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  1. Hello All, I am hoping i can get some great advice on this forum as i do not understand what is going on with my application. I'm aware every case is different but i feel i have done whatever i can to get my case moving. I am married but my wife and i live in different states. When i filed for i751 it took over two years for it to be processed. i was told my case was pending security checks and that there is nothing they can do. I waited and waited and made numerous inquiries. Finally, i went for an infopass and i was told my case was in line for an interview. i went to the interview with my wife and attorney and we were asked a lot of questions. A lot of my background was digged. Even an accident i got into. The interviewer was convinced and approved my case. 2 years later i applied for n400 based on the 5yr rule as my wife and i live in different states. Mind you the reason i moved out of state was to secure a better job. I had no luck securing a job in my field in the state my wife resides. i see her from time to time and the plan is for her to join me soon. I applied for n400 in april 2017 and in two months i was scheduled for an interview. I passed the interview and the IO said she needed to review the file a bit before she can make a decision. A month passed by and still no response. I made an inquiry and i was told that i needed to to wait till after 90days. 90 days passed and i made an inquiry but received the generic letter saying that my case is pending adjudication. I made an infopass and i was told the same thing. i made two more additional inquiries and still received the generic response. I finally contacted my congressman 160 days after my interview. My congressman responded to me today saying that "USCIS is conducting background checks on my case and it could take years". Unbelievable! How can they be conducting background checks when they just did an extensive one not two long ago when i was removing conditions?Something doesn't add up to me. Infact, when i went for the infopass, the person at the window said my file was lying somewhere on the IO's desk. I am aware immigration benefit is a benefit and not a privilege. However, i have followed all the rules and waited as i've been told. i have not broken the law besides minor speeding tickets. i pay my taxes and im not involved in any illegal activity. i am also not from a muslim country or a muslim. 1. What steps should i take further? 2. Has anybody been through a similar situation? 3. Does anybody have experience filing 1447(b) as my case is way past 120days? 4. What about Ombudsman? This is very frustrating as i went to this background check nonsense a few years back and it took over 2yrs. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, My fiance and I applied for a K1 visa, and I went to the CO for an interview a month ago while he put me on "administrative processing", asking for my resume (i guess im under TAL, since I work in a technical field). 2 days ago it changed to "READY", with this statement under- "Your case is open and ready for your interview, fingerprints, and required documents. If you have already had your interview, please check your status after two business days. If no interview was required, please check back in two business days for the status of your application." 2 more things happened- 1. "Case Created" was changed to the same date as 2 days ago (it originally opened on January 2017) 2. It changed from "IMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION" to "NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION" Today (48h after ==2 business days) it changed to "Application Received", without a change to "Case Last Updated" (remained 2 days ago). What does "Application Received" means? there's nothing on google about it. Thank you all in advance! Regards, Dave
  3. hey guys! so my case was created by the NVC on February, 5 2019 in Sydney and then today on February 12 2019 I was appointed a new NVC case number ( due to the fact that we requested a transfer of consulates from Australia to Brazil) why im on here is to get an idea of the timeline from NVC case number creation to the interview date. I have tried looking at some peoples but its so hard to tell, especially with the cases that are have been approved so long ago. anybody who has an idea of the timeline I would greatly appreciate it. Especially for the people that interviewed in Brazil! thanks guys.
  4. hi guys!!! So let me give you a little run down of things....around 12/10/18 I received email from NVC that I am able to move to my next step I need to submit fees and documents etc..I went ahead and paid AOS and IV fees and around 12/14/18 once my fees were “paid” I was able to submit documents and it took NVC a few for them to let me know what’s accepted and what’s missing etc. so I believe 1/4/19 I received an email stating what else I need and what is missing so basically my spouses IV stuff was all accepted and I from my end needed to upload my w2 AGAIN and give my household member(my fathers) tax transcript and also I needed to fill out I864 instead of the ez and I’ve uploaded those and it’s been accepted 🙌🏻 Now I keep going back and fourth with them my w2 states next to it “accepted” they keep sending me messages that i need to send in every page and I’m pretty sure I’ve done that twice! It’s so frustrating I feel like I’ve been waiting forever I’ve submitted it all literally nothing is missing at this point here I am waiting another 2-3 weeks for them to review things yet again! Has anyone else had this problem? It sucks because it will obviously take them time to schedule an interview also 😭😭
  5. Hi everyone! I'm waaaaay far off from getting my I-130 approved but I was just curious about the prices for the NVC process because I know it'll be quite expensive. How much in total would it be throughout the entire process as of now? I wanted to know in advance so I can prepare for it in the future and that my hubby and I wouldn't be struggling :') I pray everyone is doing well and that your processes will be quick! Have faith everyone❤️
  6. Hi everyone! We are currently waiting for our NOA2 but we have a doubt and we cant find much information about it. I (beneficiary) travel a lot and my current passport only has 2 blank pages and I might need more for my job. I was thinking of renewing my passport before the case is sent out to the NVC. Do you think I can just update my passport information? Or will this be an issue? My us tourist visa is stamped in my current passport. Thanks in advance for your kind replies!
