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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, I have received the email with instruction for packet 3 but am a little confused as it is not clear which documents to submit. The packet 3 instructions I received are dated March 2018 and found here https://th.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/90/iv-packet-3-instruction-mar2018-english.pdf. So I am confused about which forms you actually submit to the embassy as "packet 3" and which ones you bring to the interview. I feel like the instructions contradict themselves. First it says "Prepare the necessary forms and documents that pertain to you on the following checklist. Make sure to bring the original/certified copy of all the documents with you to submit at your visa interview." Which makes me think I do not submit any forms. Then it says "SUBMIT PHOTOCOPIES ONLY OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS Photocopies should be black-and-white photocopies. The original/certified copies must be presented at the interview" and lists associated documents Then "SUBMIT ORIGINALS OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS You are encouraged to retain photocopies of these documents." and lists associated documents. And lastly ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS BELOW MUST BE PRESENTED AT THE INTERVIEW These do not need to be mailed to the IV unit at this stage, however we strongly recommend gathering this information in anticipation of your interview. Which makes me think I submit all the forms listed except these. So what do I submit as packet 3 to the embassy? Do I submit all the documents listed under the SUBMIT PHOTOCOPIES ONLY OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS checklist and SUBMIT ORIGINALS OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS You are encouraged to retain photocopies of these documents. OR do I just submit the DS160 form and bring all these documents to the interview? Thank you, Ryan
  2. Hello Everyone!!! It's getting close to the time when we'll be submitting our interview packet to the embassy/consulate and I am getting a bit nervous. I was hoping some of the more seasoned users on here could provide any insight or comments on what we will be submitting. I will provide a little summary of all the items we will be submitting. If you could review them and let me know what you think, I would be very thankful and appreciative. The embassy is requesting that we mail in our documents. Here is what we are submitting and how the packet will flow (Total of about 100 to 120 pages; is this a typical number of pages?): Cover Letter (1 Page Total) Letters Reaffirming Intent to Marry - Signed and Dated by both me and her (1 Page Total) NOA1 & NO2 & First Page of K-1 Packet 3 Instructions (3 Pages Total) DS-160 Confirmation Page - With barcode (1 Page Total) MRV Fee - Copy of the Receipt (1 Page Total) Fiancee's Birth Certificate - A certified original and a photocopy of the original, translated by a certified translator (2 Pages Total) Packet 3 Instructions state to include an original & copy, is the original and a photocopy of the original we are sending in sufficient? Also, is it okay to send our only original by mail to the embassy prior to the interview and my fiancee will only bring a photocopy with her to the interview? Fiancee's Police Clearances - Certified originals of police clearances from all required countries, translated by a certified translator (6 Pages Total) Should we send in the originals by mail to the embassy and my fiancee will only bring a photocopy of the originals with her to the interview? Passport Style Photos - Including 2 passport style photos in a zip-lock stapled to a sheet of paper (1 Page Total) Medical Form - Still unsure what to send in for this because my fiancee still hasn't received her results or any paperwork back yet (? Pages Total) Affidavit of Support / Evidence of Financial Support - (40 Pages Total) ??? Do I need to include a letter stating that my income is above 100% and 125% of the FPL ??? Form I-134 - Without checking either box "intend" or "do not intend" and with a response of "N/A (Filing for my fiancee for a K1 Visa Process for Permanent Residence)" response to Page 4 - Part 3 - Item Number 38 (8 Pages) Letter from my Bank - Stating the total amount deposited and the average balance over the past 12 months, the date the account was opened, and the current balance (1 Page) Bank Statements - I included the first page of each statement only and included the following statements: February 2016, December 2016, January 2017, December 2017, January 2018, December 2018, January 2019 (7 Pages) Letter from my Employer - On their stationary/letterhead stating my name, my title, the date of my employment, my current annual salary (and monthly salary), and that I am a permanent employee with them (1 Page) Pay Stubs - Last 3 months' pay stubs from my employer (8 Pages) W-2 Forms - From 2016 to 2018 (4 Pages) Tax Return Transcripts - For the 2016 and 2017 tax years (11 Pages) Evidence of Relationship - (45 Pages Total) Text Messages - Starting from just after we filed the I-129F up until February 2019 for a total of 8 samples (31 Pages) Voice Call Logs - Starting from just after we filed the I-129F up until February 2019 for a total of 5 samples (7 Pages) Visit Pictures - I visited my fiancee once this November of 2018 since we filed the I-129F and I have included 2 pictures from that visit, one picture with me and my fiancee and the other with me, my fiancee, and my sister and I have included a brief description next to each picture(1 Page) Boarding Passes & Itinerary - To prove that I visited (6 Pages) My Passport Visa Page - Showing I landed in her City (2 Pages) Passport - Do we need to submit a photocopy of all her passport pages??? I apologize again if this post is overboard but I just don't want anything to go wrong and I'm hoping to have everything go as smoothly as possible. Thank you all in advance for your time and help. It is greatly appreciated. Kindest Regards
  3. Would anyone know by chance if a wet signature is needed for the I-134 in Packet 3 or a photocopy is acceptable by the consulate?
