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Found 33 results

  1. There really isn't a current thread for progress updates for the I-601 waivers. I wanted to start a thread where everyone can just post their progress. If everyone could create a timeline and put it in their signature it would really be helpful. It doesn't matter when you filed. Any reported progress really helps everyone along the journey !!
  2. Hi all, I've received the Notice of Action for my I-131 application for travel document process I started for my mother, just a couple of days ago. It says: Next Steps: USCIS will schedule a biometrics appointment for you to have your biometrics electronically captured at a USCIS application support center. You will be receiving a biometric appointment notice in the mail with the specific date, time and place where you will be having your fingerprint and/ or photographs taken. You must wait to receive your biometrics appointment notice before going to the ASC. Her flight was this coming Sunday, I need to reschedule it but I want to know how long it takes to receive the appointment date/ time letter in the mail and estimate date of appointment. Please help!
  3. I just got my NOA2 in the mail! Took 5 months, filed on July 21st and the form was dated December 26th. What's weird is that it's not showing up online or on my iPhone app. Has anybody else experienced this? I would check your mail since they seem not to be working on the online stuff! What do you think?
  4. Hi! I am applying for lifting of conditions on my green card after 2 years of marriage. My 2year green card expires on March 13, 2019. I just saw on the USCIS site that the average processing time is 16 months. Does anyone know what happens after my conditional green cards expire in March? Can I still work? Can I travel abroad? Is there something like the advance parole during the waiting time? What is my legal document during the waiting time? Thank you!
  5. Hello- just wondering what exactly determines where your I-130 goes to get processed. I'm feeling a little disappointed because I live in New England and was told my petition would likely go to Vermont. I just recently received the receipt and it is in Virginia. Vermont has a much quicker I-130 processing time compared to Virginia's center and I don't know why I was sent to Virginia. I called USCIS and they told me your residence does not actually determine where your petition is sent, but rather your spouse's country of residence. I hope to get some insight on this! Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know if we can look up the current date being worked on for AOS at each particular office like we can for different visa types?
  7. My fiance and I are readying to submit our 129F and all the other stuff that goes along with the first step in the K-1 visa. My fiance (the American petitioner) lives near Bellingham, WA. I am a Canadian living in Surrey, BC. I was looking into processing times and it seems that the California Service Center (CSC) is currently processing K-1 visas faster than the Texas Service Center. The 129-F form instructs that we should send it to Texas, yet CSC is listed as processing K-1 visas. CSC is showing a processing time frame of 5 months. Whereas the TSC is showing that it is having a processing delay on K-1 visas and the filing date of the last 129F was December 21, 2014. Can we send our 129F application to the CSC? Would it be beneficial and is it possible it could help our application be processed faster? Or is it best to send it to the TSC as the 129F instructs? Please advise
  8. Hi, everyone! This thread is for everyone who got their NOA2 during the month of February 2018 - and all of those who are around to cheer us on and offer helpful input! I am also copying and pasting important links from my signature into this post just in case anyone needs them for reference: There are lots of NOA2s coming in mail without an update on case tracker. Please register for informed delivery if it is applicable in your region USPS INFORMED DELIVERY - https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action NVC - (603)-334-0700 What to do after NOA2 Approval? How to contact NVC? Click here for info - https://goo.gl/KggThF If you cannot get NVC on the phone try this - https://secureforms.travel.state.gov/ask-nvc.php USCIS - 800-375-5283 How to talk to a live person at USCIS? https://goo.gl/54z5bZ I-129F NOA2 to NVC Receive Time Tracker - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k57PdywNRpUqytomJxMzz6_7DsMqpi52DgnaYt9FyC8/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Just need help finding the section on Visa Journey that allows me to view applicants with similar timelines to when I applied. Also if anyone knows of an exemption to avoid the flu shot. Thank you
  10. How long has this been the case? Am I reading this right? Spouse cases for USC are no longer being sent to California?
