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Found 22 results

  1. Hello! I have asked a few questions the forum here and this will be my last before sending it on Monday! When the Form I-864, part 6 item 7 asks to state your “current annual individual income” My spouse is self employed, what should he put there? I have been getting mixed opinions and views and they are confusing me! If my current income is as stated on my most recent tax return (2019) should i put that number there or just leave it blank? some people are telling me to just guess a number.. how? My husband has no clue after defuctions what will his income be.. I would appriciate some inmput! Thank you guys!
  2. Hello! I am hopping someone can help me. So I applied for my green card in December, 2019 i had my biometrics in January and now I just received an RFE regarding the I-864. We used my father in law as my joint sponsor bc my husband is self employed and he has so much write offs and on his taxes it showed low income. In the RFE says the joint sponsor doesn’t make enough.. (he makes triple the amount needed) they are telling me to find another qualifying joint sponsor.. I am not gonna do that.. Can I use my husband the petitioner instead? he shows great income for the previous year.. I hope someone can help me! Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone! I hope I can get some help So on page (Form I-864) 4 /part 6/ item7 it asks for your “current individual annual income” My husband is self-employed and his icome is so different ever year and hard to predict, he says it’s usually $10-20,000 change every year but he has no proof as he is self employe. What kind of proof can a self employed person show for the current income in present year? Thank you!
  4. Hello, My situation is: I'm a US citizen, never employed, and I'm dependent on my parent. they have been maintaining me my whole life. So I never filed taxes in my whole life. and I do not make any type of income ! nor I have any assets. The Case: I got married and my wife is filing AOS. For the affidavit, I had a joint sponsor filing separate i864. For my i864 I believe I'm required to attach a letter stating why I never filed taxes. what should be the reason to write, since I want it to look formal. I had this sample but I think it might need to be edited To Whom It May Concern I, ABCD, XXX's spouse and petitioning sponsor. I did not file any income tax return yet because I was and still dependent and maintained by my parents upon their income. Since I never had job or made any income of any type, I was not required to file an income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service. I, ABCD, certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the information I have provided in this statement are true and correct. Sincerely, ABCD help please or edit the sample Thanks
  5. Hello! I hope someone can help me! What documents does a petitioner that is self employed need to file with the form I-864? And is it true when you are self-employed you need to show 3years of taxes? Thank you
  6. Good Morning and Evening All. I have been scouring the forums and really anywhere I can find information reagarding all this Fiance Visa related (don't we all?). I have been attemting to find straightforward answers about filing out the DS-160 and the social media disclosure question. This is a new, mandatory question added in May of 2019 that requires "a disclosure of all social media". what an absolutly daunting task for those of us who live their lives throught the internet. here are a few questions i simply am having a hard time finding the answers for: - When completing the DS-160 for K-1 visa application and the question asks for social media handles who are they wanting them from? Me (the US citizen petitioner? or the foreign Beneficiary?). If I am reading correctly on most "help" sites it is only the Beneficiary (person applying for the visa itself). - The question asks for "all social media in the last 5 years". this is a two part problem for me. If the social media site has not been used in the last five years but still has an active user account is that still considered as part of the five years? the second part is that it says "all" but the drop down menu is a limited list of social media sites. I know it is best practice to be honest but also best practice to give no more information than is asked or necessary. So which is it? "All" or honest? - Another issue that has vexxed me is the amount of social media handles someone may have. If they are prone to starting a twitter account or reddit account on a whim because they can't rememeber their last log on or decided on a new email account how would you find out or where could you search to recover the old account handles? What if you can't remember past email accounts or handles? Do throw away accounts still count towards the disclosure? If you miss/forget about an email/handle/social media affiliation or account and it is found out later will the CO conclude you are lying or intentionally trying to hide accounts? While I understand the need for disclosing this information to the asking governement and there is no getting around it what can be done to ensure that we have fully completed this portion of the application without inadvertently committing perjury or ommissions? Thanks in advance for any and all advice, this is truly a trying time in our lives! Cheers, Lizzy
  7. Hi, On the following page https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee-2/required-documents/ it mentions the below: "Birth Certificate: Obtain the original, or certified copy (provided by the issuing authority), of the birth record of each family member (yourself, your spouse, and all unmarried children under the age of 21, even if they are not immigrating with you. " My fiancé was not born in the USA and has a certificate of naturalisation. Would we still need to obtain a copy/original of his birth certificate from his home country?