  4. Hi everybody! I'm preparing to send my packet 3. Do I need to include the original I-129 F that came in packet 3 when I send it back? Or is it for my records? Thank you
  5. I checked online and the Bangkok Embassy has received my packet (they have 2 case files which is weird). Either way I want to know: Can we get order the police certificate and medical exam now or do we have to wait for the actual packet 3 letter? I want to do the medical ASAP because it takes 2 weeks to get all the results when you do it in Chiang Mai. Also for the vaccinations, is my fiance required to get all of them or as many as she can? Is there a test to see which ones she has? Other than recently her 'medical records' are spotty. Thanks!! P.S. Looking for Thailand specific answers please.
  6. Leeahh

    Montreal Embassy backed up?

    Is anyone else feel like Montreal Embassy is taking forever to send out packet 3?!?! No updates or communication, just a simple email to "wait for instructions"... Im almost 2 months past my approval date and time needed for my expedite is running very tight!!!
  7. Hello, I am the petitioner and I’ve filed for a K1 Visa for my fiancé living in Germany. My I-I129F petition is at U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt and I’m looking for some help or guidance regarding next steps after receiving packet 3. Is the information on “Frankfurt, Germany US Embassy / Consulate Info” still accurate because it was last dated 2016. If that information on that page is still accurate, I'll follow those steps moving forward. Questions: 1.) Do I bring the original AOS and Supporting Documents to the interview or do I include in the packet I send to the consulate? 2.) Does the letter from my Bank have to be the original copy? I printed off the copy I received via email but it's not the best copy. Everything on the letter is clear and you're able to read perfectly. 3.) Do I include confirmation page from DS-160 in the packet or bring it to the interview? 4.) Two part question Part 1 Is the interview date received from Packet 4 or prescheduled by my fiancé once she registers/creates a profile from http://www.ustraveldocs.com? It was a little confusing when we were reading all the steps under the nonimmigrant visa application section of the website. Part 2 Also, another confusing part was when we were reading the description from the Immigrant / Fiancé(e) & K Visa Application Checklist on section “DOCUMENT DELIVERY ADDRESS: Prior to your interview”. The part were confused on reads as follows: Please remember to include a copy of your registration confirmation page with the other document that you send to the Consulate before your interview. Note: Fiancé and K visa applicants need to submit their appointment confirmation at the time of the visa interview instead of the registration confirmation. Does that mean she still has to include the “registration page” in the packet after creating a profile from www.ustraveldocs.com/de? Is the appointment confirmation page received from the Consulate or after creating/scheduling an appointment from http://www.ustraveldocs.com? 5.) Should my fiancé schedule/complete the medical examination before or after sending all required documents to the consulate? 6.) I know it says send all document regular mail through the Deutsche Post, but has anyone else sent the documents in a faster/secure delivery method without any issues? 7.) Does anyone have a list of documents to bring to the interview? Any advice or tips in this step process would be greatly appreciated it. Thank you in advance for helping me clear up these questions. Thank you, Matt
  8. ‎ألسّلامُ عليكمُ و رحمةُ اللّهِ و بركاتهُ Starting in the Name of ALLAH( GOD), The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful I'm creating this Specific TOPIC on this Forum to help all those Pakistani people who are in middle of transition for applying K-1, K-3 I-29F visa or Spouse Visa and willing to help other Pakistani from their Experience. Please share your experience from Start to End. Filling Form NOA1 NOA2 NVC RFE Embassy/Consulate Medical Interview POE Experience Note : Please keep your post related to TOPIC .
