hello all , i have an problem with USCIS account only to me . father , mother , and little brother not have problem , when i create USCIS account and they asking frome to verify the CASE with some quitz , and need to put (Alien Registration Number and DOS ID) so for each my family memeber the verification completed and i can see all name of them there , but when i wanted to verify my case the USCIS kicking me out from account all time , so why only me kick out? why all other family memebers can succes ? and yes i have receipt number of payment and when i check here this site https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus showing this : and for all other my family espect me , showing this when i login to him account ? my question is , is this only technical issue or can be somthing with my green card proccesing?
  3. hello , finally im in New York , have to say im very happy , all was going good , For all same travelers wich have same application like me , i have to suggest get vaccinated covid19 , bcs in belgrade they asked from us to provide that we have vaccinated , we was not vaccinated , bcs we had covid19 befor 2 months and we was unable to get fully vaccinated good luck
  4. hello need i need to get updated for 8 novembar New rules about covid19 , so i called CDC.gov assistent to ask about covid19 restrictions who are not fully facinated and have to travel to U.S he told me there also need to be fully vaccinated also even your are immigrant , but he dint told me Internationly or From Turkey/Belgrade(serbia), i dont have time to get covid19 vaccine now no time , 13 novembar i have airplane ticket ? do i need to call Airserbia to get excaly information or what?
  5. hello all , some of users here are familiar With our CASE about my Brother wich is aged out and was not able to immgrating with us , so i asked lawyer here and he told me there are some of methods wich can help to bring aged out son , he told me the method is if anyone of our cousin have an registred Firm he can guarante for This aged out Son, can some one here explain how this really works and its posible father when getting Green card bring som to U.S or need to wait 5 years to be US citizen then apply for application , thanks
  6. hi , there in Montenegro PayPal was not Fully Supported (MNE lack of financial) , now im asking when i have GC should i have right to Make paypal and verifying Full with Documents (to not get restricted) like an U.S citizen ?
  7. hello , i have my driver license here in Montenegro , im asking , do my current license Works at U.S or i need completly to start a Driving School in U.S ?
  8. to avoid Covid19 Delays and Banned countryes , from where is safest Travel to New York , via Belgrade or Istanbul? i have only those two options , (both cities are in balkan )
  9. hi all , have visa with annotation Saying this : will we get GC same day as our father get? or later?
  10. Hello , wanna ask will count any extra fees For bringing My PC komponents (not new) to US in bag ,i mean will they accept that , have some RAM stick , CPU , SSD-s , thanks
  11. Hello , i dont really know if this is to celebrate or not but I recive an Message From Consulate Today , i was Under 221g and i Uploaded All Documetnts which they asking from me , i cant imagine how i got This message from Consulate wich from my opinion its to early bcs In CEAC site the new Uploaded Documents ( AOS and Tax Transcript) is showing Only "subbmited" Status and not showing "accepted" so Consulate Asked from Me passports to sent to Them and to print Visa , what u guys think , will i get visa for few days after i sent to them or need to wait until CEAC is reviewing The Documents !! here is screen shot
  12. Hello all , today i Created Account at USCIS site and i want to pay Immigration fees for my family using debit card , but there some attetions to read befor paying there in uscis site saying i need to fill Mail addres in U.S where they will sent our Green Card , okay thats fine , but how i can create USCIS account here wich asking to verifiy Phone Number wich must be US +1! do anyone here from forum had same situation wich paid immigration fees from different country ?
  13. hello , so today i recived Visa and a letter about USCIS immigration fee , i read the letter and said to pay the fee now or after we Travel To United state ,also in letter is saying its much better to pay immigratio fee befor to enter in USA , im asking what is difference to pay fees now and after enter tu USA ?
  14. Hello SusieQQQ i hope you are well.I have a question.My wife winner Green Card 2021.I am beneficiary.She get her visa on monday.But we have a problem.During the meeting,the consul said to my wife that there was no Ds260 belonging to husband.However they approved main applicant visa and said to me you need fill Ds260 and contact with KCC. But when KCC send email about date scheduled interview,me also mentioned on the Email.In international medical center i paid money for me and my wife about 400 dollars,and paid in Embassy of USA in Tbilisi (Georgia) 660$ for 2 person.We are not sure what to do,what the correct way to follow.We have a few days until 30 september.I really appreciate your help.Thanks in advance
  15. hello befor 3 days i just bring Our passports To Consulate for Visa to Be printed , my question is How long will take for visa To be printed and ready for use? its normally to show status "administrative processing" ? thanks
  16. hello , our visa Has been issued almost 3 weeks , but no any Notify From Embasy when we should to Use Passports !! wanted to ask Its normal After CEAC status Showing "issued" to delay more then 20 days and not reciving passports ?
  17. Hello , our Passports are in embassy and for few days passports will be sent to post office (DHL) in Belgrade , My question is , how is posible to Take back passports from beograd post officie To Montenegro (my country) ? without one of us become present there ? is there any DHL person wich can authericate for us without need to go at belgrade to take passports ?
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