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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, Asking this question for my relative. She got married earlier this year. Her husband was still here on B1 Visa when they got married. They only went as far as applying for marriage certificate and then he decided to fly back home to go see friends family and pretty much pack up his belongings to head back to the states. They did not file for adjustment of status prior to him leaving the states . Coming back, he got to the airport and they stopped him. Issued a notice: 212 (7) (12) (i) (I). They said he was on month 5 of his 6 month visa and he should not have stayed that long. DHS at the airportt encouraged him to withdraw the visa and reapply and he ageeed to withdraw. However he’s going to reapply and be interviewed once again. He’s not planning on telling the consulate that he got married in the states and they seem to think that its ok and they’ll be able to get the new B1 again since he goes and comes quite a bit in the last 5 years because of his previous job. They seem to feel they will have no problem getting the B1 again and avoiding a long process. I have encouraged her to apply for the I-130 at this point while he is there but..... they have decided to just let him come back in as a tourist and never mentioning the marriage. What do you all think?
  2. Anyone here with experience of going through CR1 spousal visa approval or refusal after getting refused for fiance K1 visa first? My fiance in India was refused K1 visa during the interview and it will be great if someone can share his/her experience who went through the same situation. If possible can you also please state your country of CR1 visa interview. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, a couple of months ago I got pulled over at the USCB for a secondary screening where I was pretty much detained for 13 hours while the immigration officers tried to figure out whether I was planning to stay in the US permenately or not as I was on a ESTA visa staying for 3 months. My trip was to travel to LA, Miami, Nashville and then New York over Christmas. At the end my passport was stamped with 212(a)(7)(a)(i)(i). I was told to reapply for a visa that was more suitable for my purpose of being in the US. When I arrived, I had the following: Return ticket, bank statements, proof of my business, address, a couple of phone bills... Then they looked at my phone where they found a couple of messages from me to my friends saying “I’d like to live in the US one day” and messages from my friends and I just jokingly saying that we would find somebody in the US and get a green card etc... Obviously, I wouldn’t because I have a life over here in Australia! But that’s what the immigration officer read. I’m also a freelancer (when I have time) for some companies I’ve signed up for online eg: freelancer, behande and fiver. Some clients I do work for are based in America, but they’re based all over the world. I’ve also been to the US no more than 2 weeks for festivals the last 3 years. Im wanting to plan a trip over again for a festival and max I’ll stay is 2 weeks... will I be able to apply on a B2 tourist visa? Thanks!
  4. Yesterday, my wife took her interview at the Embassy and the case was refused on the basis of me (petitioner) not having an enough evidence as to prove intent to reestablish domicile in the US. (See below what I submitted). During the interview, the officer kept asking her if I had a job, where I had a job, where I lived, who I lived with, where we intended to live, and refused to look at any of the original documents used to reestablish domicile or joint sponsorship documents. Her interview lasted for more than 30 minutes and the officer kept asking her those questions. The officer also would ask her a question, leave the counter and talk to another officer or manager maybe, and then comeback and continue questioning. This happened three times. What other steps evidence do I need at this point in time? I have already began to apply to job in the US as of yesterday since this has happen, and began dissolving my life in Japan i.e. closing accounts, I quit my job yesterday on the spot as soon as I found this out, and other steps. Has anyone else at the interview stage been refused for this reason? I was under the impression that this refusal would have happened at the NVC stage not at the interview. The only issue we had at the NVC stage was an income issue as my job would not continue upon leaving Japan since I am an English Teacher here for a local company. The NVC stated to get a joint sponsor which we did, and we have enough assets above the guidelines in the I-864p. Thanks for your advice and replies. AT the NVC stage, I submitted the following letter and accompanying evidence based on what I have read here on the forums and in the I-864: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Petitioner Name Social Security Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXX FORM I-1864 No.5 Country of Domicile I, PETITIONER, am currently residing in Japan with my spouse, IMMIGRANT. Below you will find a list of attached documents to show that my principle residence is in the US and the steps that I have taken to return to the US with my spouse. Steps I have taken to maintain US Domicile: Maintained my STATE voter registration via Military/Overseas registration Maintained my XXXXX credit card ending XXXX Maintained my XXXXX credit card ending XXXX Maintained my checking and savings accounts at XXXXX Bank Checking ending in XXXX Savings ending in XXXX Maintained my XXXXXXXXX credit card ending XXXX Maintained my US retirement fund with XXXXXXX Maintained my US mutual fund account with XXXXXX Maintained my STATE drivers license Paid 2017 State of STATE taxes Supporting Documents for the above steps I have taken: Copy of Voter registration email showing permanent US address Copy of credit card ending in XXXX statement showing US billing address Copy of credit card ending in XXXX statement showing US billing address Copy of XXXX Bank statements showing permanent US address Checking ending in XXXX Savings ending in XXXX Copy of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX credit card statement showing US billing address Copy of XXXXXX Retirement fund statement showing permanent US address Copy of XXXXXX Mutual fund statement showing permanent US address Copy of STATE drivers license currently up to date Copy of 2017 State of STATE Tax return Steps I have taken to return to the US to take up residence: • Made arrangements for us to have a house to live in. • Work contract ending September XXX, 2019 Supporting documents for the above steps I have taken: • Written and notorizied statement from JOINT SPONSOR, mother, stating we can live at her residence. • Copy of work contract I declare that I intend in good faith to re-establish my domicile in the United States no later than the date of spouse's admission into the US. I certify that the statements in this letter and all accompanying evidence are true and correct. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Hopefully someone can help, I know there is no way to know how long it takes for administrative processing under 221g to be completed as each case is different. However I have been checking with USCIS and can see that my case was received at the end of February (2018). Once we know USCIS has a case, does anyone know what the wait time could potentially be? It has been nearly 4 months since I received my notification of revocation from the US embassy in London. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I know this topic has been on here a few times, but I'm not sure if I should take this as a rejected, or if once we complete the request on the 221g we will go into Administrative Processing again. I think we still have hope just want to confirm. My fiance had his interview today in Casablanca, he received the dreaded 221g but it asks for additional proof of relationship and asks him to drop this off with his passport to Aramax. He also received a letter from the guy at the first window that provides a website for him to go to which asks him to let them know where he wants to pick up his Visa and says We wish you a happy life in the US. Did anyone else receive this? Thank you Trudy
  7. I received a refusal on our interview for F4 VISA (All support docs were proper) in 2017 because when I filled the DS 260 in 2017 for immigrant visa i did not disclose my prior "arrest"which was being arrested in 1986 for having small amount of marijuana on me because it so many years ago and when I did my police clearance it did not come up and all was clear. So the consular refused my visa because when I did my DS 160 for non immigrant visa i also did not disclose my arrest in 1986 because I did not think it would be a big thing and it was so many years ago and I no longer do marijuana or any illegal substance. So after that they refused by f4 visa and also canceled my multiple visitor visa. Then in Jan we filled and filed the Form I 601 in Phoenix based on the fact that main reason we're immigrating is took after our parents in the states as they are very sick from time to time. So far its been 140days ans they said to wait 180 days to allow to process the I 601. What are my chances like? As all our supporting documents were good only thing I didnt disclose my ONLY arrest in 1986 because i figured it wouldn't be a big deal but they refused under section 212 a 2 a 2 for controlled substance violation in 1986 section 212 a 6 c I for Misresprestation of a material fact in my 2008 non immigrant visa which i stated i was never arrested or convicted. Please advise.
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