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  1. I checked online and the Bangkok Embassy has received my packet (they have 2 case files which is weird). Either way I want to know: Can we get order the police certificate and medical exam now or do we have to wait for the actual packet 3 letter? I want to do the medical ASAP because it takes 2 weeks to get all the results when you do it in Chiang Mai. Also for the vaccinations, is my fiance required to get all of them or as many as she can? Is there a test to see which ones she has? Other than recently her 'medical records' are spotty. Thanks!! P.S. Looking for Thailand specific answers please.
  2. Hi all, wondering if anyone may be able to assist, I'm uploading documents on CEAC and all I need is my NZ police certificate and German one (which SHOULD be on its way to me in the post but I have NO idea as they don't notify you or anything), anyway, I know for the NZ one we have to submit a form for the NZ Police to send the clearance straight to the consulate. So should I fill the form out and upload that, then add a note to say the police certificate will be sent direct to the consulate - or should I click the "not available" option? I know NZ has only recently started the online uploading so its possible that nobody will really know which I should choose. I'm f2a so I don't want the certificate to "expire" before I manage to get an interview as I heard its only valid for 3 months. I'm leaning more towards the "fill out form and add note" option, but wanted to see if anyone else agrees or has done this through the CEAC website yet. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am the beneficiary spouse applying for the IR/CR1 visa and we are currently preparing documents to submit to the NVC. According to the information on this website: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-5-collect-supporting-documents.html it states you are required to submit police certificates from countries you have resided in for more than 12 months. I grew up and currently live in New Zealand but I lived in Australia for 3 years. I have an old Police Certificate from Australia that is more than 1 year old - can I submit that or do I need a new one? Thank you
  4. Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me out with confirming what I need next? I require a police certificate from 8 months I spent in NZ, living with my fiancé on a working holiday visa. I am UK resident, filing for a k-1 in London. When looking for what to do I can’t find a definitive answer as the NZ police checks are automatically part of their K-1 process. As such, I have applied to the Ministry of Justice for a Record Check and filed a Section 14 Vetting Form from Police NZ. If anyone could confirm whether either of these are what’s needed, what happens next or just more information, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Matt
  5. Hi all, I’m gathering police certificates from 4 different countries I lived in. I have my Colombian one however I’d like to know if I need a Certificado de Movimientos Migratorios? i was in the states for 4 years however left after 3 months after I turned 18 Years old (meaning I don’t have a ban or anything). My lawyer can’t give me a straight answer assisting me instead she replied with this : “I recommend getting an FBI search from the U.S. for the criminal check. The government has not, in the past, requested a police clearance for those in the US for over 6 months, but policies are changing rapidly. In case they ask at the interview, I recommend getting a US check as well” i Have two questions : 1) For those of you who obtained a Colombian PC and lived in the states unlawfully would I need to get one as well even if I left 3 months after I turned 18 ? 2) What do you think regarding my Lawyers email? She keeps confusing me and not answering my questions ...Thank you!
  6. Hi! My husband is Colombian but he lived in Panama for 6 months. He needs the Police certificate from this country. Any idea how to obtain this document from abroad. Please!! His visa category is IR5. Thanks!!
  7. Hi Guys, Please I need assistance with this. My fiancee's interview date is January 2019 while his intended flight to the States, if granted Visa, is March 2019. He just obtained his Police Certificate in preparation for the interview. However the issue is that the Certificate issued has a 3 months validity. So it inevitably means the Certificate will be valid during his interview but won't be valid when he intends entering the States. Will this be a problem? I note that most embassies, include mine (Nigeria), state that the Police Certificate should be issued less than one year. That's the only requirement they stated. So does it mean that even though my fiancee's Police Certificate validity is for three months, the Certificate is still valid for one year in the eyes of the US embassy? Or do I need to get a new Police Certificate as the interview date approaches? Is the Certificate required to be valid only during interview or both during the interview and at the Port of Entry? Sorry for the multitude of questions, don't want to make any mistakes.
  8. Hello everyone, Here is a very tough one that I will appreciate if anyone can help. I am a Greek born who moved to UK when I was 19 years old and I have British nationality. i will be applying for K1 visa and going through the American embassy in London. Now according to the State Department website, I will need to provide a police certificate from my time in Greece. Specifically for Greek born applicants this will be the Penal Record for Judicial purposes. The Greek authorities are prohibited by law to provide such a record to an individual and can only provide such a document to specific authorities (foreign embassies is one of them), For Greeks going through immigration via the American embassy in Athens, they are provided with a standard letter (also referred as form DS-2002) as part of packet 3 so that they can request from the Greek authorities to send the penal record directly to the American embassy in Athens. As far as I know, the penal record is in greek but the American embassy in Athens will accept documents in greek or english without requiring translation. In the State department website it mentions that Greeks living outside of Greece can request such certificate from the closest consulate authorities, this is not the case as the Greek embassies and consulates stopped accepting applications for penal records as of 01/Apr/2014. I have a representative in Greece that can request my penal record on my behalf but the question is where do I request to be sent. I am not sure whether the embassy in London will accept it as it will be in Greek and I cannot take the document to be translated as it is illegal for such document to be given to individuals. Any help from any Greeks that had to deal with this issue will be greatly appreciated!!!
