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  1. Good Morning Everyone, I was going to use this response for another post I read this morning but felt it needed it’s own post. I know that this may not be the case with all couples but counseling is an option when you notice the relationship going downhill. The divorce rate in this country is partly due to finances but in my opinion also due to people not working out their differences. I have been married 7 years this past April and the truth of the matter is that: 1. Immigration is stressful in the best of times, let alone now with the pandemic. 2. When two people get to know each other and want to live together you find out each others quirks and that is not always fun. 3. Every person has gone through some type of trauma, whether it be due to fractured relationships growing up, living in poverty, or living in a war torn country. I will share of my woes in my relationship over the years. When my now wife and I started this immigration process it was long and stressful. I was the detailed passive person and she had/has a strong personality. Suffice it to say this did not help during the process from K-1 submission to point of entry (POE). Once I entered the United States and got married, this is when the hard work started. We lived together and we found out each others quirks. I was still the detailed person who stressed getting my Adjustment of Status (AOS) in on time and this put a strain on our marriage as we had the finances, it was just a matter of putting it into our budget, but I still worried about getting it in on time. Oh, and not to mention I could not work from April to September 2013, that did not help the bottom line, hence more stress for her as she was sole bread winner, but also stress for me as I did not have a driver’s license and did not like being cooped up in the apartment. We kept trudging along and trying to work things out, me and my anger (I’ll get to that later). We went through some rocky time during AOS. Before getting married my wife knew that I had children from a previous relationship but this would not hit her in the face till my son came to visit for a summer. We have dIfferent parenting styles still to this day but are working through things. When my son came to visit ####### hit the fan and this had to be worked out. My son’s grandmother, also s strong personality, had made my wife to be out to be the bad guy. Naturally, being passive, I did not stick up for my wife, so there are still issues there to this day that I am working through. Fast forward to 6 months after receiving citizenship. Wife and I were going through some very rough times and my anger had really resurfaced and become uncontrollable. It got to a point where I had to take 2 weeks to think outside of what was going on in my own home due to the chaos that I felt as I had my issues and my wife had her own issues. I took two weeks and continued working but also went to see family in Canada. In that two weeks I made a decision that my wife and I needed to do counseling because our issues are more than we can handle on our own. We are currently in counseling and doing much better. I say all this to say, before you even put in a petition for a fiance(e) or spouse, get to know the person, who they are, and their family dynamics as much as humanly possibly. If it turns out that you notice quirks before or after they arrive in the US I would encourage you to seek out counseling. This will look different depending on whether you are in the US together or separated. In my time of getting counseling so far here is what I have learned: 1. I cannot control other people, I can only control myself. 2. If left unresolved, my past hurts will spill over into my relationships (familial, friendship, and professional). 3. Marriage takes a lot of work (active listening, embracing others strengths, knowing that my spouse and I may say different things but both be right and that there is healthy conflict). My hope is that this post may help one person to think through the fact that maybe its not your spouse that bothers you, but the memories of your past. If you have read this long, I wish you all the best on your immigration journey and marriage. 😁
  2. Hi. Does anyone have any news about US embassies potentially using video conferencing to clear backlogs on various Visa applications (e.g. K-1, spouse)? In light of the precautions necessary moving forward with COVID, this seems to be a strategy worth exploring to help clear backlogs. I am sure there are some instances of consular officers already knowing if they are going to approve or deny a case before the applicant appears in person. Many applicants only get asked a few questions and interviews lasting only a few minutes, but having to travel long distances for their consular interview. Cases that appear suspicious could be flagged for in-person interviews, while other clear legitimate cases be cleared remotely. Just thinking out loud.
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have been doing my research on the US Immigration process, hoping to understand whether the K1 or the CR-1 (I-130) is a better option for us. All of this is separate to the COVID-19 situation and the recent Immigration Ban. Some background: Boyfriend: US citizen by birth; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA Myself (Female): naturalized Canadian Citizen (2011) (original citizenship: Pakistani - no longer valid). Born, lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have been dating for about a year now (we met in LA while I was on vacation) and we are planning on getting married ASAP to live in LA. We see each other once a month either in the US or in other parts of the world (minus during the COVID-19 period). We were last together in Feb 2020 in LA. We aren't picky on where in the world we get married, as long as we are able to live together in LA as soon as possible, with the possibility of me working in the US sooner rather than later. I have a steady job in Dubai, and would not like to quit and move just to 'wait around' for the right to work, hence, the need to be able to work is crucial. If we were to categorize, priorities are as follows: 1) working in the US sooner rather than later 2) being together full-time 3) funds. i.e. OK to proceed with a process that allows me to work sooner than later, but which could take longer to enable me living there full-time (as long as we can continue our once a month visits globally - separate to COVID) vs. something that allows me to move quicker, but idle in terms of work. I have seen the below advice floating around on other topics within this forum. Is a lawyer recommended for either of these processes, or are these manageable on our own? It seems that the CR-1 option is better for us, however, once I apply, am I allowed in the US as a visitor just to meet him? Or do I need to wait until approval of this process? How long does the CR-1 usually take? Does my living/citizenship arrangement make it more complicated? If we decide on the K-1 route, how soon can I receive the EAD to work? (I know the below has timing guidelines, but we all know these aren't always the reality!) Thank you so much! I know this post is lengthy/detailed, but makes it easier to have the facts laid out to navigate the process!
