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  1. Goodnight guys, So I sent all of the docs for a change of status to tourist, I sent a money order but just noticed I forgot to put my name on it. What will happen? Will I be denied because of it? Thank you for your attention :)
  2. Hi Everyone, I am curious to know from the K1 visa applicants that had their interview at the London Embassy in late November 26th - 30th, 2018. Has your visa status changed on the Ceac website? My status shows 'Administrative Processing' from the 3rd December as the last update, with the 'date created' as 29th November. I' know it's on a case to case basis, however, has your status changed to 'Issued' since? Many thanks!
  3. My Story: I came here Legally at age 4/5 on a tourist visa with my parents. We just over stayed the time we were given to stay. Fast forward to 2014, I graduated high school, started dating my now husband and went on DACA. Fast forward to 2018, I've renewed DACA about twice now, graduated college and have a steady job. I got married to my husband last year in 2017. A little info about my husband, he is a american citizen that is in the Army National Guard. Together we filed the I-130, I-485 and I-601 (recommended by someone, just in case) We sent in the paperwork together in April of 2018 and we are wondering what the process is from here on out. How long it took for others and if this is a relative simple process? Has anyone gone through something similar? What are some tips? We hope we filed the correct forms. Everyone's story is different and I respect that, I only want positive words and advice. Just trying to understand this process a little better. Thank you all.
  4. April filer ‘17. Anyone knows whats going on?? My interview was on 21st December i didn’t get AP and i was supposed to get the visa in 10 days but still nothing. My IV visa says “application received” as of 23rd jan. But it’s been more then 2 working days and the status still hasn’t changed.
  5. My Lawyer mailed the IV and AOS package on Wednesday Sept 26 2018, I'm impatient so I called on October 1st 2018 to confirm that NVC recieved the case, I was informed that they did received our case on Friday Sept 28 2018. I check out case daily I'm obsessed at least 100x lol. Anyway I see on CEAC status went from Action required: send requested documents to At NVC and also our AOS fee section disappear. From research I see when the AOS fee disappear and status change to At NVC you can assume your case is complete. So I called NVC and I was informed that our case was in fact complete.....yaaaaay so we are in line for a interview to be schedule and case to then be sent to embassy. Just waiting for notification of the update.
  6. Hey, Wanted to drop this here to see if anyone else is experiencing any timing problem with their Adjustment of Status. I'm a Haitian citizen living in Brooklyn. I started with a student visa here in 2008. Then after the earthquake, i switched to I-821/I-765. I filed for my I-485 (petitioned by my wife) in August of last year. After sending a few files back and forth and paying for all the fees, by November or so, all fees were paid and all files were sent. I was sent my new I-765 card with parole (to travel) while my case is pending. But I havent heard back from them since. It's getting close to a year now. Anyone else experiencing unusual delays with the processes? Or is it jut me? Ad I'm aware that with the current administration and my being Haitian, things my be delayed on purpose too. But, let me know if you guys experience the same thing, have advice, or tips. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! I passed my n400 interview last Tuesday and the IO told me to expect an oath letter this week. My question is that, should I expect an online notification/status update on my account when the oath letter is mailed to me? Right now, my current status says (we scheduled your interview). thanks!
  8. What is the status of a person that had filed to change from a B1/B2 visa to an F1 while they wait for the process. Is that person technically considered as illegal if their 6 month initial stay on the tourist visa had expired? Or what will their status be?
  9. Hi, I filed for my greencard in Chicago from a K1 visa AOS (november 2017) and got my work permit card on the mail and everything. My bio appt. happened in december but I haven't received any notices for an interview on the mail and my I-485 never changed from "fingerprint fee received". I sent out an inquiry about the status of my case but no answer so far. Is anyone else going through the same thing? Is there anything else I should do?
  10. It's now a year and 1/2 since we first applied for our AOS and we are at a standstill. Now the EAD is held up as well (filed in February 2018 to renew). Two weeks ago, I requested a status on the UCIS site. They said they will not respond until June 8th. Since our interview (July 2017), I have visited UCIS offices and called to inquire on our status countless times. No one is able to give us a status and although many folks are suffering over the same issue, I just can't rest easy until we receive his green card. Wouldn't we receive an RFE by now if there was anything missing? I have pondered up at least 8 to 9 scenarios as to why we're having to wait this long. One being simply being because we interviewed in New York and NY offices are overwhelmed with cases. Anyway, just thought I'd share a bit of what my husband and I are experiencing should anyone be in the same predicament. Thanks
  11. Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I shall give it a try ! I apologize in advance if it's not the right one though. So I filed a K-1 visa based AOS and I just received the rejection notice in my mail today. The two reasons were that my I-485 was outdated and that the payment amount was incorrect. I took out two USPS money orders - one for $1000 and one for $225. My package contains the following forms: I-485(AOS), I-864(Affidavit), I-131(Travel Doc), I-765(Employment), G-1145(e-Notification) and all the supporting documentation. Are these the correct ones? I keep seeing people filing I-130 , but I cannot understand exactly WHO is required to do so. Am I? Otherwise what was wrong with my payment? AOS is $1040 and biometrics is $85, summing to $1225. Or is it maybe the fact that there were two money orders? Anyway, my husband and I will resubmit it this week and pay via the credit card form that is now available. I see that all my documentation has a unique identification number at the bottom of the pages and I want to know if I need to reprint everything once more for the new submission or just the outdated I-485. My new submission of the Form I-485 will have written on the front cover that it is an original submission still? Or will that have to change and to what ? It is my understanding that filing a concurrent Form I-131 with the Form I-485 means that the fees for Form I-131 are waived (or they are included in the $1040). I'm a little lost here...I'd appreciate any kind of help!
