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  1. Hi VJers, I’ve been reading a few posts this evening and got a little nervous. As I am waiting for my NOA2, I’ve been reading that USCIS can see formal engagement photos as being too engaged or almost married. My fiancé and I got engaged in our Orthodox Church in Jordan. I sent a few photos with my petition and its on our FB. Of course I’m wearing a simple red dress. Not white! I included a certificate from the priest who stamped it who blessed our rings, and he wrote the date, our names and that he commenced our engagement. Will this be a problem with USCIS? I’m so confused now! All we wanted was a beautiful engagement ceremony!
  2. So I am freaking out ATM. I keep seeing these denials due to engagement pictures for K1 visa and its in Indian sub continent region.. I did sent like 5 pics of having small engagement ceremony with our initial petition. The pic includes ring exchange and pic with family. We did sent a pic of our engagement cake that says Congratulation your are engaged. Does this mean our case is bound to be denied at consulate? Or are there any other cases where they granted visa successfully with engagement ceremony pictures? SO far I have seen once couple in from Nepal having succeeded with ceremony pictures at interview level. They however, didn't submitted those pictures with initial petition but gave to IO at the interview. Any info is appreciated...
  3. Hi, I have mistakenly only included two passport photos with my AOS packet with the I-485 plus employment authorization and advanced parole forms. Does anyone have any experience with this, have you received an RFE for lack of photos? Is it possible to send additional photos to USCIS to avoid getting an RFE? The packet has just arrived at the Chicago lockbox and I don’t have the NOA1 yet. I am adjusting from a K1 visa if that makes any difference. Apologies if this post is in the wrong place! Any advice would be most appreciated, naturally I am worried about this causing a large delay and annoyed at myself for not realizing each form required their own pictures.
  4. My wife is on conditional GC (through K-1 and AOS). Her Removal of Condition filing window opens late this month. Does my wife (she's on conditional GC) have to send passport style photos along with I-751? It looks like only people filing from overseas have to do so? We are in Hawaii. But just want to double-check it. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I see on the checklist for submitting Form I-129F now that a copy of all pages of my current passport which must be VALID FOR AT LEAST 5 YEARS is sufficient in lieu of my birth certificate in submitting my K-1 petition (I filed both in the past)- I renewed my passport back on Feb 28, 2013 and is valid for the 10 year period until Feb 27, 2023 (see attached photo), so as you can see, just over 6 months ago it surpassed the 5 year mark, so will this be considered unacceptable or will they just go by the fact that the year 2018 is the 5 year point regardless of the month/date? I can get my birth cert with no issue as my birthplace is only a few hours away (ordering by mail needs be notarized, etc.) but it's just one less thing I would have to do... Thanks!
  6. I have another question for the helpful knowledgeable folks here ; I know that I must include passport size photos for myself and my fiance when filing the I-129F however I see nothing regarding photos for children; Her 2 daughters are 3 and 5 years of age; Am I required to submit passport size photos of them as well? Also there is the chance I MAY petition for my fiance ONLY now and her children within a year; How do I mention this when filing? Thanks!
  7. I have decided that I will still file a K-1 Fiance Visa (Form I-123F)- In the past Forms G-325 (Biographic Info) and the Affidavit of Support (I-134 I think?) were required also; I know the G-325 is no longer required however is the I-134 still? And what else is still required such as my birth certificate, a photocopy of my passport, passport size photos of both of us, etc? I am asking because it appears that so much of the info / instructions on the USCIS website is outdated- Thanks!
  8. Hi, what if the quality of the beneficiary passport photo does not have a glossy touch to it as my American passport photo? Is that a red flag or will everything be ok for that photo to be used? I had fedex size the photo from email but it did not have a glossy finish to it as mines did. The picture being emailed was that acceptional or is their a better way? Also, do anyone know a legit way in Brazil for those passport photos to be mailed ? I think that my fiancé was scammed when she tried to do this before. A express mailing would be best.
  9. Just had a thought... I have just submitted all my civil documents on CEAC and was wondering are the UK sized passport photos that I used acceptable for the NVC? Obviously I will need the US sized (2" x 2") for the interview at the US Embassy.
  10. I submitted a question to a different forum category regarding the multiple filer waiver and was also commenting that I see that things have possibly changed since I filed previously (Twice: 2008 & 2014) and it was suggested that I sent some things with the initial I-129F that altho did not delay anything they were not necessary at that point- In the past I also included with the I-129F form both (Mine, the petitioner and hers, the beneficiary) of our G-325 / Biographical Info forms as well as my I-134 / Affidavit of Support form; Are these required at this point or are they to be submitted later? As I mentioned in my previous blog, both of my cases were approved within approx 7 months with no delays or issues... Thanks again much for your input!
