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  1. We will be mailing our ROC package next Monday, March 5th; been eligible since Feb 5th, I was waiting for our tax return which I got today. Happy 2018 to all and best of luck to us on our journey. **** I did not see a March 2018 thread, if there's one please merge ***** Please copy and complete the latest version of this table. VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— Vermont Service Center (1 applicants, 0 approved - 0%) VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/—
  2. Topic: How can I prepare I-751 well, both physically and emotionally while my active duty husband (USC) is deployed? Hello! I'm looking for any tip, as well as emotional supports for my overwhelming anxiety about filing I-751. My I-485 was approved on Jan 8, 2018, and my Green Card expires in Jan 8, 2020. I will file I-751 in October 2019 (I hope I'm correct). The reason I'm posting here is because I struggle with severe anxiety disorder, and filing for I-485 while having panic attacks everyday was a pure nightmare. Now that I have to file I-751 this year, my anxiety is already getting really bad. I already know what kind of evidence we need, since I did all the research when I filed I-485 (joint lease agreement, insurance policies, joint bank account, etc.). Most of these evidence must to be up to date, so I can't prepare the paperwork until when it's closer to the filing date. I'm trying to think of what I could still prepare right now. So far I've come up with: making a credit card for me under my husband's name (we've been talking about making my credit card for a while already), start typing out the cover letter, and reading other people's posts who are already filing I-751. What else can I do to prepare for it? My other concern is my military husband is deployed overseas and won't come back at least until October 2019. We will try to write to each other as much as possible...But I'm worried that we might not have enough bona fide marriage evidence because we will be apart for months (I know USCIS has understanding about the unique situations of military families...but I'm still scared). Basically I'm terrified and overly worried about the overall process. I know I have to be an adult and take responsibility and do what I need to do and all that...I've told myself that over and over. And yet my anxiety is so bad and I'm just so worried that our case might not be approved. So...please give me words of encouragement or your experience with the filing. Thank you so much.
  3. Hello we have to file for removal of condition in July. What do i have to send for ROC. Would appreciate your help. Thank you
  4. How did you guys choose to organize your removal of condition paperwork & evidence? Did you put it in a binder?
  5. My wife is currently on a 2-year conditional green card through K-1 Visa. When we file I-751, do we need to include a G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, in the packet? Thank you very much!
  6. Hi! I need input and help on what to do please. My removal of conditional status is on the process and already got my NOA1 2months ago but just found out my green card is nowhere to be found. Whats the first thing should I do? I tried calling USCIS but it took so much time for the hold until I got disconnected and it says in the website I don’t need to apply for replacement if I’m on ROC. Thanks in advance
  7. Just found out that AT&T only provides free online access to past 16 monthly bills. In our case, the earliest free bill covers the time period of Jun 2017. However, we got married in Sep 2016, my wife's removal of condition window opens on Oct 21, 2018. She got her own cell phone number (I have paid for both of ours) in Sep 2016 too. Do you think the past 16 monthly bills are enough? or we better to pay AT&T and get all older bills? And if anyone here has paid AT&T and got the older bills before, could you please let us know if AT&T emails the electronic copy or it's hardcopy only? and how long does it take to get the older bills from AT&T? Thank you very much in advance!
  8. My wife and I will file her I-751 very soon and I am trying to get some affidavits from US citizen friends and co-workers for her application. I am in the U.S. Army and my unit commander wants to know if a military official memorandum from the unit commander with the official letter head and his signature would be better than a notarized sworn affidavit? Please let me know. Thank you very much!
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of gathering evidences for our good faith marriage. I received my RFE letter around August 20, 2018 and we have until Nov 3, 2018 to submit our documents. I would like to help your input and advice on our CAR Insurance policy. We just recently move to a new address - since that's what USCIS requiring us and gather our own bills showing our both names. The auto insurance were able to put my name in the car policy insurance - though I'm not driving yet but eventually later I will. We are also about toichange our address in our car policy auto insurance and they said because we live in an area that has increase rate - our car insurance increase from $240 to $396 - it too due to our change of zipcode, it's too high for us. The auto insurance suggest us if we still go to our old address - since it's y husband's mom house we still go --they said they will let us retain our old address in the policy, since both of our name was appearing there in the policy. My question, is it necessary for us to change our address in the car insurance policy to our new address ??? because we want to avoid paying high rate of insurance. I really don't the impact of this on our documents. Your input and advice are highly appreciated.
  10. My wife's Removal of Condition filing window opens late this month, however we have not received the notice from the USCIS yet. We moved to Hawaii one and a half years ago and we updated the address right after our move (it's also been 1.5 years and we have received the electronic confirmation from the USCIS). Is it something very common or something we should worry about? Thank you very much!
  11. My wife is on conditional GC (through K-1 and AOS). Her Removal of Condition filing window opens late this month. Does my wife (she's on conditional GC) have to send passport style photos along with I-751? It looks like only people filing from overseas have to do so? We are in Hawaii. But just want to double-check it. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, I received an RFE from my I=751 filing and I have to submit my documents before Nov 3., We only have at least 1 month and half to send our RFE docs. The letter from USCIS says : " The evidence may include, but is not limited to the following:" Is that mean any of the following? One of RFE says: "Copies of your and your petitioning spouse;s driver license and /or identity cards from the appropriate state's motor vehicle department" --- I don't drive yet but I have my State ID from the DMV. Can I just give that together with my husband driver license "copies of property, life or health insurance documents;" - My husband covered with medical and My employer cover my health insurance... what else documents I can submit here? We lived in my husband mom's house since we got married and now we are going to move to our own place - because USCIS of Leases in both of our names showing joint. Once we moved, Do we need inform USCIS for our change of address CHANGE OF ADDRESS right away ? I would really appreciate so much your input. Sincerely. "
  13. Hi so im filling out form for my son's removal of condition his 10. I am just very confused on Part 7 Petitioners Statement on the Acknowledgement of Appointment whose name am in gonna put in there is it mine or my son. Since on Petitioners Signature ,14 years and under signature is not required and a parent may sign it. Thank you for your help.
  14. My husband was applying for a visa due to work travel and somehow the green card got lost between the consulate, and his office, and our house. His ROC (I-751) is pending since October 2017. He completed his biometrics in November 2017, we have copies of the expired card, and we have his extension letter which expires 12/12/2018. I fully understand how serious this is so please don't tell me how huge it is, and tell me what all scary things could happen, I know. Because his green card was expired and ROC is pending, there is no point to fill out the I-90. I know we have to either get an Infopass and ask for the I-551 stamp (he has to travel for work on July 9th, internationally), or walk in to Federal Plaza and wait and ask for I-551 for his passport. My question is, has anyone been in the same boat? Could you please share your experience and whether you filed a police report? I think we have to file a police report to prevent any issues of someone finding it and using it. Thank you for taking the time to read my question.
  15. Hi, I have one more question regarding I-551 stamping. My extension for ROC will expire on 30 August 2018. I wanted to get I-551 stamping on my passport. Below are few of my questions regarding the stamping. Nearest USCIS office is in San Jose. 1. Even though I have 3 month before my extension get over, can I still get the i-551 stamping asap? 2. Should I wait for any specific number of days before getting i-551 stamping. eg. 90 days before extension gets over or something. 3. what is the procedure for getting i-551 stamping. Thanks for your advises, support and help. The reason why I want to get I-551 stamping is because the new employer wants the I-551 stamping and has some doubts if one year extension letter is good for proving that I am authorized. (Even though letter clearly mentions that in first paragraph) Thanks
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