  12. I am a US citizen and married a J-1 Intern who is still in the US and a couple weeks ago we got the 2-year waiver letter from USCIS. However, at this point due to much longer processing times (3+ months) she is outside of that status now. Her I-94 is "D/S" but her J-1 visa is expired by more than the 1 month grace period. We now are about to submit for AOS as marriage and have 99% of the paperwork ready to go. However, on the I-765 question 19, I am unsure how to answer "Current Immigrant Status"? Should I be listing "out of status" or something else? Thank You!
  13. Hello everyone! Since end of September I have been under "ready to be scheduled" for my AOS case. Today, as I was going to check it, it appeared under this notice: My Case Status At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact NCSC for additional information. Any thoughts about why am I getting this? Thanks.
  14. I posted a thread on Monday and i didnt get anybody to respond,i have been waiting for my ead card....i filed my case in October 2017,biometrics in Nov 2017 and received rfe in dec 2017 submitted rfe in dec too and i habe not heard anything back this got me really worried.is there anybody with this same case
  15. Hello, I got my green card 5 years ago through my marriage. Since I'm a permanent resident for 5 years, I'm eligible and want to apply for citizenship. I'm currently still married but my marriage isn't going well and we are facing divorce. If I apply now my status is married, but that might change during the process and by the time of my interview. Hou should I handle this issue?
  16. Hello, just wanted to make sure I was filling out our visa journey timeline correctly on the K1 side of things and to verify we’re on the right track. Apologies in advance, as I’m on mobile. We started our K1 Visa Process back on September 14th, it arrived at USCIS on September 21st. We then received an NOA2 March 19th. April 2nd is when we received an email from the NVC stating our case was expedited. After filling out the DS160, isn’t fiancee was requested to fill out information on April 3rd to http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/au/ I paid the fee, and got the receipt. Currently waiting to find out more. I’m not sure if we’re currently waiting for anything to come to her door, or if we’re waiting for an email confirmation? The consulate requested an email as well once we were done. I was also unsure about certain forms such as the affidavit of support and if that need some to be sent to her for the interview with all of my pay stubs, or if that’ll be used for something else? We have also run into the issue of being unsure of where to get her medical done within Australia as the form she presented to her doctor was expired and couldn’t be filled out by him. Not to mention it was requiring information by a physician? Not sure if it’s going to happen at the embassy or if it needs to be done before. Thanks in advance for the help!
  17. September 2017 filer, AOS through marriage from an F1. We've completed biometrics, received an RFE and also received my combo card (Dec 22 2017). In all this time, my USCIS status online has only updated once; to say that they've received my case. My lawyer says this is normal and not to worry, but it's now Feb and we've had no news of an interview notice, and no sign of one either. We're in SLC, UT, which is usually pretty quick. Anyone else had this happen? It seems like the case is processing, as we received the EAD/AP card within 90 days. since then, radio silence... Thanks so much for your help!
  18. Does anyone know when the ceac website updates? Is it daily or like USCIS where it can be throughout the day. Ive noticed just once a day near closing time in the United Kingdom.
  19. Status changed to “application recieved” on 23rd January both case creation and case update changed date changed to 23rd. Then it went to no search result. On 2nd February it went back to “ready” any idea whats happening?
  20. I had my interview on 21st December and was approved CO told me ill get te visa in 10 days but nothing uptil now. On 23rd jan my case creation and update date were the same IV change to NIV and status was application received. Until yesterday it was the same but now if i check it show “ ur search did not return any data” and if i check through NIV it shows no status. any idea whats happening?
  21. Very long story made short. My fiance / wife arrived in the U.S. by way of a K1 Visa in November 2016. Two days prior to her arrival I lost my contract with the Federal Government. I went thirteen months without income. Because financial priorities shifted during my unemployment status, we married right away, but put off her AOS until we were more financially stable. One year later I am back to work and doing well. I had no income for 2017, but my new current annual salary is in the low 90k's (well above required income). When providing tax transcripts for the previous three years (as requested on form I-864), I will show $0 and no taxes filed for 2017. I do have a letter from my current employer stating my current salary with projected long-term employment. QUESTION: Will no income for all of 2017 negatively affect our situation when filing for AOS? Did I screw up by not working the year prior to filing?
