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Found 24 results

  1. I am graduating high school in the US this month. My I-20 expires in June. Do I need to enroll for a Summer semester at a college or can I wait until Fall semester begins? In order for me to maintain my F1 status, I need my I-20 to be valid 100% through Summer, right?
  2. I (US Citizen) filed an I-130 for my wife (Indian Citizen) that was received by USCIS on December 2, 2019. Since then she has received an opportunity at a US University for a fully funded PhD program that is exactly in the scope of her previous education (Bachelor's / Master's completed in India). The professor she would be working under has said she is the only suitable candidate they have identified for the position. I am currently a graduate student in Ohio and her PhD program would take place in Mississippi. Acceptance into this program would be huge for both of our future due to timeline and credibility of US university on her resume. The program would last a minimum of 3 years. Presumably her I-130 would be processed and she would receive her green card well before the end of the program. I know it is more difficult to receive an F1 visa if you have any sort of immigrant visa pending. I have two questions regarding this: 1. This seems like a unique circumstance that could affect her F1 chances. Seemingly it would be impossible for her to overstay her F1 visa seeing as her spouse visa will have been approved by the time her F1 expires. Are the chances of her receiving the F1 non-zero? 2. Would the filing of an I-20 and an attempt to receive the F1 visa hinder her I-130 process in any way? Thank you for your time and any advice you can provide.
  3. My stepdaughter has been in the US on a student visa for a couple of years. She is currently using OPT Stem which expires in September 2020. She has already applied for an extension and is not eligible for another. She is unmarried and over the age of 21 and applying for graduate school. Her father, my husband, is a LPR. We want to adjust her status but I am not sure if I use the same forms to adjust my husband's status or different forms. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I'm new here and it's currently late where I'm at, so I apologize if this is in the wrong section. If so, if a mod could kindly move this to the correct section, I would appreciate that. My fiancee and I have done a lot of research regarding the K-1 visa and worked so long and hard on our packet (as I know many here can relate). Thankfully, we were approved this month! However, this whole time, we were both under the impression that we could use a co-sponsor for I-134. Turns out, the U.S. embassy in her country (Thailand) essentially doesn't accept a co-sponsor for I-134. I've heard of a few cases where a co-sponsor was used but these cases are the exception and not the rule, but I've read it also depends on the officer during the interview. From what I've read here, this is common knowledge. I feel like a complete idiot for not learning this before the whole process started. I honestly don't know how we missed it. Maybe because most embassies accept a co-sponsor for the I-134? I don't know. Today has been a long, stressful day for the both of us. I spent the entire day trying to figure this out and for a few of my questions, I didn't get an answer. So here are some factors to be considered and questions that I hope someone can hopefully answer: Last year, I made approximately $9000 after taxes. I am also a student and am transferring to a new university. I should begin classes in May, where I will study full-time. I took a phlebotomy certification course near the end of last year and am planning on working full-time. I also have an offer from a family member to work on the weekends for good pay. So considering I will work full-time plus a little on the weekend this year, which should easily exceed the 125% poverty guidelines, will these new sources of income suffice even though I didn't make enough last year? I would also be doing this while being a student, if that matters. And the main reason for not working a lot previously was because I wanted to focus on my education and grades. But my career goals have changed a little and am okay working a lot more. Could I show paystub/check, deposits, etc. to show I would meet/exceed the 125%? Would I need a letter from my employer with my salary? Just to reiterate, I plan to be employed before my fiancee goes to her interview, considering I can't use a co-sponsor. I don't really have any assets. Maybe a little over a thousand in the bank and a car, but I've heard that doesn't count. My grandma has a property she's been talking about giving to me (land - probably worth between 25-35k), but again, not sure if that even matters or is necessary. I am very worried and frustrated with myself. Hopefully someone has some answers to my questions and maybe what my options are. Thank you so much for your time, Jobean
  5. Hey there! My fiance is currently in Ukraine studying and will be done by June of this year and returning to his home country of Uganda by September. My question is would it make more sense to wait to file my 129f or send it off when I want to at the beginning of May? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, My brother who is on B1/B2 visa currently in states would like to join a community college. My questions are: Can he obtain a I-20? Can he simply stay here and start studying without going out of US and obtain F1 visa? Is change of status legally allowed from B1/B2 to F1? Thank you.
  7. I am marrying my fiance in his home country of the Dominican Republic soon. We will be doing the CR1 visa. He does not come from much money but has a solid work history and technical training title/studied english/graduated high school/is a caregiver. I am in law school and will be using my dad as joint sponsor (who makes well above the necessary amount to sponsor). I am concerned that because I am not currently making money (since I am a full time student) that our application will be denied with the new state department's stricter guidelines. Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences?