  9. Anyone here who just receive the packet 3? When is the latest appointment date available for interview?
  10. Hi CR/IR1 applicants, We have just received an email that our IR1 case at NVC is finished, and that the NVC will schedule our interview at Madrid Embassy. YAYYYYYYY!! I am thinking that it is POSSIBLE that the interview will be at the end of December (anyone know?)… but meanwhile I have a question about the pre-interview stage we are now in. Do we have to send documents via mail/courier to the Madrid embassy before the interview?? We are IR-1 - - is sending documents only for K-1 people? Is this Packet 3? I ask because I saw this: This page about the Madrid Embassy was written by people who had gone through the post-NVC stage recently, and a couple of people have written that they had to send their docs through snail mail before their interview, as “Madrid has changed their policies”... http://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Spain&cty=Madrid However, nowhere on the .gov websites do I see instructions for that. I’m not sure if maybe this is only for K-1 visas?? The person who wrote that part did not indicate if it was for IR/CR-1. Then there’s this http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/536290-new-checklist-for-madrid-edited-title/ which talks about a checklist of items to mail to the embassy, and that it wasn’t the K-1 list but the list for IR/CR-1 applicants! HOWEVER... The PDF from the Madrid Embassy doesn’t talk about sending documents as a requirement: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/MDD - Madrid.pdf It only states “IF you need to send documents…” <<Sending documents to the U.S. Embassy Madrid, Spain If you need to send us any documents, please DO NOT mail them to us directly. Instead, visit ais.usvisa-info.com and ask for information on courier services. >> Etc. The Spanish US DOS Visa Appointment Service website does not address it either, https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-es/iv/information/iv_overview It only sends you to the travel .gov website re the Interview stage, which refers to BRINGING documents with you to the interview. https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/immigrate/immigrant-process/interview/prepare.html I always thought that we will only BRING documents to the interview, but that VJ page has me very confused. (If that info is not applicable to everyone, I think it should be edited and labeled appropriately.) How do I know if we will have to send documents via snail mail/courier before the interview? I ask because we may not be in Spain to send them during the window of time before the interview. Sorry for the long post, and thanks!
  11. Since ceac.gov says that my visa is "ready," I'm assuming that it has been received by the embassy. Is it okay to go ahead and request an electronic copy of these packets. Or should we wait to receive a confirmation email from the embassy (that they have received our case from NVC). My fiance is concerned about the medical exams because we are confused about the medical history portion (which it seems is required). We've found all his vaccines (and that took some time). What "kind" of medical history are they looking for?? He's a healthy guy, no real problems or chronic illnesses. The system is pretty decentralized and doctors don't seem to really give out "medical histories." Furthermore, he currently doesn't have health insurance, he recently finished his job contract and didn't renew it because he will be coming here. Please help me, fellow Colombians and fellow gringos w/ Colombians on Visa Journey. All advice is appreciated.
  12. Hi fellow VJ members, My fiancee and I are still awaiting the NOA2 (USCIS received i129f 04/10/17; NOA1 04/13/17), and we want to begin prepping ahead of time for the K1 interview. I found this thread specific to Indonesia, but it is from 2007 and there were not any recent replies, and I didn't see any others. I am hoping to find out if the necessary documents and evidence for the Packet 3 have changed or if the info in this thread (see below) is still accurate. Any help from fellow VJ members having gone through the K1 Interview in Indonesia would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hi, i just want to confirm.. for packet 3, i only need to send the page 3 of the instructions that the embassy sent to me, DS-160 confirmation page and the payment receipt right? So total 3 items only. I dont have to include page 1 & 2 of the instructions am i right? thank you all!
  14. bcadenhead

    Military Documents K1 Visa

    I am stressing a bit about the information we will need for packet 3 through Montreal in Canada. I am the Canadian beneficiary and it states that if I have any military records its required to bring those. In my case I was only in the military for 6-8 weeks maybe due to having to leave and be honorably discharged for medical/health reasons. I wasn’t even issues a military ID card. Now just finding out that military records are needed has anyone in Canada had any experience with this? Trying to find out where to go is a nightmare and from what I was told at the Library Archives Canada it could take up to 6 months which being at the NVC stage in the process I do not have that kind of time whatsoever. I was quickly in and out in 2011. Any ideas of where the best place is to call to maybe get it sped up or who I even talk to? Or would the documents be necessary in my case because it was so brief? I don't want to risk it but I don't want to be so delayed if that's the case. Any help would be so much appreciated!