  9. I am getting ready to schedule our interview and am wondering how much time should I allow to obtain the police certificate. Does anyone have any experience with this and know about how long it takes to get the certificate once requested? Thanks, Jonathan
  10. All, Does anyone have an idea whether the resubmission of documents and the subsequent review takes as long as the first review, or do they look at the application again fairly quickly? We were asked to resubmit a police certificate because we submitted the wrong one. Now that it is done, I'm trying to figure out if we have to wait the same length of time before they review it or if they will get to it in an expedited fashion. Thanks for reading.
  11. Hello Everyone! It's my first time here and I'm really excited to be able to share my questions with you guys. Me and my fiancé are going through a really hard time with the police certificates required for the interview for the k-1 visa. I lived in the US for one year as an exchange student and that was when I met my fiancé. I didn't have any social security number or other thing that could make me a resident to the country, I was just there as a student. What we saw is that the USCIS is that I should bring the police certificates of all places I lived for more than a year. I just don't know how I should do that. Should I get an FBI clearance? How if I don't have a social security number. Thank you so much for your time!
  12. Hi ,on 26 june 2018 after interview we got 221g white slip ask for additional documents, document has been sent in that week,recently our status on CEAC website change from “Administrative Processing” to” Ready” on 2 August, The problem is my Police certificate will expire on 28 September next month, I’m worried they’ll take more time longer than that date to be issued a visa and ask for a new police certificate (my country take 1 month get a new one) Do i need to send them a new one? We tried to send inquiries e-mail about police certificate,but we got only useless auto reply from them.Thaks.
  13. Hello, my fiance has his interview coming up and we have no way of getting a Syrian police certificate. He would be drafted to the military if he went back to obtain one. He has tried to go to the Syrian Embassy and they were also not able to provide him with one. Anyone know what will happen if he has a missing document at the interview? Or is there a way to get this certificate?
  14. We just received the NOA2 for the K1 visa petition (online at least), at the end of the last week, and so I started going through the things needed for the next steps. In our case, my fiance is a Vietnamese citizen, but has been living and working in Japan for several years, and so we are planning to go through the consulate in Tokyo. My understanding is that we will need Police Certificates for Vietnam and Japan (the non-US countries she has lived in). Does she need to go back to Vietnam to get this certificate, or can it be requested through the Vietnamese Embassy in Tokyo? Ideally we would like to get the certificate without going needing to fly back to Vietnam just for that, but I understand that different countries may have different policies. I am mainly looking for advice from people in similar situations, from people who have gone through the process of obtaining a police certificate for a Vietnamese citizen when that citizen lives abroad.
  15. Hello. So I have submitted all of the required papers to the NVC. I received a letter with a checklist saying that the attached police certificate from the Netherlands is not valid. I have followed the instructions from the NVC website. I have talked to the VOG in the Netherlands to make sure that I have the correct certificate. According to the instructions and to the Netherlands government I have the correct certificate!!!! Every single time that I called the NVC they say that I am wrong. That the submitted police certificate does not match with the sample they have on their screen. The agents have advised me to follow the steps from the website... Which I did already!!! Anyone with the same problem? My case has been delayed for more than a month and I don't know how to solve this.
  16. We are currently in the waiting process for our NOA2 and are trying to determine when to start attempting to obtain a police certificate from Ghana. My fiance is Ghanian but lives abroad, so he cannot go to Accra and have his fingerprints done for the certificate. Does anyone have experience of getting a police certificate remotely and how long did that process take you? Did is go smoothly? Any advice is welcome!
  17. Okay, so I want to get the Certificate of Non-Conviction for my spouse so currently residing in Jordan(her entire life, she has never been outside the country). I need to know what this directly translates to; from doing so some searching online, I found that mahkamet al bedaya and get إصدار شهادة عدم المحكومية‏. I am sorry, my Arabic is not the best so any help will be appreciated.
  18. Hey guys I just have a quick question, My fiancee has her interview in a few weeks for her k1 visa in ciudad juarez. She has lived in mexico her whole life and has lived in three different states in mexico since she was 16. does she have to get a police certificate for every state she has lived in, or is the police certificate where she lives now enough? Thanks!
  19. Hi guys, Just has my K-1 interview today and it did not go well. Apparently since April 2018 if you have lived in another country for more than 6 months (no longer 12) you will need a police report from that country. Unfortunately for me it still states 12 months online and I had spent 8 months living in New Zealand. The interviewer I was unlucky enough to get could not care less and I am frustratingly now stuck waiting up to another 6 weeks to get this sorted. I have let the website administrator know their information is out of date, as I truly hope this affects no one else. All the best with your applications. Matt
  20. Hello Everyone I am at the interview phase now and I read that i have to obtain a police certificate for every country i have lived in for more than a year, well I lived in Jordan for 5 years but currently I don't, We, Syrians, are not allowed to enter Jordan so i cant obtain a police certificate from there anymore and we have no Jordan embassy here in Syria. My interview is in Jordan but I am not allowed to travel there until my interview date is very close so I dont have the time to get one What should i do now ? Thank you
  21. Lampshade

    Police certificate

    Hi, I was wondering where I am to go for a Canadian Police Certificate. Local police station are acceptable (Ottawa)? Or does it need to be done by the RCMP.
  22. Hi everyone, I lived in Scotland for 15 months from 2010-2011. Thus will need a police certificate from United Kingdom. I found out a website called ACRO- https://www.acro.police.uk/ This provides certificate for UK. Any ideas whether it will be accepted or not ? Is this a legal website? The police certificates issued here have a validity of 1 year in general - so if the certificate is 10 months can I use it ?