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Found 4 results

  1. I could not find clear and legitimate answer to the following questions; not even with lawyers or USCIS webpage. Hope someone would share his/her knowledge and experience with the same situation. Please do not guess and provide documentary evidence justifying your answer. Background: I am a US Citizen. I am a postdoctoral fellow. I receive income which is denoted as fellowship grant or other income. This income is taxable. I file 1040 along with schedule 3, and state taxes. No taxes are withheld (employer does not report to IRS). So it is a self-reporting income, and there is no W-2/1099 Misc./etc. My income is above poverty line. What is going on: My I-130 petition has been approved by USCIS for my spouse living abroad, and now the case is pending with NVC. I need to submit affidavit of support. Questions: Which form should I use I-864 or I-864ez? I know that I could use only my income on form I-864ez, but instructions say that I should be showing my income with W-2, which I do not have. Here is what I-864ez instructions say: "The income you are using to qualify is based entirely on your salary or pension and is shown on one or more Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form W-2s provided by your employers or former employers." The bold italic part does not apply on me, so I am not sure if I can use I-864ez. Can I use I-864 irrespective to whether I qualify to file I-864ez? I just paper filed my 2019 taxes. Transcript will not be available until April or so. NVC application is pending now, so I can not wait until transcript becomes available. What proof on income can I use? I have a copy of my 2019 federal and state taxes I just filed, and a letter from my employer stating my income and that they do not send W-2/I099 misc./etc. I can also get my December 2019 pay stub showing YTD amount paid to me (income). This probably could be use in replacement of W-2/1099 misc. I could also get a bank statement showing ending amount each month, and the final amount available now (but this will become an asset, so I will not be able to use I-864ez). Looking forward for your advise. Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the second post in a short time frame. My partner (Spanish citizen) and I (American citizen) are still working on filing the I-129F for him to come to the US as my fiancé, so this isn't relevant yet, but I know that if/when he is approved in a few months time and gets his interview at the US embassy in Madrid, we will have to file an I-134 Affadavit of Support showing that I make enough money to support us. Unfortunately, I am currently a student with only part-time employment so I don't make enough by myself to meet the poverty line requirement. However, my parents do, and they have agreed to be joint sponsors for us on the I-134F. I did some research and it looks like in almost all countries, this is allowed, but that there are a few embassies that don't allow joint sponsors. Does anybody know if the US embassy in Madrid will accept joint sponsors, and if so, what is the process for doing so? Will my parents need to fill out and sign an additional I-134 for us?
  3. Hello all, We have been pre-approved for a DCF filing in Japan. I (the petitioner/ U.S. citizen) have been given an interview appointment at the Tokyo embassy. This came as a surprise because all the literature I've read said that the beneficiary (Japanese citizen) was required to attend an interview at the Tokyo embassy. Has anyone else been in this situation? Also, regarding the I-864 form: I have been living and working in Japan for 3.5 years and have only been paying taxes in Japan (as my income has exclusively been in JPY, from Japan). On the I-864 information page it says that a Japanese income tax return is insufficient for application. I have received $0.00 income in USD or JPY from the U.S for the past 3.5 years. I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions regarding my situation, esp. the lack of U.S. tax return. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello all After hours and hours of surfing around IRS pages and internet forums I have decided to ask some questions here in case there's anyone who are having similar problems of mine! My husband, petitioner has dual citizenship in Canada and the US, (His mother was Canadian and father is American.) He had lived in Canada since his birth, lived and worked until Dec 2017. He got his SSN and American Passport issued around Nov 2017 when we went down for our cousin's wedding. He moved down to the States Dec2017 and has been working since. We have business together and we are closing the business this year 2018. (so he has income from Canada this year 2018) He has never filed his income in the States. He has been keeping all his paystubs and can request a letter of employment from his work. Now our petition is approved (Oct 2018) and we are in NVC stage now. the next step is filing I-864 but since he has never filed the tax in the States yet, he doe not have the tax return record. We have looked and looked about the filing the previous income from CANADA, some pages says 3 years some says 6 years. which is not a problem since we can request Canadian tax agency for the information. I am thinking maybe we will have to wait until January to file 2018 tax, But as you all know, it will take a while to get the papers from the work and report and than wait until it is ready for record to submit to NVC.. we will have to wait another 2 month... Here are the questions 1. Can he file his previous income (3 or 6years of Canadian tax report) in the month of December? or 2. Can we submit CRA(Canadian tax agency) tax record for previous income + submit paystubs (2018) and a letter of employment. the I-864 anyone had similar situations? or any advice would be much appreciated!
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