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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, everyone. I just had my interview done yesterday (July 13, 2020) at US Embassy Manila. I was approved but my visa status is still Ready and not Issued. Everyone else who had their interview and was told they're approved saw their visa status changed to Issued right after their interview. I want to know why it's like this for me and if someone who was recently interviewed had the same experience? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, My fiance and I applied for a K1 visa, and I went to the CO for an interview a month ago while he put me on "administrative processing", asking for my resume (i guess im under TAL, since I work in a technical field). 2 days ago it changed to "READY", with this statement under- "Your case is open and ready for your interview, fingerprints, and required documents. If you have already had your interview, please check your status after two business days. If no interview was required, please check back in two business days for the status of your application." 2 more things happened- 1. "Case Created" was changed to the same date as 2 days ago (it originally opened on January 2017) 2. It changed from "IMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION" to "NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION" Today (48h after ==2 business days) it changed to "Application Received", without a change to "Case Last Updated" (remained 2 days ago). What does "Application Received" means? there's nothing on google about it. Thank you all in advance! Regards, Dave
  3. My father's initial status was Administrative Processing after his immigrant visa interview on June 27. He had to submit a few documents like updated police certificate and family registry and i864-A so he was given 221g. After submitting the documents on July 17, my mother's visa went from READY TO ISSUED on Aug 1 and my father's visa went from AP to READY FOR INTERVIEW. The date has been updated a few times but case still ready for interview. No feedback from embassy. Please help if you know anything about this scenario!
  4. Hi VJ peeps, Both my parents had their interview together end of June 2019. They had some documents missing so received a 221g sheet to submit the required. They submitted the documents on July 18. Throughout this period, my dad's status was at Administrative Processing and my mom's was at ready [for interview]. On August 1, my mom's status changed from Ready to Issued and she received her passport with the visa the next day. My dad's status changed from AP to Ready [for interview]. It's almost been a month now and my dad's status has not changed. We have tried e-mailing and calling. No feedback. Anyone in/or has been in the same boat? Appreciate any input.
  5. Hello, A couple of weeks ago, I received the congratulation letter in the USA embassy as my DV was approved by the consular officer during the interview last Month. However, I have not yet got the issued visa status although the case status was already updated within a week after the interview and remained Ready not AP for weeks till now!!! Was the approval decision in the interview final? May the file review by an officer result in a conclusion different than the approval earned during the interview? What are the procedures usually taken by them during such time? How is this situation (Ready status) different than Administrative Processing? Advise about this situation, please! Thanks in advance.
  6. I sent an email to the US Consulate Lagos last week requesting for an update on our case .. So I just received a reply from them stating : "According to our records, visa issuance is pending receipt of I-864A for the petitioner’s spouse. Please scan to us at LagosIV@state.gov with the case number as subject." I don't understand what this statement means because we have submitted the I-864A form to them since March 26th along with our international passport ... So I am confused here and I would appreciate it if you would explain what is happening?
  7. Thanks for what you are doing on this thread and i really love it when i see someone who is willing to help and tries their best to do that! So i have a some questions to ask.. My mum and my brothers had our F4 visa interview on March 19.. And it went well... But we were given a letter requesting us to drop an I-864A form in which our Petitioner Spouse Must Complete Along with our international Passport at DHL office.. And i think the reason she demanded for the I-864A form was because our petitioner is married and they need an evidence that shows that her husband is also committed in supporting us when we finally immigrate. And not Because of the Money because our petitioner has more than 120% of d poverty guideline for all of us in her household. So we submitted the signed I-864A form on the March 26th then we added the Following additional Documents along with it : 1)Our petitioner marriage certificate to prove he is the spouse, 2)we also added his W2 form as an evidence that he collects **** amount which has been written in the I-864A form 3) His naturalization certificate to prove he is an american Citizen 4) Lastly, we included a notarized letter Written by Our petitioner Spouse Stating that he is the One who completed the form and He is the Spouse Of the petitioner. We did send all those additional Documents eventhough they were not requested in order to make sure the Visa officer has every thing she needs in case she is not satisfied with the I-864A form... So we saw a case update on our case On 28th March ..i think that should represent when our Documents and Passport got to d embassy.. Then there was no update until on the 03 April ..06th April and lastly on the 12th April..since then we haven't gotten any case update... So my questions are 1) i hope those additional documents won't affect our case in any form ??..because am so scared that the VO may be saying we are doing too much. 2) Our ccase Status on d CEAC website still shows That Our Case is READY for interview ..in which we have done the interview which is making us very confused?? What does it mean?? Is it also another way of saying Administrative Processing or what?? (3) how long does it take the case to update to Issued since its 20 days since we submitted the documents??
  8. Hi as i check ceac.com last thursday may case status is ready. Is anyone know how many days or weeks will i receive the packet from manila to province? And can i already pay and schedule an interview? I was just afriad cause i wasnt recieve yet the nvc letter and the packet and i know it is one of the requirments for the interview.thanks
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