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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I started the October 2018 fillers because today I send my package. I hope it goes fast. Thank you
  2. Hello everyone, I got a text notification that my i-751 application has been received by USCIS on Jan 8 and I just received an I-797C notice for the biometric appointment on Feb 13. I'm currently abroad and my green card has expired. Can I re-enter the US with the I-979C notice for the biometric appointment? I've been reading that I should receive an I-797 notice to extend my green card while my application is being processed but I'm not sure if there are 2 I-797 notices (one for the extensions and one for the appointment) or only one that serves both purposes. In case I need another I-797 notice to re-enter the US, should I be worried that my biometric appointment came first? Thank you very much! J
  3. Hi All, I was looking for some clarification on when my wife can file for citizenship. She came over on a K1 Visa and now has a Green Card (received in July 2016). We have filed for removal of conditions in 2018 and as it is for everyone else, the process has been delayed up to 18 months. We have received the letter so we are patiently waiting. No issues there. However, my wife will have her Green Card 3 years as of July 2019 at which time the conditions will not have been removed. We are expecting the conditions to be removed near the end of 2019 based on the extension letter. My question is: Can we file for citizenship after she has been here 3 years or do we have to wait for the conditions to be removed before we apply? Thank you all for your help as always. Charlie
  4. Hi everyone, is it true or has anyone experienced this. I've heard they stopped doing RFE. So if you are missing items or they need more documents they are canceling it and you'd have to start again and pay that fee.... but I'm not sure. Anyone know about that or experienced that?
  5. Hi! Didn't see a September 2018 group posted so thought of starting one. I just sent my packet today via USPS to California Service Center. My anxiety is through the roof! My packet is probably 100-150 pages, mainly because of the bills and photos. My window opened on August 5 (my GC is set to expire on 11/5) but had to wait for a few documents to come in the mail, which explains why I submitted only now. Hope that's okay? It's still within the 90-day window, right?
  6. Hi all! We sent in our i-751 and packet to the California center via FedEx on September 12th. It was confirmed as delivered on the 17th. We haven't heard from USCIS yet, and my husband plans to travel abroad next month for Diwali. The check has not been deducted from our account. Is this in the normal time frame still? Any advice? Thank you!
  7. Greetings All Need to get some advised on a few things regarding the Checklist for the I751 Removal requirements. See below: I live in a Family house from Jan 2016 in a basement unit. My Wife and I pay money to my family monthly which covers rent/utilities (including Internet, Light and Gas), so no lease. 1. What kind of document can be submitted and if any, what would the exact verbiage be? 2. Should I include any Letter of Support/Affidavit from Friends/Family and from how many people? 3. Should I List all Items in appendix or itemize in group Year by Year since we married? Enclosed also please find the following documents to verify the status of our marriage and ongoing relationship: Copies of Permanent Resident card (front & back). Copies of our government issued ID (State and Driver’s License) Copy of our joint Bank statements (checking and saving accounts at TD Bank) Copy of our 2017 joint US tax return. Copy of our joint car insurance policy from Geico. Copy of our Marriage Certificate. Copies of our son's Birth and Christening certifications. Copy of our health insurance cards showing a joint policy. Copy of our BJ’s Club cards on a joint account. Copies of our airline and accommodations reservations of vacations/trips taken 2015-2018. Three sworn letters of support by U.S. citizen friends, attesting to our relationship and marriage. Photos of us and various family members and friends. Awaiting your responses. I want to submit this asap.
  8. I submitted my removal of conditions last year in June, I filled to remove the conditions with my spouse. In December 2017 we started having problems and the marriage was over in March 2018. Our divorce was final in May and my case since March 2018 was pending (your case was received At the local office)I've been seen many people getting this notification and I don't know if it's a glitch or they are sending the cases to speed up the process, I spoke with several attorneys and all of them gave me a different input. My question is, since my divorce is final (we had an amicable settlement to divide our assets) I don't know if by law I need to contact USCIS and send them the divorce with an affidavit, if I should apply again for the I751 with a waiver or wait since when I filled I was married and the relationship just finished almost an year after I filled. One of the attorneys said that I should wait since the divorce is in the public records and they have access but I don't know if by law I need to send more documents. Any clue?
  9. Hello everybody. Last week I got arrested for shoplifting 79$ worth of items in a retail store. I'm still waiting to go to court and I'm taking the attorney with me. I heard this is a Petty theft as long as it is less than 200$. Even though it is a crime of moral turpitude. Now I have to file the I 751 to remove conditions from my 2 years green card. But I am so scared that they may deny it because of this. I already discussed with an immigration attorney she said not to worry but I want to know did any of you experienced this or know somebody in this situation. I don't want to get deported I know I did a huge mistake but I don't want to be away from my husband and my 2 little kids. Please help!!!
