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  1. Hey there VJers, I'm a Singaporean, 28th June K1-Visa Beneficiary. Just got NOA2, any advice for the interview or medical? ❤
  2. Hello everyone, I had my K1 visa interview last Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at the US Embassy in Singapore. The interview went exceedingly well, and it was over in 10 minutes. The consul did not even ask to see any relationship evidence. However, my medical was not delivered in time for the interview - it was delivered one day later, on 10th October. The consul told me aside from the medical report they were waiting on, my case looked good and I should expect to receive my visa on hand in about a week's time. My visa status on the CEAC website is still in Administrative Processing - my case was updated twice, on 12th and 17th October. I am kind of in limbo right now. It has been 9 working days since my interview. I've checked with a fellow Singaporean VJ-er who had her interview on the same day as I did, and her visa was promptly issued Monday, 15th October. P.S: If it was not for Fullerton Healthcare's negligence and inefficiency (!!!), I probably would have received my visa days ago. Singaporean filers, please be wary of Fullerton Healthcare. They have caused much distress. As I had a very short window between receiving Packet 3 and the Interview date (less than 14 days), I had to rush to have my medical done. I called Fullerton daily to remind them to expedite my report, but clearly it did not help. Would really appreciate if anyone here could give me an idea of when I should expect my visa status to change to 'Issued'? Surely a one-day delay of medical report delivery would not have such an impact on the processing time? Thank you!
  3. Hi guys! I just want to share with you how to get your police clearance from Singapore even if you're in the Philippines. If you've lived in Singapore for more than six months, then yes you do need to obtain a police clearance, or rather, a COC (Certificate of Clearance)from them. I'll be editing this as soon as I get an update. BTW, I applied for this for my K1 (fiancee) visa. Before proceeding, please also read the FAQs of the Singapore Police Force's website. Here goes: 1. Apply for an Appeal by Non-Singapore citizens to Apply for Certificate of Clearance. Please click the link and read the requirements needed, and I'll be elaborating the answers to usual questions about it below. BTW, the appeal is different from the actual application for COC. SPF (Singapore Police Force) needs to go through your request / appeal first and they'll approve it. Reason being, SPF doesn't really give out COCs just because. Requirements: Your FIN (Foreign Identification Number) - Just the number will do. I don't have a copy of my previous S Pass and they won't require it, just make sure that you can still remember your FIN. Scanned documentary proof indicating that a COC is required and for what purpose - I used my NOA2 for this. It's not indicated there that you need the clearance, so what I did was attach the K1 checklist found in US Embassy Manila's website. Scanned biometric page of applicant’s valid passport - Very straightforward, just give them a copy of your passport's biometric page (where your photo is) Scanned Identification Document (ID), front and back - I don't have a work permit anymore, I used my SSS card for this. Create one scan for front and another for the back. Scanned or digital passport-sized photograph - 400x514 pixels. Looks like Singapore's passport photo. I used a US passport-sized photo, scanned it, and cropped it to the required size. It's not exact, but it's within the 400x514 range. Valid Credit/Debit Card (VISA/MASTERCARD) or i-Banking account for online payment - I still have my Singapore account and I used I-banking for this. No worries if you use a normal credit card, as long as it's VISA/Mastercard and you can answer your bank's online security check that will prompt. I've read that previously they needed a bank draft, thankfully they now accept these modes of payment. Original hardcopy fingerprint impressions (Optional) - Since we're not in Singapore, then we have to mail it to them. More on this later. 2. After applying for the appeal, wait for a few days for their email. I applied mine on a Friday and got their response on Tuesday that my appeal was approved, and that it was time to Apply for the Certificate of Clearance. You have all the details saved on your profile, so all you need to do is to pay them. Make sure that your browser allows popups. 3. After payment, go back to your Application Portal (the first page). You should now see your your reference number in red. Print the page (The option for printing it is somewhere there). 