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Found 13 results

  1. Would anyone know by chance if a wet signature is needed for the I-134 in Packet 3 or a photocopy is acceptable by the consulate?
  2. Hello, my fiance called today to NVC and they give her a case number. The lady explain that they sent the package to the embasy in Madrid, Spain, and we need to wait for a package to follow the instructions. I am not sure what is the next step, do I need to apply for the visa? or call the embassy in MADRID? I will appreciate any advice. Thank you, Oscar
  3. I haven't been able to find a thread of how often the Consulate at Madrid hosts Fiance visa interviews so I wanted to know if anyone whose gone through the process or going through it now, how often do they conduct the interviews? I've seen some VJ members post (From other countries) that their interview appointments aren't until mid January. My fiancé and I have just gotten our case from the NVC and will be sent out to the embassy in the next week, I wanted to get an idea of how long until he is able to come back. Also if anyone could let me know how long it took for a case to ship from NVC to Madrid that'd be great and how long it took to receive the P4 after sending the P3 back? Any answer to any of my questions would be tremendous help. Thanks all!
  4. Hi CR/IR1 applicants, We have just received an email that our IR1 case at NVC is finished, and that the NVC will schedule our interview at Madrid Embassy. YAYYYYYYY!! I am thinking that it is POSSIBLE that the interview will be at the end of December (anyone know?)… but meanwhile I have a question about the pre-interview stage we are now in. Do we have to send documents via mail/courier to the Madrid embassy before the interview?? We are IR-1 - - is sending documents only for K-1 people? Is this Packet 3? I ask because I saw this: This page about the Madrid Embassy was written by people who had gone through the post-NVC stage recently, and a couple of people have written that they had to send their docs through snail mail before their interview, as “Madrid has changed their policies”... http://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Spain&cty=Madrid However, nowhere on the .gov websites do I see instructions for that. I’m not sure if maybe this is only for K-1 visas?? The person who wrote that part did not indicate if it was for IR/CR-1. Then there’s this http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/536290-new-checklist-for-madrid-edited-title/ which talks about a checklist of items to mail to the embassy, and that it wasn’t the K-1 list but the list for IR/CR-1 applicants! HOWEVER... The PDF from the Madrid Embassy doesn’t talk about sending documents as a requirement: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/MDD - Madrid.pdf It only states “IF you need to send documents…” <<Sending documents to the U.S. Embassy Madrid, Spain If you need to send us any documents, please DO NOT mail them to us directly. Instead, visit ais.usvisa-info.com and ask for information on courier services. >> Etc. The Spanish US DOS Visa Appointment Service website does not address it either, https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-es/iv/information/iv_overview It only sends you to the travel .gov website re the Interview stage, which refers to BRINGING documents with you to the interview. https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/immigrate/immigrant-process/interview/prepare.html I always thought that we will only BRING documents to the interview, but that VJ page has me very confused. (If that info is not applicable to everyone, I think it should be edited and labeled appropriately.) How do I know if we will have to send documents via snail mail/courier before the interview? I ask because we may not be in Spain to send them during the window of time before the interview. Sorry for the long post, and thanks!
