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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am just wondering if anyone else out there has guilt of moving away from their parents and siblings in this process? I am very close with my family and my petition just got approved but now the tough feelings are setting in. I just wonder if there are other people out there who feel this guilt or is this something that shouldn't be happening. I'm not sure why it bothers me, just upset to be missing out on all the things involved when I'm in the same city as my family and not coping well with the change. Don't get me wrong I am super excited of course to start my new life and finally be reunited with my fiancé, however just looking for some tips or acknowledgement that I am not alone. Thanks for reading Brentwood
  2. Hello, I can't help but seem to constantly worry and it is really starting to eat away at me. I guess coming from Canada where I have always felt safe, I can't help but read the headlines and see the titles that read 'WW3 imminent', 'prepare for nuclear war', 'who will win the U.S. or Russia'. I really hope that I'm not alone in this but the fear of a nuclear war really terrifies me. I know in the summer there was more propaganda about a war with North Korea? I just want to know that I am not alone and if anyone else has these anxieties what helps them to calm them? It really terrifies me some days more than others it affects my day. My sister always just says if there is a nuclear war no one will live anyways so it won't matter where you are Any help is appreciated <3 BRENTWOOD
  3. Hi! I'm new here, i'm very sorry if this is not in the correct topic location. I am in desperate need of advise relating to my current position. I am currently in Ohio, visiting my boyfriend & have been here for nearly two weeks, this is my second visit. I am here via the Visa Waiver Program(VWP) from the United Kingdom. I had no intention of staying past my planned trip, i have a car on finance, credit cards & a job all back home, however my boyfriend proposed to me two days ago & at the spur of the moment we got married the next day. I am now married to a USC and i do not want to leave my husband! Am i able to AOS to a cr1? Will this be denied & i get deported? I have some money with me to last until i get an EAD & my partner works a well paid job. My mother in law is willing to help us with any references or money should this become an issue. I'm very new, and am not sure what rights i have, if any?! I can comfortably pay for my car and credit cards whilst here & pay my way here. I haven't much clothing however my partner says he will take me shopping & my parents back home told me they can send all my belongings including my dog should i be staying. I know i can return home & save money whilst waiting for a CR1 visa to be processed over the next year however i don't want to spend the first year married but apart, as i can only have a certain amount of time off work & the flights amount to a lot of money over a year! I also do not want to be restricted as to how long i can stay for each visit & having to prove i'm purely visiting whilst a cr1 visa is currently being processed. Can someone help me? I am very scared and do not know what to do! We both know we should of just processed a k1 visa, however we was not aware of the visa processes & never researched them as we have only been dating for 6 months. I hope someone can help us! Thank you!! x
  4. Hi All, Me & my fiance, Mark, have decided to get married on New Years Day, we were originally going to go through the K1 process and then get married once it granted etc. However as i'm visiting him in the states again during xmas and new year we have settled on New Years Day getting married within a courthouse, all nice and simple. Then i return home on the 6th January, as planned. We expect to file the I-130 on the day after our wedding to make things simple and ensure that everything is sent (we will be preparing the forms etc from now up to the 2nd January) and done before i leave. However i have been reading that it may take up to 14 months after all the process up to consulate interview?! Where as i'm reading the K1 is quicker and issued within 10 months maximum! We are a very strong couple and are prepared to be apart for the process because we know that the rest of our lives will be together. I know a lot of LDR couples find it hard, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes, right? We are also looking at this from a financial stand point and it seems to be cheaper and far more financially responsible? Are we likely to run into a long process of up to 14 months? or should we just bite our tongues, spend more and obtain the K1 Then AOS? Please help us before we continue making up our packets please!! Thanks,
  5. Hi All, I'm new on here so please accept apologies if this has already been addressed/asked before or I've put this in the wrong category! I'm a UK Born Citizen, My fiance is a US Born Citizen, we have been dating for 5 months & i visited him for the first time in September. We spent 2 weeks together, it was magical & we new from then we didn't want anyone else ever & we just clicked. Any way, on the day of leaving i got emotional & when at the airport i asked him to marry me (Yes a woman asked a man to marry her-i can see how this looks & it makes me look desperate.) he said yes. Bare in mind we spoke about this whilst i was there and we nearly got married in the two weeks i was there but things kept coming up & getting in the way. So from then on we new we were engaged & that we needed to look at the ways i can remain or leave & return permanently. On my return home we've been looking at K1 & CR1 visa's & we cannot determine which is the quicker more financially sensible. This is where you all come in & voice your opinion - would it be easier and more financially viable to marry on my next visit on the 22nd December & return home (my return flight is on the 6th January) then my partner file for CR1 or do we go down the K1 visa route & then AOS to CR1 once i'm there? I have no plans to stay once we are wed. We were looking and planning on having an elopement wedding & my partner just wants to marry me as soon as i'm back with him, he stated he would marry me in Hocking hills, Ohio or on the beach, gulf shores (Alabama). The only problem is looking at K1 & CR1 visa processing times the K1 seems to be the faster approved & the CR1 means i would have the remain her upto 14 months (with constant visits) before i could enter as an Immigrant CR1 Approved. So everyone if you could help me with this.. I just would like someone to help me, as in financially more sensible but also the quicker route Thank you all in advance!!! T x