  8. While filing my I-129f I have hit a road block and can’t seem to find a clear answer anywhere. Under the criminal record section of the petition, it is unclear as to whether or not I should provide information regarding the two (non felony) DUI’s on my criminal record. These are fairly recent, from 2016 and 2017. As I interpret it, they must only be included if there are 3 or more drug or alcohol related offenses on the usc petitioners record. Can this be confirmed? I’m sure it’s best to be safe and provide the info, but I don’t want to add extra steps, as the process is already complex. If I should provide further information regarding the offenses, any advice on the documents I should provide and how to properly include them would be greatly appreciated! As a full disclosure, my fiancée is aware of my record so the US govt telling her this will not come as a surprise.
  9. Hi! I have a question regarding taxes if anyone can help me. I am a college student that just got married in April 2019. I received my NOA1 and waiting for NOA2. I submitted my I-130 and stated that I was a student under the employment section. At the moment I do not have a job and the past year I was claimed as a dependent. I am wondering if I should do my taxes and do the EZ form and become independent. I know that for the years to come, my husband and I will have to file jointly to show we have a bona fide marriage, but will my tax situation look bad to the USCIS Officers. I have a joint sponsor to help me with the financial part, but will it look bad if I don't have any tax returns. Would it be okay if I am still claimed as dependent? I want to do my taxes even if I don't have to ( since I'm unemployed) to show that I am married and independent, but not sure if it will matter much. I do receive financial aid for college, so maybe that can show that I have a means of getting by.
  10. Hello all, I just filed my K1f packet and got my NOA1. I am going to spend the few months in the Philippines with my fiancée for my second visit in 2 weeks. My first question is, when are RFE’s given? At the NOA2 stage? I’m really worried about getting an RFE while I’m gone, so I wanted to do as much preparation as I can while I’m still in the US. I currently do not have a high enough income to meet the requirements at my current job so I was planning to use my mother as my cosponsor. However, I have seen many different places say that the Philippines does not accept cosponsors? Does anyone know the real answer to this? If they don’t accept cosponsors, what should I do? I won’t start my higher paying job that I have lined up until I get back from the Philippines. If they do accept cosponsors, would *both* my mom and I need to fill out separate Affidavits of Support (I-134?) Or what forms does the cosponsor fill out? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello, I am still fairly new to this process and forum. I have my petition completed and supporting documents printed and everything is ready to go. I am just thoroughly double checking everything before I send the packet to Texas. For proof of ongoing relationship I have submitted: - Facebook messages between my fiancee and I. 1 chat log screenshot per month since we started talking in 2017. (6 pages of screenshots total; 4 per page) - Facebook messages between myself and both her bother and father and her cousin, all of which I have met in person. (3 pages of screenshots; 5 per page) + Messages between my fiancee and my mother. (1 page of screenshots; 5 per page) - Facebook posts since we started dating in 2018. (These posts have screenshots of our video calls on Facebook) (6 pages; 4 per page) If I use these listed above, will that be okay? I don't have a call log, as we only used Facebook and not much for other apps and didn't use mobile until closer to my trip to visit her in 2019. I've seen other couples have tons of pages of screenshots and use other apps such as WhatsApp or Viber, but we really only used Facebook. I do have my cellphone bill (usage outside of the US) of when I went to visit my fiancee, which has calls to each other but nothing from before then. I have plenty proof of meeting in person, which is mainly what I think they're looking for.. Is there anything else I should provide for proof of ongoing relationship? Also, is it recommended to file the i-129 packet organized in a binder or just the papers and documents with nothing else? Does anyone know if I (the petitioner) am allowed to travel and stay with my fiancee in her country for a few months while waiting to be approved? I know the beneficiary coming to the US while waiting for approval is not recommended, but is it okay if I can go there?