  11. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how true is the part in the application that says the passport photos must be taken within 30 days of filing the application?
  12. I'm just a bit more curious of how I deal with passport photos being emailed to me by my fiancee so I can take them to a store to have them printed. I'm just wondering if the pictures she took are good enough for what they are looking for. Is there a place on this site where I can share them so someone could be a good judge? Somewhere on facebook, whatsup app, or skype if this website don't have a place for that? I already know about the plain white background but I don't want to assume that she did everything right and something goes wrong because of these photos.
  13. Hi everyone, So my fiancée has her interview in an hour with the consulate in Guangzhou and I had a couple questions since our original petition was mailed in July 2016. 1. The last photo evidence that was included with the original petition was dated around June 20, 2016, but our interview is 6/26/2018. Will this affect us at all, or because they were less than two years old at the time of submission they are still valid? For the record, we have additional photos less than 2 years old and a photocopy of my passport showing my visit on 12/2016, but I don't know if the consular officer will review evidence brought to the interview and that's been a lingering fear of mine (even though we frontloaded with hundreds of pages of evidence). I told her to have photos of the visit and my passport photocopy at the front ready to show instantly. 2. I'm hoping our visa doesn't get denied, especially on the grounds of "haven't visited in past two years" which would be a false statement by the consular officer, but if it does what is the best course of action? I'm on pins and needles here and could use reassurances. This process has taken much longer than we expected through no fault of our own, and we want nothing more than to be back together. Thanks everyone.
  14. I understand that photos and copies of holiday cards/ invites aren't crucial. However, for those that submit them, do you actually go out and get colour prints of the photos, or will black and white photocopies or grey scale print outs be sufficient? All my photos are digital and stored on a computer, I haven't had a print of a photo done in decades! Similar also with holiday cards. I was thinking of just photocopying the inside messages of a selection covering the years since we got married, and those that are addressed to us both. What have others done when sending copies of photos and cards?
  15. Hello everyone, A long time ago, in a distant year called 2016, I proposed to my fiancée and submitted my I-129F for her K1 visa. Two years later, we are finally getting to the interview as of next week (6/26/2018). Because of the amount of time that has transpired, I have a few questions: 1. Are the photos originally submitted, the latest being around June 20, 2016, still valid because at the time of submission they were less than two years old, or must they be less than 2 years old at the time of interview? 2. Are the consular officers going to give us the opportunity to present photos less than two years old as evidence (12/2016)? In other words, should we have all our photo evidence from the most recent trip at the very front and show it to them before they have any opportunity to view anything else? This process has been stressful to us both given the layoff that occurred last year and the 4 months of delay between the first and second medicals. The consulate is tired of seeing my emails because we are trying to make sure literally every. Single. Piece. Of. Evidence. is accounted for and visible. She currently has hundreds of pages of documents, wechat logs, phone logs, emails, other communications, etc from her side and mine, all split between 4 binders. This photo issue was something I thought about at the last minute before the interview, and while I called the US Embassy Customer Support for China (703-665-1986) and they reassured me the evidence is still valid, I still worry because this whole process has been harrowing to say the least. A process that should only take 4-6 months has taken 2 years for us, and I don't want any more surprises like the first interview. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated as it would help in finalizing our preparations for her interview. Thanks and looking forward to your responses once more.
  16. After photos submitted early in the application process AND photos taken at the ASC, does the foreign partner need to take new ADDITIONAL photos to the interview?
  17. Good Morning, I am the foreing fiance. I am finishing the Form I-129F. I have some problems about the photos that can prove our bona fide relathionship and in-person meeting in the last two yars. We didn't have any cerimony for the engagement, he simply asked me to get marry him under the tower of Pisa in Italy. We have only one photos of that moment and you can see only his back, not his face. Is it enought to prove our engagement? We have many photos together, in Italy and in USA, with my son, with his parents, with my friends. Can you tell me how do I have to print them and where I have to write the date, locations, names and so on? My idea is to put two photos a page in the program Word and type under each photos all the informations and after that print the file using photo quality paper. Is that accept from USCIS? Thanks Carla
  18. So I'm wondering, how many photos does the uscis requires from petitioners? Is there a minimum requirement for number of photos together?
