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Found 12 results

  1. I have a CR-1. I submitted the I-751 for removal of conditional residence. I received the I-797 which extends the validity for 6 months. How long can i travel outside the US with the I-751 pending? Also, if I stay out of the US for 11 months, can I come back for 1 week and go out of the US again?
  2. Hi everyone, Just wondering if I need to notarize the photocopies of the documents needed. Things like our son's birth certificate, bank statements, tax return, etc.
  3. Ana Marie Smith

    Do I need to file the form I 212 ?

    Hi everyone, my cousin was here in the USA 11 years ago and he enter from Mexico immigration got him and told him he need to go to court after 6 months, he did not went to court but he left the country on his on and has pass 11 years now . He now have business in Brasil and he have no intention to stay here but he want to visit . Do you think he can get his turistas visa again ? Do he need to ask for forgiveness buy send the form I 212? If anyone can help I do appreciate. Thanks.
  4. We have decided to use a lawyer for this step, given the political climate. Can anyone recommend a good attorney with experience in ROC? We have been fooled in the past because our lawyer had experience in asylum cases but not what we were doing. It made everything worse....So it would be best if the lawyer has lots of experience with ROC. I fully realize this is pretty straightforward, and we don't have to have a lawyer, and can do this ourselves. We are choosing not to do that.
  5. Hey Immigrants, I am planning to shift to Newyork from Brisbane. I need an expert moving company in Brisbane who can transfer my all goods and my expensive piano from Brisbane to Newyork without any inconvenience. If you know then please suggest me.
  6. Hey guys thank you so much for anyone that is willing to contribute to my topic with some similar experience. Me (beneficiary) living in London, UK and my fiancée submitted our petition in August last year. We had it accepted in April, expedited by NVC and received early May the confirmation from my US embassy in London that they received the approved petition. I just sent the DS160 form, booked the medical for 7th June and finally paid and scheduled the K1 visa interview for the 19 th June. All documents gathered, and everything set but there is unfortunately one issue on my account: last year in May I was refused entrance to US at the NYC jfk port of entry and had my visa cancelled with a 5 year ban. On our approved petition copy that the embassy sent to me among the notes we got a “beneficiary might need waiver”. I am pretty confident about all documents and formalities we gathered, not to mention that our relationship is by all means 100% genuine. It’s just now bit of stress sets in as we were separated since last year and it was hard not to see my other half. Excruciating pain might be the right expression. Id like to know if anyone had experienced such circumstances and I’d love to hear about the outcome, and if the interview differed much from the regular K1 without any “scratches” on the accounts. Last, to mention I had never had problems with police etc, worked, paid taxes, travelled quite a lot for leisure and resides in uk for 7 years with permanent residency. Oh, the article that I was removed from US was the 212 a 7 a 1 I . thank you guys appreciate your replies 🙂🙂👍🏻
  7. We have a month to start filing for I-751 and we are scared about the petition being approved, we d have joint banks accounts but we have insurance where she is my beneficiary also we have tons of pictures together after marriage, we also have a leasing agreement where shows my wife's name, but we don't have driver's license with the same address, my wife's driver license has the address we are living in now but mine has my old address, I don't know why it didn't change it before 😣, it's February and her visa expires in June, can I still get a new driver's license with the new address without raising a red flag? Also do we really need a lawyer? We've been happily living together since she came here now she is scared her visa will be denied and sent back to Colombia. Please help!
  8. Long story short, my relative's I-751 filed on the basis of her marriage with her ex-spouse was denied and she was issued a notice to appear. It's been several years since and she's remarried to another USC spouse. The USC spouse submitted a marketplace application in his name, but with my relative as the beneficiary. They were also eligible for ACA subsidies, which they are currently receiving every month. When the marketplace couldn't verify her status and asked for more evidence, they submitted only their I-130 receipt from USCIS, but not the notice to appear. This was apparently enough for the marketplace and they sent a notice stating that her status was verified. After some research it looks like she is not eligible for ACA coverage due to her not having any actual status. Their lawyer told them that her only avenue of relief from deportation at this point was to try for a cancellation of removal via her USC spouse. However, we are worried that her having received entitlement from the government might hurt her cancellation of removal chances and she might receive a "public charge" on top of what she has already. What should she do at this point to mitigate that risk? Should her spouse pay back the subsidies and withdraw the application? Do nothing and decline to receive them in the future? Would the immigration authorities be able to find out that she's receiving subsidies? The application is under her spouse's name. From my point of view, her cancellation of removal chances are not exactly superb (maybe 20-50%) and, with the recent case backlog, she might not see a merits hearing in 3-6 years or maybe even longer. That is a very long time to live without insurance.
  9. My wife came to the US in Dec. of 2014 on K1. Married - Feb. 2015 Filled AOS/Green Card - March or April 2015 Interviewed - Sept. 2015 She moved out - Dec. 2015 ( we had issues(trust, jealousy, financial etc) Green card was mailed to me - July 2016. ( There was mix up with the case, had to do with fingerprint + the lady that interviwed us left the uscis office) We still live apart in the same state but meet up once in a while. It's time for her to remove her condition and I think the best way is to get a divorce and have her file herself. I do not mind giving her a letter stating that we marriage was in good faith but things went south ASAP. Is this the best route?
  10. I have a relative that is currently in removal proceedings. Since I am very close to this person, I have been doing lots of research on her situation, but I seem to be going in circles at this point. I am trying to find her a lawyer, but I would love to have the privilege to get some input from the helpful folks on this forum. Background: She has been in the U.S. for almost 20 years now. She married twice (both to U.S. citizens). She has USC children with the second spouse only. Her marriage to the first USC is the basis for her removal. She was issued an NTA back in 2012 with no date specified. The NTA states that she is removable under section 237-a-1-d-1, due to her being "inadmissible" under section 212-a-6-c-i for "willful misrepresentation". The charges are quite severe: it looks like the DHS is accusing her first marriage to be fraudulent and done to gain immigration status. I am aware that she will be permanently barred from the U.S. with few or no forms of relief available if she is adjudicated of these charges. However, I am uncertain whether she should try to fight to charges or accept the charges and file for relief (if any). Around the same time that her NTA was issued, her current USC spouse filed an I-130 on her behalf. The application has basically been stuck in limbo, with the last update 3-4 years ago. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing; whether it is delaying her deportation or lower her chance to adjust her status (and cancellation of the removal). If she has no chance to stay in the U.S., then she hopes to at least delay the proceedings until her child goes to college (4 more years). I am honestly not certain of the authenticity of the accusations - whether or not her first marriage was bona fide. She obviously will not tell me. But based on what she's told me so far and the documents she has to support her first marriage (basically several years of tax returns, bills, and photos), I would say she does not have an amazing chance at fighting this charge. Regarding hardship, her current spouse is retired and they have USC children together. To me, she would have a slightly better chance with filing a waiver on the basis of hardship for her spouse. But I've been told that a fraud charge is almost death sentence for these types of cases, so I am not so sure. Please let me know if you have any input on her case, especially if you have gone through the waiver process with the charges she has.
  11. Hi, my case has been pending since July 2015 so I requested for assistance from USCIS Ombudsman. I recently received an e-mail saying that "The Ombudsman’s Office has determined that USCIS recently issued a decision regarding the application or petition referenced in your request for case assistance." but when I go online to check my status, I do not see any updates. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  12. Hello, My husband is a conditional resident and his green card expires in January of next year. He was unable to be placed on the mortgage due to his low credit score. I am worried that we will not have enough proof to our living situation. His license is the same address and he is on the home owners insurance. Is there anything else that can be sent in other than utility bills? thank you!!