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Found 8 results

  1. My husband and I went in for his N-400 interview a couple of weeks ago. I was working 60 hour work weeks and took 14 credits of summer classes during this time so as you can imagine I didn't have much time to prepare our documents. I threw in a few of our most recent housing documents, including one of our most recent (a townhouse purchase including our mortgage papers), passports, marriage cert and that was about it. We started the process from a K-1 visa so I also rationalized it by thinking that after ROC they have pounds of papers proving our marriage. After all is said and done, we get hit with an RFE. But not for anything groundbreaking... They want: State and federal income taxes, including W-2s Leases/mortgages Bills/receipts A letter from employer reflecting marital status, emergency contact, beneficiaries for health/life Bank statements showing joint accounts Birth certs for our children Any other evidence. This is all evidence they already have! My husband can log on to his USCIS account here we submitted his application and it is all there: taxes from 2015 filed jointly, leases for housing we jointly signed, not an official letter from work listing beneficiaries but we did include all shared insurances, printoffs from the internet for beneficiaries on financial accounts, and shared utilities, also have joint bank account from the end of 2015, no children so no birth certs, and we sent in a bunch of other supporting evidence: us with my parents on a trip, shared cellphone plan that includes us and the rest of my family that lives out of state, shared ownership of car purchases, shared credit cards, shared loans...and on and on. This seems over the top and ridiculous to me. Is this something that happens routinely with N400 apps?
  2. Hi! I had filed I-485 few months ago, and I received "Request for Evidence" last week. So, I sent the evidence (joint-sponsor) to USCIS. I can see "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received" in the USCIS website. It shows that USCIS received my response. Is it possible to know the estimated timeline for receiving EAD? Thank you all! ========= I received "Request for Evidence" from USCIS = last friday I sent the evidence = 3 days ago USCIS received my evidence = 1 day ago
  3. Hi all, I recently submitted my AOS package and received a request for evidence from USCIS. The letter says "You have submitted secondary evidence and/or a birth affidavit as proof of a birth record for the applicant. However, the evidence you submitted is insufficient. Submit the Notarial Certificate of Birth. Examples of acceptable secondary evidence may include, but is not limited to, church and school records listing your parents' name and your date of birth, hospital records of your birth, or other official records indicating a country or record of birth. If the document is in a language other than english, you must submit a copy of the foreign language document and a complete English translation. " I did submit an official birth certificate, the legal medical certificate of birth with government stamps on it, and also provided an English translation I obtained from a company called Languex which has a USCIS acceptance guarantee. I'm not sure what I need to send to the USCIS or is there something about my documents that the USCIS doesn't consider legit. If you have previous experience or knowledge with this kind of situation, please help! I appreciate your time!
  4. Hello, My fiancé and I are currently going through the process of putting together the I-129F petition. We met on Omegle.com and since it is not considered an IMB to our knowledge, we wanted to make that as clear as possible to prevent an RFE. Since we could not find any Terms of Service, we just wanted to include the Privacy Policy and the Wikipedia article in addition to our explanation in the letter as follows: << I first met my fiancé online, on ‘omegle.com', which is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register. (Please Note: omegle.com is not considered an International Marriage Broker. It is used free of charge and without the need to register. The service of Omegle randomly pairs users regardless of their location, origin, gender, or country of citizenship in one-on-one anonymous chat sessions. Omegle does not match U.S. citizens/residents with aliens as their principal business.) On this site, we chatted via webcam/audio and realized we shared many common interests and hobbies. On ‘omegle.com', We exchanged phone numbers in order to communicate via iMessage and FaceTime, which we still do today. >> Should that be enough of an explanation with the attached documents to prevent getting an RFE? Thank you so much in advance! Best, Kristen & Martin
  5. I just got the RFE letter today. I honestly don't know how to do this now. Is this necessary to hire a lawyer at this point? I feel like it is getting serious now. I am leaving for China in about 2 wks, back on March 2. My response must be received by April 8, 2019. If I submit it after I come back from China, is that too late for that? It mentioned that "the time period does not cover the entire life span of your marriage ". So I need to submit those documents that were mentioned in the letter from the December 2014 until today??? Serious??? Pls, give me some suggestions.
  6. Hello! So I'm probably asking a dumb question but I couldn't seem to find anything like it on here yet and you guys are always great with questions lol Ok, so we got our request for evidence on our I-751 Not too worried at the moment seeing as it has been about 17months since we filed and done all the bio stuff. But my question it just about the Joint lease we are going to include. Our lease is about 50 pages long and we have 3 of them as we've moved 3 times since getting married due to rising rent. We don't have our own printer and it looks like it'll cost us about $40 or so just to print out one entire lease contract. Does anyone know if you can just send specific pages? Like the first 2 or so and the last few 🤔 Thanks!
  7. Hi Vjs. I also had my k1 interview in seoul southkorea but am Ugandan by nationality. It was on 12th october 2018, it went quite well since i had all the required documents but after the interview the officer gave me the 221g document and the 3 paged form to fill. It required me to write my previous spouse's name, children, all the phone numbers and email addresses I've used and then i send it to him via email which i did the next day. My case went to Administrative processing after my interview but on the 19th of october it changed to ready then to Ap again on the 22nd with updates almost every other day until yesterday on the 24th. Could any one please tell me what this means?
  8. Hi all, We’re a bit panicked and need some advice. We applied i-751, to remove condition on my permanent resident status after 2 years of temporary one. And just received RFE, asking for more evidence that we lived together, especially for finance jointment. Here’s a thing.. 1. since my husband was a full time student till very recent, we didn’t have joint account. 2. Also for utility bills like phone and all those, we never got bothered to change so his phone is under parents and mine under his name. 3. For lease, most of times we lived on his school housing so I’m only registered as a tanent under his lease. Also utility was fully included.. 4. Insurance. We were kind of in a budget so he got benefit from the school and i got my own. We just joined since he started working. 5. No cars.. Luckly we filed tax jointly so that one we can send again( we missed to sign) We’re really scared.. Thinking if we should get an attorney but not so cheap in new york city.. Please help us out sharing your experience or opinion. Any idea is appreciated. Thanks!!
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