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Found 7 results

  1. My I-751 has been deemed abandoned and denied because I failed to submit the requested additional evidence (I had already sent these requested documents for my N-400, and mistakenly disregarded what I thought was a duplicate request for the I-751). There even have been two naturalization interviews that USCIS de-scheduled onsite due to this matter. Following this, I submitted my I-290B (within the requested timeline), as a request for a motion to reopen and a motion to reconsider. As of today it has been over four months since USCIS received my application and cashed the check. Would you reapply with a new I-751 application because USCIS cannot provide a timeframe for the processing of the I-290B we previously sent? My green card extension stamp, which is in my passport, expires May 2020.
  2. Hello i have a doubt about the extension letter, my I751 is pending, I work as a flight attendant so I leave the country at least once a month, I got the extension letter that is valid for 18 months, but i also got a atop on my passport, the stamp was valid for 12 months, the stamp is valid until this month, August 2019 and the letter April 2020, should I get a new stamps for my passport or can I just use the letter until April ? So i can come in and out of the country ? thank you
  3. My daughter was born in Quebec in 2000 and we moved to USA in 2001. Her information was on my passport and the stamp there is only one stamp on my passport. I am having a hard time proving to USCIS that this was the practice (Family passport ) back in 2001. I need to find documentation for this. I have found articles, etc. but not any legal documents. Does anyone have still have their old passport (or a copy) of when Canada issued one passport per per family? Showing how the border patrol would stamp them when them when the family came across.
  4. Hello, I want to know If I'm able to join the military with 1 year valid 1-551 stamped passport. When I got here, immigration officer(?) said that I should wait for 5 to 6 months to get my green card. and he said that I can use the stamped passport as a green card for 1 year. Here's my question, I wanna join the Army or Airforce as fast as I can. but on the internet the recruit center requires green card for enlisting. Can I join the military with a passport stamp which proves my legal state before getting the green card?? Thanks for your information.
  5. Hi. My temporary green card was expired on AUG 2018 and I went to a local USCIS office to get a stamp and got 1 year additional. ( My previous Green card was taken by an officer). A few days later, I got a letter from the USCIS that extends 1year and half of extension of my conditional resident which has to be along with my previous green card. But the issues are, 1. I don't have the previous green card that can have 1year and half extended time( the stamp on my passport will be expired 8 months earlier than the letter approved) 2. I also got a letter from USCIS that requires additional documents which evidence good faith of my marriage. My question is 1. How I can use the allowed 1year and half extended time without a previous green card? 2. Can I get another stamp on my passport if I can't get a permanent resident card within expired date on my stamp which is July 2019.( I just submitted additional documents) Please help
  6. K1 Fiance with K2 (2) boys - Married - (Conditional) Green Cards ROC window opens Oct 2018 We totally spaced out on this and my wife's two boys have their Mexican passports expired now. I know, my bad, I should have been on top of it. So, we thought that we could renew them here at the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles - low and behold, you cannot. Even if you have sole custody (patria potestad) court paperwork. They won't accept it and we got turned away. (Who knows if we got somebody who knew the rules or not, but moving on.) So, two options are: (1) have the father in Hermosillo, Sonora (Mex) go to their designated office over there and give authorization, which will be received here at the consulate and then we can proceed to get the passports renewed here in the states or (2) just cross over (land crossing by driving) on our next visit to Hermosillo and get them renewed there (much easier to say the least). Here's the dilemma I'm thinking about if we go with option 2 (the easiest)... Since we'd be crossing into/out of Mexico, how would the boys get the stamped date of entry if they have their passport expired? Would they still stamp the entry on an expired passport or would they issue some other kind of proof for date of entry? I'm just concerned for when removal of conditions comes around that it would somehow become an issue if we cross over with the boys with their expired passport. The easiest would be for us to just cross over and somehow still get that stamped date of entry or proof of entry and then on the way back out just get the stamp on exit into their new passport. Suggestions,comments or advice... anyone? Thanks in advance! Maria
  7. Hello, My husband recently traveled out of and back to the United States for the first time since he received his green card. Everything went well, but he is concerned because when he came in to the US on a tourist visa, they stamped in his passport and wrote on the "class/until" line "B2" and the date he could stay til. The second time he entered the US, was on his resident visa and they wrote "CR1" and "D/S". However, this time when he came in, they just wrote letters that could be an AU or SU or SN or something similar. Is this normal? What do the letters mean? Thank you, dhm2
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