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  1. Hello everyone, I am a USC. I'm preparing the i129F packet for my Fiance and I have some questions for those who've been in a similar situation of being a previous petitioner. In 2014 I got married overseas in Egypt and petitioned for my ex, he was approved for a CR1 visa. After a 15 month process my then-husband flew here the following year in July 2015 and we stayed with some of my family where I was currently living. Everything started off great until issues between he and my family started. Then he wanted us to move out on our own so he started looking for a job, met with managers but never got call backs. He arranged to go stay with a mutual close friend out of state because he claimed he was feeling uncomfortable living with my family. He also wanted to try getting work out of state there. I was very upset about the change in plans, it was not what I was expecting at all. This created a lot of issues between us. Within a few months of his arrival that happened and he was staying out of state. I later flew and stayed for a month with him and for the most part it was horrible for me, lots of fighting and not getting along. I returned home after and separated (informally), which he did not like. When we did talk it was still more fighting and then a week or 2 of no talking. After a month and a half to 2 months I tried to reconcile and I sent him a box of marriage therapy type books I had been reading, treats, amazon gift cards etc for him and some things for our friends family he was staying with. He is the type to hold a grudge about everything and didnt reciprocate trying to reconcile. After going through depression, I felt fed up and filed divorce a few months later the following year. Shortly after I filed he contacted me apologizing and wanting to reconcile and mentioned that he was considering coming back home. I paid for a 1 year family pass for the zoo (I have 2 kids from a previous Relationship) to have something to do together. I even added him as an authorized user to my credit card in attempt help him start building his own credit. After a few months he ended up not coming back, instead he suggested I and my kids move there with him, which I didnt feel it was right removing my kids from their life and family here. Then he suggested I move there with him and leave my kids here and i could visit them periodically, that I wouldn't have to work and he would take care of it all. I was definitely not about to leave my kids behind and move away just because he decided he wanted to stay living in another state. I knew that my state gives a 6 month period before divorce finalizes incase the couple reconciles and decides to cancel it. I let the divorce process continue without cancelling and I'm glad I did. Clearly it was not working out and we couldn't even agree on what state to live in. We divorced based on irreconcilable differences and it was finalized Dec 2016. He had to file a divorce waiver and remove conditions by himself and go the rest of the way without me. Fast forward, he attended his interviews, did his biometrics, gave them everything they wanted to know and was granted US Citizenship in the end. Now about my Fiance. We knew of eachother through a mutual female friend on fb 7 years ago but he and I never had contact back then. Over a year later He messaged me saying happy new year and gave advice about staying happy in marriage and sent a link but I never responded. I was married at the time and it wasn't my thing to talk to men even though he wasn't showing interest or trying to flirt or come on to me in any way. During my separation from my husband I contacted this man asking for help with translating some things. He happens to also be from the same country as my ex husband. So he finally responds back over a month later because apparently he was away in the military. We talk a little and he wants to block because he doesnt want to cause problems in my marriage. He had no idea that problems already were there and I was separated. It wasn't an issue any longer to me talking and being acquaintances. I let him know the current circumstances and then we didnt talk again for several days. We ended up excepting eachother as friends on fb several days later. While me and my ex were having problems and were separated, me and my now fiance were becoming friends. We became close, I considered him a best friend to me and he was there for me to vent a lot about the problems in my marriage. At the same time we started becoming attracted to one another and did like eachother but i didnt consider us as being officially dating or in a relationship. After my divorce became finalized I tried to move on with my life and went on to pursue a long distance relationship with my now fiance. But it wasn't entirely easy for me having been down this road of long distance relationship before and this whole process. I still had some fears of another relationship failing especially during that year after my divorce. I felt like all my heart, emotions, effort, time, etc. I put into my marriage and that whole process was for nothing in the end and it left me shattered inside. I feared this type of let down happening allover again. But I continued on having this new, long distance relationship. Several times we planned to meet in person but due to our work schedules and circumstances it became delayed. At the same time I felt like I needed this delay to fully heal and be whole again. In Nov 2020 we broke up for a short period without talking, due to other things. Mostly he felt the distance was becoming too much and felt that I was often purposely delaying our relationship even more from going foreward to the next step. Though he was trying to be patient through it all with me, we have had ups and downs over the last 3 years. Many times we talked about a future together and for the most part we get along great together and see eye to eye with many things in common. I also knew inside that I didnt want to pass him by and live with regrets later in life of what if. I arranged with work and got approval for vacation and flew to where he resides for work in Bahrain. This turned out being the best decision I could have made. We had an amazing time together. During that period we flew to kuwait to spend time with some of his family and I loved it. I took them each gifts and in turn they took me out and wanted to shop for me, my kids and my mom. They took me to dinner..it was really nice and they were so welcoming. After flying back to Bahrain I had one week left before returning home to the US. We talked about engagement before going to see his family and wanted to have it with them there and wanted to find rings in Kuwait but our trip was shortened due to missing a flight and having to schedule a later one and pay all over again, plus his work schedule.. he couldn't take more than just a few days off. So after returning to Bahrain, we shopped and purchased our engagement rings and became engaged Feb 28, 2020. Since then the pandemic picked up more and I havent been able to make another trip. I also work in a covid facility so it's been pretty hectic this past year and with my kids and my dad also getting covid and having to care for them too through it. Thank the Lord I have not had the virus yet. We have made some arrangements and discussed the details of our wedding and I know time is ticking and I need to file this now as it has to be within 2 years of meeting. I know that there are some red flags being I was married before and previously filed a CR1. Both are from the same country of Birth and Starting a relationship just after my divorce. I'm hoping for the best and just want to know if others have filed k1 after marriage and divorce, how did it go? I'm wondering if I will have to prove at some point the bonafides of my previous marriage. It's been just over 7 years since I had gotten married and just over 4 years being divorced. I've moved a few times and dont have much proof of anything left as he took whatever there was with him. Should I expect them to ask for some letter from my ex husband? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
  2. Hello fellow Vjers, I am a US citizen and wanted to bring my mom from the Philippines. I'm debating whether we should apply for immigrant or non-immigrant visa. I'm considering the timeline of the processing. We want her to be here in the US as soon as possible. I'm hoping to hear from a fellow IR5 petitioner whose visa application has been recently approved. I'm wondering about how long the process has been from your application to approval. I read that Visa interview timeline is 500+ days from application for non-immigrant visa.
