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  1. Hello, I recently completed the IR2 visa interviews for my 2 children in Philippines. The officer held on to their passports and explained that everything is good. However, they need a certified copy of our marriage certificate. My county tax office offers an electronic certified copy. Can I go that route and just upload it in CEAC? Or do I need to get a physical certified copy too and have it shipped to Philippines and dropped off at LBC? The post-interview document checks off both options, but I’m not sure if it’s just an either-or thing. Has anyone else had experience with this situation?
  2. I petitioned my father in Sept 2019 (pre-covid). Went through all the hoops and finally was documentarily qualified on 1/20/2022. His case is still at NVC. I have sent a few emails to NVC and was told that they are waiting for an interview date and nothing is available. Also sent a few emails to the US Consulate in Manila and was told NVC has the documents and they cannot do anything. Is this a normal timeline? I have read the Visa Updates on their website in June 2022 that they have processed most IR cases that were documentarily qualified in March 2021. I don’t think we qualify to expedite the case unless they can accept old age and depression because of how long this is taking.
  3. Hi guys, we've finally gotten our interview date! Some questions: 1. Petitioner has switched jobs - should we update the I864/AOS? 2. I've moved houses - should we update the DS260? 3. My NBI is still valid (expired June 2023) but the address is still my old one. Is that ok? Thank you!
  4. Hi All, Has anyone filed a petition for both parents and got 2 different processing times? We filed for both parents online at the same time and our case status came back with Mom's processing time as 5 months but Dad's processing time is 12 months. When we received our letters for both, they came from Texas Service Center. But when we called USCIS to get more info, the rep said that Dad's case is at Nebraska Service Center. J&P Cali ☀️
  5. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to know if I could expedite my case at NVC because I just found out that I’m pregnant. I’ve been documentarily complete since Oct 2020. I am a principal applicant. The other reason is that im afraid that i cant bring my baby with me once the embassy issued a interview letter next year. Thank you so much. P.S additional question the father of my baby is a USC is there a good chance that my baby can acquire the citizenship of the father out of wedlock?
  6. I just have some inquiries to help my friend/coworker to file a petition for her kids in the Philippines. Here is the situation:She is a greencard holder and been here in the Us for 4 years, she was wondering which form should she file? The i824 or the i130, her father petitioned her before and the kids was joint(follow to join) however she wasnt able to file immediately the i824 as soon as she got a greencard due to financial hardships. She is confused which is the best way to file the petition. Her kids are all minors..she is not married
  7. My wife is in the Philippines and I am here in the USA and am a US citizen. I am the petitioner and my wife is the benificiary for the i130z We filed our i130 04/21/22. My question is will the USCIS schedule my wife for biometrics in the Philippines before approval, denial or RFE? And will they schedule a biometrics appointment for me here in the states before approval, denial, or RFE? Thanks for your time.
  8. Hi! I hope some of you help me. This is my first time here.. I just have a question. August 2018 the issuance of my Filipino passport. Expiration date is August 2028. We got married in Philippines 2019 My husband filed my spousal visa January 2020 My question is do I need to change my last name on my passport? which is still my maiden name (unmarried name) I'm using my husband's last name now since we got married and we have marriage certificate. But I just got my passport too that's why I still didn't update it to my married last name. It's pretty new it's kind of a waste if I update it already that's my reason. But you think I can use it to present to my interview soon? By the way, we're on the process of filing petitioner's taxes as of now.. Thanks in advance for helping 😊
  9. Hello folks i hope you are all doing well and that everyone will have a good news regarding his/her application with uscis I have a question for you I am a permanent green card holder and I d like to bring my sister into USA on student visa…..which are the steps ? any advice will be very appreciated
  10. My wife who is from the Philippines just completed naturalization. When we married her middle name was changed from her mother's maiden name to her fathers last name. This was done in a civil ceremony in the country court house. Her 10 year green card had this new name format as does our marriage certificate , her social security card, driver's license etc. USCIS said at the oath ceremony that they had to use the her middle name from her birth certificate or the process would be greatly delayed and have to go to court for a name change. My wife did not question this , she was very nervous at the interview. My understanding is that the marriage name change was a legal name change. We provided the marriage certificate in the N-400 on line application. After the ceremony (which I could not attend due to covid restrictions) I went into the USCIS office and spoke to an officer who said this is how it's done. Is this correct? Anyone know how I can get this corrected?
  11. Okay I have a question, four or five really, that has sort-of-been asked already but I just need to clarify this under the current Philippines lock down and requirements as they seem to change daily. 1.) Are on-line marriages legal as far as Immigration from the Philippines to the US is concerned. (NOTE: I was married in the Philippines back in 2013, divorced 7 years later in the US.) While I know the PI does not recognize divorce even from other countries I also understand that my divorce is LEGAL in the US and practically in every other country in the world. My concern is I guess I would technically be a bigamist in the the Philippines no matter where I am married in the world. Am I correct in thinking that the United States will be happy with me remarrying and they will not consider me a bigamist. (Yes, I know I will have to go to the Philippines to consummate the marriage.) And this brings me to question number two: 2.) Will my new Filipina wife have an trouble with her CFO class? Will they refuse to allow her to leave the country based on our on-line marriage and them considering me to be a bigamist? Will they check their data bases and see that I am still married in the Philippines? 3.) If we go the on-line marriage route will I likely be granted permission/waiver to enter the Philippines to be with my wife once I am in possession of our legal US marriage certificate? I have been vaccinated 2 times already (I have my vaccination card/document.) I am planning a two month stay. 4.) Will the on-line marriage satisfy the US Government for immigration purposes? 5.) Do I/we really need to hire WEBWED to coordinate all of the on-line requirements or can I do that directly with the Utah government? P.S. I reside in Hawaii and Hawaii does not offer/allow on-line marriages. Any assistance/pointers would be greatly appreciated. Aloha from Maui, Dave O
  12. Hi Guys.. I just want to share my case update sent by NVC.. see below in bold letters. This notice is to inform you that your case for an immigrant visa is documentarily complete at the National Visa Center (NVC) and has been for at least 60 days. The next communication you receive from NVC will be either a notice that your appointment is scheduled, or if an appointment is not scheduled within the next 120 days, we will send a notice confirming that your case is still in line for an interview. Now my Question are; does anyone here who got the same letter and got interviewed within 120 days? And after 120 days? (Please note I got DQ’d Oct 2020 and NVC sent the letter last March 08) Especially now that the US Embassy in the Philippines visa interviews for all other immigrant visa categories remain suspended as of march 2021 Visa Update 😢 Thanks so much..
  13. Starting a forum for everyone who's waiting for interview in Manila 2021. PLS share your experience. My parents got DQ'd this march 2021.Still waiting for the letter from NVC. Thanks and good luck to US.
  14. Good day! Just want to ask if anyone here knows if the embassy will still issue a visa weeks before the medical expires? My friend's medical will be expiring on March 11 and until now her passport is still at the embassy. She had her interview on January 21 and CEAC status still says "Ready" and no updates have been made since Feb 2. She and her husband have been contacting the embassy thru email and phone numbers but they don't get any response. The interview went well, so what could be the possible reasons behind the delay? And will she still get a visa even if her medical is expiring soon? Thank you!!!
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