  19. HI all, I'm going to be a August 2018 Filer, and I got some questions already. Thanks in advance! 1 - How did you / what do you recommend for attaching photos to your ROC packet? I bought myself these : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0066E5H7K/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 - and basically intended to attach 6 some photos per year ( so 2016, 2017, and 2018) to the packet. But i'm worried about what I bought that the photos would slip out. I'm planning on using those ACCO Fasteners for the packet and it would go through the photo page. I was also worried if I did a plastic baggy with a staple through to keep the photos inside that it would just annoy the officer. I do intend on writing on the photos themselves when the photo was taken, who is in the photo, and what was the approximate location. 2 - I feel like I've read both options, but what do you recommend with respect to including all pages to bank statements, bills, etc. My phone bill, for example, is about 20 pages each month, about 9 of which is phone records about when we call eachother, and about 10 pages is DATA pages... I have no desire to include those pages, and they don't relate at all to the case. Is there a chance I'd get an RFE because I didn't include all 20 pages?? For Bank Statements, I think I would just include the transactions, but then end it there and move on to the next month. 3 - Has anyone included a separate table of contents? I've made one, and basically was going to refer to see the attached Table of Contents in support of this application. 4 - Is it a good idea to include an explanation of what a particular section of my evidence ( say bills ) is meant for and any pertinent information? Going back to my cell phone bill, saying my number is (XXX-XXX-XYXY and my wife's phone is YYY-YYY-YXYX)? 5 - Highlighting. I thought I read that highlighting was very much discouraged for the I-751 form itself ( makes sense!), but I didn't seem to get a clear answer on the actual evidence itself or whether it represented a problem. 6 - Tax Transcripts. I am thinking I will definitely include two years of tax transcripts, but do I go ahead and include my Form 1040 as well as the associated W2s? Thank you for your help and responses.
  20. ChristineCyr

    Digital photos in Manila for Visa

    Hello all - - I need to get a copy of passport photo I can upload on my ds160. I have pictures but they are not 'digital' - does anyone know where in manila I can go to get digital US Visa Photo pictures taken so I can do this step. I looked online but not having any luck
  21. Hello everyone, My wife and I are about to file our N-400 applications (this is our 7th year as lawful permanent residents), but we are confused by the "photos" requirement. I read several accounts here of applicants who have had issues for not providing 2 passport-style photos during the naturalization interview. The USCIS requirements are ambiguous; on the one hand, they state that photos are only required for those applicants who reside abroad. On the other hand, the Naturalization Guide says that each N-400 application has to have 3 supporting documents - a personal check/money order covering the fees, a copy of the front and back of the green card, and the photos. From what I've read here in these forums, it seems that: 1) After all, we are no longer required to submit photos with the N-400 application - they will be taken during the biometrics appointment. 2) It is, nevertheless, a good idea to bring two such photos during the naturalization interview, as the USCIS officer might request them. Could anyone offer some advice? Should we, regardless, just include two photos with our N-400 applications? Thank you in advance!
  22. My wife and I have her visa interview scheduled at the US Embassy in Manila. I have many, many photos of us together, taken during my previous three trips to visit my (now) wife and her family. I had archived them on Facebook, so the resolution is now good enough for about half-page (5"x6-7"~ish) prints. How many photos should I plant to take with me me? Should I just pick the best 1-3 photos for each event, or should I plant to print and take everything to the interview? What about photos that include my wife's family, or wide-angle photos that have us in them (small) but are more scenic?
  23. Simple question. When adding additional information in Part 8, do you write "see part 8 for additional information' or fill it out the best you can then continue in Part 8? Also, in regards to photo evidence, we are putting the evidences onto a word document in a clear book. We have 6 pages based on the date taken with 3 photos on each page. Does it matter if it is in chronological order? I was thinking of putting the latest page of photos first. And how many photos is sufficient? I'm seeing mixed answers of 6-8, or as much as you can. Any advise is appreciated.
  24. Aloha! I have a few questions regarding photos: a. Photos: Is it OK to put captions on the front of the photos I.E. "Patong Beach, Thailand March 6, 2017" I was thinking of using small post its on the photos with clear tape. Or do you recommend putting the information on the back? b. What size photos do you recommend? 3X5 or 4X6? c. What's the best way to present the photos in the petition package? Can I use a clear photo page, like from a photo album, to present multiple photos at once? Or just put them in an envelope? I seen examples of people putting their passport style photos in a clear sandwich bag. Should I separate them from the other photos? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  25. Hello everyone, First things first, thank you all to the VJ community and members I have began to form friendships with and helping each other get our loved ones together. My question is, I've been reading about what to use as evidence and I find it odd that photos are considered "Secondary evidence" why is that? I understand that passport photos are primary, but....I would think photos would be too? it's documented evidence of a couple together in one shot. Just a curious question. Thank you all.