4. Wait for their confirmation email with the receipt. The email will prompt you : Kindly mail us your hardcopy fingerprints together with a copy of the Acknowledgment Slip printed from the Application Portal 5. Time to get your fingerprints! No need to look for Singapore's fingerprint card, Camp Crame will give you a copy. This can be obtained in Camp Crame in Quezon City. Now, this was the part where all forums didn't even specify where and how to go or navigate from the gate. Read on! Bring a pen, wet wipes, and passport-sized photos with you. Each application needs 2 photos (1 for their copy and 1 for ours). I used my US visa photo so they just cut it to make it fit. Go to Camp Crame. I took a Grabcar all the way from the South, but if you're commuting, alight at Santolan-Annapolis MRT Station. There are also buses through EDSA, if you prefer to take the bus. Go to Gate 2. This is at the right side of the area. If you're walking, go past the vehicle entrance and you'll see another entrance for walk-ins. If I remember correctly, it's almost in front of an LBC store. Since I took a Grab, once in Gate 2, go straight then turn right. There will be a small intersection and you'll see the Crime Laboratory on the left side. If you're walking: Once inside Camp Crame, follow the vehicles' path from the gate. You'll see Landbank and a coffee shop/restaurants. There's also a clean restroom here. Walk past it until the non-airconditioned eatery. Turn right on the narrow street. At the end, you'll see the PNP Ladies' (I forgot the building name, but it has "Ladies" on it.) Then go to the right. You will see the Firearms building, and then the Crime Lab building. Go inside the building. Leave an ID at the front desk and tell the police your purpose. They'll accompany you to the door going to the back and will lead you to the Fingerprinting Department. Once there, go up then left. Enter the door and the nice old lady will give you a payment slip. Fill it out then go to Landbank. (Directions on how to go by foot: go out of the building, walk to the right, cross the street where there's a grill restaurant, walk through the narrow street, turn left.) Pay the PHP200 fee. If you're obtaining multiple cards for different purposes, the fee would be higher. Note that you need to bring your fan and a small towel with you (maybe some water too!) because the aircon here is totally not working properly especially when there are lots of people. I was there for 2 hours. Go back to the Fingerprinting Department and they'll give you the cards for you to fill out. If there are people queueing for fingerprints, you'll be given a number and you'll be asked to accomplish the cards downstairs. They'll call you once it's your turn. You can wash your hands there after fingerprinting. You can make use of your wet wipes here to wipe off additional ink smudges. Wait for a while and then they'll release the card to you. Go home! 6. Ship the fingerprints to Singapore. (I'll be doing this tomorrow, so I'll update this soon!) Back
  4. Any Singaporeans here who have Naturalized to US Citizens? I wanna pick your brain about withdrawing CPF funds after renouncing SG Citizenship.
  5. Anyone in Singapore processing k1 visa and has received the packet instructions for medical yet no scheduled interview date has given.
  6. My fiancée and I are January 2018 filers, almost 7 months into our wait for NOA2 now. She made 2 trips to the US last year. When we filed for the K-1 visa, we printed her electronic I-94 forms to show that she was in this country. I just got back from a trip to see her. In total, I visited 4 countries in 5 weeks: UK: Transit only. Since I didn't leave the airport, I didn't need a transit visa and didn't get a passport stamp. Singapore (her birth country, where she is a citizen): Both of us went there for about 2 weeks. My passport was only stamped on my initial arrival, not when we left. Malaysia: We took a day trip here for a pre-wedding photoshoot. I got passport stamps both entering and exiting Malaysia. Australia (her current country, where she is a permanent resident): I was there with her for about 3 weeks. I asked for a passport stamp both when I got there and when I left and was told that Australia no longer stamps passports. Usually what I've seen here (in terms of proving that you made the trip) is that I should use boarding passes, passport stamps, and photos at recognizable landmarks. I have some questions: Since I have boarding passes and luggage tags for all of my flights, and photos of me and my fiancée in both Singapore and Australia, should I be concerned about an RfE based on not having passport stamps? Do Singapore or Australia have equivalent online systems to the Electronic I-94, which I can use to prove that I was in these countries? What else can/should I use in lieu of my printed passport to show USCIS that I made this trip?