  11. So, I'm not sure if this varies office by office, in our case I am looking at the information provided by the Houston field office. Their site now says: "Field Office Processing Dates for Houston TX as of: June 30, 2016 ... I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status | October 18, 2015" From my understanding, cases are supposed to be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Per the USCIS receipt we have, the original I-485 receipt is dated October 8, and the fingerprint fee was accepted on October 14. Wouldn't this mean that our case should have been handled by now? The only other factor that might have affected the timing (and I"m not sure how it might delay the case) is that we did get an RFE sent out on October 29th, which we replied to and they received November 17th, saying that they will begin working on the case again. Does this mean that our case is only going to be handled along with anyone who filed around the November 17th date?
  12. Hello, on to the next step. For our case to be send to NVC and awaiting NVC case number. This page is for all JANUARY 2018 case approvals. And of course for everybody else who is interested in this topic.
  13. I submitted the i130 in February of this year. I had to indicate my son's passport number. which expired in March. He does have a new passport, since I submitted the application. Will this be an issue? At what stage will they request the new passport? Also- when I submitted last February, the waiting time was 16-20 months in California. Now it's 17-22. Can I rely on the time frame of 16-20 months when I first submitted it? Or am I now looking at 17-22?
  14. Hello all, my PD was September 1,2017. On March 9 USCIS transfered my case to NBC possible for an interview. Does anyone have a timeframe to when we might be getting something it has been 42 since transferring and a total of 236 of waiting. Any info os greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi everyone! I want to share my green card story. My area is Oakland park. I entered the US by the K1 visa on December 2015. My husband (US citizen) and me got married on January 2016. On February 2016 we sent my paper work (we had a lawyer) to USCIS and on November 2016 we had an interview. The interview was very friendly, a woman was very nice, she asked just two regular questions. At the end she said that everything is fine, but while we were waiting for the interview, my medical exam had been expired and that I will need to to the medical test again. So we quickly did the medical and sent it to USCIS (the doctor refused to give me the copies, she said that she is not allowed to). Later we received a notice from USCIS saying that the surgeon did not fill the line for the Gonorrhea test result, she just simply left it blank! We went to the doctor again and asked her to refill the form, so she "did"...We sent it to USCIS and then we got a denial!!!! By that time we traveled and when we were returning to the US, I was stopped on the passport control, they asked me a lot of questions and said that my green card has been denied, my advanced parole is automatically became invalid and that I cannot enter the US any more! We told them that we did not receive any denial notice, we checked my status online immediately and it wasn't changed! So we really did not know that I have been denied. The custom officers was very kind to us, they understood our situation and let us entered. The denial notice said that the medical form was not fill properly and the Gonorrhea result was not mentioned!!! So the doctor did the same mistake twice!! We did the motion to reopen on January 2017, we had to do a new medical examination but of course in another medical center. We receive an answer on December 2017 saying that decision remains unchanged!!!! They agreed that the envelope was sealed and I could not see what was in there and that it was the surgeon mistake, but I was the one who was responsible....I cant describe my pain!!!! I cant travel, I can not drive, I do not know when I will see my family in Russia!!! The problem is that when you do the motion to reopen, you don't have any status while it is pending, so literally I was illegal for more than a year! We realized it after sometime, the lawyer did not inform us. So it was better for us to apply for adjustment of status instead of doing a motion to reopen. So on January 2018 I did the 4th medical examination to apply for adjustment of status (permanent residency). I've already had my bio-metrics. It is being 5 month already and I did not receive my advanced parole yet(( The timing is crazy now, I cant believe it may take up to 21.5 months! I am not sure if I can travel after I receive my advanced parole. As I read it is a big risk, I may not be allowed to enter the US during 10 years as I stayed illegally here by the stupid mistake.
  16. Hello everyone, I am brand new on this form. Is there anyone here who processed I-485 as a DV Winner. My case is up now as July Bulletin in July 2018 and I already applied to USCIS(i-485) and received 767C the receipt & alien number. Basically just waiting for my fingerprint appointment to be set up. Anyone gone through this or experience/knowledge how long this might take? Some guidelines: My status was J1. Applied I-539 for F1 (Pending) Then I submited I-485 and now waiting for this. (Pending) I communicated KCC as I was going to apply through USCIS. And paid $330.00 DV Visa processing fee. As you already know September 30 is the last date for the fiscal year 2018. So do you think i can get approval on time? or any opinions? I appreciate in advance for your responses.
