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Found 19 results

  1. We are currently in the waiting process for our NOA2 and are trying to determine when to start attempting to obtain a police certificate from Ghana. My fiance is Ghanian but lives abroad, so he cannot go to Accra and have his fingerprints done for the certificate. Does anyone have experience of getting a police certificate remotely and how long did that process take you? Did is go smoothly? Any advice is welcome!
  2. I am in the NVC process and pretty much all my documents have been accepted except for the police certificate! My husband, who we got the police certificate for, is from NEW ZEALAND and they sent the police certificate straight to the embassy, so we don't receive anything but an email confirming the police have sent the info to the embassy. So my question is WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I UPLOAD?? I read somewhere that they uploaded the confirmation email, I tried that and it didn't work. I have absolutely no idea what to do. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone, Do I still need the United Kingdom Police Certificate for my K1 visa interview at Malaysia Embassy? I was residing in the United Kingdom for a year for my Master's Degree. But I was flying back and froth from UK and the States, spending total of 6 months in the UK and 6 months in the US with my fiance during my Master's Degree. Does that still count as 1 year? Is it necessary for me to get the UK police certificate eventhough I am no longer staying in the United Kingdom, and I'm back living in Malaysia while waiting for my interview at US Embassy in Malaysia. The reason I want to double confirm if I need the UK police certificate it's because the price is very expensive, processing fee is £55 and shipping fee is £48. If anyone has or had similar situation as me and who has/had gone through the K1 visa process, would appreciate the advice.
  4. From what I can gather on this forum, one of the pre-interview forms is a police certificate/check from any country you've spent more than 6 months in. Can anyone give me the details as to what type of police certificate/check is required? (Ideally an official link to where this info is posted?) In particular, does anyone know if a fingerprint check or just a name check is needed for an Australian police check, for those who have spent more than 6 months in Australia in the past, but do not currently reside in Australia? We have not received a request from the NVC for these documents yet, but are getting closer to the time we will need all that info, and I want to ensure we have these documents ready to go when needed, since it may take some time to get these completed/mailed. Thank you for your help!
  5. Wondering if anyone else has had this trouble - just got our paperwork from NVC postponed again (this had been the most annoying drag around) and this time they wrote "Please replace this with an acceptable police certificate...etc" New Zealand doesn't send you the police certificate, they send it to the consulate directly. So we scanned the email stating what we ordered and where it would be sent. Did anyone else run into this? I've emailed the consulate and am waiting to see what they say as well - but I'm pretty much at wit's end...
  6. Hi everyone, My wife is filing ds260 now and we are in the process of getting all the required docs. The sticking point for us has become the police certs. About 10 years ago she studied in Singapore for a total of 2 years. But during that time she went back and forth to her home in Vietnam about 7 times (preparing a student visa for the US actually). The problem is she lost her passport so we don't know what kind of visa she had in Singapore and thus we also don't have her FIN number which is required to make the application for a police cert in Singapore. My question is two fold then. First, if she was back and forth so much, and never there for a continuous year does she actually need the cert? Two, since we do not have the FIN number we may not be able to obtain the cert at all, can we write a sworn affidavit explaining the situation? Would that be satisfactory to the NVC? Or will they still require this elusive cert? As an add on question, she won't need police certs for the 3 years she lived in the US on a student visa right? Thanks so much everyone!
  7. Hi I need your advice My Egyptian wife case in the national Visa Center they excepted all documentation’s and applications except her birth certificate , marriage certificate And police certificate and they send me a message saying that I have replace this documents with an acceptable documents from the correct issuing authority. But I submit all those documents from the correct issuing authority plus the translation from local translator in Egypt for each documents what the NVC means by I have to get the documents from the correct issuing authority, again this is the correct documents from the correct issuing Authority, what I should do ?