  22. I apologize that I didn't go back through and read all of the postings. I'm new to this forum. I just wondered if someone could give me an update on what they've heard, like if any July filers received approvals. I've read quite a bit online and looked at some of the earlier months to see how processing was going. I sent my application to Dallas and it says it's being processed in California. When I've checked the processing times, it looks like they are from October 31, 2017. I'm guessing we will be able to find out more here than anywhere else. Like everyone else, I'm so nervous and am so worried. Any information on recent approvals would be helpful. Thank you! Also, does there seem to be any difference based upon the beneficiary's country of origin? Many thanks
  23. First I apologize for the length. So I'm an American woman late 30s, no kids, who started a friendship with a man in the middle east when I visited years back. After 2 years of becoming very best friends, he applied to get a tourist visa & was denied. I helped him to reapply and correctly read & fill out form. He got approved. That was 5 yrs ago. He has since visited me here once a year & I've gone there & our relationship has become more than engagement/informal religious ceremony there marriage. (He told me & my family repeatedly that he wants a life with me, will always be with me & that he & his first wife have been estranged & were in proceedings of divorce). Years have gone by now & nothing has changed. Everytime I try to move on he swears he will fix the situation, he pops up here but then doesn't fix our situation or resolve his. Here is where we are now. He wants to renew his tourist visa that expired last week Dec '17. His employment/background/purpose/etc on his original tourist application have obviously changed since then. He is now self employed instead of a stable salaried worker, he is now engaged/informally religious married to me for 4 years and still has not officially divorced his first wife there. When he comes here to the US he pops up when he feels like it, leaves when he feels like it. He spends most of his trip buying supplies & stuff for his business back home instead of with me. He also dodges specific deadlines about us living together, he hides from most of his family that he engaged me. When I leave him he constantly verbally sets a plan of when we will see each other/live together and he never follows through. He only pops up in the US when he needs something for his business and my complaining coincide, so for years now, despite we talk almost daily, I spend/spent most of the year(s) & holidays alone & I never know when we will see each other next, much less when my life with him will be settled. We have had related problems with this limbo as you can imagine and there is no end in sight. The distance apart and not knowing his marital intention as he will say anything necessary in any conversation to pacify me as I continue to be tied to him, be his escape from his life there when he feels like it & show him/acclimate him around the US, has all seriously caused me extreme stress & major health problems. He has even passed an illness to me which makes me feel like I have to stay. I told him not to proceed to renew the tourist visa until we figure out where we stand as a couple or not. And if we decide to be/remain together as a normal spouse & live together in one house & openly then I will proceed to file whats appropriate to bring him as a fiance/spouse as the goverment suggests. I will even move there. He said he promises that he will not go to apply for the renewal & will wait until we do it as a couple which I believe is a lie honestly. Then he says he will go to the interview and tell them he is with an American woman now and still request a tourist visa. Then he said he wont go at all to renew. He is there in his country & I am here so I dont know what to do. My question is if he goes behind my back and attempts to apply/interview for a tourist visa renewal under his orginal application wouldnt that be considered lying since he now is engaged/informally married to an American while still married there? Or that he is not a salaried employee anymore or that he comes here to buy stuff for his business back home but is supposed to be a tourist. Is that even allowed? I feel like if he proceeds to attempt to renew and we later apply for a fiance or spousal visa it will look like he/we withheld info. Can I get in trouble for him insisting to do the renewal under his old terms if I am in a relationship with him now? I honestly feel like he shouldnt be able to renew until he clears up his background/intention. I do not need any government problems on top of my health or personal problems I have from this. Should I try to contact the embassy there and tell them that I have a relationship with this person and I feel he may apply for a renewal and he may conceal that? Can that make things better/worse? I honestly just dont know what to do. I just feel worried because I dont know what he's intending/doing/saying, how it may adversely affect me or how to protect myself. Any constructive advice or direction would be great. Do the embassies check or request applicants background info again when they apply for renewals? Is he likely to get renewed?
  24. Hello all, I recently received a status change via email stating my status is not in "post decision activity." My USCIS app changed from "received" to Document was mailed." As you may imagine, I had no idea what that may be and presumed an RFE or NOID. I searched the forums here and it seems like it could also be an approval. I have not yet received the document they mailed, but If anyone can speak from personal experience on what this may mean, I'd greatly appreciate it. I also found something interesting on some other websites. the images look like USCIS' old online status check which may indicate the steps that all of our applications have to go go through before being approved or denied:
  25. Have a Question here, long story short, My Vietnamese wife came to the USA on a K-3 visa while pregnant, we got married, had the kid, she had postpartum depression and started acting like a nut job, so we returned back together to Vietnam and did not bother filing the Adjustment of Status or for Advance Parole to travel, and we all three have been back her living in Nam for the past 6 months, I'm going to assume without certainty that its too late to adjust her status, however I did hear that I can apply for her K-3 Visa as a direct relative here at the consulate office using whats called Consular Processing? Anybody heard of doing this? Although you usually file immigrant petitions with USCIS, sometimes you can file a Form I-130 petition for an immediate relative (spouse, child, or parent of a U.S. citizen) with a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad. Situations where this may be applicable include: If the U.S. citizen has been authorized to be continuously residing within the jurisdiction of the consular office for at least the previous 6 months is any part or all of this together true? Please inform.