  10. hi there....i am submitting i-751 removal of condiitions....these are the evidences of bona fide marrige..... can you guys guide if that is enough? 1-)proof of residence; 1a-)affidavit...father in law....brother in law 1b- ids both 1c drivers license both 1d-)some letter on our names 2)joint tax returns 2017-2018 receipt and files 3)joint checking account.. 4-)check on my name deposited byy spouse with signatures.... 5-)joint credit cards...chase....paypal...... american express 6-) health insurance... 1)bills with letter of verification...... 2) claims...... 3) same doctor visits...... 7)) car insurance 8))car title 9)) tickets----boarding passes ...pictures.... and visit to family abroad...... canada.... wisconsin... gas city.... 10-) first anniversary...picturees..... 11-)joint membership cards.....fitness.......six flags 12-) affidavits of two reltives 13-)other pictures on different occasions and family pictures
  11. Dear VJs community, I have attached these documents for i751, i want your opinions that are these fine or I am missing something. Your comment/suggestion and advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks. Here is the list. Bank Personal Check, Original Form I-751 Enlarged copy of Green card Copy of both Social Security Cards Copy of identification page of both Passport Copy of Naturalization Certificate (US Citizen Spouse) Form G-1145. Certified marriage certificate (in foreign language) Copy of Notarized Translation (in English) of marriage certificate Copy of the Marriage Certificate issued by Local Govt (outside US) Copies of monthly bank statements of our joint checking and savings account Copies of monthly bank statements of our joint credit card account Copy of lease agreement Copy of lease renewals Copy of payment history to our apartment Emails to and from our apartment leasing director. Copy current Driver’s License Copy of previous Driver’s License Copy of Joint form 1040 and state tax from. (last two years) Four original notarized affidavits Copies of City electric monthly statements showing both names. payment history to our Electric bills issued from our joint checking account payment history to our Gas Bills management issued from our joint checking account Copy of “Current” Health Insurance Plan, showing us both covered under the same ongoing health insurance plan Copy of 2017 Health Insurance plan, Dental Plan and Vision Plan showing us both covered under the same ongoing health insurance plan Copy of Life insurance showing 100% beneficiary Copies of joint Registration Receipts, Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract Copy of Our joint Insurance Company Personal Auto Policy cards (3 different cards and policies payment history to our joint Gym membership Travel details and boarding passes Copies of photos of us together at various events Copies of greeting cards, letters and packages This list can help other members as well. I am waiting for your comments.
  12. I have been researching the web and cannot find an answer to this. I am removing conditions, my fist GC has my maiden name on it, I want to use my married name for the next one. Can I legally use my maiden name as my middle name. I do not have a middle name. Thank you
  13. Hi everyone, I have been reading on VJ for a long time and now I decided to write here so I can get some help, some opinions, anything. I met my ex husband in 2014 , fell in love , started the K1 processs and got married in 2015. things went downhill horribly. he had anger issues, he was dealing with addiction and he became verbally and phisically abusive. never in a million years I thought he would ever become the man he had become. his family knew about what was going on they tried to send him to get help with his issues but since it was a deeply religious family everything got sugarcoated and put under the rug. i had no one, i thought i had his familys support but they teamed up and started accusing me as im only hear for green card purposes. which is horrible to say since everyone knew what was going and behind closed doors, how horribly everything was. i was brainwashed i was told i will end up in jail and deported if i calll the cops and i did not know about any option for me back then,,, i long story short the leader of the church helped me escape and i was staying at friends in anothr state since i had no money to go home at that point. i filed for divorce and less than a year from that point our divorce was finalized. now i am close to the deadline, the 90 day window. I have to file the I 751 but i am facing many difficulties here. i am out of the country right know. visiting my family. first of alll I dont know if I should file I 751 as the marriage was entered in good faith but ended with divoce or file as I was abused. I am honestly scared, I havent had any communication with my ex and i am terrified what if i telll uscis about abuse and he will know about it and as he always told me he will get me in trouble since he has money he willl not ever get in trouble but me. I have pictures of us together, bunch of emails, unfortunately when i left him i had to disappear because i didnt want him to find me so i ended good friendships with mutual friends because of him. so they only know his story as oh i just ran off... which is totally false. and where i lived with friends i had some arguements with one person there and she told me oh she will contach my ex husband they will report me and get me deported.. things she d say out of anger but im not sure if it happened. i have plenty of pictures of th abuse, video recordings of him.. basically admitting he hurt me and hes sorry etc. I thought abouut staying home and abandoning my green card but i have ambitions and i dont want to be destroyed by someone so evil meanwhile he is living his life all happy. also i am sure he filed taxes i just dont know if he filed married joinlty or seperately but i didnt sign any documents ... i myself didnt file since i wasnt working. this years gonna be the first year im going to file since i worked last year but i was divorced by then. so yea the evidences i have: -pictures, emails from the beginning of the relationship up until i escaped (some real nasty email from him after i left him as well) -I can go to the bank ask for bank statements ( we had a joint bank account, he was the primary card holder and i had my own card but he had access to it ) - i can go to irs ask for tax copies or see how he filed - my personal statement I know its not much and i am very devistated i wasnt more cautious before. i never thpught we d end up the way we are with him so it was a horrible time of my life. I am looking for the time i can get back on my feet and this chapter wuld be the fnal chapter so i can leave the past behind me. also i am dealing with health issued and i got fired due to taking too much time off so now im unemployed im hoping to have a I 751 fee waiver approvd. i will attach bank statements , charity care approval form and a written explanation that im going thru financial hardship. what do you guys think about my story? hopefully there is some ppl out there who is going or went thru the same . also the personal statements have to be handwritten or typed in on a computer? thank you so much for any replies in advance.
