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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone! I (US citizen) just married my sweetheart last week in Amman, Jordan Prior to that, I lived in Jordan for the past 19 years, then in the past 6 months before most recently coming back to Jordan, I was back in the USA doing job interviews to set up a domicile, and will hopefully be starting work as a physician there in July. Reading everyone's experiences here and online research makes it clear that DCF is the best option to bring my wife back home with me quickly. I have an appointment to file I-130 next week at the USCIS office in Amman, and was curious: 1. For physical address in the past 5 years, I had lived at the same address in Jordan but as I mentioned I was traveling around the USA on job interviews for the past months. The address in Jordan was still available to me at this time, so I'm wondering what to put in that field. In other words, should I put all of the addresses of hotels, Airbnbs, etc. over the past 6 months, or just the address in Amman? 2. Regarding the residency requirement in the country in which I'm filing DCF, would I meet the requirement, considering the many years I was in Jordan, and that I have Jordanian citizenship as well? I'm asking in particular about this most recent stint in the US to establish my career and our domicile, does that have any effect on the requirement? Warm regards to all of you, and thanks in advance!
  2. DaySionRamirez

    Prep for Interview

    Hello all! We are waiting for my husband's interview date at this time and are looking to prep for the final step of this process! What kinds of questions can he expect? Do we need to provide proof of our relationship even though our I-130 was approved? Will they be examining our relationship? What kinds of things should he expect and prep for during the interview? Anyone who has gone through this process specifically in Guatemala able to offer any insight? Thanks!
  3. It's now a year and 1/2 since we first applied for our AOS and we are at a standstill. Now the EAD is held up as well (filed in February 2018 to renew). Two weeks ago, I requested a status on the UCIS site. They said they will not respond until June 8th. Since our interview (July 2017), I have visited UCIS offices and called to inquire on our status countless times. No one is able to give us a status and although many folks are suffering over the same issue, I just can't rest easy until we receive his green card. Wouldn't we receive an RFE by now if there was anything missing? I have pondered up at least 8 to 9 scenarios as to why we're having to wait this long. One being simply being because we interviewed in New York and NY offices are overwhelmed with cases. Anyway, just thought I'd share a bit of what my husband and I are experiencing should anyone be in the same predicament. Thanks
  4. For listing residences for the past 5 years on the i129f form, how thorough do you need to be? My fiance and I backpacked through South America for one year. We had tourist visas in the countries we staid in. We did stay in certain places for around a month or two, which I don't consider to be residency, but I don't want this coming back and biting us in the butt. Also, should I include my address from my 6 week study abroad program (also while on a tourist visa)? Thanks in advance!
  5. USC Husband stationed in Germany, qualifying for DCF for i-130. Question is, does beneficiary need to be a resident of Germany or is it enough that they can reside there through the process and have Co/address there?
  6. jcal04

    Can anybody help?

    Hello! I have been going through a tough journey and don't know where or who to ask what is going on. I've been trying to become a U.S Resident since I was 16. I was born in Mexico. Was taken to the US at 8 months old. I had been living in the US all the way up until I was 18. I returned to Mexico because my attorney said I had to go back or i'd be in the US voluntarily illegal. So, I went to Mexico on February 2016. I my Residency Interview date on August 2016 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MX. The officer asked me for the name of the US Citizen parent who was sponsoring me, the day he got married to my mom and how long I had been in the US. After that, he said everything went well and no document was missing, but handed me a blue sheet that says Section 221g. I have not heard anything since that day. My case still says Administrative Processing. Why? I want to apply for a Tourist Visa and have my interview on April 16 & 17. Will this past process affect me in some way? I'm also worried to apply for the Visa because both my mother and I are sponsored by my stepfather and she is undergoing this process as well but she is in the US currently and still a hardworking immigrant. The attorneys don't help anymore and haven't done anything. I'm 20 now and want to go back to see my mo already
  7. I have been reading so many conflicting answers about this. I really need to be clear: I want to direct consular file (DCF) a spouse visa for my wife at the embassy in Manila, Philippines. I am not a permenant resident (13a). I will of been here however for a minimum of 6 months, by renewing my tourist status. I do have an ACR card. I do have a joint condo lease in both of our names. We do have a joint bank account. I do not have any utilities in my name (they are in the landlord's name). Half of the posts I read say anything short of legal permenant residence (13a) will disqualify. Half the posts say it does not matter if I am there as a tourist, or any regard of what the status is, as long as I am legally in the country and can prove it had been 6 months. I also see so many people try to ask this same question in often less direct ways, and do not get a valid straight answer. I am sure many of us in this situation would love to know. Oh, and emailing the embassy is rather pointless as you just get the robotic inconclusive responses. SO, WHICH IS IT? Thank You.
  8. Turnsawrench

    Real estate

    Hi all I came to the us to see if we were meant to be together and found that we did not want to be apart. I purchased a property as it was economically a better way to go than renting. We did get married and applied for a change of residency which is still pending. As time was dragging out waiting for work permits etc money was getting tight and we decided as my wife has close family members with health issues that we would sell my property in Canada. This is where the problem begins. I get blind sided by an apparent rule from the CRA that they were going to hold 25% of the gross sale price of my property. No heads up from any of the professionals until the deal is done. in trying to get answers I found one other person this had happened to and was informed it was horrible they took the money and sat on it until the taxes were filed for the year in which it was sold. In my case this will leave me in a horrible situation for possibly over a year. I don't think at this point I can do anything but if this helps anyone else I am glad. Any comments would be appreciated Thx
  9. I was going to post this under my original thread, but the link was closed so I'm posting in the event it helps anyone else who was in my situation at any point: Basically, denied a concealed handgun permit for a non-resident VA CHP (non-resident as in resident of another of the 49 states). Couldn't get one in NC at the time because they allowed permanent residents to buy guns, but wouldn't issue CHPs unless you were a citizen. This has now been overturned as unconstitutional anyway. Didn't make sense because NC recognises all other states permits... Anyway, VA denied me on the grounds of being a 'conditional resident' rather than actually what I was at the time (lawful conditional permanent resident). Appealed and denied, until I stated mentioning civil rights violations to the VA State Police professional standards dept. My final response that made them see the light is below incase it's useful to anyone. Don't give up if you have this sort of hassle, remember the Constitution applies to everyone within the US or under their jurisdiction. Would it be legal to deny the 5th amendment rights (due process) to a tourist in the USA when charged of a crime while on holiday here? Nope.
  10. I have heard from 2 permanent residents that if I legally adopt my new stepdaughter (on a K-2 visa), that I would not need to apply and pay the $1200 Adjustment of Status for her green card and permanent residency. This sounds too good to be true. Any information on this ?
  11. Hi guys! I'm a USC currently living in Australia. Over the past several years, I've travelled quite a bit with my husband. I'm pregnant atm. Not due until next year but I wanted to look into the citizenship process for the baby. My husband's not a USC, if that matters but he did have a green card that's expired now. I know this has been asked quite a lot but I'm a bit confused about the CRBA residency requirement. I've spent a chunk of my life in the states. I went to high school as well as community college there. But I've never filed any tax returns and only had a rental apartment for a few month before I started travelling. I have a feeling I might not qualify for the residency requirement. My question is- has anyone gone through this? How was the process? Tedious and long or was it pretty straightforward? Also, would it be better if I gave birth in the States and then just returned to Australia afterwards? I plan on moving back home in a year or so anyways. My hubby's a student here and he'll be done with uni by then. That's why I want everything in order for the baby so there's no last minute surprises or long application wait times, etc. I'd appreciate any advice you guys can offer!