  8. My boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship. While we realize it is a rather unconventional arrangement, we really hope to meet soon. He is currently a medical student, studying in Poland, and he would like to come stay with my family in the summer of 2020 to get to know my family. He has found a program at a local medical facility at which he would be able to study for the duration of his visit. They would be able to provide evidence of this; he also has strong ties to his country of residence, as he has an apartment lease and he must also return for his studies. Our biggest concern is presenting his lodging to the visa officers, since he will be staying with my family and we have not yet met. My father owns a home with an apartment upstairs and one downstairs, and we would be renting it to my boyfriend during the summer. If we give evidence of this, as well as a letter of invitation, will that be enough to strengthen our case? Or does the fact that we have not first met ruin our chances of him being granted a visa?
  9. Hi there! I've noticed that no one opened a discussion for July 2018 AOS filers, so I decided to do it. Since we're all going to be anxious, why not share and experience the anxiety with the online community? HA! Let me start by sharing a few things about me. I'm a veterinarian in my home country and my husband is a physician. One day my "then-fiance-now-husband" surprised me with a visit to the county office to get a marriage license! After a week we got married by a retired judge, it was a very simple and sweet ceremony and I've never been happier in my life. I'm currently a homemaker/housewife and I spend some time volunteering at the local animal shelter when I'm not busy studying for my USA vet boards. I do reccomend finding something to during the wait, it will definitely help with the anxiety. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Hi guys, So I just got married (yay) and am in the process of applying for a change of status from my OPT extension of my F1 visa to the green card. In the i-485 it asks for you to list your past employment for the past 5 years. On the OPT i am granted work authorization and a social security number and so can get work, but I should really only work in my field of study. However for the past couple of weeks I :have been working at a cafe whilst also employed in a job in my field of study. I was wondering what I should do with the employment question: whether I should not put down my cafe job (as technically I shouldn't be working it) and risk them finding out I lied or; if I should put down my cafe job and hope that they either don't look into it or that its not actually illegal what I've done since I do have work authorization and a social security number? Has anyone been through a similar situation? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great! Thanks very much!
  11. Finishing my F1 and Need to be available for employers but Green card/EAD processing times are very SLOW! I am married to a US citizen but needed to wait for J1 waiver. I have the EAD OPT option but reading outdated pages, it looks like applying for OPT and F1-AOS is a waste of money. However Green card EAD is taking forever to be processed based on other people's cases. Due to the delay in the Green card EAD processing, would it be advisable to apply for F1/OPT and AOS at the same time and wait to see which one comes first?
  12. Hi, there I had a F1 visa in 2012 that got terminated because of an unauthorized drop( bellow credit to be a full time student) after that I moved back to my country few weeks later on my will I haven't been deported or approach by ICE and stayed under the 180 days therefore did not triggered the 3 years bar I got married to a US citizen and we've been living together for a year and half now here is my question : with my my previous F1 student visa violations would it be an issue for me to get my CR1 visa application approved or any issue for the interview? Thank you so much
  13. Hi, I have my green card interview in 2 weeks (5 months after filing!) and in the letter they asked for some documents like passport, marriage license... They also asked for my birth certificate. Since it's in French, I need to a certified translation again. (I sent both an original birth certificate and original English certified translation with the original filing package). My question is, since I'm in the US, can I translate at any translation company here? The original translation I sent was from my home country. Is it ok if the one I sent originally is different than the translation I get here? Also, I haven't received my EAD yet, do I ask for it during the interview? Thanks.
  14. F-1 holder Deported from US in March 2015, will be done graduation from South Korea by 2020. And want apply for Masters to Canadian University around 2020-2021. US deportation could make effect to get Canadian student visa? even after 5 years? Should I mention my US deportation history in Canadian embassy application form?
  15. Hi I filed for AOS on May 7th 2019. Im on a f1 visa and got married in January to US citizen. I got a text message from USCIS on May 14th, 2019 saying they received my case. I haven’t received anything in the mail yet. Can i now drop out of school without being illegal? Am I considered a AOS applicant now that I got the text message saying my case was received? Thanks.
  16. My fiance is French, but he lived in China with his parents for several years with a student visa from the time he was 10 years old until he was 19 years old. He moved back to China when he was 21 years old with a visitor visa (S2) to visit family and he has been living in china for 2 years (including the multiple renewals). Do you know if he is required to get documentation for a criminal background check from china even though he is not a Chinese citizen and has been on a visitor and student visa all these years? If a criminal background check from China is required, where do you recommend to go? He lives in Shanghai. Thanks!!
