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Found 9 results

  1. I've always understood that a K-1 Fiance Visa is processed/approved much faster than marrying abroad and bringing her to the U. S. on a K-3 Spousal Visa; Is this still the case? Is it possible to marry abroad but NOT file the marriage there in her home country (The Philippines) and even though are married there so her friends and family can attend, or will that complicate/delay things?
  2. Hello guys, I am in a situation and I need some clarity about it. I am from India and was engaged (arrange marriage-matrimony) and got my K1 visa approved this year and flew to US and due to personal issues I walked out of the relationship just after spending a week with him. So post that I was staying with my brother and through family I got another proposal and the guy is again a US citizen. I met him and his family and they liked me very much and my family too liked him. So since then we are looking at how do we proceed with this. We have thought of applying for k1 visa again as it is a shorter process and wwe will get time to know each other more. We have hired a attorney we are not yet engaged but will soon be, I have come back to India and he will be traveling soon with his family to get engaged.  So, I am still anxious to know if I will get an approval again?? will I have to do the medical again?? Is there any advice you guys want to give me because we are still deciding. PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. How can I find my FBI criminal records? Or how can I find all of my criminal records for Texas and Louisianna? Please provide links if possible. Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a criminal record of 5 misdemeanors in the past involving drugs/alcohol. I will be applying for a fiance visa soon. My main question is do any of you have experience with RapidVisa? Should I use them, are they worth it, and did they do a good job? Thanks in advance!
  5. I have a concern if someone would be kind enough to help me. I think I am worried about nothing, but I like to make sure of everything. I am going to be filling out the I-129f to get my fiance here to the US from the Philippines. I have a great background as in my work history, lived in the same area in Texas, I have never been married, have no kids, I have a great job now, and everything should look great to them except this one thing that I am unsure of how they will view it. I am 35 years old. My concern is my criminal background for where I have to check yes to 3 or more drug or alcohol charges. I have had no other legal problems. I have 5 that were all misdemeanors. I had 2 different possession charges way back in 2002, a PI that got dismissed in 2005 or close to that year, a DWI 2 years ago, and a PI over 6 months ago. She has no problems with her and she is aware of everything about me. Is this something I need to worry about? This has been driving me crazy and it may be for nothing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I am a Canadian citizen (born in Canada) and I have been dating my girlfriend who is a us citizen (born in the us) for approximately 4 years. We have now filed petition for the k1 visa. My questions and concerns revolve around my criminal record. Juvenile record is assault police officer in 2010 ( which I recived while trying to be detained inside my home and resisting) I was 16 at the time. I have an assault x2 which I received for slapping another youth that was in a cell with me during the time I was in custody for the assault police. At the time I was told I no longer had a home to go to and was scared to leave the juvenile hall and not have a home to go too. I slapped this youth intentionally to be able to extend my stay in detention. fast forward 2 years in 2012 I am now18 years old. I had a really bad day and made the mistake of trying to relive my stress by drinking alcohol. While at my friends house I realized I've had way to much to drink and called a cab to come take me home. I remember getting into the cab and then I woke up in custody. I had been dropped off not at the requested destination, where I had stumbled into a coffee shop. I ended up picking a fight with one of the employees and damaging some property. I received an assault charge and a mischief under. I was also charged with breaching my conditions of probation from my first conviction ( a no alcohol order, a curfew and a keep the peace) fast forward to 2016 I've mature and made many positive strides in my life. I am now 22 and in a committed long term long distance relationship. At this point we've done some reading and assumed I'd need a waiver for inadmissability. We spent many months going through this process and come to the final step of handing in the forms at a port of entry. Where I was informed by the officer (who also went and spoke to his superior) that I was indeed admissible because I have no cimt's. He specified that they don't even take into consideration my youth record, and the assault and micheif could be something very minor( I did not go into detail about my chargers) he told me I had been misled by the waiver company inside Canada. He clipped somthing to my criminal records copy that said "no cimt's" and told me to bring this record file everytime I cross and hand it to them at the boarder when asked about my criminal history. I left with a huge smile excited to be able to go see my girlfriend there and finally meet her family and her 2 young children who at the time I have never met in person just FaceTime but had still grown to love them very much. fast forward another 2 years and it's now 2018 and I'm 24. My girlfriend has both been here a bunch and I have traveled there a few times with 0 problems crossing the boarder. I took the advice of the officer at my initial vist at the port of entry. The longest time spent there being 3 months. As the time between now and my interview shortens I find my anxiety about this at an all time high. I've planned my whole life around this and I am with the woman of my dreams, the thought of any coming between that makes me sick to my stomach. im concerned if my k1 visa will be approved in the interview. I know they base their decision on cimt's which I've been informed I do not have. But I've also read they use discretion at these interviews. I'm fairly good at articulating myself but that little voice in the back of my head named anxiety doesn't allow my mind to be at peace with this. Please, I would really appreciate any and all input on our situation. Thanks in advance. I also apologize for the story book, I just like to be thorough.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm curious if anyone who has filed a k1 *been the petitioner* has had a juvenile record and if so what did you provide to prove it was dismissed? I need to provide that it was dismissed, but my case never went to court. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello! I tried to look for an up-to-date thread about the criminal background part of I-129 so I’m opening a new thread. Does anyone have any actual experiences or facts (I see a lot of conflicting opinions back and forth on this forum and that’s why I’m more interested in experiences/facts...) if the following situations need to be reported with the K1 application (petitioner’s side): 1) arrested but not convicted or charged, no matter how long ago, if it fits the specified crimes? 2) arrested and charged but charges dismissed, if it fits the specified crimes? 3) arrested and convicted (misdemeanor) but conviction has since been cleared due to years gone by, if it fits the specified crimes? 4) arrests, charges, convictions that aren’t listed in the application? I’m trying to make this as straightforward as possible so I tried to cover all options. it just seems so ridiculous to report ALL incidents with the law no matter how small from one’s youth if their record is legally clear today and nothing would come up in a regular background check... but I’m assuming immigration background check is somehow more strict? Another thing we’ve been wondering just between us (here comes the “non-fact non-experience opinion section” of my post ) is why do they need us to clarify every single event from his past if they can just pull the records themselves and see what happened in each case anyway? Seems like a lot of hassle in detail for things that ultimately wouldn’t affect the application because no charges/dismissals etc. I don’t get it other than it’ll surely look bad on the application if you have to put “yes” to a bunch of things that aren’t essentially more than an arrest long time ago.
  9. Hello, I apologize in advance for my formatting errors and possible auto-corrects, I am currently on mobile and have been trying to wrap my brain around this issue. When I was 14 ( 2008 ), I had an inter-family problem, which I'm not here to debate the case, because that doesn't matter- but the results show me as being charged with: Sexual Assault in the Second Degree. ( A.C.A. § 5-14-125(b)(2), Class D felony ) I was found guilty under circumstantial evidence. I was not put on the sex offender list. Or registered as a sex offender. I completed probation, Psychiatric therapy, and the dismissal was approved in 2008. The case was also expunged and sealed. However, this was over 10 years ago now, and I have been scared and unsure of what to do. The immigration attorneys in my area I have contacted have been useless in the assistance of understanding what is needed and can not assist me. They did not know whether this is subject to AWA, and if it still needs to be disclosed if it has been dismissed. I have been trying to get my fiance here to the US, as she is from Australia, and we were currently working on a K1 Visa for the past few months. ( No paperwork has been submitted yet. ) I would hope someone could assist me in this process, and I hope to know if there's anything I should be doing. Thank You.