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Found 11 results

  1. Hi im about to book my interview appointment but i dont know what will i enter in priority date cause nithong was written in my noa2. And plus my passport is in the philippines and i renew it in riyadh.what will i enter in the issuance place.please help me.thanks
  2. So nvc sent us an email awhile ago, saying our documents are qualified and that they will be coordinating with the embassy for the scheduling or our interview. How long does it take fow the interview schedule to come? Our priority date is Dec 2016. Will they wait for ot to become current before they will schedule our interview or they can schedule our interview one month before it will become current?
  3. Hi guys, I am trying to get a good idea of who has already been scheduled for ghana for family based (no K-1 please) visa recently? Please reply and if you can, please let me know the Case Completion Date and the Visa Interview Date as well. Thank you all.
  4. me and my fiance just got our NOA2 few days ago, we are prepared for medicals and police check, should we schedule now for 8 to 10 weeks away or wait for the nvc. i know people have had issues booking an appointment. what experiences have people had or advice.
  5. We had our K1 Interview scheduled for Nov 2, 2018 but due to a needed medical treatment we had to cancel and reschedule for after Nov 23 after all results are back. I am looking and there is literally only 1 date available for the rest of the 2018 calendar year (Nov 9), and nothing shows for 2019 either. Does anyone know how often they open up dates to interviews? Is it a couple weeks at a time? Judging that there is nothing available in the foreseeable future I am assuming that they open up dates gradually. Would love some insight if you have it. Thanks!
  6. julieascott


    Hi all. I am kinda trying to cut corners to make things fast. I am still waiting for my mom's visa to be issued and delivered. She only needs a sticker since she will come on IR5 visa. Will I have to wait for a soonest available date or can I set a next day appointment. Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone- My British wife finally got assigned an interview date in the London embassy, scheduled 17 days after our notification. Official guides we had been sent said to wait until the interview was scheduled before arranging a medical exam. Immediately after getting the interview date, she called the medical clinic and they said there weren't any appointment slots available until the day after the interview, which we grabbed. Now we know that she won't be able to get a formal visa approval at the interview because technically the application documents are incomplete- Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid/resolve this? They said there is a long waitlist for filling in cancelled slots so that doesn't seem to be a viable option. Any idea how long it would take the medical clinic to send records to embassy/get approval? Any way to expedite that process? Thanks! -B
  8. Hello, I'm looking for information from anyone who has rescheduled their interview for a future date in Montreal. I'd like to reschedule because it's difficult for me to make the interview, but wondering what the drawbacks are (aside from the main drawback of waiting longer for my visa). I've applied for a K3, sponsored by my American wife, currently living in Canada. Looking for either general information about your experience, or answers to the following questions. Anything is greatly appreciated, thanks! 1. What reasons did you have to give to reschedule, if any? 2. How much longer did you have to wait for your visa by rescheduling? 3. Did you have to take the next available date or were you given options of future dates?
  9. Hello everyone on VJ please I Need your Help!! i was at nvc stage and I Did an expedite request and it was approved by Senegal 🇸🇳 Dakar Embassy for medical Emergencies, and NVC send my files to the embassy and the embassy has received the files and CEAC shows (Ready)!! To schedule and interview, or wait for Embassy instruction email, and the embassy have receive my files since 02/28/18! do you know how long it takes the embassy to send the interview schedule, and I have email the 3 times but no response yet?? Thanks in advance
  10. Good Evening Everyone, I'm Jay (UK Citizen by birth) and my Wife is Christina (American Citizen by birth) We were married in America in October '16 and live in the UK since Feb 17' Christina is here on a 30 month spouse visa. We have been discussing renewing her visa or relocating to America for a couple of months and have come to the decision we would like to live in America. We have been reading up on IR-1 visas and are hoping to submit our I-130 forms here in the UK in October 2018 with a view to moving in October 2019. This may seem a long way into the future, but we like to be prepared and have a house in the UK to sell as well as looking into flying our dog to America with as little stress as possible for him. My main questions at the moment are with regards to the 'steps' to the application process (and i know its almost impossible to say) but if anyone can add timescales to it aswell. MY current research suggests the following 1) Submit I-130 and I-130a forms concurrently to a UK address along with all supporting Documentation (I've read this somewhere but don't have it to hand) 2) Receive OF169 and OF230 Parts 1 and 2 3) fill out these forms as well as an I864 form For both Christina and her mother who will be our Sponsor and return to an address i'm unsure of. 4) Invited to interview at local consulute (London) 5) take I-485 forms as well as all supporting documentation to interview, 6) Receive a decision during interview and receive stamp in passport 7) Travel to America and on Arrival, residents status will be granted 8) receive green card in the Mail. However, I'm unsure of information regarding the Medical, are you advised when to book it and where to book it? is that part of the correspondence that arrives with you when you receive the OF169 and OF230 forms? Apologies in advance for what i'm sure is a repeat question, i just can't seem to find a clear 'process line' or 'timeline' Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, everyone! Thank you in advance for your responses. I just wanted to make sure of this: I just paid the visa fee for a K-1 visa interview at the US Embassy in Colombia, but when I proceeded to schedule the interview, the dates available are up until Dec 29th. The calendar still shows next year's months but they are all grayed out and can't be selected. I wanted to schedule my interview for January since that's for when my fiancé and I have planned to take time off from our jobs. My questions is, is this normal? I selected the date as the last day of December hoping to reprogram it later, but I fear the Embassy might not open next year's dates until after January 1st. I would like to know if some of you might've come across this kind of situation during your process for any kind of visa (specially at Bogota's US Embassy), and how things sorted out. Thank you, again!