  8. Hi Guys, I am Pakistani national living in Saudi Arabia. I have question regarding Police Certificate. As per the general guidelines i have to submit Police certificate for any country where i have stayed for more than 12 months. Based on that criteria I have to get certificate for Pakistan and Saudi Arabia which i have done. However after submitting IV application I saw two additional police certificates requests in required documents field. One for Kuwait and another for Qatar. Now the thing is I have visited Qatar twice in my life. Once for work and other time for vacations. My first trip was for 70 days in Jan 2010 and second trip was for 2 days in Dec 2014. As for Kuwait, I stayed there for work from Jan 2011 to March 2011 for 57 days. Clearly I don't fall into the criteria of getting police certificates from these two countries but NVC requested those anyway. Kuwait Now things get bit complicated when I checked the Kuwait document reciprocity. It says I called the Kuwait embassy in Saudi Arabia and they don't have any information. Meanwhile , I am trying to contact Kuwait embassy in Pakistan but so far i couldn't. My question is what are my options? Do I have to get it since it is in the list of required documents and if yes how? or just upload a paper saying that it is not available as per document reciprocity link. Qatar Since I live in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia doesn't have diplomatic relations with Qatar, so my only options are to get it though friend or relative, Qatar embassy in Pakistan (for which i have to travel to Pakistan) or through express mail. Again, do I really have to get it when my total stay in that country is 70+2 days? Is it worth it to talk to NVC and explain the situation. Do they issue exemption in such cases? Many Thanks
  9. I'm in a weird predicament, wondering if anyone else has ever used a Statutory Declaration in place of a Police Certificate when that certificate can NOT be produced? Situation: Myself (and fiancé) spent 7 months traveling together in Cambodia. We spent the majority of that time at one guesthouse in Sihanoukville without paying rent (owner is a friend) My understanding is that I need a police check from Cambodia because I was in the country for 6+ months. ----- However ---- To acquire a police certificate from Cambodia you have to appear in person at the Ministry of Justice in PP. To get the Police Cert. from them you have to provide a "Certificate of Residence" given to you by the Sangkat (community center). The Certificate of Residence can only be produced by giving the Sangkat a copy of your lease agreement. I did not ever hold a lease or pay rent in Cambodia so I can not get a Residence Certificate, Therefore, I also can not get a Police Certificate from the Ministry of Justice. I was a traveler, not a resident, despite the length of my stay. A lease can't be created retroactively, and I've read a lot of old forums on here where people described paying-off various officials to get it done - but the most recent one suggests that the Sangkat people no longer have the ability to "create" Residence Certificates when given tea-money, so that is also not an option. Long story short, I plan on drafting a Statutory Declaration and swearing an oath to the above, and that: Even if I fly to Cambodia (for $1500+) and negotiate with the MoJ (despite not being able to read/write/speak Khmer) that I can't make a Police Certificate appear because I'm unable to prove I ever held residence in Cambodia. Will the USCIS or DOS or the Consulate have any problem with this? I plan on attaching relevant documents supporting my claim, along with a sworn statement from the guesthouse owner stating that I didn't ever pay him for my stay. Thank you thank you thank you, the last thing I want is to find out at the last minute that they demand I fly to Cambodia to get this paperwork, even though I know that it's not possible for me to get it.
  10. Hello all! Soon I will be beginning my K1 visa process (exciting times!!) However, I previously lived in Venezuela. I entered on a tourist visa and began the process of gaining temporary residency. During this process my passport was not with me and the officer in charge had it. Because of the problems in Venezuela, which are ongoing and which were the reason I left in the end (I left in 2016) I am having difficulty obtaining the police certificate. I have emailed embassies and also the government body in charge of issuing the police certificate (obviously written in Spanish). However, because I was never issued a "cedula" number (again because of the situation in the country....they said there was no plastic to produce the card) it is proving difficult to get some sort of Police Certificate from there. I am in contact with a friend in Venezuela who has told me that I may be able to get a document for $200, which isn't a problem, but if this fails, what else can be done? I'm curious if anyone else has had a previous experience in Venezuela or a different country? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I am very new to the visajorney site. I applied for my husband. My husband is originally from Bangladesh but he is in Australia with a student visa . He needs a police clearance from Australia. Which one police clearance he needs ? The regular type or with the fingerprints one . And there were 2 code I got confuse with code 33 and code 35 . Can we get the certificate over email ? Can anyone help us with this? Because he is leaving Australia within 2 weeks .
