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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, My husband (beneficiary) and I (petitioner) we’re accepted for the DCF process with the exceptional circumstance of a quick relocation job offer in the US. I handed in the I-130 at the US embassy in London on March 22nd (the same day that I left that country and as it happens my birthday as well—what a day!). I was told that everything looked good and to look out for an email that would explain next steps (medical exam and spouse interview). It has since been 7 weeks since then and we have still not heard a response. I even emailed last week and I have not received a response to that either. From what I have read online it seems that the time between submitting the I-130 at the embassy and receiving an email is usually much quicker, so I am worrying a bit. I did submit the email notification form. I did hear that they have now started processing K-1 visas again so not sure if this is adding an extra delay to responses? If anyone happens to have an knowledge around current DCF London processing times or anything else, please let me know!
  2. Let's use this Google-Sheet to share our timelines processed in Nebraska Service Center (LIN-xxxxxxx): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Buo_drIy4zaCFZUULdT_L9JrA6YZgrVtt7Cj6nUsvv0/edit?usp=sharing 👆👆👆
  3. Hello All, I am in the final stages of putting together and submitting my spousal based I-130. I am a US citizen applying for my Pakistani wife. I am just wondering what kind of experiences you guys have had with the process during covid in terms of processing times? How long does it take to get the I-130 approved, how long does it take for the NVC cr1 visa process once the i130 is approved? Especially with covid 19, I am assuming all steps of the process are going to take longer. My brother had done the same process about 5 years back and it only took 12/13 months (Obama administration). Are we seeing any changes now that the Biden administration has stepped in, or is still Trump policies, which I am assuming are more difficult. Any and all help/suggestions/tips would be appreciated as I am newly starting this visa journey, and of course am very anxious/nervous.
  4. Hi, so a lot of I130 cases are being transferred from Nebraska centre to Potomac centre. The processing time is shorter for Nebraska and almost double for Potomac. shouldn’t the transfer be happening the other way round? also, I’d already transferred will the I130 be approved as old timeline or will progress as per new centre timeline?
  5. My fiancée and I are currently waiting on Ciudad Juarez to reschedule her K1 visa interview (originally scheduled for August 2020 before being cancelled). In the meantime, she is going to come visit me on a tourist visa. Her previous B2 visa expired fall 2020. She has a renewal interview waiver but still has to bring her paperwork to the ASC in Merida at the end of this month. My question is: does anyone know how long it is taking embassies in Mexico (or specifically Merida) to process and deliver the B1/B2 visas from renewal interview waived applications after the embassy has the paperwork? From what I have read in the past it is usually only a few weeks but I don't know if that it still true given the unusual times we are living in. An information would be great!
  6. Hi guys, What would take longer a US Citizen parent petitioning for married children over 21 y/o versus Sibling petitioning married siblings over 21 y/o?
  7. We have recently filed our naturalization applications (5 years LPR eligiblity criteria) but are considering moving to another state. I wonder what the implications of such a move overall and especially on the case processing times. I am curious if anyone here knows whether the applications transferred from another field office are put at the end of backlog or processed in the order of priority dates? Basically is there a reason to delay the move or instead move to another state as soon as possible?
  8. Hi, I am under F2A visa category waiting at NVC stage. My spouse will get naturalized in coming months. By the time my spouse becomes citizen the F2A ban would be over. In the current situation between F2A and IR1 which category has a better chance of getting consular interview faster? Are there any benefits of upgrade after NVC stage? My PD is September 2019 Thanks
  9. My i-751 was filed in September 2020 and received NOA with the extension of 18 months. What is the estimated processing time for this particular application? Service center for my case is in Texas. Thank You
  10. Sent in AOS package in October 2019. Status updated to "read to be scheduled for interview" in March 2020, but no change since then, and expecting it to be a while since the office processing our case (San Francisco) had the longest average wait times in the US last we checked. My question is looking ahead to that time, whenever it may be, when they're finally ready to schedule the interview. At that point, does USCIS simply assign a time and it's up to us to be there at that assigned time? Or are we given a choice of times on an online calendar (like she was for the K1 interview at the overseas consulate)? Thanks
  11. We were able to get our case expedited and we have an interview scheduled in hcmc, Vietnam next week (hallelujah). Assuming the interview goes well and we are approved, how long does it take to get the physical stamp? how much is the stamping fee?
  12. I'm hoping those who have received a K1 visa through Islamabad could comment on their CEAC status and processing time after the interview. Specifically, I am wondering how long after the change to nonimmigrant visa on CEAC did it take for your visa to be issued? We all know extended APs are common for Islamabad. I'm just trying to get a sense of if the cases spend more time in AP under immigrant status or nonimmigrant status, and in general if the switch to nonimmigrant means the wait should be ending soon or if people have had extended APs under nonimmigrant status. Our case has done the following: 1/28/20 Interview, told approved 1/31/20 AP (Immigrant) 2/4/20 Date update, no change in status 2/26/20 Application Received (Nonimmigrant) 3/12/20 Date update after inquiry 4/1/20 AP 5/21/20 Application Received (My timeline still reflects our first case, which was denied.)
  13. Although every case is different, it's still nice to have other cases to reference on since there is a lack in timeline tracking for waivers... I wanted to start a forum for members to enter there time lines in hopes that others can maybe have some insight on processing times as well. This is for I-212 ONLY. CITIZENSHIP VISA TYPE + timeline K1 denial : FEB 13th 2019, CANADA PHEONIX LOCK BOX I-212 waiver submitted: FEB 26th,2019 RECEIVED DATE (NOA): MAR 15th, 2019
  14. Has anyone had an interview at Montgomery or New Orleans recently? Or anyone with the same field office? My estimated time went up and I don't know what could be causing it😔 My extension on I-751 is about to expire and I'm way out of processing time on I-751. Is it some kind of new changes USCIS is introducing?
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