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  1. Let's use this Google-Sheet to share our timelines processed in Nebraska Service Center (LIN-xxxxxxx): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Buo_drIy4zaCFZUULdT_L9JrA6YZgrVtt7Cj6nUsvv0/edit?usp=sharing 👆👆👆
  2. Hello all, This might be a very stupid question, but I can't quite figure it out. I am looking for the processing times for I-131 and I-485 that have receipt numbers starting with IOE. From what I read, that means they were filed digitally(which is correct, we filed them online). However, on the USCIS processing times page, the only selection choices are the specific offices, e.g. California, Brooklyn, etc. So, how do I look up processing times for the digitally filed forms? Thank you, Alex.
  3. Hi All, Has anyone filed a petition for both parents and got 2 different processing times? We filed for both parents online at the same time and our case status came back with Mom's processing time as 5 months but Dad's processing time is 12 months. When we received our letters for both, they came from Texas Service Center. But when we called USCIS to get more info, the rep said that Dad's case is at Nebraska Service Center. J&P Cali ☀️
  4. Hi folks, Anyone has an idea how accurate/reliable the "processing timeline" on USCIS website is even with rough estimates/guestimates. Fact is that I filed Form i-130 in Sept of 2017 (literally 60 months ago) -> USCIS for Vermont Center (that is where file is) shows "estimated" processing time 55.5 months, I know it's just an "estimate" & Please be aware that I am NOT being impatience - I am more curious than anything knowing that (obviously) I can't do nothing. Just wanted extra a set of different thought process that what you guys think. I know it is what it is. Thanks, sn
  5. Hello, My husband (beneficiary) and I (petitioner) we’re accepted for the DCF process with the exceptional circumstance of a quick relocation job offer in the US. I handed in the I-130 at the US embassy in London on March 22nd (the same day that I left that country and as it happens my birthday as well—what a day!). I was told that everything looked good and to look out for an email that would explain next steps (medical exam and spouse interview). It has since been 7 weeks since then and we have still not heard a response. I even emailed last week and I have not received a response to that either. From what I have read online it seems that the time between submitting the I-130 at the embassy and receiving an email is usually much quicker, so I am worrying a bit. I did submit the email notification form. I did hear that they have now started processing K-1 visas again so not sure if this is adding an extra delay to responses? If anyone happens to have an knowledge around current DCF London processing times or anything else, please let me know!
  6. I’m a naturalized citizen of the US. In January 2021 I filed I-130 petition for my mother to bring her here from Russia. All I’ve received since then was the receipt notice and when I check status online it says as of March 2021case is being actively reviewed by USCIS. My brother is turning 17 this year. I need my mom (once she get a GC) to file a petition for him before he turns 21. It’s been 17 months since I’ve filed for my mother and I’m very worried. I just hope it’s not lost somewhere. When I try to submit online inquiry due to outstanding timeline it says that the case is not out of the timeframe. Calling USCIS isn’t helping either because it’s impossible to get a person which is reasonable because of the amount of petitioners they have. Just wanted to ask if anyone experienced the same thing or have any idea how else I could get an update on the case. I’m also concerned since all the immigration matter for Russian citizens are handled in Warsaw. My mom will need to obtain Schengen visa to go there I assume. Her current visa expires in November. Considering circumstances getting Schengen visa isn’t easy either.
  7. Hello, I am wondering how NVC contacts you with your case number when it is created. I want to make sure, so I can start checking my case status on the CEAC website. Note: Starting last month, NVC can no longer be contacted via phone, only through a public inquiry form! Thanks!
  8. Hello! I am wondering if there is any update on the backlog at the Montreal Consulate for K-1 Visa Interviews. I am about to receive my NOA2 and I am hoping the significant wait times have subsided by now. Any insight would be very much appreciated!
  9. Hi! Just wondering what everyone's experience with the Texas Service Center's processing time for an EAD (for a J2 visa holder, but any information at all would be greatly appreciated!). The application was received by the service center on February 23, and have not yet received any NOA (Notice of Action) from them (neither in the mail nor via email, even though I registered my email address to be contacted). Any words of guidance/assistance/experience would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  10. I wanted to make sure that I am interpreting the "case processing" times correctly on the USCIS website. My I-130 is in Texas Center. It was received 8/3/2021. On USCIS, it shows that the average time to process at the TX center is between 10 to 13 months. Then under the "Receipt Date" column, it shows 10/01/2020. So does this mean, that they are backed up processing I-130 petitions to 10/1/2020, therefore the 10 to 13 months is from the 10/01/2020 date, which means add another 10 to 12 months to the posted processing time?