  12. Hi all, This question has been bugging me for some time. I'm collecting my police certificates right now. I've lived in several countries throughout my life. Its clear that I have to collect all police certificates for any country I've lived in after the age of 16. I left my country of birth / country of nationality at the age of 3. Do I still need to get a police certificate from there?
  13. A question for Chileans: For NVC/Interview, can we use the free police certificate we can get online? Or it has to be the one you get in person at the Registro Civil? When i get the police certificate on the registro civil's website it has bad formatting so i am not sure if i can use that one.
  14. My fiance and I have been researching what to provide to substitute "unobtainable" police certificates. On the reciprocity schedule for Sudan, police certificates are available ONLY for those that are PRESENT IN SUDAN. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Sudan.html My fiance lived in Sudan for 1 year (April 2018 - April 2019), and due to the civil unrest in Sudan, he left for his safety to Uganda. He left not too long after the airways opened up again in Sudan, and commercial airlines began to come back. Coincidentally, in May I submitted my fiance's signed Change of Address declaration to USCIS with our RFE that stated he moved for safety reasons because of Sudan's volatile climate. Now (Sep 2019), Sudan is in a transitional government, and I think it's unwise for him to return because in Africa you never know if things are truly stable. Also we feel that the Consular Officer might think of it as a red flag if he does return to Sudan after his declaration stating that he felt unsafe there in April. My fiance has his police certificate from the country of his nationality and also is planning to get one in Uganda too for good measure. Should we write up a Declaration/Affidavit letter for why my fiance could not obtain his Sudan police certificate and have it notarized in Uganda? Somewhat as a substitute for the police certificate? OR - should he just go to the interview without anything for Sudan?
  15. My Argentine husband obtained his police certificate from the consulate in Mexico City. He received an email with a link to print out his certificate. So essentially his police certificate is just a copy. It doesn't have any special seal or anything. Is this accepted? Has anyone outside of Argentina received a certificate like this? Can you share a picture of what yours looks like? Thanks so much!
  16. Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me out with confirming what I need next? I require a police certificate from 8 months I spent in NZ, living with my fiancé on a working holiday visa. I am UK resident, filing for a k-1 in London. When looking for what to do I can’t find a definitive answer as the NZ police checks are automatically part of their K-1 process. As such, I have applied to the Ministry of Justice for a Record Check and filed a Section 14 Vetting Form from Police NZ. If anyone could confirm whether either of these are what’s needed, what happens next or just more information, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Matt
  17. My husband (Japanese) lived in China when he was in high school (4 years) and left when he was 17. I think he still needs to get a police certificate since he was over the age of 16 when he left. Has anyone done this successfully from outside of China? I can't find a clear way to do so from outside of China. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  18. Hi y'all! We got our NOA2 for our i-130 last week! Yay!! We filed in January so kinda expected this to take longer, and hadn't really researched too extensively what was next! Trying to get things in order so when we get a case number from the NVC we'll be ready to go. Question about the police certificate. I know as of last year, we need a fingerprint based one. The RCMP and USCIS instructions were clear and straightforward. The RCMP directs you to local police for fingerprints. My husband lives in London, ON and on their site it states you have to have a request letter to be fingerprinted. Does anybody know if this is the case? If so, do we need to wait for paperwork before he can get his police certificate, or is there a workaround? Thanks in advance! ❤️
  19. We are in the process of filing an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative for my mother in law who lives in Mexico. My husband is the petitioner, he is a US Citizen. Her initial application was approved. Now we have to upload documents to the CEAC website before her interview is scheduled. One of the requirements is to upload a Police Certificate. My mother in law received a police certificate ( carta de antecedents penales) from the State of Guanajuato where she lives. I included a screenshot of just the header which shows that it came from the State. The document was rejected. We received this message: Please replace this with an acceptable police certificate. Please use our Document Finder at https://nvc.state.gov/find for acceptable documents guidelines. I've reviewed the instructions for this document and don't see what's wrong with what we submitted. Any ideas what the problem could be? The instructions make it clear that a certificate from the state government is acceptable but I'm wondering if they actually want one from the federal goverment. To get a federal certificate would take quite a lot of effort as my mother in law would have to travel to Mexico City so I don't want to go this route if it's not necessary. Any advice is much appreciated! We want to keep this process moving.
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