  3. Hello. I hope you guys can help me out. I am filing i864 (affidavit of support) for mother and father who will be immigrating together to the US. I will fill separate i864s for them as indicated on the website (I am filling it online). 1. In Part 3, should I check both (please see attached) since I am sponsoring them Both and are coming together? In the instructions, they say, “If the spouse and/or children will travel with the principal immigrant, or within six months of the principal immigrant’s entry into the United States and you are sponsoring them, you should list the names and other requested information in the spaces provided in Item Number 2. If any dependents are not immigrating, will immigrate more than six months after the principal immigrant arrives.” 2. I can not find the spaces provided for Item Number 2. Where is it so I may list the name of my mother? Thank you!!!!
  4. Hi Everyone! I am a US Citizen. I want to petition my senior parents from the Philippines to live here in the US. -What’s the step by step process -Documents needed -How fast can they get here -Vaccination requirements etc Any other information will be very helpful to me to get started. Thank you so much in advance to those who respond. God Bless
  5. Hi My wife is US citizern and she filed for me I-130, at the same time I filed I-485 and I-765 as I am inside the US. We filed per post to Chicago USCIS center. I received 5 NOA letters with the receipt number starting with IOE and a number, no letters after. I read this means electronic processing. There were two different National Benefits Center addresses at the bottom of the letters, none of them is Chicago. Now I need to file for Advance Parole I-131 to travel abroad - I created a USCIS acccount and under > File A Form Online I was unable to find the I-131. If I want to file per post the I-131 then I do not know where to send it to whether also Chicago or the new centers in the letters but again I have now 3 different possibilities! Any similar experience please let me know. Thank you.
  6. Hi, guys! I'm petitioning for both of my parents. My dad's petition is ahead and we already uploaded all the necessary docs to NVC. Trying to see what would be our next steps after submitting the civil documents to NVC. Has anyone had an experience with immigrant visas in Ukraine recently? How long is the wait to schedule the interview? What kind of questions should my father expect during the interview? Would they want him to have some job lined up or the proof of insurance or anything along those lines? In his affidavit I had to use his assets entirely, as my returns from last year barely show any income. I also recently got divorced. Is there any concerns with that?
  7. Hello, My daughter is now 1 week here in the US. She entered with an IR2 visa. Now i'm not sure what to do or process next. I'm a US Citizen, my daughter is 13 years old. I'm not sure if USCIS will be mailing us her green card or a citizenship certificate or shall we apply for it. Please advise as I'm not too sure which guide to read as there's several contradicting guides in the USCIS website. Links to read is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, Just wanted to know if the USCIS send any letter after receiving petition and if it does, then how long does it take ? Thanks in advance.
  9. VisaJourney members, This is an official ongoing thread for people to post petitions related to changes in current immigration policies, procedures, laws, and executive orders. Since there have been an uptick in petitions for change in immigration, either due to COVID-19 or other means, the moderation team feels it would be best to have all of the posts and links in one thread. The benefits to having all the petitions in one thread is more oversight, more collaboration, easily accessible, and better maintenance. When posting in this thread, please follow these rules: Please only post petitions from official petition sites (no blogs, forums, or social media links). Please post full links to the petition. Please provide a brief description of the petition. Be as clear and concise as possible in the description. Only post petition related information as described above. Posting replies such as "I signed it." will add clutter to this thread. Please do not post frivolous petitions. Please do not oversolicit or badger members to participate in the petition. Keep things civil. No solicitations for donations or private information (names, phone numbers, etc). No political banter or ranting. All posts not adhering to this thread's rules and/or not petition related will be removed. Thank you, VJ Moderation
  10. Hello, I would like to petition my wife and my 3 year old kid to come here in the US. We are married for 4 years now. And I just came back here in the US last February 19, 2021. I am a US citizen and been working as a nurse for about a month now in New York. Am I too early to file for a petition? I know my salary is not enough now but my sister is willing to be the co sponsor. Hope to get answers about my inquiry. Thank you,
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