  17. I'm new to Visa Journey. After extensive research I filed my spouse petition for my German husband for green card the beginning of April 2018 (NOA1 recieved 3 days later). It was detailed, professional, we checked that all items requested were submitted. I included a cover letter simply stating the circumstances. My husband previously held a green card for 10 years and spent all that time living and working in the USA. After a death in the family(in Germany) we moved to Germany and took up permanent residence 7 months ago. He was required by US law to surrender his Green Card after entry. Now due to many factors with my health we need to go back to US asap. Frankfurt USCIS current posted processing times are 1.7 months for the (petitioners portion). We are well beyond that at nearly 10 weeks and are starting to worry very much. We have not received any RFE. Our application was pretty straightforward. Married 5 years with 2 children, joint bank accounts, taxes, housing, autos, life insurance ect for those entire 5 years. My husband has a job offer waiting with his previous company of many years in the USA..... if he can get this settled by August 1. Anyone else experiencing longer wait times? Also what is the average time frame with Frankfurt DCF once the I-130 is approved until receipt of the Packet to enter USA? Thank you for any info. Starting to panic. We just want to go home😟😢
  18. Hey everyone, My wife and I filed for adjustment of status a while ago and 3 days ago I did my biometrics in New Orleans because apparently (According to my attorney) not only is the Montgomery Field Office extremely under staffed they don't even have their biometrics set up yet. I get that USCIS has an important job and I get that it must take a long time and they probably don't get everything they want or need from the government in terms of Manpower and budget ect... But C'mon? You set up an undermanned field office for interviews without any biometrics and force me to drive through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to take my finger prints and picture for 10 minutes?....Aaaaaanyyyyway. Do any of you feel the USCIS Processing times on their website are BS? It says my AOS will take 12.5 months to 23.5 months to process...Even though I'm waiting for my EAD now, These "timelines" that USCIS provide seem extremely vague and not informative at all, My attorney said Montgomery is one of the newest and slowest in the country in regards to field offices but I seriously doubt it would take me 23.5 months to get my interview. Anyone here got a ridiculous timeline and got it "early" than they said? I'd especially like to hear form the people with the Montgomery Field Office but anywhere will do.
  19. Hello! Newbie here. So a few months ago I filed the i-130 for my husband. We filed from overseas as we are both living abroad at the moment. I got the e mail and hard copy letter sent to me that the case was received and sent over to Nebraska. I’m wondering if anybody has information on this stage of the process? I here that I will need to get together some information on sponsoring him. My parents will need to be the sponsors... but I’m also curious if it’s a form I will be filling out ( the I-864) or if my parents will be on our behalf? Clearly I have a lot of questions. But basically at this stage I have sent in my I-130 and I-130A and am just waiting. Is there something I should know or be preparing at this time? Anybody have RECENT experience of how long this stage is taking them? Cheers!!!
  20. Just wondering how long it is taking people to get scheduled an interview from when they submit the DS-260 and I-864 forms. Not sure if that is NOA2 or something else. Tried to use the section of this website that explains but ended up a bit confused.
  21. Hi I've looked into this on here and the cdph site and the quoted processing time for a marriage certificate is 6-7 weeks. Q. Is anything issued on marriage that can be used for AOS or do we have to send off for this and wait another 6-7 weeks before we can file AOS? Thank you for your help!
  22. I posted a thread on Monday and i didnt get anybody to respond,i have been waiting for my ead card....i filed my case in October 2017,biometrics in Nov 2017 and received rfe in dec 2017 submitted rfe in dec too and i habe not heard anything back this got me really worried.is there anybody with this same case
  23. YSC doesn't list processing times for I-130 today. What's going on? See below screenshot from today, and another one from January 18th.
  24. Hi everybody,i would like information from other people as to how long it took after their submission to get the Work authorization sent to them,mine is on 76 days now for both i765 and i131 but 29 days for the i485 because i got a notification for request for initial evidence,so i would like to know how long it takes .Thank you
  25. Hello, I'm Cuban living in Spain, my fiancé is in Miami. We are waiting for NOA 2. They sent us the NOA 1 on 08/07/2017. Processing times on USCIS web page shows 08/01/2017 and in here 08/08/2017. Anybody from that date? Also we will want to know if I still need my police record from Cuba. Thank you in advance Oscar