  17. Hi, I am adjusting status from student visa to green card through marriage. My husband is my sponsor but his income falls below the poverty guidelines by $400 so we are using assets (bank checking accounts). We have 2 joint checking accounts so my question is: since it's a JOINT account with both our names on it, should we put it on I-864 as MY assets or HIS? Also, under Current Annual Income, for his expected income for this year, should he put his taxable income or both the taxable and non taxable ? He is self-employed and on 1099. We are also using a letter from his "employer", since he is self employed and on 1099 what should be the wording on the employer letter? Thank you so very much for your help!
  18. My wife and I live in different cities because I'm still in college, so how do I write an explanation? I still need to include our different addresses in the cover letters, so I figured I should write an explanation on the cover letter itself about our different addresses?. I am also graduating from college in 3 weeks, and a month from graduation, we will start living together. However, after graduation, I will fall out of status. I think it is better to apply for AOS after we start living together, but will being out of status affect that?
  19. Greetings, I had applied for an F1 visa last year for a PhD from the US. It has been under administrative processing for 9 months but I have lost the original admission in the US university. Now I have another offer from a different university in the US. I was told by an embassy employee to reapply,. How will this affect my case? Will the ongoing case be cancelled? Will I have to explain this to the visa officer? Is it even possible to have two F1 visa applications?
  20. Hi, I am an F1 student in the process of AOS (sending package in March). What are my options when it comes to health insurance? What is the most affordable insurance I can get? Can I get for example ObamaCare? Is it good? Thank you.
  21. Hi everyone, I'm newbie here so I wanna apologize if my given information isn't clear. So my PD for I-130 is 05/22/17 (still pending) however I've heard good news that there a quite a few people are getting approved for May 2017, CSC and from my country. I filed for AOS with I-765, I-131 06/25/18. I expedited my I-765 and got it early September but until now I have heard nothing about my I-131 even tho I've tried to call them 4+ times to expedite/investigate. Still nothing. Anyways, I got RFE for I-485 last October and I already sent out the package to respond November but it seemed that they lost my package and they claimed they never received. We tried to call 5 times and they told us to wait till they respond but no respond so far, investigation was opened but no reply, tier 1 said tier 2 would call, NO CALL. NOTHING. Until we freaked out and re-sent the package once again in 02/01 (friday). 02/04 I got the status changed " respond ... received". Okay, great this time they got it. Fast forward I got the status changed "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" 02/12/19, which was yesterday. My field office is Mt. Laurel NJ. I've read a lot of people had to wait for 7 months + for the status to change from "ready to schedule" to ..."interview was scheduled". However, since I already sent out the i-485 last year, would it count the pending time as waiting time? Or I would have to expect the date to reset from the time they received my RFE respond? Any odd chance that I will have my interview before my I-130 is approved? I know I won't get a GC if my i-130 approved, but I just wanna make sure I understand everything clearly. Looking forward to any helpful inputs/experience. Thank you so much!
  22. Hi, My husband and I got married in January and want to move in together. We live in LA and rent here is ridiculously high so we're thinking about renting a room or guest house since it's cheaper. If we do that, we won't have any bills under our name, no lease agreement, electric, internet... The only thing we can get is probably a letter from the landlord but nothing official. Do you guys recommend renting a room or should we try to get an apartment in a complex in order to get all the bills and lease agreement under both our names? Thank you.
  23. Hello, I got marriage last month and I'm working on getting everything ready to file. My question is about joint bank statements: Will we need bank statements with detailed charges over a certain period of time, or would a letter from bank stating that we have a joint account enough? Do we need to disclose the amount of money in our bank account? Thank you!
  24. My husband is a full time student and working part time. He was recently hired this September 2018 and we are filing now the AOS this February 2019. He used to work back in 2015 and had to stop because he got accepted in his desired University (Also here in the US). I have several question regarding the I-864 affidavit of support. Our current situation is: - He didn't made it to the poverty guidelines that is why we're filing a joint sponsor (his dad) - He doesn't have 3 recent tax return sheet (only 2015, his previous work and 2018 his part time work now) My questions are: 1. In the part where he should input the 3 most recent tax income, should I leave the other two blank? the 2nd and 3rd most recent? 2. As I believe so, the Total Income per year stated in Income tax return is different from current annual income. We will request Certificate of Employment reflecting this current annual income so that it is visible for the checker. I just want to verify if we are correct? Thank you very much for all your help.
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