  14. Hello Hoping someone else had this experience or can help me out.. So I filed my i751 February 2017, my card expired April 27th 2017. I received the one year extension letter which I have traveled with several times with out any problems. Here is the issue though, I will be leaving the country with my husband February 27th and come back end of May.... and I pray i get my new card BEFORE i leave but if I dont then my letter will be expired will I not be able to get back in the country? I understand I could get the 551 stamp to extend another year BUT the lady at uscis told me they ONLY give it 30 days before expiration and i wont be here at that time.... That would be march 27th... We have to leave march 19th. Please help. Also what if I get my new card mailed to me while im out of the country? Will i have issues getting in? There is really no way i could be denied while away, because my marriage is legit (5 years) and I moved from Canada (Canadian citizen) , my case and interview everything has been pretty easy this far. Thanks sooo much for all your help I appreciate it!
  15. So on first receipt of our temporary green cards my son received his at the same time as I did through me (he was dependent on my application and 18 at the time). We applied for removal of conditions in late October 2016 and are waiting for our case to start being worked on. However, he turned 21 this September. Is this going to be an issue for him receiving his permanent green card?
  16. Hi VJ, My wife received her CR1 in January 2017 and we traveled to the US in the same month but I have recently learned we have a baby due. We are expecting the baby in March 2018 and we plan to have the baby in her home country of Thailand (I work rotational so I may not be able to be home to support here). Being she wouldn't be able to travel very late in the pregnancy she will be departing the US in December 2017 and stay in Thailand until after around May 2018 before we would even consider returning to the USA. Do I have any options? Kurt
  17. Hey everybody, My wife has only had her conditional greencard for just under 1 year. Before returning to reside in the US I'm about to be employed abroad for 2 years as a religious worker qualifying under Section 319(b) and we applied for expedited naturalization under that so that she could join me. She excitedly went to her interview today and was immediately told that she isn't eligible for naturalization because its impossible, even under 319(b), to naturalize without removing the greencard conditions and she'll have to wait. Is this true? I could definitely be misunderstanding this, but the whole reason we thought we could is based on the following from the USCIS website in section C: https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume12-PartG-Chapter5.html "A spouse of a U.S. citizen employed abroad based on authorized employment is not required to have any specific period of residence or physical presence in order to naturalize. [9] Consequently, a CPR spouse is not required to file the petition to remove conditions if the spouse files his or her naturalization application before he or she reaches the 90-day filing period to remove the conditions on residence. [10] A CPR spouse of a U.S. citizen employed abroad may naturalize without filing a petition to remove conditions if: •The CPR spouse has been a CPR for less than one year and nine months; and •The CPR spouse does not reach the 90-day filing period for the petition to remove conditions prior to the final adjudication of his or her naturalization application or the time of the Oath of Allegiance. [11] " Thanks in advance for the help!
  18. My husband got his GC 12/10/2015. We moved to a new address 10/31/2016 and are currently in ROC process. I mailed the package on 10/23/2017 and it was received at the VSC on 10/25/2017. We have not received NOA1 yet but I am wondering whether I should have submitted a change of address form or it was sufficient that we listed our new address on all the application forms for ROC and all of our evidence? I'm just getting concerned because they haven't cashed the Money Order yet and I see people at VSC with same date of shipping already have their Biometrics appointment.
  19. Question is now, what's next after you've received NOA? Does this automatically mean you're approved once you get another letter for biometrics or can they till RFE or require an interview?