  7. Hello I would like to know how long the case stays in the NVC. We received our notice of immigrant visa creation on October 10, 2018. I have read that according to the timeline, it takes approximately 2-3 months but I know that the time can vary. Please let me know your experience with the NVC. Thank you
  8. Hi all, I am devastated! I'm afraid i got refused. My fiance and I applied for a K1 visa in Oct .16 after 3.5 years of relationship On Apr 6th, I had the interview with the CO. He was asking me a couple of questions about my fiance , then the CO started to ask about what I'm doing, so being a hardware engineer (bachelor degree) who also works with hardware companies, I explain to him in details about my job. He asked if I have my resume,and I did emailed it later that day.. He said he'll wait for it and that my case needs further "Administrative Processing", and handed me a letter stating- We are sorry to inform you that your visa application is refused because you have being found ineligible to receive a visa under the following section(s) ....- 221(g)- You must submit your resume 221(g)- Your case requires administrative processing which typically takes at least 4 months... CEAC status check- April 6th - Administrative Processing May 15th - Ready May 17th - Application Received (i have a different post on it, it's something new i guess) May 23rd - Refused and right under they wrote- Your application was refused. Please see the letter or other instructions you received at the interview. My fiancee called her congresswoman and she contacted NVC/DoS, they told her that they don't see any refusal on their records/database, and that I'm still under AP. I insisted to understand why am I seeing "Refused" if I'm under AP (according to DoS), but they just gave me the same answer- You're under AP, your case is at the local embassy. I called NVC today, they told me the same thing. What the hell is going on? Am I 'hard' refused?? Am I still under AP? Yesterday I sent a lengthy email to the local consulate asking for an explanation, and to this moment (1 business day), no response. Wishful thinking - maybe by 'Refused' they mean the 221g original soft refusal?( from April 6th, after the interview) I have to say - there is no reason I should be refused, no reason at all (clean criminal/medical record, no overstay, I currently have tourist visa for 10 years, our relationship is bona fide backed up by thousand of pictures together, call logs, letters, financial support, we were living together in my country for a year...) I ask you all to give me from your experience, I'm heartbroken and confused. Thank you, Dave
  9. Hi. I recently filed for my husband under Formi-130. I am a permanent resident and i received a NOA and the priority date is the current date. What does it mean? I’ve read some forums and it says there is already a visa available for him but I am not really sure
  10. So we filed our I-129F back in April and got our NOA1 on May 2nd, 2018. I’m feeling anxious like we should get a response about the NOA2 any day now. We’re with the California center (CSC) However this website site says that the current cases being processed at the CSC are for May 11th, 2018?! I’ve watched each day as that day increases past May 2nd and it’s making me panic. Did they skip over our application? When we called the USCIS a week ago; a woman politely told us any RFE’s would’ve happened months ago if any. If there’s anyone able to help me based on the information on this website, I would really appreciate that. Thank you!
  11. Hey guys, I have been placed under ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING since my interview (21st September) for a tourist visa. I am a Tunisian citizen living in France, I am working here and I live on my own ( I have got ties with this country ). my travel history I guess was the reason they placed me under AP. I have been to Iran, Jordan, Qatar (as a tourist ). I’d like to kindly ask you if anyone here was placed under AP in US embassy in Paris, and if they granted you the visa , how long were you waiting for ? I started to lose hope in spending CHRISTMAA and New Year’s Eve in the US.. as it’s been almost two months since I applied. very much obliged. kind regards. I wish you the best.
  12. April filer ‘17. Anyone knows whats going on?? My interview was on 21st December i didn’t get AP and i was supposed to get the visa in 10 days but still nothing. My IV visa says “application received” as of 23rd jan. But it’s been more then 2 working days and the status still hasn’t changed.
  13. Hey, Wanted to drop this here to see if anyone else is experiencing any timing problem with their Adjustment of Status. I'm a Haitian citizen living in Brooklyn. I started with a student visa here in 2008. Then after the earthquake, i switched to I-821/I-765. I filed for my I-485 (petitioned by my wife) in August of last year. After sending a few files back and forth and paying for all the fees, by November or so, all fees were paid and all files were sent. I was sent my new I-765 card with parole (to travel) while my case is pending. But I havent heard back from them since. It's getting close to a year now. Anyone else experiencing unusual delays with the processes? Or is it jut me? Ad I'm aware that with the current administration and my being Haitian, things my be delayed on purpose too. But, let me know if you guys experience the same thing, have advice, or tips. Thanks!
