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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, So I know we have to show proof of residency here in US now that we are married, but I am wondering how to do that? We do live together. My landlord told me he cannot put my husband on the lease since he is not working and cannot provide any income documents. All our bills are in my name as well. So how can we show proof of residency for him if he's not on the lease and we have no shared bills or none of the bills are in his name at the moment?
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the forum but have read threads here recently and in the past. I'll try to describe my situation as succinctly as possible: - In 2010, my then-boyfriend (a Dutch citizen) came to the US to visit me (I'm a US citizen born and raised). He entered on the VWP with the intention of staying for 90 days and then going home. Instead, I proposed and we wound up getting married. Although it's not how one is typically supposed to do things, we subsequently filed an i-130 and i-485 simultaneously to adjust his status (we filed all of this before his 90-days under the VWP were up). All of that went just fine and in mid-2011 my husband was approved as a 2-year permanent resident (conditional green card). - In mid-2013, we should have lifted the restrictions on his conditional green card. Unfortunately, we were in a rather dire financial situation at the time and couldn't afford the filing fee to lift restrictions. We filed to lift restrictions anyway, requesting a fee waiver, but USCIS denied the waiver due to insufficient proof of financial hardship. At that point, my husband's conditional residency expired and he became out-of-status. - In July of last year (2017), we departed the US together in order to stay with his family in Europe for a period of time. My husband was never in any trouble, did not receive orders to the leave the country, and was never subject to deportation proceedings or anything of the sort. We just weren't able to afford our living expenses anymore, so instead of becoming homeless in the US, we decided to come to Europe to stay with his family while we recuperated financially. Now, we'd like to return to the US, but from a legal perspective I believe my husband is subject to the 10-year bar on re-entry because he accrued 4 years of out-of-status presence from 2013 - 2017. An immigration lawyer I spoke with seems to concur that he would be subject to this bar, but the lawyer wanted over $10,000 to take the case and file the paperwork. That's money we don't have, and since I'm reasonably savvy and capable of following instructions (I did all the original paperwork for the i-130 and i-485 myself the first time around, with great success) we're going to file the paperwork ourselves again. I believe we need to file the i-601 form requesting a waiver of my husband's 10-year bar on re-entry. All the cases online that I have come across, including the infographic / flowchart offered by USCIS on the i-601 page (https://www.uscis.gov/i-601), involve filing for the i-601 AFTER filing for a visa and receiving a denial from the consulate on grounds of inadmissibility. So for married couples such as us, that means filing the i-130 again, receiving approval, going through the consular interview and all of that, then receiving a denial and proceeding to file the i-601. My guess is that most people do not realize or know that they (or their spouse) are subject to a bar on re-entry when they file for a visa to enter the US, which is why they go through the visa application process first and only after being denied do they realize they need to file the i-601. Since we are practically certain that my husband is subject to the 10-year bar, and thus needs the i-601 waiver in order to receive a new visa and return to the US, I don't see much point in doing the whole i-130 process first and waiting for denial before starting the i-601 filing process. It just seems kind of backward to file the i-130 without the i-601 in this case, especially since I'd like to minimize the total amount of time we have to wait. This brings to my question, and the point I'm hoping to receive some guidance and/or confirmation of: - Am I correct in thinking that we can file the i-601 and the i-130 simultaneously? My goal is to minimize total processing time, and therefore the amount of time that we have to wait, as we've already been outside the US for almost a year and I'm getting homesick + I miss my family terribly. Obviously the approval of the forms hinges on our ability to prove extreme hardship, etc., but assuming that approval is forthcoming it seems most logical to file both applications at the same time. Could someone please correct me if I am mistaken? Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read this and may respond. I'll update this post when the time comes in the hopes that others who may find themselves in a similar situation can find pertinent information that helps them. - TryingToGoHome P.S. -- If there is anyone in a similar situation to ours, but you haven't left the US, be sure to check into the i-601A! That's the waiver you can file for from within the US. Don't make the mistake we did of leaving the US and then realizing you could have filed while you were still there.
  3. Hi guys, I will become US citizen, hopefully very soon ha ha, and I was thinking to apply for permanent residency for my parents who currently reside abroad. I was reading on the USCIS website about the process but I have a few questions left unanswered. The first step seems to be me applying for the I-130's for them here in the US. Once those get approved, they will have to go to the US consulate in their country, to complete their visa process. Here is where I have a question. Will they get their permanent resident card for 10 years at the consulate? Or will they just get the visa in the passport? And then they have to come here, and apply for adjustment of status? Is the adjustment of status application necessary in any case or only if my parents come to visit and then decide to adjust status? They currently have a visitor visa for 10 years. Since they have this, does it make sense for me to apply for I-130 for them or should they just come here on their visitor visa and apply for adjustment of status? Another question I have is: what are the requirements for them to maintain their permanent resident card and get US citizenship after 5 years? How much of their time needs to be spent in the US? My mother currently works full time in their country so would it even make sense applying for permanent residency for her before she retires? Thank you kindly for reading my questions and I would appreciate any info you might have on these matters.
  4. LDS01

    Jobs that petition

    Does anyone know which companies or which kind of organizations actually petition for employees for permanent full time employment? Aka EB3 visa. Anyone has personal experience with this? It seems to me that not many companies out there do it, and it can vary from job title to position to skills etc. My current employer won’t petition for me because my position does not require special skills or abilities. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks
  5. I am a green card holder now for 7 months. I have been recently offered a job in BC Canada. The job is close to the US/Canada border. Can I keep my green card status while I work in Canada? Do I have to live on the US side (Washington state) to keep residency status or can I live on Canadian side (closer to work) and still keep my status as long as I continue to file my taxes to IRS, keep US drivers license, etc? What is the best way to do this? It would be nice to start getting the monthly baby bonus again and maybe free health care.