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Found 12 results

  1. kex80148

    Omegle an IMB?

    Hello, My fiancé and I are currently going through the process of putting together the I-129F petition. We met on Omegle.com and since it is not considered an IMB to our knowledge, we wanted to make that as clear as possible to prevent an RFE. Since we could not find any Terms of Service, we just wanted to include the Privacy Policy and the Wikipedia article in addition to our explanation in the letter as follows: << I first met my fiancé online, on ‘omegle.com', which is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register. (Please Note: omegle.com is not considered an International Marriage Broker. It is used free of charge and without the need to register. The service of Omegle randomly pairs users regardless of their location, origin, gender, or country of citizenship in one-on-one anonymous chat sessions. Omegle does not match U.S. citizens/residents with aliens as their principal business.) On this site, we chatted via webcam/audio and realized we shared many common interests and hobbies. On ‘omegle.com', We exchanged phone numbers in order to communicate via iMessage and FaceTime, which we still do today. >> Should that be enough of an explanation with the attached documents to prevent getting an RFE? Thank you so much in advance! Best, Kristen & Martin
  2. I just got the RFE letter today. I honestly don't know how to do this now. Is this necessary to hire a lawyer at this point? I feel like it is getting serious now. I am leaving for China in about 2 wks, back on March 2. My response must be received by April 8, 2019. If I submit it after I come back from China, is that too late for that? It mentioned that "the time period does not cover the entire life span of your marriage ". So I need to submit those documents that were mentioned in the letter from the December 2014 until today??? Serious??? Pls, give me some suggestions.
  3. Hello! So I'm probably asking a dumb question but I couldn't seem to find anything like it on here yet and you guys are always great with questions lol Ok, so we got our request for evidence on our I-751 Not too worried at the moment seeing as it has been about 17months since we filed and done all the bio stuff. But my question it just about the Joint lease we are going to include. Our lease is about 50 pages long and we have 3 of them as we've moved 3 times since getting married due to rising rent. We don't have our own printer and it looks like it'll cost us about $40 or so just to print out one entire lease contract. Does anyone know if you can just send specific pages? Like the first 2 or so and the last few 🤔 Thanks!
  4. Hi Vjs. I also had my k1 interview in seoul southkorea but am Ugandan by nationality. It was on 12th october 2018, it went quite well since i had all the required documents but after the interview the officer gave me the 221g document and the 3 paged form to fill. It required me to write my previous spouse's name, children, all the phone numbers and email addresses I've used and then i send it to him via email which i did the next day. My case went to Administrative processing after my interview but on the 19th of october it changed to ready then to Ap again on the 22nd with updates almost every other day until yesterday on the 24th. Could any one please tell me what this means?
  5. Hi all, We’re a bit panicked and need some advice. We applied i-751, to remove condition on my permanent resident status after 2 years of temporary one. And just received RFE, asking for more evidence that we lived together, especially for finance jointment. Here’s a thing.. 1. since my husband was a full time student till very recent, we didn’t have joint account. 2. Also for utility bills like phone and all those, we never got bothered to change so his phone is under parents and mine under his name. 3. For lease, most of times we lived on his school housing so I’m only registered as a tanent under his lease. Also utility was fully included.. 4. Insurance. We were kind of in a budget so he got benefit from the school and i got my own. We just joined since he started working. 5. No cars.. Luckly we filed tax jointly so that one we can send again( we missed to sign) We’re really scared.. Thinking if we should get an attorney but not so cheap in new york city.. Please help us out sharing your experience or opinion. Any idea is appreciated. Thanks!!
  6. I married my fiance in January and we filed for adjustment of status shortly after. We had a joint sponsor and recently hot a request for evidence saying that his income didn't meet 125% of the poverty guideline. We had sent his 2016 tax returns, because the 2017 were not yet available. On his 2017, he does make 125% above the poverty guideline. My question is am I able to send my joint sponsor's 2017 tax returns now that he makes enough? And if I am, do I just need to send his form I-864 and tax returns, w2, etc. or would I need to include my information too(would I now have to fill out another form I-864 for 2017, even though I sent one for 2016)? I had already sent them my 2016 tax transcript, etc.
