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Found 11 results

  1. How to obtain your Qatar police clearance certificate when you're in the Philippines? 1. You can send all the requirements to the Qatar Embassy through WExpress (affiliated with DHL, they have different branches but they have one in DFA ASEANA). I called the embassy and was advised that the wait time for this process will take up to 2-3 months. 2. You're lucky if you have a friend in Qatar who is willing to process and get it for you. My friend successfully got my PCC in just 1 week! Here is the list of requirements I sent him: a. SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY (SPA) b. NBI CLEARANCE c. SUNDRY CARD/FINGERPRINTS d. LETTER OF PURPOSE e. CLEAR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR PREVIOUS QATAR ID f. CLEAR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR PASSPORT AND RELEVANT PAGES g. 3 PCS OF 2x2 PHOTO (this may not be needed), The Ministry of Interior (CEID) used the photo I had on their system which was the one used in my QID. (But just in case, include it.) h. COPY OF YOUR PREVIOUS RESIDENT VISA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a. SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY (SPA) to authorize the person you will appoint to transact, request, sign and receive on your behalf. This has to be notarized with a Certificate of Authority for a Notarial Act (CANA). Don't forget to bring a photocopy of your friend's Qatar ID, ask the lawyer to include his/her QID number in the SPA. You will also need your friend's date of birth, nationality, and address. *Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) does not authenticate this document without CANA. *You can ask the lawyer who will sign your SPA where you can get his/her CANA. FEE: 1,150 PHP for SPA and 100 PHP for the CANA. (SPA fee may differ depending on which law office you'll go to) b. NATIONAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (NBI) CLEARANCE. Check the nearest NBI satellite near you. FEE: 130 PHP I got 2 copies of these so I can send one to Qatar and one for my visa requirement. c. SUNDRY CARD/FINGERPRINTS. You can get this from NBI or (Philippine National Police) PNP in Camp Crame. NBI requires an endorsement letter as a proof that this document will be used for visa requirements. However, Qatar and the US embassy do not provide any endorsement letters. If you have the checklist with you from National Visa Center (NVC), you can bring it there and they might give you the sundry card. Please contact NBI about this. I got my fingerprints from PNP, Camp Crame - Crime laboratory. Once you're there, you will be asked to pay the fee at Landbank within the camp. People are really nice and helpful, so just ask them how to get there. It is just a walking distance from the lab. FEE: 200 PHP Once paid, go back to the lab. You will only need (2 pcs) 2x2 pictures and the receipt of your payment. ------------------------ After collecting these documents, you may now bring them to DFA-ASEANA. (DFA satellite offices do not authenticate PNP sundry card) FEE: 200 PHP each document for 1-day processing. - SPA/CANA - PNP fingerprints - NBI (total is 600 PHP) *If you're willing to wait for the normal processing, you will only need to pay 100 PHP per document which will take 4 days before you pick it up. -------------------------------------------------- d. LETTER OF PURPOSE. This is a formal letter addressed to the Director General of evidence and criminal information. Here's a sample: Ministry of Interior Qatar General Directorate of Criminal Investigations Criminal Evidence and Information Department P.O. Box 23004 Salwa Road, Exit 15 Doha, Qatar Subject: Requesting Police Clearance Certificate for US K-1 visa Date To the Director General of evidence and criminal information: I kindly request you to provide me a Police Clearance Certificate for the purpose of obtaining a US K-1 fiance(e) visa. Please find my personal information below: NAME: PASSPORT PREVIOUS QATAR ID NUMBER: DATE OF ENTRY: DATE OF EXIT: I authorized _____________, with Qatar ID number: -----------------, to transact, sign, submit and claim the certificate for me. Please see enclosed documents such as Power-of-Attorney, certified fingerprints, copy of my Qatar ID, copy of my passport and relevant pages, previous resident visa and photographs. Thank you for your kind consideration. Sincerely, ________________________ e. CLEAR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR PREVIOUS QATAR ID f. CLEAR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR PASSPORT AND RELEVANT PAGES g. 3 PCS OF 2x2 PHOTO (this may not be needed), The Ministry of Interior (CEID) used the photo I had in their system which was the one in my QID. But just in case, just include it. h. COPY OF YOUR PREVIOUS RESIDENT VISA ----------------------------- After you have all these information, you can finally send it to your friend in Qatar. I used DHL, my friend got the mail after 3 days. FEE: 3,145 PHP ------------------------------ My friend brought it directly to CEID the next day but he was asked to go to the Philippine Embassy to get a stamp. He had to pay 300 QAR for the stamps. FEE: 100 QAR per stamp - SPA/CANA - PNP fingerprints - NBI I know, it is really expensive!!!! 😫 It does not end there... ------------------------------- After getting this done, he went to Qatar - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to get another stamp. Again, he had to pay 400 QAR. FEE: 100 QAR per stamp - SPA/CANA - PNP fingerprints - NBI - Additional documents -------------------------------- Then finally, he submitted all of these to CEID on SEP 11 and he was able to get the PCC on SEP 17. ---------------------------- After getting the PCC, he was asked to go back to MOFA to have it stamped. FEE: 100 QAR. ------------------------------ He sent the documents to me through DHL and he was advised that I will be receiving it within 3 days. FEE: 360 QAR ------------------------------- What an expensive paper! Wooooah! 😂 Good luck everyone! Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, I just received my NOA2, so started preparing all the required documents. To apply for PCC from India, there is an option Purpose for which PCC is required with the below options. Not sure which one to choose from Immigration Purpose other that citizenship Long Term Visa/Stay Residence Permit Others(We can enter our own reason here ) Any inputs please?
