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Found 5 results

  1. My wife is a South Korean citizen. We recently got married and are about to file for her adjustment of status. The requirements for the I-485 state that she needs to provide a birth certificate. The only document she has is the Family Relation Certificate (가족관계증명소), but she doesn't currently have her "Basic Certificate". Will this suffice for applying for her green card? Or is it possible to submit the application now with just the Family Relation Certificate, and provide that Basic Certificate at a later date? I haven't seen any recent posts about this topic. Thank you!
  2. We have our interview for my husband(S.African) and I(American) in March but there is so much conflicting information between my instruction packet and the travel/state.gov website. We have made our interview appointment, and in the appointment confirmation page it says to submit financial and supporting documents to the NVC for review before the interview, but my CR1 Instruction packet doesn't mention this at all. Do CR1 applicants need to submit supporting document before the interview to the NVC or will the consulate officers at the Seoul Embassy just review the documents themselves on the day of the interview? Anybody out gone through this process when applying in S.Korea?
  3. Just a little note on my experience for those that may be considering DCF processing through the Seoul, South Korea field office. Overall the experience was great. The embassy officials and security staff were kind, helpful, considerate and professional. The total time to get through the whole process from arrival to finishing answering all our questions was around 20 min. They opened the customer window early because we were the only people there at the time and we were a few minutes early for our appointment. Here is a list of documents that they took when we submitted. In the end the list of documents asked for was minimal and pretty straight forward. 1. i-130 and i-130a petition 2. 2 color USA Passport size photographs. 1 each for both of us 3. Copies of the biographic pages of our passports 4. Copy of my alien registration card 5. Copy of my wife's Korean ID card 6. Copies of my wife's Korean Family Census Register - 3 separate parts as outlined on the Seoul Embassy website 7. Copy of our marriage certificate 8. Copies of my entry and exit into and out of Korea to coaberate my address history. 9. Fee of $535 USD The one thing that has surprised us both is how quick approval came. We applied on Friday September 9 just before the Labor Day weekend. We thought it would mean a delay of a few days in what was explained to be an 8 week process. Well, we were wrong. The USCIS approval came on Wednesday September 6. So in reality is took just 3 full business days to process us through DCF Seoul. Just keep in mind that our case is very rare. On average it is more like 5 weeks with more complicated cases taking longer. I hope this helps people get ready for this process. Also keep in mind that how well your documents are prepared will have a bearing on the time it takes to get through this stage. Make sure all copies of documents have a header that lists the petitioner and or beneficiary along with the date of birth. If you have an A-Number be sure to include that as well. Peace to all. Good luck and have a great one.
  4. Hello guys, I'm new to this site and need some advice. My background story: I'm an Indonesian and I've lived in Singapore between age 10 to 17. I then continued my study in the States where I met my fiancé. We dated for 7.5 years, 4 years while I was in the States and then a 3.5 year of long-distance relationship while I was living in China, Taiwan and South Korea for a year each. We took a 2-year break when I went back to Indonesia in early 2015 before we decided we wanted to be together. We've met 3 times in the last 1.5 year and we just got engaged. 1) I've been trying to find out on all the documents needed, and it says that I'll be needing police certificates from all the countries I've lived in for 12 months or more from 16 years old. So basically, I'll be needing at least 5 police certificates from 5 countries: Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and South Korea. I don't think I'll have any problem getting from Indonesia and Singapore, but my worry lies on getting from China, Taiwan and South Korea. I've read here on this forum that says I won't be able to obtain one if I'm not currently living in South Korea, getting one from China is really complicated and I’m not too sure about Taiwan. Do you think if I can provide a request letter from the Indonesian US Embassy it'll make things easier to obtain? If anyone had any experiences with getting police certificate from these countries please give some advice. And also, would I need one from the US too, because I've lived there before? 2) Another thing is my birth certificate and passport has my middle and last name typed together, but all of my US student identifications and SSN has my middle and last name separated. For example, my dad's family name is Smith. My brother's name is John Aiden Smith, but my name is Jane Doesmith. Basically I did not have a middle name when I was born. When my brother and I both applied for I-20, we wanted to avoid confusion and have the same last name. And so, we applied mine as Jane Doe Smith. I’ve also recently found out that my Indonesian ID and driver’s license have them separated too. Now I'm worried that this will be an issue. What do you guys think? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hi! Whilst waiting for NOA2 I'm trying to get some documents prepared. I've read that I will need a Police Certificate for every country I've lived in for more than a year to take to my interview. I lived in South Korea for a few years and can't seem to find any clear cut information on how to obtain a background check now I'm no longer in the country. I've tried searching through the forums, but can't find anything past 2015 about this. I fear my Google ability is not very good! Does anyone have any experience with obtaining a certificate from South Korea whilst in another country? Do I (beneficiary) and my fiance both need to get this? (We both lived in Korea). Any help is much appreciated! Thank you