  4. Hi! Just wanted to ask (for a colleague) what seminar is appropriate for a F2A Visa Beneficiary? (Spouse of Legal Permanent Resident) Is it PDOS or GCP? and i saw that one of the requirements was a ROM. The marriage was not reported to the PH Embassy 3 years ago when the spouses married in the United States (LPR married to J1 Visa Holder), do they need to apply for "Delayed Registration" of the ROM or is it okay to just bring the foreign Marriage Certificate and License to the CFO whenever Attending the seminar?
  5. I have applied my spousal visa and submitted the documents in Chicago lock-box and our documents reached to USCIS office on 26th of September 2019 and got response from them after 5 days that our receipt number is this and receipt notice has been sent to my wife through mail and after making account on USCIS website we got the reply after some days that our application has been approved and now in review. So I want to know that I am currently in Pakistan and my wife is in States and she is citizen so now how long more it will take for review to be done and estimated how long it will take to get to NVC?
  6. Hi everyone. I will visit my Husband by end of this month to finally see him after 7 Months! I find out that spouses and children can travel during the ban. I have a B1/B2 Visa but my daughter only have a ESTA. Can she travel with the ESTA to the US as a child from a US-citizen?
  7. Hi guys, I completed my interview and my passport pick up date was in March (I got a yellow slip) . However, the day before my pick up- the embassy announced that they are closing for COVID. The country has opened officially from last week but the US embassy remains closed. I have emailed them regarding this and they reply with an automated email. Any idea how i could reach them? and when the embassy might open? My husband and I miss each other so much and it has been so long I wish i could see him soon.
  8. Hello, Is anyone else having problems with the CEAC website when submitting a NVC payment? I submitted my IV payment and it was with drawn from my bank account the next day but the status still shows as "PROCESSING" and does not allow me to submit any documents. My AOS payment processed with out any issues.
  9. Hi everyone! I just want to have a clear thoughys about my dilemma. We have received a welcome email from NVC with instructions to pay fees and submit docs. I noticed that my application was classified as CR1. I have read from forums that CR1 is for couples who are married less than 2 years. IR1 is for couples who have been married for 2 years and above. My situation is, our marriage will be 2 years by next month. In the middle of all the petition procedures. Is the 2 years of marriage based on the time we have submitted our petition or by the time that the Principal Applicant entered the USA? Is the visa class be updated or we will retain as CR 1 even if we celebrate the 2 years of marriage? Any thoughts please. I hope all of you are safe and healthy!
  10. hey guys!! I'm really having hard times with figuring out what to do in my situation, i really hope i can get some advise from you. I moved to the USA to my husband under CR-1 visa i was issued in Moscow. When i came here i applied to SS number. Since I moved here i haven't gotten any updates from the US Government on what to do next in my case, I haven't gotten GreenCard via mail (like they told me during the interview when they were issuing my CR-1). My CR-1 expires in a couple of months and I'm just lost here and don't know what i have to do here. Thank you in advance for any helpful advice.
  11. I read at many articles it states that consulates have suspended "in person" activities and interviews. Does anyone have any experience knowledge ir updates on their AP cases ever since covid19 Closures? Do you, or anyone you know, have gotten their visa or passport after being in AP cases during covid19? Curious to know if islamabad consulates are still working on ADMIN PROCESS since they arent "physical - in person" activities, which can be done remotely! Thanks and good luck.
  12. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice if possible. I’m entering the United States from the UK at the end of May to reunite with my wife who arrived in America in January this year. We have obviously been hampered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and have been waiting for a lot of the chaos to quiet down. Although we are still very much in the throes of this, we now have clarity that spouses of US citizens, and visas that have already been granted will not be impacted. Therefore, we’re going for it! Therefore, I’m really looking for anyone that has been in the same position as me, arriving into the USA from Europe, and therefore has any tips, or information of how it went or what to do when arriving? Thanks very much! B
  13. Hello guys! have a good day! How much should one make an hour to be qualified to sponsor your spouse in a household of 2 including him? I have never filed taxes before, because of the income I was not required to file taxes while I was living abroad. So now I moved back to USA to sponsor my spouse and started working for a coffee shop until I find a proper one. I know that you can produce your pay stubs when sponsoring but how much should I make a month to be eligible? Do they look at the hourly rate or the monthly income when deciding eligibility to sponsor? Please help me our case is at NVC stage now!! Thanks guys!!
