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  1. Hi, My husband is adjusting status through marriage to me and we received an RFIE for his birth certificate. We sent his foreign record of birth from Iran (called a Shenasnameh), along with an English translation and certified statement from the translator. It states, "You have submitted an English translation of a foreign birth certificate for the applicant; please submit a copy of the applicant's foreign birth certificate issued by the appropriate civil authority. Information on acceptable birth records for people born outside the United states can be found at http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/fees/reciprocity-by-country.html." According to their link, the Shenasnameh is exactly the document they are asking for- it includes all the necessary information, so we aren't sure how to respond without another rejection. We want to send it and the translation again with printouts of the travel.state.gov website that they linked to. Please look at our cover letter below which includes some information and see if that may be ok? Thanks!! In response to your “Request for Initial Evidence (I-485)” receipt number MSCXXXXX, requesting the foreign birth certificate issued by the appropriate civil authority, please find the following documents enclosed: Original “Request for Initial Evidence” letter and the envelope Shenasnameh (foreign birth record) for the applicant, FirstName LastName: According to the U.S. Department of State’s Iran Reciprocity Schedule: https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/fees/reciprocity-by-country/IR.html "§ Birth Certificates · Please see the Identity Card tab for information on documents that function as Iranian birth certificates." "§ Identity Certificates (Shenasnameh) · Available. Identity certificates (Shenasnameh) showing the date and place of birth, parents' names, place of residence, and marital history where appropriate, are issued to Iranian nationals in urban centers by the Department of National Registration and Statistics (Edareh Sabt Ahval va Omar) and in rural regions by district (Bakhsh) offices of the Department. These are accepted by the Embassy in lieu of birth certificates for visa purposes." English translation of Shenasnameh from Farsi/Persian Certification by Translator Template for certification obtained by translator from USCIS https://www.uscis.gov/forms/forms-and-fees/general-tips-assembling-applications-mailing
  2. RD Date: 10/4/17 for I-485 and I-765. Biometrics completed on 11/6/17. RFIE/RFE on 4/30/18 on I-485 for Birth Certificate. My lawyer should be submitting a response on Monday (7/9/18) if everything looks OK on my Birth Certificate with English Translation. I wonder if my clock will start over for both applications? No RFIE/RFE on I-765 though. Is it a good idea to submit secondary evidence say Affidavits as well?
  3. How common is it to get a RFIE/RFE a second time? I received a RFIE for Birth Certificate with English Translation and the RFIE always has all the documents they need before they can move further right? Only document listed in there was my BC. The RFIE also has the acronym RFE in it. What are the chances I will get a second RFIE/RFE a second time for a another document required? RD: 10/4/17 for I-485 Supplement A and I-765. Biometrics completed: 11/06/17. RFIE: 4/30/18 for I-485.
  4. Hi I'm a US citizen born and raised. My wife and i have been married 3 years. We moved to US last year after she got into a university here. We applied for AOS I485, I130, I765, I131, i693 etc after first semester. We sent documents in January 2018 and now August 1st received a txt saying a RFIE was sent out August 1st. We have had no other updates since the biometrics appointment but now this... Our package was huge with a tonne of evidence and the medical and joint sponsor forms ( as I havent filed taxes in the US because we lived in th UK where I am also citizen. ) We have been together for nearly 10 years and proof in pictures etc and other evidence. So we are really worried what this RFIE could be about and or what problems we could encounter given we submitted everything and more then what we had to...with help from a immigration lawyer. Service center is MSC and local office Charleston S.C Any info or experiences you could share would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you
  5. So after waiting 6.5 months I received an RFIE for my I-485 based on wrong version of my birth certificate. I filed Jan 5th 2018. Received RFIE end of June. Sent response to which they received 7th July 2018. I raised an inquiry into my i-765 as I've been waiting 6.5 months now. Today they sent me a letter back to day I'm in normal time because my clock has been reset back to 0! After 6.5 months I have to do this whole wait all over again!!!!!!? Anyone else had experience with an RFIE so long after your PD and how it affected your EAD/AP?!