  7. Background: I just got NOA2 for my fiancee's K-1 visa, and I'm self-employed. I hope to transition back to full-time employment for someone else before my fiancee has her interview in Sydney. But essentially, we don't want to delay the wedding just because of my work because our scheduled date will be the only chance her family will get to come to the US for a while. I've had a couple of slow years in business in a row (did an unpaid business development program for most of last year and have encountered a much more difficult market this year), so I'll be trying to back up my future employment with my assets. I'm also doing my upfront research for all of the I-864 and other Adjustment of Status-related forms now while I have the time, instead of when I'm busier with work and married. However, in addition to my own accounts, my fiancee and I created another bank account that is in my name and linked in my bank to my other accounts. It will also have her name on it as a joint account after she moves here. We're using this account to save for our wedding, pay wedding expenses, and pay other household expenses in the future. I'll be contacting my bank soon to ask for an official form saying how much money I have in my accounts and so on (see the I-134 instructions). And I'm aware from other questions I've asked that I may not include my business account in this. How about the checking account that both my fiancee and I are contributing to, though? May I include this in my assets for both the I-134 and I-864, the I-864 only, or neither? Similar question for another account: My fiancee has an insurance account in Singapore (her birth/citizenship country) which she contributes hundreds of dollars to every month. I think it's CPF - will check with her. She said the account pays out around age 40 or so and would give us money to use on a house or whatever we need. Can an account like this be included in an affidavit of support?
  8. Hi, i just want to confirm.. for packet 3, i only need to send the page 3 of the instructions that the embassy sent to me, DS-160 confirmation page and the payment receipt right? So total 3 items only. I dont have to include page 1 & 2 of the instructions am i right? thank you all!
  9. is it possible to obtain a COC from Singapore if the person was only a tourist? meaning no FIN. Thanks for any help.
  10. Hello, just wondering if anyone had any experience with using a co-sponsor for the I-134 at a K1 visa interview, do they accept the use of a co-sponsor or not? We were looking at having a co-sponsor to supplement us just in case as my fiancé works seasonally so we don't have recent paystubs for him yet. Thank you for your help
  11. maxxann

    Certificate of Marriage USEM

    Hi All I have a question regarding the certificate of marriage. I am filipina residing and working in Singapore. We got married here in 2016 but our lawyer told us we should file our petition in the Philippines. Now I have received an email from the USEM that I need PSA marriage certificate but unfortunately, the PSA has not converted the marriages from 2016 into their system and would require a manual search which would take half a month and my interview is scheduled this Tuesday. Now in the USEM checklist, the marriage certificate asked was "For Philippine marriages" should be PSA issued. My MC is Singapore registered but I do have the report of marriage receipt from the Philippine Embassy SG on hand, all original copies. I also asked for a verification search in the SG Registry to prove that a marriage between us did happen in 2016 and that our names appear in the SG civil registry. It is a bit conflicting that the email asked for a PSA issued, but in the checklist, it says it is only for Philippine marriages. Is there anyone here with the same situation? Our lawyer in NYC said that the email may be automated and listed the documents without taking in consideration that I am not residing in the Philippines or married in the Philippines. I am just still worried about this.
  12. Hi I need help, my interview is on March 1, and I need to get police clearance from singapore, anyone know how to get a letter from the embassy saying it’s needed? Anyone had the same situation? What did you do? Where did you go for the fingerprint scanning? I am applying for an appeal to get my COC, i have lived in singapore for exactly 12 months because I was on the job training when i was in college. Thank you guys!!