  7. Hello, I have a question about my application for adjustment of status. I am an Italian citizen. I applied last October after marrying a US citizen. We received a request for evidence for my form I-485. It regards our income. Long story short: we are both PhD students. We work part-time for our University, and we have low incomes. The request for evidence has two points. First, it reads: "For the intending immigrant's income to be included in the household income, it must have been from a lawful source and earned while the intending immigrant was authorized to work in the United States." For this part I am presenting the following evidence: - I-94 (most recent entry); - F1 visa; - I-20 history; - W2 forms for the last three years (2015-2017), which show that my employer is my University; - Tax returns for the last three years (2015-2017), which show that all of my taxable income corresponds to the income reported by my University on the W2 forms. I completed my PhD program last month, and I received an offer letter from an employer. I also received my EAD last month. I am planning to submit the offer letter to show that I have future income (which is comfortably above 125% poverty guidelines). The second point of the request for evidence reads: "Based on the documents submitted with Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, for the petitioner/sponsor, MY WIFE, the income did not meet 125% (100% if military) of the poverty guideline for the petitioner/sponsor's household size. Submit evidence from a qualifying joint sponsor." My main question is: Do I actually have to submit evidence from a qualifying joint sponsor? Initially I thought that I only needed to present evidence that my income comes from a lawful source. In this way, including my income, our household income would be higher than 125% of the poverty guideline for a household of 2 (my wife and I). But I am having second thoughts, because the letter clearly says, "Submit evidence from a qualifying joint sponsor," and it never says, "present either this or that evidence." If I have to submit evidence from a qualifying joint sponsor, I will probably have follow-up questions. In the meantime, does anybody have an answer to my question? Please, and thank you so much!
  8. Hi! My fiance received an RFE and while we have the documents already prepared, how do you go about sending them? Do you include all the old documents & proof that they send you back after you file the petition or do you just send in what they ask for? Edit: also, is it normal for the petitioner to be sent back his petition package a few days after sending it?
  9. My husband had his citizenship interview on February 27th and we just received a letter requesting more evidence. They are requesting police reports, and plea documents for an incident that occurred in 2011. Has anyone had a simular experience, if so what was your outcome?
  10. Good afternoon, i have applied for naturalization based on 5 years in the middle of February 2017. i have made an interview in july, immediately the officer gave me a RFE for my birth certificate and I have submitted immediately. Short after they have sent me an another rfe, asking: how i have gotten my H1b and taxes. i have submitted it a week later. sice then (late july) i haven't heaard anything. i had: been to 4 infopass sent them 2 letters asked for a service request. After almost 1 year they have replied just to my service request (middle of january) telling me They have assigned my case to an officer. what do you think? thanks
  11. Hi everyone, a few days ago we got an RFE regarding the i 864. On it it stated I (the petitioner) am supposed to file the i 864 as well even if we have a joint sponsor (which we do). Then it said the joint sponsor'd income wasn't meeting the requirements for the 125% poverty guidelines, which he makes way above the required minimum . And finally it said that the household number was calculated incorrect "The joint sponsor must correct the and/or complete page 4 of the form I-864." My questions are: 1. I wont be able to qualify for sponsor, do I still have to try to meet the required minimum (using assets) even if we will get a joint sponsor or it doesn't matter? 2. Could the miscalculated household size trigger the system to say that the joint sponsor doesn't meet the requirements 125% Poverty Guidelines? 3. When calculating the household size does the principal immigrant count in as well? (For example: joint sponsor has a wife and three children and will be sponsoring my spouse)
  12. Hi everyone, Today we finally have heard word about our I-485 case and it is a request for evidence. The evidence we can provide is listed: Documents showing joint ownership of property- we have none because Leases showing the same residence- we live with my mom who is renting from our landlady because we can't afford to move out Documents showing shared finances and obligations- we are authorized on each other's credit cards but there is no documentation stating that. Neither of us make enough money to open a joint bank account. We can open one but it won't be used because there will hardly be anything in it. And also we have a massive hurricane headed our way so this won't be done within the next week. Birth certificates of children- we have none. Sworn affidavits from others with knowledge of the validity of the marriage- we can do this, and we can have a lot of them but is that enough? We don't have photos from the wedding because we did it at city hall and are saving for a ceremony later on. I work 2 jobs just to pay my student loans, and he works as a server until we can save up enough to move out. We don't have a lot of money. We just wanted to be married and be together and live together. I know this is not unusual, but I really don't know how we are supposed to prove that our marriage is real because we don't have property together or a joint bank account. Please help.