  14. Hello guys!! Have a good day. Our case just got approved and I have a little question regarding the information they are asking on the DS 260. Why do they need our information about the educational institutes we've studied at? Do they verify it with the institutes if we have put legit details on the form? I mean what is the purpose of it?
  15. Hello everyone! My husband and I sent in our AOS application and it was returned back to us because it was missing two forms; I-944 and I-864EZ...I do not understand the process of the I-944...I want to understand very clearly that everything they are asking about is it for the Petitioner (US Citizen) or Beneficiary (Spouse Seeking the GC)...i.e, the credit history, health insurance, use of public benefits etc...I know the form is very new so we are all trying to figure it out but I know some are further along than others. So pls, those who FOR SURE know this form and how to do it pls let me know so we can move forward with our process
  16. Hello everyone, PD 12 DEC 2019 TSC I called to expedite my i130 petition, sent my evidence, and on April 15 they replied with: “ we have received the requested evidence, the documentation submitted meets the requirement for expedited processing of your application, you should receive a decision or notice of further action within 45 days.” No replies yet. Does this mean they’ll expedite my petition or the decision might be denial too? anyone familiar with this?
  17. Creating a post for 2017 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, please share your PDs and any further actions going forward.
  18. Hi! I havent seen any post about the Nashville TN field Office. I created this forum for every nashvillian filing AOS through marriage and who is waiting for an interview. I would like to have an idea of The office processing time. Please write down your time line below if you are waiting to be interviewed or already had your interview. My Priority Date is OCT 22 2018 and i am still waiting for an interview.
  19. Hi everybody, I apologise if there is a topic regarding this already, I wasn't able to find it. My wife and I submitted the I-130 in May 2019, and we finally got an update 2 weeks ago. However, it does not say if the petition was approved or not, it says "Case was received at my local office". I would be grateful if someone could tell me what exactly this means. It has been like that since March 16th without further updates or notifications. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Kaleigh and Dominik
  20. Hi, just wondering, for those who went through the CR-1/IR-1 visa process - is it better to file as married filing jointly or married filing separately? Does either one help or hinder the success of your visa application? (We are currently waiting for USCIS to approve our I-130 and living in different countries, but wondering how to file taxes for 2019.)
  21. My wife she is us citizen , she was arrested that month for drugs trafficking , i received the NVC welcome letter that month as well , about affidavit of support I have a co-sponsor , should I proceed and pay nvc fees or I will get a denial ?
  22. Hi all. Firstly I hope all of you and your families are safe in this uncertain time. My wife and I arrived in the USA on 13th March from the UK. My wife has permanent residency in the UK and we were coming back to see her family for 3 weeks. Our return flight has now been cancelled and of course as you know every day there are more stories about things shutting down, borders closing etc. I even saw a news piece about visitors who have come from the UK are now required to enter through a pre approved US airport. I guess we're really lucky we got in when we did... We are currently living with my wife's parents and I am working remotely to my job in the UK. Should I start preparations for some kind of longer term visitor's visa? Or does anyone know of plans to extend ESTA length temporarily due to the circumstances? The last thing I want is for us to be separated, and additionally I don't want to overstay my time here and face penalties in the future. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  23. On February 22nd we sent out our package (concurrent Filing) to the Chicago Lockbox and it was received on February 24th. So far we haven't heard back, is anyone in the same boat or did it also take longer to hear back from them? Due to this virus we are aware that it might take longer but since nothing has been cashed, we are a bit worried. We tried reaching out last week and they couldn't see anything in the system yet. Edit: We are doing I-130, I-131, Adjustment of status and Employment Authorization.
  24. How long does it take to get the welcome letter after the case was approved? Did you get an email or a mail? How can you get everthing by email instead of mail? My husband's case got approved 4 weeks ago and I haven't get the welcome letter
  25. Hi all, my husband is a US citizen and I’m his spouse we are currently stationed in Germany. He works as a contractor for the US Military in Aviation. I work for the same company but I’m on the German system at the moment, I’m from England. So the company has offered me a promotion in America in their Corporate office which will be a pay rise but they can only hold the job for so long so if my visa takes longer than about four months the position won’t be there. also, my husbands contract ends in August and his job will be moved to the states. This will mean he will be separated from me and his son as he is not able to stay in Germany without a SOFA agreement. So we would have to pay for two homes another car etc. so you think this would qualify our visa to be expedited? thank you in advance!
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