  3. Is PCC required from Pakistan or not? Because they have mentioned on Website that it's not required but still Pakistanis get it and Submit it to NVC I don't know why.
  4. Hello everyone, I have read comments on how to obtain PCC in Qatar from the Philippines in other forums here in Visa Journey. Though, I still have not read anyone posted any updates on those process they have done and how long it took them to get it. There were people saying that we can do it by sending the requirements through the mail (not sure which address to send it to), through a representative who is in Qatar or through Qatar Embassy in PH. Which do you think is the fastest process? We would do whatever it takes to have this clearance. Thanks guys.
  5. We just received our NOA2 last week.. so was wondering if I can start the process of getting PCC just based on NOA2 Is there a possibility? Also based on my research found that there are 2 ways of getting PCC if you are in Mumbai,India 1. Getting an appointment at the passport office and doing the process 2. There is an online option too from the Maharashtra police website ( https://pcs.mahaonline.gov.in ) Can anyone suggest which is the right option to get a Police clearance. Also I believe Mumbai embassy require you to carry an original PCC with you at the time of interview so how do we submit it for the NVC stage.. Sorry for so many questions but this is really confusing and would really appreciate if someone has experience in this.
  6. Dear all, A super quick questions -- As far as I know, there are (hopefully at least) two places where I can get a Police Clearance Certificate from -- (i) https://pcs.mahaonline.gov.in/Forms/Home.aspx , and (ii) http://www.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/pccOnlineApp . Where should I get the PCC from? I hope its not both but (ii), only. But I would like to know from other people's experience. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I am wondering how long has it been taking to Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in India ? particularly at the Surat office this is for Immigrant visa for my wife , ( CR 1 ) My wife has been at the same address , never changed address, and She got her new passport ( with changed name , and including Husband's name ) about 10 months ago ) Just wondering , how long it'll take to get her PCC Certificate ? Thank you in Advance
  8. Can anyone share their recent experience with PSK locations in Ahmedabad for getting PCC? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi All, I am a US petitioner, petitioning for my alien wife who currently lives overseas. For one of the support documents, she needs to get a police clearance certificate from her native country. When I mailing all the support and financial documents all in one package to the NVC....do I need to submit the ORIGINAL police clearance certificate? or it could be a notarized copy of the original police certificate?
  10. Hi all.. i have been looking around trying to gather information about getting PCC in India. I have been seeing mixed information everywhere. 1) My passport was issued in Chennai. 2)I have resided in many parts of India for period more than 6 month each time. 3)Currently i live in Mumbai (been more than a year). So how do i proceed with my PCC? Do i have to get them from all the places i have lived? or only from my current place of residence?
  11. Note from VJ Moderation: The below was split from a now-closed old thread: --- This was the first thread I came across when searching "PCC Bangalore". I just got my PCC from PSK Sai Arcade in Bangalore and wanted to share my experience. 1) Registered on the Passport Seva website as mentioned in the first post of this thread. Cost Rs. 500. I got my interview date for 2 days later. You don't really get to choose your date or time. You can reschedule your appointment twice. 2) As people have said in other threads, there is no point getting there too early. I got there at 11:26 for a 11:30 appointment. The guard let me in straightaway. I stood in a queue. It was pretty chaotic here (but not too bad by Indian standards). The paperwork I had to submit was the appointment sheet, my passport, additional proof of address (bank statement), proof of why I needed the PCC (I-797 and Packet 3-4. Technically, I haven't received my NOA2 but I got the Packet off the internet) and a letter from me to the passport office requesting for the PCC (I didn't have this but for Rs.2, you can get one from the guy at the xerox machine). I waited in line for 20mins and then once I gave them all this, they put the papers in a folder. 3) Then I was allowed inside with a queue number. This is where is all happens. There are chairs to sit and toilets. You have to go to Counter A, B and C. My queue number for Counter A came up in 5 minutes. This is a biometrics counter. So, they take a photo, fingerprints, confirm your paperwork etc. You can pay Rs45 for sms updates here too. 4) Then you go back and wait. I think most people wait for 90 mins. I had to wait for 2 hours, as I think they took 30mins off for lunch as the queue didn't move at all for 30 mins. 5) Finally, my queue number came on the screen. I went to Counter B. Since my current address is the same as my address in my passport, all the guy did was confirm that. Took 10 seconds. 6) I had gauged the time from Counter B to C during my 2 hours long wait. 5-15 mins. I got called to Counter C in 5mins. I got my PCC (2 copies). 7) Fill in the feedback form and get out. Took 3 hours in total. Pack some food. Ideally try to get an early morning appointment time to avoid the lunch slowdown. If the address on your passport is not your current residential address, you'll have to go to the police station and have the police physically verify your residence (but I already had that done when I got my passport and my residence is the same).
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