  13. Hello guys, I'm new to this site and need some advice. My background story: I'm an Indonesian and I've lived in Singapore between age 10 to 17. I then continued my study in the States where I met my fiancé. We dated for 7.5 years, 4 years while I was in the States and then a 3.5 year of long-distance relationship while I was living in China, Taiwan and South Korea for a year each. We took a 2-year break when I went back to Indonesia in early 2015 before we decided we wanted to be together. We've met 3 times in the last 1.5 year and we just got engaged. 1) I've been trying to find out on all the documents needed, and it says that I'll be needing police certificates from all the countries I've lived in for 12 months or more from 16 years old. So basically, I'll be needing at least 5 police certificates from 5 countries: Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and South Korea. I don't think I'll have any problem getting from Indonesia and Singapore, but my worry lies on getting from China, Taiwan and South Korea. I've read here on this forum that says I won't be able to obtain one if I'm not currently living in South Korea, getting one from China is really complicated and I’m not too sure about Taiwan. Do you think if I can provide a request letter from the Indonesian US Embassy it'll make things easier to obtain? If anyone had any experiences with getting police certificate from these countries please give some advice. And also, would I need one from the US too, because I've lived there before? 2) Another thing is my birth certificate and passport has my middle and last name typed together, but all of my US student identifications and SSN has my middle and last name separated. For example, my dad's family name is Smith. My brother's name is John Aiden Smith, but my name is Jane Doesmith. Basically I did not have a middle name when I was born. When my brother and I both applied for I-20, we wanted to avoid confusion and have the same last name. And so, we applied mine as Jane Doe Smith. I’ve also recently found out that my Indonesian ID and driver’s license have them separated too. Now I'm worried that this will be an issue. What do you guys think? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Hi VJ people! I am applying for K1 visa soon (My fiance is in America) and was wondering if anyone could share you recent experiences with me , preferably if you come from South East Asia countries like me (I am Indonesian but I I grew up in Singapore, working here currently) : - What kind of evidences did you give to proof your bona fide relationship? How much of evidences shall I give? (I have pictures, videos and letters from my fiance, are these enough)? - What other documents must I produce in order to show that we are intending to marry each other besides a signed letter from both parties? - How long did you take to get from NOA1 to NOA2? - I saw some forum that some people had to give RFE even though they gave a lot of evidences, how much of evidence must I give? - Will it help to speed up my process if I produce my document that I have a permanent residency in Singapore? (Singapore and US has good ties) Thanks!
  15. My Fiancée lives and works in Singapore, but may change addresses before her interview at the embassy there (she is a Filipina, but decided she doesn't want to have her interview in Manila). Does the "beneficiary mailing address" in the form I129-F matter for delivery of the interview packet from the Singapore Embassy,? Do they send the packet by e-mail, or how does that work? In case she moves, how can she change her mailing address in Singapore? Appreciate all the help. This is an amazing community! Duane
  16. Hi all, I’m just now really starting to research the K-1 visa process. There might be some pretty significant barriers to getting us approved. I am an American living in the US. My girlfriend is a Singaporean citizen and a permanent resident of Australia. She travels back to Singapore each year to see her family. We met in person earlier this year, and later this year we will meet in person again. If and when we get married, we would both be in our 30s, so we don’t want too long of a delay. We're talking about applying for the K-1 visa within the next 6 months, with a goal of getting married by the end of 2018. As far as my work: I am a full-time self-employed, mostly hourly freelancer with an LLC. For tax year 2016, I made just under U.S. $75,000. Earlier in 2017, I did an expensive and intensive training program for my business. I wasn’t earning much at all during that period. Client work has been slower this year too, so I am probably not turning a profit this year in my business. I probably won’t exceed $20k in revenue even though business is improving now, which puts me under poverty level. First, I have 3 questions about the K-1 visa and the I-129: The K-1 visa’s I-129 form requires her to file a form with a U.S. embassy or consulate. Does she have to file it in person, or can she mail it? Australia is big, and she doesn’t live within driving distance of a U.S. embassy or consulate. She probably won’t be able to take off from work to go to one either. Should she get her application processed in Australia or Singapore? At what points in the process would she need to travel to an embassy or consulate? Is there a way to combine these so that it doesn’t cost us too much or take too much of her time? Second, I have 4 questions about the income requirement and qualifying quarters: Can I use my return from tax year 2016 instead of tax year 2017 for my income requirement? (And does this depend on when I file the visa application?) If I have to use tax year 2017’s income, and I were to get another job soon or early next year, when would I be able to get a K-1 application for her approved? Does Singapore or Australia accept joint sponsorships? Due to layoffs and health problems, I had several gaps in my work history - some full quarters that wouldn’t have qualified. If that happens again, does that mean she would have to leave the US - even if she’s working here? Can some form of insurance keep that from happening? I’m sorry to ask so many questions at once. I’m trying to figure out what is common knowledge and what I’d need to ask a lawyer about.
  17. Hello We are a couple. I'm a US resident and my fiance is a Vietnam Citizen and we are wanted to get married in February. We are considering getting married in Nepal, or in Singapore or in Vietnam. Has anyone had previous experience of getting married in either of these countries and what are the regulations, documents, and amount of time it takes for foreigners to get married in Nepal, Singapore and Vietnam? thanks so much for any information you can provide and recommendations on getting married in these countries.