  15. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had experience from Egypt...I was wondering how the Cairo embassy sends out Packet 3? The mail system in Egypt is complete garbage. My fiancé JUST received a Christmas card I mailed at the beginning of December. I am hoping and praying they will send instructions via email. Any info about Egypt is much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Hey there with the timeline for approvals moving along I am getting antsy. When I get my packet 3 I had a couple questions. 1. Birth cert, marriage cert, divorce cert, court records, military records, and police certs . Are these mine (canadian) or my fiances (american) 2. If the infornation is my infornation what police certs do they want? In Ontario we have 2 kinds of criminal record checks. Thanks for your time
  17. Hi Everyone.. We are currently processing K1. We are still in the early stage of the K1 process. I just want to gather as much as possible information before I will make a decision to resign from my current job (we need 3 months notice). As far as what I have researched online, the US Embassy in UAE will give first my petitioner an Eligibility letter or known as Packet 3 before I can go and schedule for an interview. Now my question is, is it necessary to wait for the packet 3 to arrive before I schedule and interview and will gather all the requirements needed for the interview? Or As long as the status online is "READY" I can go ahead with the scheduling? TIA
  18. Hi All, I am the Beneficiary and am preparing what I need in advance for my interview at the Dublin U.S. Embassy. I lived in the U.S from 2013 - 2015 and so it's my understanding I will need a police cert from the U.S. Has anyone else obtained this who could guide me how I go about getting it? I am finding it very difficult to find information online. Thanks so much! Sarah
  19. Hi I just wondered if someone could advise if packet 3 from the London embassy comes visa post or email. My case was received at NVC yesterday and I have my case number. I'm moving out of my house on the 6th October so I'm worried that the packet will come in the post and I'll miss it. Could anyone please offer any advice?
  20. Can someone list the process as you would to a complete dummy! So we have our NOA2 (K1) for 3 weeks now and just waiting, hope they hurry up! So once we call and the NVC number is a available I can book my medical and interview? How would I know when to book it for? What is packet 3 and 4 about? Does that not need to be received and sent back before medical and interview happen? And when does the affidavit of support get sent? Is that the DS form that I take with me to the interview? Is packet 3 only sent to the beneficiary and I send it back? Packet 4 is sent to both of us and we don't need to send it back? Thanks I'm obviously a bit confused.
  21. Hello Everyone, I am currently so confused about the expiration date on the I-797 form and the packet 3 e-mail I received. I got the notification of the petition approval on 10/5/17, so my petition expires on 2/4/18. However, on the packet 3 e-mail, it says that my petition expires on 1/4/18. Is that normal? I've called the office in Seoul multiple times to get an answer, but it just seems like they're not sure. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  22. It'll be a couple months at least yet, but today I looked through the information that we need to gather for packet 3 in preparation for the interview at the Montreal embassy. I'm confused. Can anyone help? 1) When they say they want evidence of relationship, do they mean evidence that the relationship is still ongoing since the time of filing the I129F? a) If so, would copies of texts suffice? The reason I ask is that since we filed on May 30, I've seen my fiance only once, for one week, back in July. We forgot to take pictures! We also talk by Facetime but I'm not sure how to prove that Facetime calls happened or whether that would be acceptable as proof or evidence. And I'm not sure that I'll even be able to see my fiance again before the interview. b) Just to clarify...the evidence of relationship information plus photos that we sent with the I129F does not suffice to cover their "meeting within 2-years" rule? Or is this perhaps a rule which is specific to the Montreal embassy? 2) They ask for a copy of the Marriage Certificate. What Marriage Certificate do they mean? I'm divorced and have already provided a copy of my divorce papers in the I129F. Now, for packet 3, they want to see a copy of the marriage certificate from that now-divorced marriage, as well as another copy of my divorce papers? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't understand why they would want a marriage certificate for a defunct marriage so I just want to make sure about that. 3) What would constitute Evidence of Domicile for the petitioner? A copy of a bill, perhaps? Or mortgage papers? Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you folks so much.