  14. I am noticing that some of the various visa assistant/processing consultants & services online saying that the because of the current (Trump) administration's "crackdown on immigrants" (not my words), that if there are errors on the forms a higher percentage of immediate denials will be issued by USCIS and they will not bother with sending any RFE (Request for Evidence) and NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) notices to allow these corrections to be made. My first thought is that this is merely a sales tactic to "scare" us into paying for their services; I actually had one of these consultants tell me this on the phone and they then made an me immediate offer & discount to "act before things get worse". Is this truly the case or am I right? Please, I am not looking for comments about Trump or politics as this is not the place for that, only sincere replies to my question... Thanks!
  15. Hi! NVC confirmed that received my case 28 days ago. My case wasn’t put into the system yet. Is that taking that long nowadays? 4 weeks and counting... How long does it usually take to get the case number? After that, how long should I expect to have my interview scheduled considering that I don’t get a checklist?
  16. Hello, Does anybody have any experience or heard approximately how long it will take (I am in Taiwan) for NVC to receive (AOS and IV) and case complete, and then how long till the interview at AIT in Taipei, Taiwan? Thank you in advance, Brett
  17. Hi All. My Fiancé applied for a K1 Visa for me in March and I'm hoping to get some insight from others in the same position - I know it's early days for us compared to some of you and I realize the current processing times are showing 5 - 7 months, but I also see case inquiries are back in November so I'm just wondering how long everyone's been waiting? I am a freelance designer so am able to work pretty much anywhere with my Australian clients, so I had been going back and forth between Australia and the US staying for 2weeks - 3months at a time (on a B1 tourist visa I attained a few years ago when I backpacked the US) But on my last visit to the US in January I was taken in for questioning and told it didn't look good that I was spending so much time there and I was only able to stay for 1 month and told that we needed to find an alternative arrangement if we wanted to continue our relationship, and so we got engaged (love also had something to do with it haha). So now I'm back in Australia waiting and continuously checking our visa status (a useless and heartbreaking process). Going 7+ months apart is looking extremely excruciating so I'd love to be able to go over midway for a few weeks to spend some time together but I'm scared they won't let me in with my history. Any ideas? How long is the process taking for others? Thanks and good luck everyone!
  18. Given the extended times associated with the k1 visa is there anyway to view Igor's list with a 24 month period. Thanks
  19. My application package reached the Phoenix Lockbox on Feb 8th, 2018. But as of now, I did not receive any SMS/email notification through my form G-1145, no receipt notice, nor did USCIS encash the enclosed check. USCIS says to wait for 30 days before contacting the lockbox. If I contact Lockbox support, they take 15 days to answer. I have already sent them an email a week ago, even when its not 30 days yet. But do they really take 30 days to process the application? Is there anyone else here who has recently sent their I-485, I-765 and I-131 application package to Phoenix with a similar timeline? I will update here once I receive a notification, or have any update on my case. Thanks.
  20. We were approved at the interview in Lagos on December 12, 2017. The next day my husband received a call from the consulate saying they forgot to ask for divorce verification. He went to the High Court the same day and sent in the receipt for divorce. Starting the first day of administrative processing. We received an email end of January asking for verification of business. We sent the same day. After that we received email stating they had everything they needed and if we didn't hear anything from them by March 30th then send email for update. We didn't so we sent email to get update. The update said they are consulting with Washington DC on the case and would update us after Washington respond. Has anyone ever been through the "consulting with Washington DC" phase of the immigration process? What is the consultation for? How long does it take? Thanks for any answers
  21. Hi there So I have went online and paid the affidavit fee and submitted by choice of agent form (I will call and ask them to verify this on the phone today). Question is - as I must mail my documents to them, do I need to wait until I've paid all the fees etc and do it in the order they suggest on the welcome letter, or can I go ahead and send all my documents to them now to save time later? Cheers in advance for any help!
  22. My husband has an interview on the 3th of April and I wanted to know how long is it taking it receive the visa Via DHL at Ciudad Juárez and at another state in Mexico.
  23. Hello all, I was curious to whether someone has gone through Consular Processing of I-140 in Toronto recently? My I-140 has just been sent to NVC and my priority date is current. I currently live in the U.S. and have a Canadian PR as well. I would like to hear about anyone's recent experience, any tips/suggestions, how long did the medical docs take, and/or things to watch out for? I've read some pinned topics and understand the type of docs I need to carry with me but was just curious to what to expect when I'm there (my spouse is a dependent on my case and will be accompanying me too). Please excuse me if this is not the correct forum section to post this in. Thanks!
  24. Our I-129F was approved as i can see that on the USCIS website February 26, 2018 and have not received any mail is this normal? Also my fiance in Mexico has not gotten anything from the NVC or embassy, is this normal as well? We are trying to get everything together for the next step but are unsure.
  25. Hello all, Hoping to use this as a place where applicants who applied around the same time, can discuss questions and experiences. Myself and my fiancé just applied, our timeline as of today is as follows: Sent i129F - 11/10/2017 Received NAO1 - 11/15/2017 Hoping for the quickest and smoothest operation. Where you at November applicants!?