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Found 6 results

  1. shayden10

    Family Relationship Issues

    Hello VJers, This is actually very off topic, but I don't know where else to go. My husband is an avid redditor so that forum is not an option... I immigrated on a K1 Visa two years ago, I am sending in my ROC paperwork in May. Life has been very good for my husband and I, we both have good jobs, in August we bought a house and a new car, we have four cats and we are talking about babies in the very distant (like 5 yrs) future. I love life here and I absolutely adore my husband, but there is a big issue and I am struggling to figure out what to do about it... My husband and I took a road trip to my Canadian hometown to visit my family (about an 11 hour drive) this past July. We had a great trip, I saw a ton of my family, we all had a good time swimming, eating, and drinking. BUT on our last night there, my husband and I got in an argument (they happen!), it wasn't an extremely bad one and after fighting for about 15 minutes he wanted to leave the house to cool off, which he usually does when we argue. My Mom saw that I was upset and got involved in the argument, she was screaming at my husband and physically tried to stop him from leaving the house, which included putting her hands around his throat (according to my husband). While everyone was screaming, my Dad panicked and called the police. My husband left the house before they arrived, he went for a walk and ended up at my Aunt's house. The police arrived and questioned me at my parents, then went to speak with him. They made a note about us getting in a domestic dispute, there were no charges against anyone. We were told to spend the night apart and not communicate, in the morning I was to pack the truck, pick him up, and we would head home. We did text a bit during the evening, mainly me apologizing multiple times and him saying he just wanted to leave me in Canada. I picked him up first thing in the morning and we headed home, we argued for the first hour or so and then talked it out. Fast forward to today: my husband and I are still great, our relationship is good and we love each other more than anything. My parents are planning a trip to visit soon to see our new house and bring some of my furniture, and my husband plans to leave the house and not see them at all while they are here. My husband feels betrayed, heartbroken, and has lost his trust in my parents. He saw them as his own parents because he never had strong parental figures in his life. He loved them and is so beyond hurt. We have had altercations in my family's house before (between my parents, with neighbours, etc) which have been much worse and never did my Mom lay a hand on anyone nor were the police called. My husband feels like my parents true colours came out and that they have always hated him, mainly because he took me away. I feel stuck, I want to support my husband in any way possible but it hurts to have to sever ties with my family more than I already have. I miss my hometown, I don't want our children to miss out on seeing where I grew up and having their Aunt, Grandparents, and the rest of my Canadian family. In addition, my Mom's health is poor and I worry that something will happen to her. I don't know how to continue to make my husband feel supported and like I am on his side, while also trying mend the relationship between them enough that we can at least be apart of my family still. I am hoping that someone here has any type of advice to help me through this. Thank you for reading the long post, and thank you in advance for any replies. Sydney
  2. I thought I'd post here and see We are months away from the interview (months away from NOA2, actually) but wanted to start to prepare early, so I've been working on a document for proof of on-going relationship. Since there won't be any new visits, we're relying on texts, FaceTime calls and receipts of what we have sent each other. I've searched for what Sydney requires... and I'm wondering if I'm going to over-do it. Because so far, and I've cut a few messages out, there's like 500 message screenshots. I resize them so the amount of pages will be ALOT less. I'm wondering if this is still overkill? If we would still be okay with evidence of FaceTime calls, skype dates (where we both are in the picture), receipts of gifts, and maybe just a handful of messages per month... I want to be prepared but I don't want to spend unnecessary time on it, either, you know? Thanks all!
  3. Both my husband and I met and worked on multiple yachts (which have their own registered addresses) as a chef/stewardess over the last 5 years and we are a little unsure whether to put them down as our 'address in the last 5 years.' The confusion is that all our post and everything we have ever registered (banks, passports, licences etc) has always been at our home address in the UK for me and US for him. We have never received post or registered anything with the yacht address (Simply worked and slept on them 24/7 for years). We went home to our UK/US address every few months for a few weeks at a time. We have put down our most recent yacht address as where we LIVED TOGETHER (2016/2017) as that is where we met and worked together and was going to use it as 'evidence of relationship.' Should I change this then or keep it? Please help! Do we include the ALLLL the yacht addresses or not!
  4. I was told that we need 30 letters each snail mail for proof of relationship. our burned up in the fire in cebu PI. But we have 1800 pages of what aap chat. does that count? plus we are told no money chat or love chat can be in the conversation. is that true? 1800 pages is alot to edit.
  5. Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost half of a year now but I truly, and have no doubt about it, love her. She was in my hometown on a J1 student program here in Seward Alaska and that's how we met. She went back home at the end of the summer to finish her last semester of college and over the period of time that she's been home we've decided to get married. Our relationship is very strong and not just because it's young. We've been through A LOT already and it's only brought us closer together. I. HAVE. NO. DOUBT. that she's the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. She met my parents when she was here in Seward and I've talked with her family/parents about marriage. We want to get married this summer but Im worried. She had her phone stolen (containing most of the evidence of us being together) when she returned home. We got a police report of the incident and will include it in our package. I believe that we can meet all of the requirements necessary for approval but am just worried that the amount of time that we've been together, and the fact that the majority of our proof was stolen, will hinder our approval. Can anyone give any input, just for peace of mind? Or does anyone (who's been approved) have a similar experience??
  6. Hello all, As with most of us I am trying to navigate this difficult path to get my Fiance (f, australia) over here to the States with me (m, Claifornia). My first (of what I'm sure will be many questions) is when do I submit photographic evidence? Do I send pictures along with the I-129f forms? Or just the forms and the cover letter in that package? Thanks in advanced