  12. Hi everyone. I submitted the DS260, AOS and supporting docs on 10/22 and 10/23 respectively. To my pleasant surprise, two days later on10/25, I received notice that the documents have been accepted and as such, we are now pending an interview date. Can anyone who is going thru or passed thru this step advise on how long it took them to receive an interview date? I'm praying it's soon. Thanks, folks!
  13. Hello all, I am trying to gather all required supporting documents to file my k1 visa for my fiancee from the Philippines. I was adopted from South Korea and I am a legal US citizen and so are my parents. I also got my name legally changed to my now-English name from my original Korean name. What documents will I need to show proof of citizenship? Also, should the kvisa form and supporting documents be printed in black and white or color ink? Anything helps!!
  14. Hello all! I searched for a forum that was in my shoes, but I couldn’t find one so instead I created one. I am a US citizen and my husband is in Nigeria. I filed our documents through a lawyer in June 2019 and I am currently in the waiting process. I have my tracking number they provide to check on the website for when they approve me or through my lawyer. I am believing God for a miracle of a short processing time. I am filing through Nebraska Service Center. Has anyone receive notice yet?
  15. Hi, my fiancé hasn’t paid taxes and I know you need to send the tax return with application for gc. I’m wondering if an installment plan from IRS would be sufficient or if there is another way how to prove you are going to pay the taxes eventually. Has anybody been in the same situation? Thank you for your help.
  16. Hello everyone, My wife and I are working on putting our package together and filling out the form, but there is one thing I got confused on. I looked at the example form available on this site but it doesn't help because that example uses two people with the same initials... I am the citizen and my wife is the green card holder. On part 7 it asks for the "petitioners" information and signature. Is my wife (the green card holder) the petitioner, or would that be me (the US citizen)? Then I guess I have the same question for part 8, it asks for info on "spouse or individual". Would that be me (the US citizen) or my wife (the green card holder)? I've read some different things online and I guess I went in circles and got confused. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks for the help!
  17. Hey everyone! Any July 2018 filers around? We sent ours on July 5th, waiting for NOA1 Good like and happy waiting!
  18. Wondering if anyone has had any recent experiences with having their fiancé(e) join them for their K1 interview? When we called the contact number for the Mumbai Consulate, the agent couldn't understand why we were asking the question or why the petitioner would even want to join. The last thing she stated was, "A decision will be made real-time before the interview they can join or not." Seems a bit silly there's no information or planned procedures in place. Thanks in advance for the help!
  19. This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
  20. Hey everyone, This is my first time getting advice on this site so please bear with me! We are filling out the k1 visa form and there is a section asking for the beneficiary's name and address in their native alphabet. Is this nexessary? My fiancee is japanese. I'm assuming the purpose of this section is for sending anything to the beneficiary that they need to but we give the address using Roman letters above it. I have sent multiple packages and letters to Japan and Roman letters or Japanese symbols can be used to send mail. So is it really necessary to rewrite in the Japanese alphabet? I should also specify that when you look at her passport, even there they use Roman letters for her name so to me it seems redundant to put the address in Japanese characters when you can use Japanese characters or Roman characters to send mail to Japan. Thank you!
  21. Hi, hope you are all good. I called NVC and they received my case on 24th of September. People have said to call them once or twice a week, has anyone had any success with that? Does that actually expedite it or am I wasting my time? Should I just wait or call them once or twice a week until i get a case number? Us citizen mom filing for minor under 21 IR2 Visa I've noticed some people are rude on here so if you're going to be rude then do not comment. Thank you for those who are taking their time to answer my question, I appreciate your time. Have a nice day!
  22. Us citizen mom petitioning for children 14 years (15 by the time of the interview) and 18 year old sons. What kind of questions will they ask at the interview? Children are in Ghana
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