  5. Hi! I’ve been reading lots here, trying to figure things out before making this, my first post (please tell me if I've done something the wrong way!). Here’s my situation: I am a USC and have dual citizenship with an EU country. My domicile is in the US, but my work is location independent: I can work anywhere. I have a house, car, extended family, etc. in the US. I also have a high income, so must think carefully about taxation. My fiancée is a Spanish citizen. She (we are a same-sex couple) will be completing her Ph.D. before the end of the year. She is planning on an academic/teaching/research career but is open to whatever opportunities arise. We have been living and traveling together this year to avoid overstaying either of our allowed times in various countries. Yes, I can live and work in the EU on that passport, but I don’t want to pay taxes in another country if I can avoid it. We have been in 6 countries so far this year, and it would be very nice to be able to stay somewhere for more than a month or two at a time! Our first priority is staying together. Second concern is my fiancée’s ability to work wherever we are. But, I can afford to sponsor my fiancée’s entry to the US and support her if she is unable to work for a time while things are processing. We are taking photos and keeping records for the proof of relationship. We have met each other’s families, friends, etc.. So, the questions: 1: When should we get married? As soon as possible? As far as I can tell, the K-1 visa has no significant benefit, so it is better to just go for the CR-1. 2: How can we stay together as much as possible without overrunning my 90 days in Spain, her 90 days in the US, or 90 days basically anywhere? Or my 182 within a year in any particular country? 3: We will be talking with an immigration lawyer in the US soon. Anyone have suggestions for good ones? The plan: Currently, the best idea we’ve come up with sounds a bit daft, but may work (we will, of course, be running it by immigration and tax lawyers). The idea is to move to Chile and stay there together while all the US papers are being filed. We’ve been in Chile together before. My fiancée has work contacts in Santiago and has a reasonable expectation of getting a one or two year postdoc position there. Chile has exceptionally easy immigration and favorable tax laws. Since all of my income would be from sources in the US, I would be exempt from Chilean taxes for the first three years. I assume that it is reasonable to think that my fiancée can get a green card within three years? I know DCF is not an option in Chile, so the paperwork would all be done via mail. Because my domicile is in Montana, I believe the papers will be processed in the Nebraska facility, which seems to have slightly better processing speeds than some of the others. The Santiago consulate seems pretty chill and low-traffic from what I’ve read. Appointment wait times are not too long. Or, am I barking up the wrong tree altogether here, and my fiancée should try to get entry on her academic qualifications + a job offer? Thanks for reading! Ideas? Comments? Questions? Hints?
  6. Hi, Have any other members had experience of taking their pets with them to the US on a K1 visa? Any issues at POE? Has anyone successfully travelled with an emotional support dog? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, my fiance called today to NVC and they give her a case number. The lady explain that they sent the package to the embasy in Madrid, Spain, and we need to wait for a package to follow the instructions. I am not sure what is the next step, do I need to apply for the visa? or call the embassy in MADRID? I will appreciate any advice. Thank you, Oscar
  8. Hello, I'm Cuban living in Spain, my fiancé is in Miami. We are waiting for NOA 2. They sent us the NOA 1 on 08/07/2017. Processing times on USCIS web page shows 08/01/2017 and in here 08/08/2017. Anybody from that date? Also we will want to know if I still need my police record from Cuba. Thank you in advance Oscar
  9. hi everybody, i was wondering if theres somebody from Spain ? i would like to know how they work and somebody experience.
  10. Hi All! I have officially sent in my I-129F Petition for my Fiance in Spain! The moment I left the Fed-ex office was a sense of relief only to anxiously await the new journey of waiting that we are embarking on. An exciting type of waiting though! Anyone have any recent inquiries with waiting times from Spain? This website has been such a lifesaver with all the questions that come up along the way!
  11. Good evening fellow journeyers... We filed as CR-1. But since this process has been sooooo long, we'll have our 2 year wedding anniversary before the interview at the embassy. Do we need to do anything to change from CR-1 to IR-1? BEFORE we get the visa, I mean. I don't want to get a CR-1 which has conditions. Will the Embassy just give us an IR-1 automatically? If no one knows this for sure, what would be the best way to contact the (Madrid) embassy for such a question? Thanks everyone
  12. HI All, My fiancé and I are hoping, assuming all goes well from this point on, that he will be in the country sometime between November and late January (we got an RFE a week ago but I sent it right back and got an email two days later saying it'd been received). He and I will get married here once he arrives, obviously, but we were hoping to travel and maybe even have a wedding party in Spain next summer and/or at Christmas. Therefore, does anyone know the approximate duration of time it's taking for Spanish citizens to get AOS once marriage has taken place and the application has been submitted? Also, we have heard various things about the likelihood of his being able to travel. One Peruvian friend who just got her permanent green card and has been here for years said he'd have no problems getting Advance Parole. Another British friend said it's very likely he WON"T get AP since he's never lived here before. I'm mostly just wondering whether we'll be able to plan any international trips after he arrives. We both love to travel!
  13. Hello guys how you doing? So the other day we received a letter from the embassy (Madrid, Spain) to send them some documents (DS-160, Birth certificate, police records, etc) before we set an appointment. According to the person that is helping me, this is very weird because you usually fill the appointment and bring with you the documents that they need. To make a long story short we set the interview for August 31st. We have every document ready but we haven't send it to the consulate. Should I send a copy of every document and keep the original in case they don't make it on time? Should I send the original and keep the copies for the interview? Will the consulate cancel my appointment? Thank you for your time let me know if you can help me.