  11. hello I applied for an I130 back in November 2019 and as of august 2021 I got denied. they sent a RFE in septmber 2020 but that was it and I never got a NOID which is unfair and I thought my case would be approved 100% with the amount of evidence I have given. they said "Upon review of the record, it has been determined that you have not submitted sufficient documentary evidence to establish eligibility for the benefit sought. Therefore, the petition is denied." I have a few days left to appeal the decision and I spoke to a senator and congresswomen to help me on this issue and they are willing to do so. I just do not know which is a better route for me, appealing or refiling. I have much stronger evidence that I gathered up based off the denial, my attorney is saying I should refile, but that will make me lose my priority date of 2019..and its already been two years. I am hoping if I appeal USCIS may just change their decision based off the newer evidence and not send it to the BIA (that's where it takes a very long time) and that will take up to 2-3 months. what do you guys think... I am a US citizen I submitted wedding pictures, affidavits, certifications of our marriage, appropriate filing fees, wedding invite, a personal letter, passport pictures of both of us the NEW evidence I have(this was available but I do not send it because I did not feel comfortable) pictures after marriage(assortment), closer affidavits who know us on a personal level, text messages on many social media platforms, video calls/meetings, on many social media platforms, passport stamps showing travel, honeymoon receipts of hotels, gifts(gold) he brought me, our anniversary gifts for each other, this is a REAL marriage and I love my husband dearly, and everyone who filled before me did way less than I did and got approved. I feel horrible. please help me with any information or past experience you can Thank you
  12. Hi All, My fiance and I are seemingly frozen in place waiting for the NVC to complete minor processing tasks so we may move forward with scheduling her K1 interview with the US consulate in Bogota. Below is an email I'm preparing to distribute to immigration attorneys in my Orlando, FL area, and I'm hopeful that some of you may be able to answer some of the questions within based on recent experience with this phase of the process or professional legal expertise. If any of you have attorneys who are skilled and experienced with navigating NVC/Bogota Consulate problems and delays I sure would appreciate referrals. Thanks in advance! - Aaron ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm reaching out in search of legal advisement and assistance from a legal professional with a high degree of experience dealing with K1 Visa immigration specifically from Colombia to the US, and with specific experience navigating the present complications created by COVID-19 and the resultant backlog/delays within the NVC and consulate in Bogota. My fiance and my current situation is as follows: 5/21/20 - Received Date of I-129F - Petition for Fiance 1/14/21 - Notice Date of Approval (I-797 Notice of Action) 9/14/21 - Received Date of K1-FTP from NVC stating NVC will now forward approved I-129F petition to Consulate in Bogota, and the transfer process will be complete in a matter of weeks Since receiving the K1-FTP on 9/14/21 our process appears to have stalled. Our current legal representation has been thoroughly unresponsive and ineffective throughout our entire process (now more so than ever). Since the 1/14/21 Notice of Approval, they have stated only that we are waiting for the NVC to generate a case and invoice so we can process the Dept of State application and schedule her interview at the consulate in Bogota (despite the fact that we received a Case Number on the K1-FTP document). In addition to handling my fiance's change of status process once we are legally married in the US, we are seeking a legal representative capable of: -*At a minimum* providing an experience based approximation of wait time we can expect from our current stage of processing through day of interview with the Bogota consulate -Providing an experience based approximation of wait time for change of status once we are legally married in the US (and advising whether typical processing times have been extended to any degree) -Making inquiries with the NVC and/or US Consulate in Bogota concerning the status and progress of the processing of our case -Deploying any and all tactics able to expedite our K1 and change of status processes including but not limited to soliciting relevant government agencies or officials to intervene on our behalf Are these services within you or your firm's wheelhouse? If not, are you able to direct me to a more appropriate resource?
  13. Hello All, I am in the final stages of putting together and submitting my spousal based I-130. I am a US citizen applying for my Pakistani wife. I am just wondering what kind of experiences you guys have had with the process during covid in terms of processing times? How long does it take to get the I-130 approved, how long does it take for the NVC cr1 visa process once the i130 is approved? Especially with covid 19, I am assuming all steps of the process are going to take longer. My brother had done the same process about 5 years back and it only took 12/13 months (Obama administration). Are we seeing any changes now that the Biden administration has stepped in, or is still Trump policies, which I am assuming are more difficult. Any and all help/suggestions/tips would be appreciated as I am newly starting this visa journey, and of course am very anxious/nervous.
  14. Hi, so a lot of I130 cases are being transferred from Nebraska centre to Potomac centre. The processing time is shorter for Nebraska and almost double for Potomac. shouldn’t the transfer be happening the other way round? also, I’d already transferred will the I130 be approved as old timeline or will progress as per new centre timeline?
  15. My fiancée and I are currently waiting on Ciudad Juarez to reschedule her K1 visa interview (originally scheduled for August 2020 before being cancelled). In the meantime, she is going to come visit me on a tourist visa. Her previous B2 visa expired fall 2020. She has a renewal interview waiver but still has to bring her paperwork to the ASC in Merida at the end of this month. My question is: does anyone know how long it is taking embassies in Mexico (or specifically Merida) to process and deliver the B1/B2 visas from renewal interview waived applications after the embassy has the paperwork? From what I have read in the past it is usually only a few weeks but I don't know if that it still true given the unusual times we are living in. An information would be great!
  16. Hi guys, What would take longer a US Citizen parent petitioning for married children over 21 y/o versus Sibling petitioning married siblings over 21 y/o?
  17. We have recently filed our naturalization applications (5 years LPR eligiblity criteria) but are considering moving to another state. I wonder what the implications of such a move overall and especially on the case processing times. I am curious if anyone here knows whether the applications transferred from another field office are put at the end of backlog or processed in the order of priority dates? Basically is there a reason to delay the move or instead move to another state as soon as possible?
  18. Hi, I am under F2A visa category waiting at NVC stage. My spouse will get naturalized in coming months. By the time my spouse becomes citizen the F2A ban would be over. In the current situation between F2A and IR1 which category has a better chance of getting consular interview faster? Are there any benefits of upgrade after NVC stage? My PD is September 2019 Thanks
  19. My i-751 was filed in September 2020 and received NOA with the extension of 18 months. What is the estimated processing time for this particular application? Service center for my case is in Texas. Thank You
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