  6. Hi all, Today I just got a pink RFIE letter with one bullet: The petitioner/sponsor on Form I-864 affidavit of support, must submit a complete Federal income tax return submitted to the internal revenue service (IRS) for the most recent tax year. If you were not required to file a federal income tax return under U.S. tax law, attach a written explanation of why you are not required to file. We sent to USCIS in November 2017 my wife's (sponsor): Form I-864, Employer Statement, Bank Statement, Full Tax Returns (2011-2016), 401k summary, Life Insurance Statement and Pay-Stubs. I saw some people saying to start a new I-864 and send everything (all the documents cited above) again. Is that right? Or should I just send what they asked: the 2017 Full tax return with the RFE letter? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello. I had a RFIE to submit an English Translation of my Birth Certificate. I-130 Approved. I-485/I-765 - RD 10/4/17. RFIE: 4/30/18. My attorney submitted the ‘Extract’ from KMC. It does say Birth Cert on top right though. That is all we had. Local Consulate in USA did provide it but I don’t think it will be accepted according to the Travel State Gov website. Another issue I am having is that my NICOP has incorrect Day/Month. My birthday is January 10th but on the Card it says October 1st. Difference of 10/1 vs 1/10. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Pakistan.html The above website lists what is accepted. I am in a process of getting NADRA BC based on Union Council and the service I am using is Mamoo In Pakistan to get it. The estimated time to get the document is June 10th. I guess my Green Card will have the incorrect date? That can be corrected later though. I am attempting to correct my DOB on NICOP but they want to see a U.S Passport and/or Resident card in which I don't have. All my documents including my country of citizenship Passport has the correct DOB as well as my Mother's passport. The 'Extract' BC has the correct DOB as well.
  8. Request for Initial Evidence Was Mailed On April 30, 2018, we mailed a request for initial evidence for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSC-. The request for evidence explains what we need from you. We will not take action on your case until we receive the evidence or the deadline to submit it expires. Please follow the instructions in the request for evidence. If you do not receive your request for evidence by May 30, 2018, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. 10/4/17 was RD but why would I get a RFIE? It should be RFE right? I am afraid that I won't be able to provide the document(s) that I think they need. This is very depressing. I am losing hope here. My lawyer says to wait for the mail first. I see some people getting it for latest year W-2 document because they had not filed the return yet but the case took enough that when they had to provide tax return for 2017 but they could later. I pray that it is just that for me so I can submit it. Background: Current home country Passport has been expired for few years. Also, no advance parole/travel forms were submitted. The U.S Citizen mother (Physical presence in Texas, USA) filed an I-130 for her Overstayed Visa Son 21 and over unmarried (Physical presence In Texas, USA) through an Attorney. Priority date June 9th, 2011. It was approved on May 19th, 2014. Priority date is Current as of the October 2017 Visa Bulletin. The beneficiary also had an Application for Alien Employment Certification paper work done employer (California) signature dated March 6th, 2001. Beneficiary Signature and date on March 11th, 2001 (Different Attorney). Form is ETA 750 A and B. The problem is that the Attorney that filed the I-130 is asking for receipt date April 30th, 2001 or earlier. The Attorney that filed it back in 2001 has the ETA 750 says: (Make no entry in section - for Government use only Date Forms received April 12th, 2001 Occ Code is filled. Occ Title is filled. It also says RSH/EDD on the left side. A 4 digit code written. Replaces MA 7-50A, B and C (April 1970 Edition which is obsolete). Part B Page has a blank section in Endorsements. DATE REC DOL / O.T & C is Blank. The attorney that filed Application for Alien Employment Certification in 2001 says: CA was not issuing acknowledgement notices like TX. Forms with date stamp by the state agency are acceptable and says they have handled several successful cases like this with this sort of evidence. 10/4/17 Receipt Date for I-485 & I-765. I-765 still says 'Case was received'. 11/6/17 Biometrics completed. 4/30/18 - RFIE on I-485.
  9. Hello just looking for some insight if anyone has had a similar situation. Here is my AOS filing history: August 15 2017- married September 25 2017- packet sent to USCIS September 26 2017- delivered to USCIS Chicago [day 0] October 24 2017- biometrics appointment [day 28] December 27 2017- inquiry about EAD [day 92] January 4 2018- RFIE mailed to lawyer [day 100] January 19 2018- RFIE response mailed to USCIS [day 115] January 26 2018- USCIS received response to RFIE [day 122] Basically, I submitted all required documents via my lawyer. We received the RFIE because my lawyer incorrectly put their law firm address where our US mailing address should have went. That was the only reason for the request for evidence. USCIS received the response on January 26. I am wondering how long this will delay my whole case and when should i expect a decision and my work permit? Has anyone had a situation like this before? I have no criminal history or problems with immigration. I am a Canadian citizen. Thank you for any insight!
  10. Received RFIE letter in the mail today. Similar to this letter We believe we got this because the 2016 tax return income was only $10,000, due to unemployment for some of the year because of attending school. We did not explain that in the package. Since the beginning of 2017, the annual income is now over $30,000. We are now collecting everything and writing a letter to explain the 2016 situation. Any suggesting or tips?